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आज इबादत (बाजीराव मस्तानी)
aaj ibaadat (Bajirao Mastani)

संजय लीला भंसाली ए एम तूराज़ जावेद बशीर  
2.82  2.51  2.62   
Sanjay Leela Bhansali A M Turaz Javed Bashir  
Jury comments

Lacks basic melody, but added ornamentations make it OK to listen. Doesn't have much repeat value. -Abhay

This song is a beautiful blend of Sanskrit and Urdu chants, which represents the courtship of Bajirao-Mastani. Divinely played Sitar fuses the two cultures together. Composition wise, the song is very Bhansali-sque. Jared’s singing gets bit monotonous. I’d have preferred different singer. Fav line - Nazron se teri chaak, dil pe raffu ho gayi. -Mihir M

Song of the soundtrack for me. -Aditya

A delight to anyone that loves classical music. Very well rendered from all angles with some beautiful taans, lyrics, and music. -Sowmya

The singing and music are very good indeed, compelling one to listen to the song on repeat. Lyrics, too, are quite good, but it's too obvious that the lyricist is trying too hard to sound "innovative": e.g., "jo maa.Ngii thii us duaa se guftugoo ho ga_ii" -- how does one talk *to* a prayer? -UVR

Vishnu and Moula? -Ashok

Lovely use of Raga Yaman. Exceptional use of the sitar, which is not heard often nowadays. Javed Bashir is a very talented singer. Good use of chorus. Overall a very soothing song. -Sunil

A compositionn that would make Roshan proud. Wonderful orchestration. Most of the singers are spot on as is the lyricist. Probably the best song of the year. -Ketan

Really liked the way shlokas are fused with the main song though I usually don't like that as much. Lyrics & songs are also very nice. -Archana

The tunes sound like leftovers from Devdas (some of the picturization too!). Can someone remind Ms. Ghoshal (or at least the sound engineer) that she is no longer singing for a breath-mint commercial? -Armeen

I approach all Bhansali compositions with trepidation. For a change, he's surprised me with this number. There's a perfect synth of the two conflicting worlds that are being represented in the movie. There's no unnecessary flourishes and the orchestration is in sync with the two genres that are being blended. -Subrat

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