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ओये बोय चार्ली (मटरू की बिजली का मण्डोला)
oye boy chaarlii (Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola)

विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार रेखा भारद्वाज, मोहित चौहान, शंकर महादेवन  
2.65  2.72  2.75   
Vishal Bhardwaj Gulzar Rekha Bhardwaj, Mohit Chauhan, Shankar Mahadevan  
Jury comments

Badal uthya and this song -- both so diametrically different from the other, and yet Rekha Bharadwaj manages to get into the mood of both songs so easily. Such infectious fun! -Megha

Welcome to the changing face of qawwali. Plus Shankar Mahadevan singing for VB! -Nishant

Yup, I'm over Rekha Bhardwaj. Too frentic. -Shalini Razdan

Cannot believe how much awesome this peppy number sounds in Rekha's voice. A total riot and definitely one of the best uplifting songs of 2013 -Hemendra

केवल रेखा भारद्वाज की गायकी के लिए सुनिए -Yunus

कामचलाऊ बोल ! कव्वाली, रेट्रो जैसे तमाम तरह का मसाला डाल के बनाया गया गीत थिरकाता ज़रूर है -विकास

Tremendously enjoyable song with good use of a range of voices. Neither over the top, nor too bland. The lyrics find place in that famed library of Gulzar's crazy songs. -Ramanand

Can I talk about the picturisation? It was genius to film it as a karaoke-cum-mad-dance number. And the words are fantastic. But then, saying that for Gulzar is like pointing a flashlight at the Sun. -Amit

Item number from Vishal/Gulzar - can't match up to those classics in Omkara! -Arun

A total blast ! -Naresh

Oh such fun! I like this side of Rekha Bharadwaj and want to see more of it! -Priya

"Tu Meri Timbuktu Hai"…seriously??? So this is "Kajra Re" meets "Namak Isk Ka"…"Charlie" rhymes with "Maar Li"... fantastic. Stuck in my head now, has its moments but on the whole just "trying too hard" to be funny/entertaining. -Sanjeev

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