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मूव ऑन (तनु वेड्स मनु रिटर्न्स)
Move on (Tanu Weds Manu Returns)

कृष्णा सोलो राजशेखर सुनिधि चौहान  
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Krsna Solo Rajshekhar Sunidhi Chauhan  
Jury comments

The new age breakup anthem. -Pavan

Sunidhi needs to move on. An ordinary song with nothing to boot about. There are no "break-up" emotions conveyed at all. -Sowmya

Sunidhi does a repeat from the previous year's Kill Dill number "Bol Beliya". Sounds similar possibly due to the Basant Mukhari'ish feel of the song (guessing). She still makes this song fantastic and as always adds that extra 'tadka'. -Ketan

Perfect song for Sunidhi! -UVR

It’s a new-age break-up song where there is no rona-dhona. No dard-bhare nagme. The female protagonist decides to move on in her life. The positive attitude in the song is spot on. Sunidhi puts powerful throw of her voice to a good use here. The tune is somewhat reminiscent of Mehboob mere from Fiza. The song scores high in the lyrics department. Be it दिल दरबदर खुश रहता है, फिर कोई क्यों ठिकाना ढूंढें? or जो मिला नहीं कोई उस काबिल, हम खुद ही खुद फिर बन जायेंगे. -Mihir M

Funky, upbeat but sharp lyrics that literally shout at the need for anyone who has suffered at the hands of a loved one to "move on", this is a great song to play on repeat-mode and it will sound relevant every time you play it. -Vikas

Despite some unusual percussion, there's something very predictable about this song. -Aditya

Something very familiar about the song (Mehboob Mere from Fiza?) and Sunidhi gives her standard treatment to the song. The lyrics are about moving on and I followed it to move on. -Subrat

The 'miyaan' coupled with 'move on' in the lyrics does the trick! Also Sunidhi's powerful, at times angry, at times carefree rendition is also a treat to hear. -Shivani

Reminds one of "Mehmoob Mere" by Sunidhi in the movie 'Fiza'. -Sunil

खिलंदड़पने में घुली हुई उदासी। -मिहिर पं.

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