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हीर तो बड़ी सैड है (तमाशा)
hiir to ba.Dii sad hai (Tamasha)

ए आर रहमान इरशाद कामिल मिका सिंह, नकश अज़ीज़  
2.73  2.24  2.41   
A R Rahman Irshad Kamil Mika Singh, Nakash Aziz  
Jury comments

Nice folkish tune with some interesting voices singing it. -Ketan

Guess this song is more for the movies situation than comedy. -Abhay

Unadulterated Bhangra... clever lyrics... entertaining all around. -Armeen

हीर की अटर सैडनेस के बारे में सुनकर मुझे पहला आश्चर्य ये हुआ कि हिंदी कविता में पी एच डी करने वाले क़ामिल साहब की ज़ुबान हिंग्लिश कैसे हो गई? ए आर रहमान की पंजाबी लोक धुन में रंगे जाने पहचाने संगीत पर मीका की आवाज़ का जादू ऐसा था जो मुझे अंत तक इस गीत को सुनने पर विवश कर गया। पूरे बोल सुन कर लगा कि इरशाद भी गीतों को चटपटा बनाने के गुर सीख चुके हैं। -मनीष

Rubbish. -Ashok

As the genre suggests a nice contrast. Mika did add something to the song but his drawl takes away something as well . Oh , well. -Vinayakam

This song is a stroke of genius form the filmmakers, who decided to go against the norm and depict the sad mood of the on-screen character through a folksy, upbeat song instead. Rahman's music may be fun-filled and dance-worthy but it also forces you to stop and listen to the lyrics at the same time. Full marks for simply doing the unexpected. -Vikas

Yes, there are some songs where you love even Mika Singh. And…hold on...he's even irreplaceable here!. -Shivani

There's a lot of innovation going here on a standard Punjabi tune. It is almost like how Gal Meethi Meethi Bol was a reinvention of the Punju shaadi song genre. The lyrics are quite interesting and an irreverent Hinglish take on a birah song. Mika Singh is the perfect choice for this and he meets the brief. -Subrat

Used innovatively in the film (upbeat song in complete contrast to the state-of-mind characters). -Aditya

After Katiya karoon in Rockstar, Rahman gets a chance to compose Punjabi-folk based song once again. ARR being ARR, he turns the 'sad-song genre' into a joyous, cheerful track! Mika Singh infuses energy into the song. Rahman’s arrangements are top-notch. Check how the 2nd interlude flows from one place to another undergoing scale changes, and how it eventually lands onto the correct note to begin the next antara. Fantastic number. -Mihir M

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