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वो तेरे मेरे इश्क़ का - Jubilee (Series)

vo tere mere ishq kaa - जुबिली (सीरीज़)

Tags: ballad, classical, heartbreak, love, melancholy, moody, mujara, regret, retro, romantic, shayari, traditional, yearning

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

सुनिधि चौहान
Sunidhi Chauhan

Amit Trivedi brings back memories of the mujra song from the Muzzafar Ali's classic 'Umrao Jaan' as he tries to recreate the Khayyam-Asha magic. And Sunidhi takes on another avatar successfully. Wamiqa Gabbi too does justice to both this song and the Club song "Babuu jii Bhole Bhaale". The sitar and sarangi sound lovely too. -Sunil

Sunidhi, ghazal and harmonium. Muaah! -Akanksha

Works well… one can remember the track. -Guri

Very Jagjit-Chitra type of composition. A bit ahead of the timeline in which the series is featured. Sunidhi is as always top notch. -Ketan

Sucker for Sunidhi! -Armeen

Sunidhi becomes Asha under a Khyyam template; the table beat and sarangi pointing us to his albums in lates 70s/early 80s. Sunidhi delivers the emotions and her bass range is crisp ; sometimes sounding a bit nasal though. MDs please use Sunidhi in this range! -Pradeep

Sunidhi is very good, but could improve pronunciation (e.g. says gila). -Ashwini

Whenever sunidhi comes to sing in a different type of song, i love it. -Neha

A dense ghazal invoking hazy nights spent in pain over lost love, with a nostalgic sound design aided by the percussions, strings, and harmonium. The melody is complex and nuanced while also having a punchy hook line to come back to. Sunidhi Chauhan is perfectly cast in the vocal role, one she doesn't get to play often. Kausar Munir's words are mystical here. -Shasank

Sunidhi sings this well. All the classic mujra elements play together for a decent composition. -Subrat

Jubilee's soundtrack had Amit Trivedi and Kausar Munir pay tribute to Hindi classics from different eras, and in this song it is Khayyam's ghazal-infused work that they appear to be referencing - songs from Umrao Jaan especially come to mind as you listen to this. And Sunidhi Chauhan is spotless in her replication of the delivery style. -Vipin

नहीं जी नहीं जी - Jubilee (Series)

nahii.n jii nahii.n jii - जुबिली (सीरीज़)

Tags: classical, filmy, nostalgic, old-school, playful, retro, romantic, sweet, waltz

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

पापोन, सुनिधि चौहान
Papon, Sunidhi Chauhan

Very nice Kalavati based tune and lovely singing. The best part is the orchestration, use of brass instruments. -Ketan

This is the track that you listen on the go; a waltz melody that reminds you of Dev Anand on a car. -Pradeep

An interesting combination of vocalists, Sunidhi and Papon work wonders here as a low key male trying to woo his rather charming lady. The classical instrument mix works great here, with a broad soundscape that might be familiar yet dense and interesting. The melody is a standout though, finding unique beauty in a traditional template. -Shasank

I wouldn't have thought of Papon to this song, but turned out to be an excellent selection by Amit.
तो बैठो सिरहाने कि दरिया किनारे हमारी ही मौजें हैं, जी
नहीं, जी, नहीं, कि दरिया की मौजों में तेरी नज़ाकत नहीं
कि देखो ना, बादल तेरे आँचल से बँध के आवारा ना हो जाए, जी. -Akanksha

A lovely flirtatious piece from Amit Trivedi and Kausar Munir where Papon and Sunidhi Chauhan trade verses in a call-response style. The short phrasing of instrumental notes, like the staccato phrasing of accordion, add to the song's charm. -Vipin

Lovely song though a bit laboured to get that retro feel. -Subrat

Beautiful lilting melody. Brings back the sweetness of the fifties. Kausar Munir has done a wonderful job here. -Sunil

Two outstanding singers, beautifully paired. Lovely song. -Ashwini

सारे के सारे अकेले - Jubilee (Series)

saare ke saare akele - जुबिली (सीरीज़)

Tags: ballad, classical, evocative, heartbreak, loneliness, lullaby, melancholic, melancholy, melody, nostalgic, philosophical, retro, sad, sentimental, soft

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

देवेंदर पाल सिंह
Devender Pal Singh

My favourite from Amit Trivedi's spectacular soundtrack for Jubilee. A song that feels like a nod to two glorious SD Burman-Guru Dutt songs – Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye and Dekhi Zamaane Ki Yaari. Lyrically it feels closer to the latter – there is even a kaagaz ke gul reference thrown in by Kausar Munir for good measure! Like both of those songs, this one too is set to a waltz rhythm, and this too is a slow burner, gradually building up intensity, layer upon layer, and finally bursting into a more upbeat choral outro. This is Devenderpal Singh’s show though – the man is in sublime form singing this achingly beautiful melodic piece, with some fine support from the instruments that make their presence felt from time to time, the woodwinds and violins being the most effective among them. -Vipin

Reminiscent of "yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye". -Ashwini

Devenderpal Singh, Kausar Munir and Amit Trivedi try to capture the "Bichde sabhi bari bari" magic from 'Kaagaz Ke Phool'. Kausar Munir has done a brilliant job capturing the pathos, the loneliness, and the ephemeral nature of fame and success in the world of cinema. Yes, Amit Trivedi and Kausar Muni owe a lot of the success of this song of the template created by SD Burman and Kaifi Azmi, down to even the chorus element, but that was the brief given to them by the director. -Sunil

So much in bichhade sabhi mould. -Neha

Nice remake of the Pyaasa song "Yeh mehlon…". -Ketan

Above average in all aspects, notwithstanding the obvious inspiration. -Guri

It's unbelievable how precisely Amit Trivedi adapted and captured the SD Burman style and yet maintaining such originality. Overwhelming stuff, a perfect homage if there ever was one. -Harsh

Definitely inspired by "Bichhde sabhi baari baari". -Armeen

Just incredibly beautiful and sad invocation of 'Bichhre Sabhi baari baari' -- and a lot else. Probably the most touching, heartfelt bit of singing I've heard all year. I repeat myself but very few people can do what AT does with old Hindi film sound. -Zico

A gorgeous old world soundscape aided by tremendous use of warm violins and the woodwind, this track serenades the listener with a nostalgic yet simple melody and Kausar Munir's heart-wrenching words. Devendarpal Singh sounds so soothing, almost like a long lost version of Sonu Nigam. -Shasank

Devenderpal Singh, it is not easy to attempt a song which looks to recreate 'Ye duniya mil bhi jaye'. You've aced it! Though, I wish I could erase the last chorus part of this song. -Akanksha

Wonderful recreation of the pyaasa song; Devendrapal Singh ensures he doesn’t sound like Rafi!! -Pradeep

बाबू जी भोले भाले - Jubilee (Series)

baabuu jii bhole bhaale - जुबिली (सीरीज़)

Tags: acoustic, cabaret, classical, club song, dance, filmy, fun, hindi jazz, life-lessons, nostalgic, philosophical, playful, retro, traditional

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

सुनिधि चौहान
Sunidhi Chauhan

This was a fun song in a superlative soundtrack. Amit Trivedi has recreated these songs, inspired by melodies of yesteryears to bring the period alive and to me he succeeded. Sunidhi beautifully channels Geeta Dutt while Amit emulates C. Ramchandra in this fun club song. -Sunil

A super fun track that reminds one of classics like Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui and Shola Jo Bhadke, and Sunidhi Chauhan channels that retro style perfectly into her delivery. -Vipin

Reminds of Geeta Dutt's singing. Very nicely sung, lyrics are clever. -Ashwini

Jubilee is the star of non-film songs this year. Reminiscent of old songs yet unique. Kausar Munir has transported herself to the era. Playful lyrics delivered masterfully.
दिल को समझा ले ज़रा, धक-धक करना मना है
प्यार का कलमा पढ़ना, प्यारे, सुन ले, गुनाह है
मन को मना ले ज़रा, गुमसुम रहना मना है
ग़म में भी मार ठहाका, रोना-धोना मना है. -Akanksha

Sunidhi Chauhan has a tonne of fun with this track and delivers sheer joy, while sounding so unlike herself in a very interesting way. Kausar Munir's words are a sure hit, like with much of the rest of this album. She manages to go into several tangents and explorations, doing great service to the complexity of this album's tracks. A relatively simple melody is given great momentum in this track with cheerful use of percussions, brass, and strings. -Shasank

Works for the project. The opn sound is not insulted. -Guri

Sunidhi nails the Geeta Dutt/OPN style. -Ketan

"Shola jo bhadke" meets "Tadbeer se bigdi"… well done period piece! -Armeen

Sunidhi Chauhan and Amit Trivedi do a nod to Tadbeer Se Bigdi Huyi! The elegant Aahahaha... By Sunidhi. -Pradeep

It's again that uncanny zone AT hits when he tries his hands on an old Hindi film song sound. There's OP Nayyar, there's a bit of C Ramachandra too. But Trivedi has done this sort of thing so many times -- and it comes easy to him -- that, maybe, it's starting to get a bit repetitive. -Zico

Another retro song in this year of retrosongs. Sunidhi channels her inner Geeta Dutt. -Subrat

जा कागा - Aarambh

jaa kaagaa - आरंभ

Tags: classical, classical fusion, electronic, fusion, hindustani classical, hip-hop, jugalbandi, melancholy, modern classical, semi-classical, upbeat, yearning

ऐबी वी, रिकी केज
Abby V, Ricky Kej

ज्योति वेंकटरमन
Jyoti Venkatraman

ऐबी वी, बेनी दयाल
Abby V, Benny Dayal

Refreshing to hear the classical side of Benny Dayal. -Pradeep

This a beautiful melody and jugalbandi with two very capable singers- both Abby V and Benny Dayal handle the complex compostion very well. -Sunil

Some of the finest arrangements and singing I've heard in along time. -Prakhar

This is good. Exceptional singing. I hadn't heard Abby V before. Groovy as fuck. Crazy jugalbandi. -Zico

Singing is competent. Worth a few listens. -Subrat

Lyrics traditional, welll sung. -Ashwini

Why did he sing it as Kaga insteast of Kaagaa, only he knows :(. -Neha

Hmm, hesitant shaky singing and some strange noises in the instrumentation. -Ketan

Nat Bhairav/Madhuvanti murchhana… tried and true, and done very well! -Armeen

I didn’t like this song as much as I wanted to. Seemed over engineered plus Abby and Benny combination did not work well. -Akanksha

A wonderful jugalbandi where it is hard to say where one vocalist stops and another starts. So do the electronic percussions with the tabla in another effortless blend. The overall effect is at once inventive, sincere, and daring. -Shasank

उड़नखटोले - Jubilee (Series)

u.DanakhaTole - जुबिली (सीरीज़)

Tags: classic, classical, filmy, love, melody, nostalgic, old bollywood, retro, romantic, soft, traditional

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

मोहम्मद इरफ़ान, वैशाली माड़े
Mohammed Irfan, Vaishali Mhade

This simple sounding song aptly tries to capture the mood, structure of the days when Ashok Kumar and other stars used to sing their own songs. -Sunil

Well done period piece! -Armeen

While a largely template-based composition, the melody goes to interesting places in the verses and interludes and is aptly supported by layered strings. Mohammed Irfan and Vaishali Made manage to infuse a beautiful warm tone to the track with their vocals. Kausar Munir's lyrics are so evocative. -Shasank

Mohd. Irfan and Vaishali Made have aced voice modulation. I couldn't guess it was their voices in the first place. Amit can't be praised enough for this album. -Akanksha

Faithful recreation of a period song but the level of composition and singing doesn't quite rise to that level. -Ketan

Imitative at best. -Subrat



Tags: ambient, classical, devotional, dream/dance/swing, experimental, fusion, longing, lounge, meditative, modern semi-classical, pop, relaxing, romantic, sentimental, serene, slow, soft, sufi, sufi fusion, yearning

ऋषभ शाह
Rishabh Shah

ऋषि पाठक
Rishi Pathak

रोंकिनी गुप्ता, यथार्थ
Ronkini Gupta, Yatharth

Certain melodies and music concepts just have a shine to them, a definitive quality that makes them much greater than the sum of their parts and a lasting greatness. This is one of them. While this track so closely resembles Amit Trivedi's "Manmarziyaan" from the Lootera album in both melody and arrangement, it manages to find a unique beat at every step in its execution to stand out as its own unique track, in its own unique and fabulous element. The strings and the overall atmosphere are magical, so is Ronkini Gupta's poised singing. -Shasank

Ronkini is mellifluous. This song isn't one that you can remember or hum repeatedly but it is a fantastic listen nonetheless. -Akanksha

Lovely music and mellow instrumentation. The voice is a bit unusual but works for this song and the low key arrangement. -Ketan

So eerily reminiscent of Manmarziyan from Lootera, only with a more classical base. -Harsh

Above average in all aspects, but nothing special. -Guri

Hadn't heard this before. Quite good. -Subrat

I think songs like these have it easy: they base themselves on a pleasing raag, and do nothing of its own. Heck, even the harmonies are so 'Manmarziyan' (Lootera). Pleasant enough, but hardly anything original or distinct about it. -Zico

Ronkini has a good voice- the words were hard to discern at times. -Sunil

Classical-flavoured melodies are always a joy to listen to, especially when they are so well rendered like with Ronkini Gupta here. The choice of raga (bhimpalasi from the sound of it), the meter, the use of chorus etc all indicate a nod to Amit Trivedi's Manmarziyaan - a very well-realised track all the same. -Vipin

Contemporary Indian melody, compelling and complex enough without being complicated. -Armeen

Ronkini Gupta and Rishabh take us to a 7/8 rhythm melody with the chorus doing countermelody exactly like manmariyan from lootera. -Pradeep



Tags: acoustic, bluegrass, evocative, folk, fusion, harmonium, indie, life lessons, melodious, motivation, nostalgic, pop, qawwali, reflective, rustic, sufi, sunshine, traditional, travel, trendy, warm

पार्थ श्रीवास्तव
Parth Srivastava

पार्थ श्रीवास्तव
Parth Srivastava

पार्थ श्रीवास्तव, प्रियांश श्रीवास्तव, गर्वित सोनी
Parth Srivastava, Priyansh Srivastava, Garvit Soni

Almost like something Euphoria would make in 2023, a lyrical journey beautifully supported by strings and indian percussions. The vocals are pleasant and even expansive in places. It doesn't break any new ground but is a respectable track all over. -Shasank

Easily my most favorite among the non-film songs! -Neha

Beautiful arrangement, beautiful segue into an almost spiritual zone. -Harsh

Non-violent qawwali. -Armeen

Doesn't hurt the ears but another unremarkable song. -Subrat

The melody is nice but the singing needs more punch. Not louder, just stronger. -Ketan

pleasing arrangement and compostion. -Sunil

Did not hit the mark, primarily because of the vocal department. -Guri

Both Parth and Garvit sound melodious! The music is very common and the song won't stick along but is very pleasant to the ears. -Akanksha

The mandolin/string instrument provides the "travel" rhythm and good singing. -Pradeep

Well sung, nice harmonium bits. -Ashwini

Nothing out of this world, but it's fresh, rooted Indian indie, that's at least likeable enough. -Zico



Tags: atmospheric, calming, classical, longing, melancholy, monsoon, moody, nature, nostalgic, poignant, pop, rain, reflective, romantic, semi-classical, sentimental, traditional

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

सुनिधि चौहान
Sunidhi Chauhan

Simply beautiful. -Armeen

Finally Sunidhi gets a melody in lower range and she has solid base. This melody will grow over time so preserve it . -Pradeep

Lovely collaboration between Arijit and Sunidhi. Arijit as a composer is pure love! -Akanksha

Terrible lyrics. Begins well, but the stanza tune is awful. -Ashwini

Arijit Singh has composed this well. Sunidhi is good. -Subrat

While not an anthem that transcends into myriad levels, this is a very pleasant, moody low key ghazal-ish piece that is pampered by lush string work and touching vocals from Sunidhi adorning the solemn melody. -Shasank

There are very few pleasures like hearing Sunidhi Chauhan singing a calm, soothing ditty about love and longing. -Harsh

Nice prelude. Sunidhi tries a different style and although she seems a bit unsure of her footing, still sounds good. -Ketan

अकेली डर लागे

akelii Dar laage

Tags: acoustic, classical, evocative, fusion, hindustani classical, live, melancholy, modern, modern semi-classical, pop, romantic, sad, semi-classical, thumri, nature

अभिजीत पोहनकर
Abhijit Pohankar

(पारंपरिक), अभिजीत पोहनकर
(Traditional), Abhijit Pohankar

अभिजीत पोहनकर, रमाकांत गायकवाड़
Abhijit Pohankar, Ramakant Gaikwad

Thumris are easier to experiment with owing to their relatively higher mass appeal. Abhijit has reimagined quite a few of them in the Thumri projekt. For instance, marrying carnatic sounds with thumris. Akeli Dar Laage is more of Ramakant Gaikwad's show. -Akanksha

This is a decent version but I have heard better from this artiste. Quite haphazard. Starts off slow and then as if they are running out of time, they rush to finish it in a sprint. -Ketan

Again, I'm not quite sure how to rate a bandish that, even though original, has very little to offer on its own. Its pleasures are largely owed to the raag itself. I'm going to rate it higher than the other one simply because the musicianship is more refined. -Zico

Guitars (Base and Lead) provide support to Abhijit. -Pradeep

Prelude too long, as classical fusion could have done better. -Ashwini

With a nice grounding bass and the guitars and pianos keeping pleasant company, and hints of effective percussions, especially the way the tabla kicks in - this is a respectable track with solid vocals. Wish it were longer! -Shasank

The vocal elements save this track. -Guri



Tags: classical, dream, experimental, fusion, hip hop, inspirational, minimalistic, modern semi-classical, nature, pop, progressive, rain, romantic, semi-classical

संजीत हेगड़े
Sanjith Hegde

आदित्य शर्मा
Aditya Sharma

संजीत हेगड़े, ऋतुजा पांडे
Sanjith Hegde, Rutuja Pandey

Surprisingly good. -Subrat

Sound may be doctored but interesting overall, unmistakably Indian! Why does he say "Aksh"? -Armeen

There is something about non-film hindi music and rain songs! Baadal is well written and well sung. Lots of potential in Sanjith! -Akanksha

Amazing vocals by Sanjith, the murkhi that he takes with a western attitude is a highlight of this song. -Pradeep

Confused melody, weird fusion. -Ashwini

A marvelously progressive track that takes you on a journey, through highs and dips in melodic pitches and a myriad instrumental layers cameo-ing in and out to bring in fancy flavors. Sanjith Hegde leads the procession with great skill. -Shasank

Bad singing. Below average music. -Ketan

Just the sheer scale the composition has! -Prakhar

Now this is a song that actually does something of its own. It begins like a contemporary song before it launches into semi-classical territory. Sanjith Hegde sounds like a talented singer, and an adventurous composer too. -Zico

Initially the sound of the song is interesting. But all the parts don't add up to a to create a wholesome song. It sounded a bit gimmicky by the end. -Sunil

घुले - Aarambh

ghule - आरंभ

Tags: atmospheric, classical, complex, fusion, haunting, lounge, modern semi-classical, romantic, sensuous

रिकी केज
Ricky Kej

ज्योति वेंकटरमन
Jyoti Venkatraman

ऐबी वी, सोना महापात्र
Abby V, Sona Mohapatra

Abby V <3 lovely singing. Sona, who I usually like, was a tad bid disappointing in this song. -Neha

The fusion arrangements here are pretty standard, but the singing by Sona Mohapatra and Abby V elevates this one. Fusion tracks in darker ragas (hamsanandi/puriya dhanashri I think) always hit different! -Vipin

Of all Aarambh songs, this one uses Abby's voice most prominently and also doesn't appear over the top. -Akanksha

Abby V is quite a talented singer who moves from a pop space to the semi-classical space as he effortlessly sings a tarana. Sona has quite a distintive voice which stands out; A traditional song in a modern garb. -Sunil

Average, trite. -Subrat

Even the elementary words of the lyric do not get respect from the tired rhythm. -Guri

Abby V and Sona Mohapatra do a "Hai Rama"(Rangeela) mood and ace at it. -Pradeep

All these songs, based on some raag, trying to sound all classy. It's not happening. -Zico

There isn't much need for musical arrangements in this track with the magnificent vocals in a dozen different ranges and approaches, sharing space with each other. But it still offers nice electronic percussion experiments. Sona Mahapatra and Ricky Kej are in wondrous form, building bountiful lows and awesome crescendos with their vocals. -Shasank

Very good. Combo of Sona Mohapatra and Abby works really well. -Ashwini

This is a good tune with good singing. Totally ruined by the heavily electronized arrangement. -Ketan



Tags: blues, intense, live, longing, mellow, peppy, philosophical, rock, rock ballad, romantic, soft rock, spiritual, sufi


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

मोहन कन्नन
Mohan Kannan

Good to see Agnee still going strong over 15 years since their formation. Mallaah is very much on brand - great arrangements and Mohan Kannan in fine touch. -Vipin

Good tune, good guitar riff (very Eric Clapton style). Singing could have been better. -Ketan

Lyrics feel like word salad. -Ashwini

Sporting dense rock arrangements and a daring guitar solo in the interlude, this track somehow still doesn't yet rise up to an anthemic level unlike Agnee's earlier originals. Maybe it is the low key formulaic melody or the subdued mix of Mohan Kanan's vocals, but the overall effect is rather simple. -Shasank

There they come! Koco is on fire! The surprise package however is Amitabh Bhattacharya as a lyricist - ' Aadha Adhoora sa mera safar, Aadha nibhaya sa har vaasta.'. -Akanksha

Well, Agnee is back. Good to hear them again. Nothing memorable though. -Subrat

Pure rock arrangement with excellent singing by Mohan Kannan, reminded me of Pritam's 2000 songs. -Pradeep

नजरिया - Fungeet

najariyaa - फ़नगीत

Tags: breezy, catchy, classical, fun, funky, fusion, natkhat, peppy, playful, romantic, semi-classical, upbeat

अभिजीत श्रीवास्तव
Abhijeet Srivastava

शायरा अपूर्वा
Shayra Apoorva

अभिजीत श्रीवास्तव, आँचल त्यागी
Abhijeet Srivastava, Aanchal Tyagi

"Chand ko kheench ke chaanta laga doon" will stay with me for a long, long time. -Harsh

Instant reaction being 'haaye!' Full of 'natkhat' exchanges between a new couple, beautifully communicated through the voice modulation of both singers Abhijeet and Aanchal. The use of dilruba is interesting too! -Akanksha

The vocal department takes the track down. -Guri

While it's nice that so many of these new gen musicians -- at least the ones who've made it to this list -- are trying to do Hindustani classical with a twist --- this one's got a verve -- too many of them are ending up sounding not very different from each other. -Zico

The male singer drove me nuts by the inflections in his singing. -Neha

A fun, upbeat blend of funky strings and energetic electronic layers backing a classical melody for a heady fusion that never loses momentum, voice adeptly by Aanchal Tyagi and Abhijeet Srivastava. -Shasank

Worth a second listen despite the slightly irritating voice and singing style. -Ketan

रतिया बीते ना - Aarambh

ratiyaa beete naa - आरंभ

Tags: classical, electronic, fusion, hindustani classical, lounge, modern semi-classical, peppy, romance, romantic, semi-classical, separation, sweet, traditional

रिकी केज
Ricky Kej

ज्योति वेंकटरमन
Jyoti Venkatraman

ऐबी वी, जोनिता गाँधी
Abby V, Jonita Gandhi

A typical old world melody wrapped in a new arrangement. Abby V and Jonita excel in the classical/filmy genre mix. -Pradeep

A perfect song this one! Jonita's voice has this lovely 'khanak' that compliments Abby's classical notes. Of course, the raag and therefore the composition is pleasant to the ears, which adds to the song's appeal. -Akanksha

The melody holds much promise but then is ruined by the EDM orchestration. -Ketan

All tracks in this Aarambh album hew the same tired mould. -Subrat

A simple electronic, lounge-esque arrangement with some fun string layers charmingly sets up an open platform in this track for the melody and the vocals to shine. Jonita Gandhi and Ricky Kej offer a calming solace with their vocals. -Shasank

नदिया बैरी भयी

nadiyaa bairii bhayii

Tags: calming, classical, electronic, fusion, lounge, melancholy, modern semi-classical, moody, semi-classical, serene, traditional



मधुबंती बागची, नकुल चुघ
Madhubanti Bagchi, Nakul Chugh

A moody electronic vibe interestingly balances this track's deeply felt vocal work and sublime melody. Madhubanti Bagchi and Nakul Chugh are deft with the vocals. -Shasank

Beautifully sung, Madhubanti has a haunting husky voice. -Ashwini

Excellent singing by both singers (desh raga I believe); philoshopy of the song is equally good. -Pradeep

Catchy tune. Nice singing. Good instrumentation. -Ketan

Madhubanti has a lovely voice. -Sunil

Good effort. -Subrat

I absolutely love Madhubanti's voice though the treatment is quite flat here. Needed a stronger throw of voice plus a bit of 'dard'. -Akanksha

कल कहीं - Fursat (Short)

kal kahii.n - फ़ुरसत (लघुफ़िल्म)

Tags: atmospheric, ballad, blues, dreamy, easy listening, estranged, haunting, introspective, melancholic, melody, moody, noir, opera rock, passionate, reflective, rock, sad, sentimental, soft

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


विशााल भारद्वाज, किरण, नीवी
Vishal Bhardwaj, Kiran, Nivi

A few good things about this song - Kiran + Nivi fit perfectly in the VB mould. It takes one back to 'Tum gaye sab gaya' by Gulzar, which brings me to the intriguing mention of Gulzar as Sampooran Singh Kalra in the credits. :). -Akanksha

An interesting blend of synth, strings, and deep bass ground this atmospheric track that has resemblances to moody songs of yore, but the melody goes to some interesting places, especially in the highs that have an opera rock-ish effect. Vishal Bhardwaj works so well as a singer in this, with his signature gruff voice, supporting an adept Kiran + Nivi. -Shasank

Nice song that starts well but peters off. -Subrat

Very Vishal-ish...predictible. -Neha

Did not work. The lyric is underserved by the voice and the melody. -Guri

Nicely sung. -Ashwini

The screaming, the bad pronunciations. Egad! -Ketan

रूह जगा दूँ

rooh jagaa doo.N

Tags: ambient, anthem, atmospheric, electronic, experimental, groovy, hungover, indie, intense, introspective, lazy listening, love, melodious, moody, pop, pop-rock, ambient, progressive, rock, romantic, soft, yearning

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

श्लोक लाल
Shloke Lal

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

The song takes such an interesting turn towards a soft-rock feel, only gets better as it goes on. -Harsh

Finally some music that doesn't necessarily know where it's going but is more about enjoying and letting it flow -- remind me please, isn't Hindustani classical supposed to be imrpovisational? Didn't seem from most of what I've heard in this list. Maybe it's because no one knows how constricting film music is more than Arijit is why we see such abandon. -Zico

Whattay way to continuously let his MDs know that he is also a master of low pitch songs. Arijit should compose more and more! The arrangement reminds of Coldplay. -Pradeep

Arijit Singh, the independent composer and producer beats Arijit Singh, the mainstream singer in my book any day. In the few chances he gets to flex his composer / producer muscle, he manages to strike me with awe every single time. The conceptual vision he has for tracks, the delicate way he crafts melodies into these concepts, and the ambitious and no-holds barred arrangements he infuses to the tracks, is all rather outstanding. That is very much the case here too. This is an anthem, out and out, musically explorative and explosive, lyrically poignant, and vocally perfect. An incredible masterpiece! -Shasank

Arijit Singh proves two points in one shot here, that he has so much to offer as a composer, and that he is so under-utilised in the lower registers.Terrific song from the man. -Vipin

This is flu level nasal. Doesn't sound good at all. -Ketan

No one makes Arijit sing on low notes, so he has taken to composing and gives himself the chance. Also, Arijit is doing a good job at composing generally. Particularly like the tabla in this song. -Akanksha



Tags: acoustic, calm, classical, dreamy, indie, loneliness, love ballad, minimalistic, moody, night, romantic, semi-classical, soft, sombre, soothing, yearning

आदित्य रिखारी
Aditya Rikhari

आदित्य रिखारी
Aditya Rikhari

आदित्य रिखारी
Aditya Rikhari

There is a freshness, no doubt, in some of these new guys who've come into non-film music and making a mark for themselves. But I wonder if there is anything that is *really* pushing the envelope -- given the constraints of film music aren't there. -Zico

Nice, romantic song. -Subrat

A docile blend of keys and percussions envelope this moody track with an evocative melody, the mood often coming from Aditya Rikhari's vocals. A couple interludes and silences in the track are put to great effect and the wordplay in the verses is intricate. -Shasank

Feels like a Talat Mahmood ghazal that went somewhere else. -Pradeep

What beautiful singing. -Neha

The song would be ranked higher if not for the moaning in the middle of the song. -Ketan

I tried to not to be too hung up by the un-necessary 'nuqta'isation (for the lack of a better word) in how 'ga' is pronounced. It is a nice song. -Akanksha

बैरी बिरहा - Songs Of Trance 2

bairii birahaa - सौंग्स ऑफ़ ट्रैंस 2

Tags: club, club song, dance, dark, electro, electronic, fusion, groovy, heartbreak, indie, longing, lounge, pop, romantic, semi-classical, electronic, sentimental, trance, waiting

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

गीत सागर
Geet Sagar

वर्षा सिंह धनोआ, गीत सागर
Varsha Singh Dhanoa, Geet Sagar

You stop caring about the repetitive melody in this track the moment the deep bass kicks in. Not to say the melody is not likeable, it is very catchy and pretty, but we've seen this before from Amit Trivedi. But the production is outstanding on this track and is fodder for bass and base layer lovers alike. Trivedi manages to effortlessly fuse evocative guitars and myriad other base layers for a fancy soundscape while offering the cheap thrills of a funky bass beat from your neighborhood DJ. Indian fusion music at its embracive best. -Shasank

So smooth and seamless in its moments of fusion. Very groovy. -Harsh

Foot-tapping though forgettable. -Akanksha

The lyrics and composition/delivery are used nicely to differentiate the temperaments of the characters here. -Armeen

जी करदा - Jee Karda (Series)

jee karadaa - जी करदा (सीरीज़)

Tags: anger, carefree, catchy, dance, electronic, filmy, funk, groovy, hip-hop, lounge, moody, party, punjabi, rap, trendy, upbeat


जिगर सरैया, रशमीत कौर
Jigar Saraiya, Rashmeet Kaur

रशमीत कौर
Rashmeet Kaur

Takes hold without you having to make the slightest effort. There is something addictive in it. And I like how it's basically a sad song in the garb of a nightclub sort of sound. -Zico

waah! -Neha

This song would have been a hit if used in a movie! Sachin-Jigar have kept it simple and that's exactly what brings out Rashmeet's voice to the fullest. -Akanksha

A fun moody piece led with solid skill by Rashmeet Kaur, both with the rap as well as the rousing outros. Sachin-Jigar wrap the simple melody with funky guitar arrangements leading to an enveloping soundscape. -Shasank

Rashmeet has a good voice. -Sunil

I like Rashmeet Kaur's voice. Has that nice edge to it and not cloyingly sweet. Melody is basic and not much to write about. -Ketan

Another song with swag in the lyrics which I guess increases the swag quotient of the song. -Subrat

कैसे अब कहें - Gutar Gu (Series)

kaise ab kahe.n - गुटर गूँ (सीरीज़)

Tags: acoustic, breezy, dreamy, easy listening, happy, indie, pop, romantic, soft, soft rock, teenage, warm, youthful

गौरव चटर्जी
Gaurav Chatterji

प्रतीक गंगवाने
Pratik Gangavane

आसा सिंह, हंसिका पारीक
Asa Singh, Hansika Pareek

Criminally short track, as it takes a beautiful melody with a punchy initial line and weaves in smooth soft rock layers for great repeat value. The vocals complement each other greatly for a mellow and haunting overall vibe. -Shasank

Short and sweet. -Pradeep

THE instagram song! This reminds me of Aadarsh Gaurav's comment about how insta reels ruin the song's feel. That said, thanks to RMIM, I heard the full version of the song which is beautiful!! Aasa Singh's voice is dreamy and Hansika makes is cuter! The lyrics are good too, especially the line that's all over the reels - "Maine jaana mujh mein tu hai'. One issue though - the initial guitar notes are exactly the same as in 'Kabira Maan Ja'! -Akanksha

Nice voices and melody. -Ketan

A slightly better effort than the many similar songs I heard as part of this list. -Subrat

Such a lovely song. -Neha



Tags: anthem, dance, electronic, electronic, hip hop, energetic, inspirational, motivational, passionate, peppy, pop, rap, rap mix, upbeat

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य, डिवाइन
Amitabh Bhattacharya, DIVINE

अरिजित सिंह, डिवाइन
Arijit Singh, DIVINE

A soccer song done outside of films is a great development. Good song - pacy and punchy!. -Akanksha

Barely works for the purpose. -Guri

A potent momentum drives this fast, rushed, energetic track with an eclectic blend of percussion, bass, and electronic arrangements. There is not much melodic space, just a straightforward tune compounded decently by the rap, both Arijit and Divine bringing in maximum energy. The child vocalists are also used well. -Shasank

Good compostion. Arijit Singh shows his versatility here both as a singer and as a composer. -Sunil

Divine is good. -Ashwini

Such an atrocious piece of noise. -Ketan

तुम जैसे हो

tum jaise ho

Tags: ambient, atmospheric, dreamy, fluffy, friendship, indie, light, love, melody, philosophical, romantic, serene, soft rock, soothing

उत्सवी झा
Utsavi Jha

उत्सवी झा
Utsavi Jha

उत्सवी झा
Utsavi Jha

Utsavi! First time hearing her... liked! -Neha

A track that starts off as a simple soft rock number truly goes places as it builds up myriad layers of sublime instrumentation that generates a sense of wonder and atmosphere. Utsavi Jha's simple yet deeply felt rendition works subtly yet effectively throughout the song and the words have a sense of charm to them. -Shasank

Nicely sung. -Ashwini

How many same songs can one hear. -Subrat

Nice melody, good work on the keys (xylophone?), and smooth singing. -Ketan

कोहरा - Charlie Chopra (Series)

koharaa - चार्ली चोपड़ा (सीरीज़)

Tags: ambient, atmospheric, dark, foreboding, haunting, melancholic, moody, mysterious, mystery, orchestral, rousing, soft, sombre, traditional

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

सुनिधि चौहान
Sunidhi Chauhan

Elevated only by Sunidhi's rendition. -Neha

The sound design does a splendid job letting the piano and strings land with full effect in this one. This also lends an eery ambience for Sunidhi's steady vocals to land their effect. The melody goes to interesting places in the verses, although I was hoping to find more innovation in the overall package with this one. -Shasank

Average despite the names involved. -Subrat

Points for Sunidhi who is able to bring out the haunting feeling and the violins in the background. -Ketan

Sunidhi's soft voice adds the requisite mysterious touch. -Ashwini

Good eerie, ghostly kind of atmosphere, but as a song it doesn't quite work. (And I haven't seen Charlie Chopra). -Zico

VB stamp with a fantastic use of the low notes that Sunidhi can hit easily. Though I kept waiting for a crescendo at some point. -Akanksha

It's so evocative, creates a distinct imagery with its sound. -Harsh

अब रुकना मत

ab rukanaa mat

Tags: breezy, happy, light hearted, lively, melody, motivation, pop, romantic, soft, soft rock, travel, warm


मनोज चौधरी
Manoj Chaudhry


Papon is good but lyrics are bad, music forgettable. -Ashwini

Papon in Lucky Ali mode from 90s with a reggae type beat. -Pradeep

A track that feels much greater than the sum of its parts, owing to the sublime mood it creates and the simple yet relatable messaging embedded in the words. Papon does a fine job chauffeuring the blues-rock style arrangement that is rich in its sound and carries the whimsical melody with ease. The only thing missing from this track is a fun whistling of the tune. -Shasank

Great opening but fizzles out after that. Papon is mumbling his words. -Ketan

Serviceable. Papon is good like always. -Subrat



Tags: dreamy, easy listening, evening, fluffy, indie, light, lilting, lounge, mellow, melody, pop, romantic, slow dance, soft, swoony

द यलो डायरी
The Yellow Diary

राजन बत्रा
Rajan Batra

राजन बत्रा
Rajan Batra

The keyboard piano riff is a contrast to the laid back singing. -Pradeep

Love the use of Piano! -Harsh

A simple mellow mix of piano, drums, and synths ground this peaceful melody in this jazzy number. The singing is evocative as always and the words carry good weight but the track is largely beautiful but simple. -Shasank

Can't really find anything redeeming. -Ketan

Piano bit at the end of the song was good. -Sunil

Give me a break. -Subrat

I'd give the video/picturization of this song a 4! -Armeen

Bad lyrics. -Ashwini

Pleasant and all, but… I guess the only couple of things I'd like to point out is the vocals (distinct) and the piano. -Zico

तू है कहाँ

tuu hai kahaa.N

Tags: ballad, conversation, electronic, groovy, hip-hop, longing, love, mellow, pop, quirky, rap, rnb, upbeat, yearning


अहद ख़ान, उसामा अली, रफ़ी अनवर
Ahad Khan, Usama Ali, Raffey Anwar

अहद ख़ान, उसामा अली, ज़ैन
Ahad Khan, Usama Ali, ZAYN

Don't go by the deceptively simple melody here as this packs a punch with its words, which take you on a journey. -Shasank

A bit addictive to be honest. -Subrat

Quite ingenious. The song sticks to this one (sonic) idea and pulls it off. I haven't heard anything else by AUR, but I hope this is not all they do and end up being another Ritviz. -Zico

Laziness passing off as music. -Ketan

A lot of catchiness, and a whole lot of heart. -Harsh



Tags: classical, electronic, fusion, groovy, heartbreak, hindustani classical, fusion, indie, longing, lounge, love, night, romantic, semi-classical, techno

पिना कोलोडा ब्लूज़
Pina Colada Blues

श्रेया जैन
Shreya Jain

श्रेया जैन
Shreya Jain

I feel that a lot of these compositions didn't necessarily have to go into Hindustani classical; they could've carved out their own interesting journey. Instead, there seems to be a notion among these musicians that make seem classical music restrictive rather than a portal of wonderful possibilities. -Zico

Singing is competent. All else is average. I have heard this kind of sound umpteen times this year. -Subrat

Nothing sounds authentic about this song. Everything from the orchestration to singing sounds AI generated. -Ketan

A beautiful raag rendition by Shreya Jain adorns a standard issue electronic arrangement that is yet effective and even exploratory in places with a hint of an electric guitar and generous use of ambient synth sounds. -Shasank

हसीन मुश्किलें - Faadu (Series)

haseen mushkile.n - फ़ाड़ू (सीरीज़)

Tags: ambient, bittersweet, blues, dreamy, easy listening, electronic, evening, filmy, jazz, moody, philosophical, relaxing, romantic, sentimental, soft

संतोष नारायणन
Santhosh Narayanan

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

आदित्य रविंद्रन
Aditya Ravindran

I'd rather have this over the pseudo classical stuff. Simple, uncomplicated, clean sound. Like the whiste. Like Aditya Ravindran's voice. Have always liked Santosh Narayanan, anyway. I like the phrase, 'Haseen Mushkile' too. -Zico

A soft, light number that floats in and floats out. Unremarkable. -Subrat

Hindi music finally experiences the joys of Santosh Narayanan's unique musical vision! SaNa as he is known, brings here a jazzy melody, that has been his signature. The ambience and the inventive percussions are splendid, so is the whistling here, something you absolutely need in a track like this. And Kausar Munir's lyrics make you stop and sigh, about all the good struggles of life. -Shasank

पैसा है तो - Farzi (Series)

paisa hai to - फ़र्ज़ी (सीरीज़)

Tags: anthem, dubstep, electronic, gangster, groovy, grungy, philosophy, hip-hop, peppy, pulpy, rap, rap mix, rock, rubbish, swag


जिगर सरैया
Jigar Saraiya

विशाल दादलानी, मेलोडी, सचिन, जिगर
Vishal Dadlani, MellowD, Sachin, Jigar

Sachin-Jigar are an underutilized duo. "Sab Farzi" is another catchy song in this album. -Sunil

Rap is OK, not as good as Gully Boy. -Ashwini

Music directors singing for and with music directors! It is also notable how more rap singers appear in this year's non-film category. Gully Boy did something good there. -Akanksha

An effortless blend of grungy rock and electronic layers, this track works perfectly as a pop anthem underlining a pulp show. There is much energy to be found in the chorus, setup, and interludes and some explorative wordplay, specifically in the rap sections. -Shasank

Tight. -Zico

Vishal Dadlani and Sachin-Jigar produce a banger that has multiple genres including hip/hop. -Pradeep

मेरे ख़यालों में - Only Just Begun

mere Khayaalo.n me.n - ओनली जस्ट बिगन

Tags: dance, electro, funk, groovy, party, peppy, pop, romantic, trendy, upbeat, western beats

अरमान मलिक
Armaan Malik

अरमान मलिक, करन कंचन
Armaan Malik, Karan Kanchan

अरमान मलिक, करन कंचन
Armaan Malik, Karan Kanchan

I'm surprised an Amaan Malik song hasn't prompted me to reach out for the pause button. -Zico

The lyric becomes the bottleneck. -Guri

Armaan Malik is good. -Ashwini

Didn't get it. -Armeen

An upbeat yet ordinary pop track uplifted by its inventive use of an almost slap-bass layer and punchy percussions, finished off with good momentum and pleasant vocals. -Shasank

Like every other song out there. -Ketan

An extra half a point just for giving me something different. -Subrat

मेरी तू ना ख़ैर कर

merii tuu naa Khair kar

Tags: banter, catchy, electronic, fluffy, freestyle, fun, funk, hindi indie pop, indie, light, longing, love, peppy, pop, quirky, romantic, sweet, trendy

सूर्या वेंकट
Surya Venkat

सूर्या वेंकट
Surya Venkat

सूर्या वेंकट, आदि कुमार, काव्य कुमार
Surya Venkat, Adi Kumar, Kaavya Kumar

There's a freshness and youthfulness in it. Some weird, interesting sounds. I like the line, Meri tu na khair kar -- it captures that youthfulness and the kind of vibe the song is going for. -Zico

A simple pop chorus line lies at the middle of this deliciously complex track that has oodles of progression in its arrangements and even vocals where things are constantly going in and out for elements of surprise, wonder, and lasting novelty. -Shasank

Another song that's not offensive to the ears but there's nothing to keep you interested in it. -Subrat

Very forgettable song, average. -Ashwini

The scale changes are the only differentiator to an otherwise mid song. -Pradeep

It's catchy, different and the harmonies are done well, even though the word 'khair' is sung as 'care', which makes it hard to care much for such rookie errors. -Ketan

कुछ दिन - Mulaqat

kuchh din - मुलाक़ात

Tags: acoustic, bittersweet, carefree, easy listening, evening, fluffy, indie, light, mellow, melody, pop, romantic, soft, yearning

प्रतीक कुहाड़
Prateek Kuhad

प्रतीक कुहाड़
Prateek Kuhad

प्रतीक कुहाड़
Prateek Kuhad

Soothing melody. -Sunil

I doubt if a Prateek Kuhad song does anything to me anymore. -Zico

Prateek writes well but this music seems like a repeat of his compositions for Karwaan. -Akanksha

The original big daddy of this kind of songs and singing. No idea what's the draw. Zero from me. -Subrat

Nice music but the singing lets it down. -Ketan

A simple, breezy number accentuated by a light touch guitar and drum arrangement. The melody is good but too commonplace for Pratik's genre, although his vocals are sublime as always. -Shasank



Tags: ambient, club, disco, edm, electronic, friendship, love, moody, peppy, pop, sad, soft, upbeat

अरमान मलिक, ओफ़्फ़
Armaan Malik, OAFF

अभिरुचि चंद
Abhiruchi Chand

अरमान मलिक, ओफ़्फ़
Armaan Malik, OAFF

OAFF's distinch style of electronic production for pop music broadens its portfolio here, with the vocals finding a cleaner mid-space to grow out of and anchor the words, which are simple yet intelligent. -Shasank

So much of the vocals get dumbed down in mutliple tracks and music and synthesization. -Neha

This song has nothing going for it. -Ketan

जाने ही दो

jaane hii do

Tags: acoustic, dreamy, elevator music, evening, fluffy, indie, light, mellow, playful, pop, rhythmic, romantic, soft, sweet, upbeat, warm

अनुभा बजाज
Anubha Bajaj

अनुभा बजाज
Anubha Bajaj

अनुभा बजाज
Anubha Bajaj

A simple, upbeat acoustic track with a creative use of guitars and percussions, works well as a mood piece if not a track you can dig deep into. -Shasank

Cute. Harmless. I won't ever listen to the song again, but that's okay. -Zico

Good old lazy singing… carefree equals careless! -Armeen

There is a trend of this kind of a song in non-film space. Nothing that stands out barring an initial hook and some heavy duty auto-tuning. -Subrat

इश्क़ मजाक़ - Breadcrumbs

ishq mazaaq - ब्रेडक्रंब्स

Tags: anger, catchy, club, groovy, hip-hop, pop, rap, rap mix, upbeat

सृष्टि तावड़े, चरण, एडीपी
Srushti Tawade, Charan, ADP

सृष्टि तावड़े, चरण, एडीपी
Srushti Tawade, Charan, ADP

सृष्टि तावड़े, चरण
Srushti Tawade, Charan

Instantly catchy. -Harsh

If this is what the best of hip-hop of the non film music scene has to offer, it's fucking sad. I was blown by Shrusti Tawade's breakout song, but I guess once you get sucked into the system, it's over. -Zico

While not as powerful as some of her other work, Shrusti Tavade combines a peppy beat with signature rapid verses and attitude for a definitive effect in this track. I wish it stood out more. -Shasank

No thanks. -Subrat

Not a fan of lazy singing and words. -Ketan

Girl rapper! aaahaaa! -Neha

Nope, this is not the Shrusti we want! -Akanksha

Shrushti's rap is good but rest is average. -Ashwini



Tags: acousic, acoustic, bittersweet, carefree, easy listening, indie, melancholy, mellow, melodious, nostalgic, pop, romantic, soft, evening

अनुभा बजाज
Anubha Bajaj

अनुभा बजाज
Anubha Bajaj

अनुभा बजाज
Anubha Bajaj

Pleasant and likeable and something you will eventually even groove to, but it's anodyne music. -Zico

Lacks originality both in voice (Jasleen Royal like) as well as music (Laaree Chhuti). -Akanksha

Forgettable, did I hear fir instead of phir? -Ashwini

A mellow indie acoustic track accompanied by the usual suspects - a guitar, simple percussions, and spirited vocals. Not run of the mill but not outstanding either. -Shasank

Same same. Cookie cutter songs of the genus Kuhad. -Subrat
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The ratings/scores are on a positive-only scale. This means that an average or ok song gets a zero and the ratings go up from there. Maximum 5 marks.

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