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सुरीली अँखियों वाले (वीर)
suriilii a.Nkhiyo.n waale (Veer)

साजिद-वाजिद गुलज़ार राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान, सुज़ैन डि'मेलो  
2.65  2.58  3.26   
Sajid-Wajid Gulzar Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Suzanne D'Mello  
The jury says:

Rahat's magic again! -Arun
Did they need those english lyrics! Such a lovely song! -Neha
The gratuitous English lyrics strike again. Sigh. -Shalini
Love the accordian, the male singer portions are nice. The western influence jars - why is the Indian version of any gora-western influence always involves a 150 piece orchrestra, ballroom dancing and the Vienna Philaharmonic? Wish someone had studied the music of the British in those days and incorporated. The desi portion works. -Shashi
Sunidhi's cameo towards the end rescues an otherwise ok but not a great song. -Vibhendu
Lovely tune and very soothing arrangements. -Sowmya
Yet another RFAK song! Where are the other singers? And I don't mean Salim M/Vishal D/Shekhar/Sohail or Mika/Mohit. Can we have more of Sonu Nigam please? -Amarendra
Did I admit yet I like Rahat's singing a lot? -UVR

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