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गल मिट्ठी मिट्ठी बोल (आएशा)
gal miTThii miTThii bol (Aisha)

अमित त्रिवेदी जावेद अख़्तर तोषी रैना  
2.55  1.98  2.25   
Amit Trivedi Javed Akhtar Tochi Raina  
The jury says:

A bhangra number with Nadaswaram interludes works surprisingly well. -Vibhendu
Gets a little repetitive towards the end. Amit Trivedi deserves some credit for taking a genre that's been over-used in Hindi cinema in the last decade, and coming up with something fresher. -Ramanand
बढ़िया. माहौल के अनुकूल. -मिहिर
The Tochi Raina-Amit Trivedi combo which gave us ikataaraa last year returns. It's not in the same class but is a good listen. A Punjabish track made keeping the movie in mind. -Gajendra
Amit Trivedi shows Punjabi pop can still be funky & peppy without using heavy instruments and shor sharaabaa. -Pavan
Like the bass line. Don't care about much else. -Pranav
Yet another take on the bhangra - yawn. -Shalini
An above average dance track - catchy beats, Anand Bakshi style rhyming. -Shashi

नोट: अंक केवल श्रेष्ठता के लिए दिए गए हैं. यानी एक आम या औसत प्रदर्शन को 0 अंक ही मिलेंगे. अगर वह औसत से बेहतर है तभी उसे कोई अंक मिलेगा.
Note: The ratings/scores are on a positive-only scale. This means that an average performance gets a zero and the ratings go up from there.

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