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धड़ाम धड़ाम (बॉम्बे वेल्वेट)
dha.Daam dha.Daam (Bombay Velvet)

अमित त्रिवेदी अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य नीति मोहन  
2.68  2.52  2.95   
Amit Trivedi Amitabh Bhattarcharya Neeti Mohan  
Jury comments

Best song of an excellent album. -Aditya

Heartbreak hasn’t been this beautiful. Trivedi’s masterpiece from the album is all about anguish, grief, remorse, despondence which makes the heart pound dhadam dhadam. Neeti Mohan goes all out and lets her heart cry on mike. We feel her pain. We hear her pulsating heart sobbing. The concluding “Malaaaaaal Meinnnn…” portion affirms her as an accomplished singer. -Mihir M

Neeti Mohan takes it to a significant high. -Pavan

Yes it's Jazz style, but clearly this interpretation is clearly not for me. -Abhay

Phenomenal singing/ emoting by Neeti Mohan. One of the best songs of Bombay Velvet. Infused with tragic notes that tell us about the emotional pain and suffering of the character. Very touching rendition. -Sunil

उजला, उद्विग्न, उद्दाम, किसी तरुण पहाड़ी झरने सा। कुन्डली मारकर बैठे किसी इच्छाधारी नाग सा। दुख का अपरिमित समन्दर अपने भीतर भरे। नीति मोहन अपनी आवाज़ के घनत्व से इस गीत को एक घटना बना देती हैं। -मिहिर पं.

Who would have thought that a song with a title like this could be one of the best composed songs of the year. Sung with equal zeal, this song has some wondrous lyrics which capture pain and separation with gusto. -Vikas

Resonating and beautifully emoted along with swinging music of the paino, guitar, and sax, Neeti is astounding. -Sowmya

What a tour de force? The lyrics (despite the dhadaam dhadaam or because of it?) convey the pain of raw wounds and Neeti Mohan hits it out of the park with her rendition. The operatic style of arrangement are perfect for the overall musical style of the album. -Subrat

Neeti Mohan has rocked this song. Oops, Jazzed it ;). -Vinayakam

Neeti Mohan's one of the best ever. A song, very difficult for the composer to compose if written first. And equally difficult for the lyricist to write if composed first. -Shivani

Neeti Mohan is singluarly responsible for ruining a decent tune. Screaming is not ok, especially when you have the talent to sing better. Poor singer management by Amit Trivedi. -Ketan

The use of "dha.Daam dha.Daam" is the thing that makes you sit up and take notice of this song. Then you're struck by Neeti Mohan's incredibly powerful vocals. This lady is quite something. -UVR

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