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दिल तो बच्चा है जी (इश्क़िया)
dil to bachchaa hai jii (Ishqiya)

विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान  
3.92  4.00  3.92   
Vishal Bharadwaj Gulzar Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  
The jury says:

Everything comes together here: an unexpected situation, great singing, lyrics that couldn't get any better, and a simple composition that is just about perfect. -Ramanand
दशक के सबसे उम्मीद भरे गीतों में. थमा सा, रुका सा. राजकपूर के ज़मानों की याद दिलाता. गुलज़ार अपने सर्वोत्कृष्ट खिलंदड़ अंदाज़ में और विशाल अपने minimalist music के साथ उसे उभारते हुए. राहत भी एकदम सही जगह पॉज़ लेते हैं और सही जगह ठुमका. Simple yet the best! -मिहिर
The best of the year! Rahat again! -Arun
Tops 'em all. The song is awesome in a very twisted sort of a way. I love the picturization and the lyrics. Love the rhythm and the middle eastern, east European base; the excellent rendition; and the fact that it is not a "typical" Rahat song and yet he has come out so gallant. -Sowmya
Simply delightful all around. -Shalini
Inspired by Ravel's Bolero. Lovely use of accordian. Strong gypsy/eastern european style is beautifully woven in. Rahat's singing is controlled, which provides a nice fusion and contrast. Use of Pizz. Strings introduces a orchestra-ic feel which probably was not necessary, but whavever. -Pranav
If Vishal+Gulzar=Win, Vishal+Gulzar+Rahat=almost Perfect! Everything is great about this song: the tune, the arrangement, the lyrics, the singing. दिल तोबच्चा है”? How does he think these metaphors up! -UVR
Fabulous singing, lyrics and music. A song that'll remain on your playlist for days. My most favourite song of the year. -Gajendra
Best of the movie! -Neha
Wish I can give a 6 or 10 to the lyrics - outstanding narration of the whimsical wishing of the aged mind. An excellent infusion of gypsy into a typical Indian folk - very seamless. Very reminiscent of an old SJ song - not just for the accordian. -Shashi
The retro ambience, magical RFAK, Gulzar saab's naughty but innocent lyrics and the way it's been used in the film - Superb! Played it the most last year! -Pavan
Not great by Gulzar and Vishal's standards, yet one of the best songs of the year. -Amarendra

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