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अगर तुम साथ हो (तमाशा)
agar tum saath ho (Tamasha)

ए आर रहमान इरशाद कामिल अल्का याग्निक, अरिजित सिंह  
3.05  2.62  2.51   
A R Rahman Irshad Kamil Alka Yagnik, Arijit Singh  
Jury comments

Very good music arrangement as expected. -Abhay

Alka Yagnik's voice has NOT aged well AT ALL!. -UVR

If one Arijit in a song wasn't enough already in so many songs of 2015, we now have 2 of them in a song (at different pitches). Overall, a melodious tune that has influences of many ARR past numbers. It is easy on the ears despite lackig freshness. The lyrics are good - tum saath ho, ya na ho, kya farq hai, bedard thi zindagi, bedard hai is quite a sentiment. -Subrat

Mild Swades feel, reminiscent of another 90s song which I cannot exactly recall. Yagnik actually sounds jaded. -Vibhendu

Good to see Alka back at her prime. The sweetness & melody works well. -Pavan

Odd joint voicing. -Ashok

Song of the year for me. It's a conversation between the two individuals with opposite stances on love. Deepika is trying to hold onto a relationship which she had kept alive for years. While Ranbir is dismissive about their love. He sings Irshad’s words- मुझे लगता है बातें दिल की, होती लफ़्ज़ों की धोकेबाज़ी.
Hearing Alka Yagnik after so long is such a pleasure. Her voice has got a nice texture over the age. Arijit sings in two octaves simultaneously giving ample support to Alka.
The heavenly piano bits played at the beginning of the song get a closure towards the end, as Rahman employs a piano piece once again to conclude the song. Truly, an incredible song in all aspects. Thank you, ARR, Irshad, Imtiaz for the experience. -Mihir M

Reminiscent of early Rahman, Alka's singing though leaves a lot to be desired. -Aditya

In the era of saccharin sweet Shreya clones, Alka Yagnik sounds like a good change. -Armeen

This song could have been something but Alka and Arijit go together like oil and water. Each one is trying and succeeds in making the other sound worse. -Ketan

Despite average lyrics, the 2015 song that stayed with me because of Alka Yagnik's mature, soothing rendition and the very beautiful, SEL-ish composition by ARR. -Shivani

A song that presents conflicting emotions that the two characters are experiencing, this was one of the best songs of the year. The sad, raw and touching lyrics accompanying Rahman's wonderful composition, get further elevated by mesmerizing singing by Arijit Singh and Alka Yagnik, who we hear after a long time. -Vikas

Pleasing song. Had a déjà vu feel to it. Beautiful notes on the piano. Arijit singing in 2 octaves was interesting. -Sunil

Loved the way Arijit Singh’s voice has been used. very different. -Vinayakam

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