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अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi
अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya
भाग मिल्खा भाग
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi
ये जवानी है दीवानी
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya
ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman
इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil
काइ पो चे
Kai Po Che
अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi
स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

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माँझा  (काइ पो चे)
maa.Njhaa (Kai Po Che)

Tags: bonding, hopeful, friendship, energetic, motivational, hope, sportsmanship, full-of-spirit, optimism, dreams, inspiration, philosophy, sarangi, folksy

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

अमित त्रिवेदी, मोहन कानन
Amit Trivedi, Mohan Kanan

कविता, गायकी और संगीत का अद्भुत जोड़। साल के सबसे अच्‍छे गानों में से एक। सलाम अमित और स्‍वानंद। -Yunus

Lovely use of the 'maanjha' metaphor in the lyrics. Amit Trivedi picks a winner by deciding to sing this himself. The use of the esraj as the primary instrument is an inspired choice. A song with unusual depth. -Ramanand

Amit Trivedi's best of the year. Simple but effective lyrics from Swanand. -Arun

Sawanand Kirkire and Amit Trivedi have a winner her. -Naresh

Like the little bits that sound like Irish Riverdance music. Interesting concoction. -Shalini Razdan

Amit Trivedi is a functional singer at best, but he clearly uses his vocals to great effect here, along with the layers he adorns in the music. -Karthik

अमित त्रिवेदी अपनी धुनों के साथ ख़ूबसूरती से खेलना बखूबी जानते हैं . उन्हें साज़ो का किफायत से इस्तेमाल करना आता ... ‘मांझा’ इसकी मिसाल है -विकास

Never tired of listening to it (partially because of the esraj). Well put. Well composed. Such a feel good song. -Nishant

Amit Trivedi's singing, arrangement -Rohit

The rhythm makes this song decent. Otherwise it could have been rather average. -Priya

Like the percussion in this one. -Megha

Well sung, beautifully arranged and written such that it captures the emotions using language that is appropo the part of the country where the movie is set. -Pranav

Amit Trivedi opened the year with this fantastic score. Love every song of the movie! -Hemendra

Refrain does have a hypnotic effect - not quite getting into the vocals, effects and all. -Sanjeev

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मनमर्ज़ियाँ  (लुटेरा)
manamarziyaa.N (Lootera)

Tags: romantic, soothing, love song, simon-garfunkel-ish, playful, willful, earworm, soft, soft rock, bollywood folk, easy listening

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अमित त्रिवेदी, अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य, शिल्पा राव
Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Shilpa Rao

This song doesn't follow the typical Amit Trivedi template. And while 'sawaar loon' gets maximum airtime, this is the standout song of the soundtrack. Shilpa Rao softly and lazily caresses the notes as she sings them. With each listen this song grows more special. -Priya

Oh, I liked this! The one song in the album that gets all its proportions right. -Shalini Razdan

Wonderfully sung by Shilpa Rao and fascinatingly layered music by Amit! -Karthik

One of Amit's BEST !! Love this song !!! Ok, taking a break to listen to it again. -Shalini Ramachandran

The arrangement, uff! -Meera

अमित त्रिवेदी ,शिल्पा राव और अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य की जोड़ी जब कभी साथ आई हैं तो काफ़ी कुछ अच्छा रच बैठे. शिल्पा राव की आवाज़ कहाँ किस तरह इस्तेमाल में लायी जाये अमित इस बात से पूरी तरह वाकिफ. गीत में संतूर(?),कोरस,गिटार के तार अच्छे सुनाई पड़ते हैं -विकास

Loved the santoor and the guitar in the composition. Plus the expression of man waali marziyan :) -Nishant

The layering of the female and male voices (the latter broken into parts) is great, as is use of the santoor, guitar, and string section. Very clear and unfussy production. A treat to listen to. -Ramanand

Kinda reminds me of Aisi Saza from Gulaal, but that's Shilpa Rao I guess. Beautiful melancholic composition! -Amit

Lovely sounds but boring -Arun

Love how the song slowly builds up.. A conversation between two lovers that almost feels like they are finishing each other's sentences. So gorgeous! -Megha

Classic Amit Trivedy/Amitabh Bhattacharya combo. What else can happen but excellence? -Pranav

Wondering what on earth is "man marziyan!" -Zafar

Love everything about this song too. The lead guitar, the chorus, the santoor and Shilpa Rao's voice. -Hemendra

Nice singing. Good lyrics.Good experiment -Yunus

A pleasant though not particularly memorable listen (except for the fact that it's in 7 beats). -Sanjeev

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मोण्टा रे  (लुटेरा)
moNTaa re (Lootera)

Tags: folk fusion, folk, philosophical, folk song, folk tune, baul, bengali, light, hearty, baul-ish, callowness, bengali folk, folksy, experimental, folk-inspired

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य, स्वानंद किरकिरे
Amitabh Bhattacharya, Swanand Kirkire

Simple and effective. Liked the rubaab. -Zafar

Beautiful song. Loved the use of the dotara and guitars. The singing has just the right texture and Kirkire's vocal expressions are superb. The Bengali ending brings a scintillating close to the song, which is almost perfectly arranged. -Ramanand

Amit Trivedi shows he can be comfortable in any region's music and excel. The last time I saw that was with Rahman and Punjabi music. -Amit

In a year where half the songs sound identical, I'm willing to give points to this song for two things 1) having a distinct sound and 2) the revisit to Baul music and the slight Hemant-da feel. -Megha

बंगाल की महक और बाउल संगीत से मेल खाता ये गीत ...स्वानंद की आवाज़ में आखिर पूछ ही बैठता है कि ‘दिल कैसा बेवक़ूफ़ है’ -विकास

Swanand and the folk elements giving it a repeat factor. Earworm. -Nishant

Whisper of a song, lyrics -Rohit

Amit Trivedi can take you to places with his music… -Shalini Ramachandran

Swanand in his element but does he have to sing himself? -Arun

The Burman influences have been pre-acknowledged, so one expects a Bangla folk number. And yet when one finds it, it is sweet. -Priya

Lovely song. -Shalini Razdan

Love the iktara opening! Swanand is super. Love the folksy tune. -Hemendra

स्‍वानंद और अमिताभ के बोल और स्‍वानंद की गायकी। सुंदर प्रयोग। बरसों बाद बांग्‍ला संगीत की झलक -Yunus

They've managed to make Swanand Kirkire sound in tune? -Sanjeev

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बादळ उठ्या  (मटरू की बिजली का मण्डोला)
baadaL uThyaa (Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola)

Tags: folk fusion, life, sad, folk, classical fusion, folk tune, folk song, fusion, haryanvi, pathos, longing, rustic, intense, rock, folksy, bollywood folk

विशाल भारद्वाज (लोकधुन से प्रेरित)
Vishal Bhardwaj (Adapted from traditional)


रेखा भारद्वाज
Rekha Bhardwaj

This could have been an ordinary folk song, albeit very well sung. But the music is the game changer. The classic rock twist for a folk song grabs you by the collar and smacks you with its gorgeousness. -Megha

Amir Khusrau'ish -Zafar

It is SO lovely to see folk done differently! Vishal's rock take on a traditional folk song and Rekha's vocals make this a standout song! -Priya

RB's rendition fails to deliver the punch. fizzless. -Nishant

Rekha B is in astonishing control, rendition and diction-wise, of this well-known Haryanvi folk song. The sitar is an excellent companion to her voice. -Ramanand

Beautiful lyrics with mitti ki khushboo, and the music keeps it sufficiently modern -Amit

Niladri’s sitar is magic, especially the meend. He makes the song work for me, along with the words of course. -Meera

It's not fair for me to judge Rekha Songs ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Rekha can sing such songs in her sleep (and puts us to ours :-) Nice lyrics (not by Gulzar incidently) and arrangement! Love the haryanvi flavor..having grown up in Haryana myself :-) -Arun

ONLY MALE version and superlative arrangement -Rohit

पारंपरिक बोल और धुन के साथ मिलकर रेखा भारद्वाज की आवाज़ बंजर ज़मीं पर बारिश की बूंदों सी महसूस होती है -विकास

Ah Rekha…can make any song sound ethereal. This one is as good as they come! Love how Vishal can create music that cuts across genres. -Hemendra

रेखा भारद्वाज की बेमिसाल गायकी। विशाल का बेहतरीन संगीत। सितार की कितनी मधुर तान है गाने में। लोक-संगीत और फिल्‍मी-पन का सुंदर संयोजन। -Yunus

Interesting instrumentation…nice groove, and sitar work…not a whole lot else in the song, Rekha B.'s "lazy" vocals are a damper. -Sanjeev

Hard to pin down the mood of the song but it has a tendency to linger in the mind. -Shalini Razdan

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मीठी बोलियाँ  (काइ पो चे)
miiThii boliyaa.N (Kai Po Che)

Tags: life, companionship, carefree, hopeful, mood lightener, fresh, love, morning song, friendship, wishful, easy listening, lightheadedness, imagination, rock, soft, romantic, mix bag,inspirational

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

अमित त्रिवेदी, मिली नायर
Amit Trivedi, Mili Nair

Once again, Amit Trivedi delivers music arrangement that is pleasantly surprising, unexpected and fuses different genres in an intoxicating cocktail. One can hear classic rock, Indian, 80s pop, jazz and contemporary bollywood in one amazing package. -Pranav

An ethereal sound by Amit Trivedi, beautifully sung by Mili Nair! Fantastic use of intruments by Amit too. -Karthik

This song is seeped in mellifluousness, aptly for its title. Very musical in its arrangements (piano, guitars, the superb use of the continuum), I loved the unconventional structure, and the contrast in the voices. The lyrics were very evocative. Superbly crafted. -Ramanand

Very meetha song! -Arun

अच्छी धुन, अच्छे लफ्ज़ -विकास

Amit T running short on budget or short of male voices. Passable composition -Nishant

A song that soothing, as well as upbeat. The drumming is work of pure genius. -Amit

One of my most favourite songs this year. Flows and takes you along, like a gentle stream. Long build up on cymbal and snare before actually kicking in the bass. -Meera

Love this one ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Love the voice of Mili! Fresh and adding an effervescence to the song! -Hemendra

Good experimental song. -Yunus

Words in the antara are thrown kinda weirdly…I like the female vocals better than the male vocals. -Sanjeev

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मेरा यार  (भाग मिल्खा भाग)
meraa yaar (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

Tags: ibadat, country-western, qawwali, folk, punjabi, coke studio flavour, earworm, ishq, sufi, blend of sufi, western folk, rustic, energetic, peppy, folksy/sufi, bollywood sufi


प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

जावेद बशीर
Javed Bashir

Perfect singing, good arrangement and excellent atmosphere -Rohit

Lovely riff in the beginning. The interlude fiddle piece has elements of country/bluegrass. This is what I meant about fusion of folk and rock in the previous song. -Pranav

Love love love this song. Lyrics, singing, music, everything. Always end up hearing it multiple times. I like the english pipes being integrated into such an indian melody! Pronunciation irks me a bit - Mandar (mandir) and Masjad (masjid) :) -Hemendra

I like how gently the composition wears it's sufi/qawwali badges -Shalini Razdan

Hypnotic sufi style that is delivered extremely well! -Karthik

कोरस में बजता ‘शपाक चिकि धूम’,‘यूफोरिया’ और ‘यस बॉस’ की याद ताज़ा करता है. -विकास

Ehsaan with an addictive guitar riff on the bass and the 'ibadat' flavor of ishq penned by Prasoon Joshi make the listening worth -Nishant

The Celtic strings, the roughly textured voice, the excellent lyrics, the guitar riffs - all come together in one exhilarating romantic number. Very well executed. It's just a tad too long. -Ramanand

If the industry has its way, Javed Bashir can very soon slip in to that every-song-sounds-the-same genre (Rahat space). This one rides on a combination of great words, hook tune and Javed’s singing, of course. -Meera

I am punjabi/urdu impaired so didn't understand the lyrics much. I am sure they mean well. -Shalini Ramachandran

great fusion sufi song …love the jazzy interludes..great allround! -Arun

Amazing song, the hook is addictive. -Naresh

अच्‍छे बोल, जावेद बशीर की अच्‍छी गायकी -Yunus

S-E-L experimenting with country fiddling in Sufi-style music... Like the guitar riff, bass, and the lack of traditional rhythm (tabla/dholak). Hard time deciding whether the lyrics are really good or just also-ran/recycled Sufi stuff. -Sanjeev

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झीनी रे झीनी  (इस्सक)
jhiinii re jhiinii (Issaq)

Tags: folk fusion, classical, soothing, semi-classical, con-fusion, folk, fusion, romantic, bollywood sufi


नीलेश मिश्रा
Nilesh Misra

राशिद ख़ान, प्रतिभा बघेल
Rashid Khan, Pratibha Baghel

Two beautiful voices (particularly Ustad Rashid Khan's) and simple uncluttered music makes this an unexpected winner. Sometimes good songs happen to bad movies. This is one such song. -Megha

Ustad rashid khan sahab. Enough said. -Rohit

Sigh. So SO lovely! I am glad I discovered this song thanks to RMIM Puraskaar. -Priya

Rashid Khan alone can add to the value of any song. The bass of her voice just elevates the song to a different level. Also love the arrangement during interludes, however, overall the music and song miss the mark, gets really confused in the middle. -Hemendra

Rashid Khan's voice is impressive as always, female vocals are nice too - simple instrumentation. -Sanjeev

राशिद खान की आवाज़ के साथ प्रतिभा न्याय करती हैं.सचिन-जिगर की बढ़िया कोशिश,नीलेश मिश्र के अच्छे गीतों में एक गीत और जुडा. शहनाई फिर छा जाती है ! राशिद के मुकाबले प्रतिभा को कहीं कहीं ही सुना जाना थोड़ा सा अखरता है. राशिद खान कुछ एक जगह ‘स’ बोलने में थोड़ा अलग सुनाई देते हैं . बेशक,‘सुनिए और सुनते जाइए’ वाला गीत -विकास

Listened only because of the sarangi -Nishant

The texture of voices against the heavy bass were very interesting. Nice esraaj (sarangii?) -Ramanand

What singing! And what a composition! -Amit

नीलेश के बोल और राशिद ख़ां की बढिया गायकी। अच्‍छा गाना। -Yunus

This is another one that didn't get as much credit as it deserved. -Shalini Ramachandran

Rashid Khan is great as usual but the female singer has matched him well! -Arun

Sarangi and Rashid Khan take this one to a new height. -Naresh

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सँवार लूँ  (लुटेरा)
sa.Nwaar luu.N (Lootera)

Tags: romantic, folk song, folk tune, bihu, folk, peppy, shringar, bengali, melodious, foot tapping, pop

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

मोनाली ठाकुर
Monali Thakur

Someone mentioned somewhere that this was inspired from 'main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya'. The red-chili pounding made sure that this was nothing like the Hum Dono song. It simply didn't work for despite the sweet voice. -Megha

Music is a tad too strident but pleasant song overall. -Shalini Razdan

Best song of the soundtrack. They had me at glass cinkling, everything else is simply adding to the allure! Monali Thakur sounds great and Amit Trivedi packs enough gems in the melody and tune to make this my most fav. -Hemendra

बिहू और ‘नोर्थ ईस्ट’ के संगीत को इतने अच्छे से सुनने का मोका देता ये गीत . कहीं कहीं सचिन देव बर्मन की तो कहीं जयदेव के ‘मैं ज़िंदगी का साथ निभाता चला गया’ की याद ताज़ा करता हुआ. मोनाली ठाकुर कुछ एक जगह शब्दों का सही उच्चारण करने में सहज नहीं लगती ..मिसाल के तौर पर ‘सँवार लूं’ को ‘सवार लूं’ गाती हुईं -विकास

A little overorchestrated as far as the percussion goes but a gem nonetheless -Nishant

The vintage flavour is evoked with the use of instruments like the mandolin and flute. Excellent melody line, and the talent of everyone involved in this simple song is evident. -Ramanand

Maybe the PR people got on the public's nerves, but this is SDBurman & Salil Chowdhury – true inspiration! -Amit

Love the old feel to the song. Dil ka bhavar kare pukar-esque feel with the Amit Trivediiliciousness. -Shalini Ramachandran

Song of the year? Even with sa.Nwaar vs sawaar! -Arun

Addictive -Naresh

Everyone goes ga-ga on this one and after many many listens, I still don't get it. Yes she has a very sweet voice, but the thumpity-thump ruins it for me. -Priya

This song definitely is popular but I didn't find anything special or extra ordinary in it. -Pranav

Catchy tune -Zafar

गुज़रे दौर की याद दिलाता अमित का संगीत। मोनाली ने पुरानी ज़माने की मिठास की झलक दिखायी है। -Yunus

Totally throwback to Salil Chowdhary? A la Madhumati (antara returning to mukhda reminds a lot of "Dil Tadap-Tadap Ke"). Could have maybe used more different rhythm patterns (thekas) rather than one loop…nice though. -Sanjeev

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ख़ामख़ा  (मटरू की बिजली का मण्डोला)
KhaamaKhaa (Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola)

Tags: folk fused, romantic, devotional, soothing, love song, afro-hindi, template, haryanvi, soft, experimental

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


विशाल भारद्वाज, प्रेम देहाती
Vishal Bhardwaj, Prem Dehati

Every year there is one song that becomes the whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts number. This is my pick for this year. Beautiful lyrics, lovely melody and Vishal's singing has that a very interesting blend of rustic meets refined. Love! -Priya

Exceptional, particularly in the way the song fuses together HFM romantic melody, African humming, and the folk coda. Mint-fresh poetry. Vishal's vocal expression override the flaws in song delivery. Very easy on the ears. -Ramanand

Yet another hopelessly in love song from Gulzar and Vishal. Heaven. -Amit

Vishal B disappoints both as composer and singer in this song -Naresh

I’d never have imagined the end that this song has. Gulzar sa’ab and VB -- no way you don’t get magic! -Meera

The lazyness of lyrics, Gulzar, Prem dehati. Enough said. Too much brilliance in one song -Rohit

Had to look up the lyrics since I couldn't understand Vishal's indistinct burr. -Shalini Razdan

This is a song that Vishal usually hands over to Suresh Wadkar, but for some odd reason chose to sing it himself. The gorgeous tune thankfully smoothens out his singing. -Karthik

विशाल का गाया गीत अच्छा है, 'ख़ाम-ख़ा नहीं’ .कहीं कहीं जगहों पर ओमकारा के गीत की हलकी छाप लिए . -विकास

So VB-Gulzar. From khalish to Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh to Afro, thoda zyada nahi ho gaya? -Nishant

Vishal is too soft a singer to create an impact… good attempt to create that haryanvi sound. Sample Gulzar:
Jo nahi kiya, kar ke dekhna
Saans rok ke, mar ke dekhna -Arun

Love the lyrics (ofc) but Vishal's solos are getting slightly repetitive. -Hemendra

सिर्फ विशाल की प्‍यारी आवाज़ के लिए सुन सकते हैं -Yunus

Vishal B.'s vocals aren't doing it for me…guess I'd have to watch the movie to understand the inclusion of the African (Swahili?) lyrics, and the last part? -Sanjeev

Another favorite song from this year's list. The chorus in the beginning is the only slightly jarring thing about this song. Otherwise, some lovely lyrics, singing and music. I love how he says the line 'paagalpan hai aise tumpe marna'. A song that reminds me of hot summer afternoons. Much like 'o saathi re' from Omkara did. -Megha

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ओ रँगरेज़  (भाग मिल्खा भाग)
o ra.Ngarez (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

Tags: folk, romantic, love, soothing, soulful, looper, classical, fusion, annoying, sufi, sufi/qawwali, bollywood sufi, qawwali


प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

श्रेया घोषाल, जावेद बशीर
Shreya Ghoshal, Javed Bashir

All points for what SEL have done with the taal. Though it's simple keherva (8 beats) its evolved form in the stanza adds to the beauty. They’ve played very safe with the tune. Mishra Khammaj is a meetha raag any way. -Meera

Sweetly old-fashioned number that made be realize (sadly) how rare a truly good duet, where the singers actually play off each other, is nowadays -Shalini Razdan

‘खैंच लेना प्राण इस तन के’ इसतरह के बोल अब सुनने में कम ही मिलते हैं. तबले-सारंगी की वो आती जाती तान ...इस गीत के ‘प्राण’ से मालूम होते हैं. वाद्य संयोजन अच्छा -विकास

ESRAJ! (Brownie points for the percussion elements) -Nishant

These semi-classical numbers, when deftly used and sung, can be irresistable. This song is just that. The opening vocals can be goose-bump inducing. The saarangii (supported here by an excellent sitar and harmonium) has been a stand-out instrument in HFM this year. -Ramanand

Superlike ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Underrated song of the year - lovely lyrics by Prasoon Joshi !!
O rangrez mere rang dariya mein, Doobna Hai Bas Tera Banke
Haye Nahin Rehna Dooja Banke
Ek Bhi Saans Alag Nahin Leni
Khench Lena Pran Is Tan Ke

Classical but not heavy on ears, typically a Shankar Mahadevans composition. -Naresh

Good lord. This was such a mess! There's a weird percussion loop thing happening that looks like someone choked all over the song. -Priya

Eesh! Either the musicians were stoned while putting this song together, or I need to be more drunk while listening to it. -Megha

Starts off well and I like the overall music arrangement but song seems to drag on. -Pranav

Simple music goes well with the theme -Zafar

My favorite song from this album. Find it so so romantic. The scale changes, the beautiful beautiful lyrics, the superlative singing by Shreya with those small, deft murkis, the use of harmonium and sarangi at the absolute end and that unique amalgamation of western and indian instruments where the main rhythm is always playing in the background! Just brilliant! -Hemendra

ठीक-ठाक गाना। -Yunus

Shreya sounds good, but wonder if a "tougher" voice might have been more appropriate? Too sugary-sweet? Harmonium sounds too obviously fake, especially next to acoustic sarangi -Sanjeev

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शुभारम्भ  (काइ पो चे)
shubhaarambh (Kai Po Che)

Tags: folk fusion, celebratory, folk, dance, dandiya, garba beats, raas, gujarati, fun, festive, romantic, gujarati folk, folkish, rustic, inspirational, peppy, regional, bollywood folk

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

श्रुति पाठक, दिव्य कुमार
Shruti Pathak, Divya Kumar

I wish Shehnai didn't sound so much like Nadaswaram. Gives the song a south Indian not Gujarati flavor. -Pranav

Liked the juxtaposition of languages -Zafar

Captures the Gujrati flavor very well! -Arun

Such a pleasure to listen to Shehnai in film songs after such a long time! -Naresh

Brilliant mix of the Garba and Bagpipes to produce a heady cocktail! Very Amit Trivedi. -Karthik

बंद करो यार ! अब इस तरह का हर गीत संजय लीला बंसाली की याद दिलाता है -विकास

Traditional elements of shehnai and dhol in a garba song making all the difference. -Nishant

The electronic modulations of Shruti Pathak's voice actually works well, as does the unusual choice of throwing a bagpipe into the mix with a shehnai on a dandiya structure. Marks for creativity. -Ramanand

Trivedi is at home turf, and hits a massive tonne! A Gujarati song which is not overly 'party' after such a long time! -Amit

Coz Amit makes even Garba so cool! -Meera

Arrangement and especially bagpipes!! -Rohit

गुजराती लोक-गीत और फिल्‍मी धुन का सुंदर योग। 'अपना बोझ मिलके साथी हमको ढोना है' नया दौर के गाने की याद दिलाता है। अच्‍छी रचना। -Yunus

Mixed Hindi-Gujarati lyrics? Seems to be adaptation of a traditional melody, nice enough has the composer added anything else here? -Sanjeev

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अनकही  (लुटेरा)
anakahii (Lootera)

Tags: life, regret, sad, melancholy, western, earworm, dard, incompleteness, soft, evocative, philosophical, soft rock, romantic, experimental, easy listening

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

The Ghar-Masoom-Ijaazat CD from HMV has been put to good use. There's a little bit from each of those soundtracks in this song. It comes together nicely, but that is hardly surprising, given the sources :) -Priya

A nice, seemingly simple melody. The choice of the military band beat was intriguing, and worked well. The long instrumental coda (a shift from conventional HFM grammar) was a nice surprise. This song grew on me over time. -Ramanand

Needed a more expressive singer. -Shalini Razdan

The song ends with a tip-of-the-hat to Pancham-da. The rest of the song however is a soft and serene number that has Amit Trivedi stamped all over it. Lovely guitaring! -Megha

Slightly western in composition but very effective lyrics wise -Nishant

Amitabh can write amazingly well, and here he sings equally well. The guitar riffs are right out of an 80s Pancham recording. And the outro is so long and beautiful. Respect! -Amit

Love all the songs of Lootera. Amit T and Amitabh B at their best and in this song Amitabh is the crooner too. Very very soulful! -Hemendra

Nice! -Shalini Ramachandran

Very atmospheric - lovely! Minimal and classy! -Arun

So refreshing to hear flanging guitar after such a long time. That along with use of strings does give the song the retro feel that is required for the movie. Yet, the contemporary feel is not lost. Beautiful arrangement. -Pranav

किशोर कुमार मत बनो यार . -विकास

अच्‍छे बोल अच्‍छी गायकी। -Yunus

Interesting "march" drum beat background. -Sanjeev

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तेरे मेरे बीच में  (शुद्ध देसी रोमांस)
tere mere biich me.n (Shuddh Desi Romance)

Tags: comedy, romantic, urduish, fun, love song, masti, playful, silly, hinglish, mischief, sawaal-jawaab, conversational, foot tapping, dancy, swing


जयदीप साहनी
Jaideep Sahni

सुनिधि चौहान, मोहित चौहान
Sunidhi Chauhan, Mohit Chauhan

Love the 'chaddar khaddar ki, armaan hai resham ke' bit. Play of words that tell a story and remain playful while doing so! Both the Chauhans have sung it well. -Priya

Excellent camaradrie between singers plus arrangement -Rohit

Sunidhi sings like a dream.. Mohit is great too -Arun

Next please. -Nishant

Snappy tune and very hummable. The singing is breezy, and the singers make it sound easier than it is. -Ramanand

काफ़ी वक्त बाद एक आपसी ‘संवाद नुमां’ गीत सुनाई दिया. धुन और बोल का अच्छा तालमेल, बेशक सुनिधि और मोहित चौहान की अच्छी गायकी.सचिन-जिगर तेज़ी से उभरता हुआ नाम है, जो अपनी धुनों के साथ काफ़ी प्रयोग करते रहते हैं.लेकिन इनका संगीत कुछ हद तक रामसंपथ, अमित त्रिवेदी के आसपास सा महसूस होता है . -विकास

Catchy without being monotonous. Great arrangement, right from the pressure cooker ki seeti to the conversations in between. -Meera

Peppy -Shalini Ramachandran

Delightful ! Sunidhi and Mohit Rock, Sachin Jigar's best in this album -Naresh

Beautiful song. Use of guitars (will always be biased towards that), brass, bass, chorus, strings, vocal points and counter points, piano, accordian, harmonies - what else do you want in a song? -Pranav

Peppy, cute song -Shalini Razdan

Interesting conversational song. Still, sounds very situational and better seen and heard rather than just heard. Good to hear Sunidhi singing a few songs! -Hemendra

Even in this galaxy of voices, Sunidhi is distinct (actually was able to easily identify her without looking). Silly lyrics, but catchy. Like the way the male/female voices are woven. -Sanjeev

The playful lyrics and melody capture the freshness of young love effectively. Sunidhi and Mohit are both perfect in their roles! -Megha

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सपना रे सपना  (एक थी डायन)
sapanaa re sapanaa (Ek Thi Daayan)

Tags: luallaby, magical realism, lori, eerie, haunting, dreams, imagination, sad, easy listening, dreamy

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


पद्मनाभ गायकवाड़
Padmanabh Gaikwad

One little kid, so much emotion He’s done so much justice to the pace of the song. Bahut thehraav. -Meera

"a.Nkhiyon ki Dibiya" - ah, Gulzar. :-) Impressive vocals. -Shalini Razdan

Superbly sung by a young and expressive voice. Loved the metaphors (the marble stars, the box of dreams). Simple arrangements, especially the lovely, soothing flute. -Ramanand

Replete with VB-Gulzar signatures sung quite wonderfully by the kid -Nishant

A perfect VB-Gulzar song. -Amit

I expect more from Vishal B -Shalini Ramachandran

Voice texture is nice but singing needs a lot of work -- good stuff by Gulzar
"Bagulon ke jaise re doobe huey hain re
Paani mein sapnon ke paanv -Arun

Astonishingly well sung by Padmnabh. -Naresh

Singing, Superlative lyrics and a breathtaking arrangement -Rohit

गुनगुनाहट से शुरुहोता गीत आते ही असर करता है और सुनने वाला गुनगुनाने से खुद को रोक नहीं पाता, फिल्मों से गायब होती लोरियाँ के दौर में एक राहत मुहय्या करवाता गीत -विकास

Song has VB written all over it. Too much like his other songs. Even the kid who sang it has delivered it exactly like how VB himself would've sung it. Lost the surprise :( -Pranav

Unusual voice/lyrics for a lori -Zafar

Padmanabh Gaikwad sounds soulful. Lyrics are top notch (and why would they not be?), the tune seems rehashed. Still favorite! -Hemendra

बहुत अरसे बाद आयी अच्‍छी लोरी। पद्मनाभ गायकवाड़ ने इसे खूब गाया है। अदभुत बोल। आंखों की डिबिया, तारों के कंचे, बादलों के भालू। अहा। -Yunus

Pretty - nice kid's voice…situational again? -Sanjeev

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इक घड़ी  (डी-डे)
ik gha.Dii (D-Day)

Tags: sad, ghazal, romantic, nostalgic, thumri, regret, soz, ghazalish, poetry, semi-classical, pensive, pathos, classical, urdu, unplugged


निरंजन अय्यंगर
Niranjan Iyengar

रेखा भारद्वाज
Rekha Bhardwaj

रेखा भारद्वाज की बेमिसाल गायकी ने इस ग़ज़ल को अच्‍छे गानों की फ़ेहरिस्‍त में ला दिया है। -Yunus

And with that we have a lovely film ghazal after quite long. -Meera

Rekha Bharadwaj strikes and how! Her voice alone is plenty to make it work, but some beautiful lyrics only add to the joy of this ghazal. -Megha

Matla out of meter; qaafiya mistakes :) -Zafar

7-beat roopakam and Rekha B's first rendition for SEL. Truly experimental. Has a few compulsive elements to it -Nishant

Excellent ghazal and superbly rendered by Rekha B. The lyrics are worth paying attention to, and this ghazal, a rare entity in films these days, is worth one's time. -Ramanand

Rekha's voice takes the song higher than I'd usually rate it -Amit

I love Rekha Bhardwaj ….misex with SEL …wah …sone pe suhaga !! -Shalini Ramachandran

Rekha bhardwaj is getting typecast and a bit lethargic about singing these kind of numbers. The spark is missing from her rendition. -Arun

Better song from this album -Naresh

Always nice to hear a ghazal in today's Hindi film music. Rekha Bharadwaj is a happy bonus! -Priya

रेखा भारद्वाज की करिश्माई आवाज़ और निरंजन की लिखी पुरसोज़ ग़ज़ल -विकास

Rekha B. is great as always. Song could have had more color if the jazz parts were more embelished. -Pranav

Rekha Bharadwaj's voice was made to sing songs like this and SEL milk it for all its worth! The old world charm of this song as well as the simple musical arrangement make it a favorite! -Hemendra

Filmi 'gazal' - after a long time, that too in Roopak taal. I basically like Rekha B.'s vocals., but would the effect have been diminished if they were not quite so lazy up top (would be curious to hear her drop the "laziness" a notch or two). Song rides on vocals/tabla, not much else going on -Sanjeev

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अम्बरसरिया  (फुकरे)
ambarasariyaa (Fukrey)

Tags: folk, romantic, folk fused, teasing, punjabi, folksy, peppy, folkish, inspired, bollywood folk, easy listening, guitar ballad

राम संपत
Ram Sampath

मुन्ना धीमान (लोकगीत से प्रेरित)
Munna Dhiman (Adapted from traditional)

सोना महापात्र
Sona Mohapatra

Amazingly catchy, gave it extra points for overall and arrangement because it highlights the fact that you don't have to have heavy handed or software infused arrangement for a song to be catchy. -Pranav

I love Sona ! Like the earthiness in her voice. This song is overrated though .. -Shalini Ramachandran

A song tailor-made for Sona Mohapatra's voice and timbre! A great combination of a folk tune and an almost-unplugged style minimal -Karthik

लोक धुन से बंधे बोल ... कहीं कहीं कच्चा सा कहीं कहीं छूता हुआ. -विकास

Murder of what seems to be a very nice folky piece. -Nishant

The simple arrangements let the vocals take centrestage, to which opportunity Sona M does immense justice. -Ramanand

Sona's voice is literally golden. She makes it all so awesome! -Amit

बहुत ही अलग गीत। सोना महापात्रा की आवाज़ का एक अलग मिज़ाज है। एक पंजाबी लोकगीत को खूबसूरती से फिल्‍मी जामा पहनाया गया है। -Yunus

Good voice, but not much demanded from it (limited range in song), nice to hear just guitars/vocals. -Sanjeev

Like the voice quality of Sona but not her singing that much. -Arun

Everything here works for me. Sona Mohapatra and Ram Sampath together have a winner here -Naresh

Nice updating of the Punjabi folk sound. Really liked the assured singing and the low-key instrumentation. -Shalini Razdan

Catchy tune -Zafar

Ram Sampath did not tune too many movies this yr and I missed Sona Mohapatra too the entire yr. Ambarsariya is also a super fun track. I think the lyrics pull the song a bit down, else a fantastic track! -Hemendra

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मुर्शिद खेले होली  (डी-डे)
murshid khele holii (D-Day)

Tags: qawwali, devotional, sufi, semi-classical, lilting, energetic, prayer, urdu


निरंजन अय्यंगर
Niranjan Iyengar

मुनव्वर मासूम, जावेद अली, शंकर महादेवन, गौरव गुप्ता, राजीव सुंदरेसन, मणि महादेवन, रमण महादेवन
Munnawar Masoom, Javed Ali, Shankar Mahadevan, Gaurav Gupta, Rajiv Sundaresan, Mani Mahadevan, Raman Mahadevan

Perfect arrangement, superlative singing. -Rohit

Qawwali done right! -Shalini Razdan

Sarang elements in a qawwali. Well done, SEL. Song of the album plus points for being probably one of the few qawwali songs of the year. -Nishant

इस कव्‍वाली को जावेद अली की बेहतरीन गायकी और निरंजन के खूबसूरत बोलों के लिए सुनना चाहिए -Yunus

Very pretty. Like it a lot. But the only thing that bothers me (in all D-Day songs) is why have SEL used keyboards instead of the actual instruments -Meera

High point of this album -Naresh

Servicable qawwali but nothing to write home about. -Arun

सूफियाना एहसास से लबरेज़ कव्वाली, शंकर एहसान लॉय की तारीफ के काबिल धुन .गायकी उम्दा . -विकास

Nice qawwali -Pranav

Run of the mill qawwali -Zafar

D-Day is clearly my fav. OST of the year alongwith Lootera. A ghazal followed by a qawwali. SEL really are back, and how! -Hemendra

"Jee Men Tu~~~" refrain is catchy, nicely sung, if a bit typical. Javed Ali's vocals have slowly grown on me. Cheated and watched the video, not sure the song matches the grisly picturization (Sarang is too "friendly" a raag for me) -Sanjeev

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स्लो मोशन अँगरेज़ा  (भाग मिल्खा भाग)
slo moshan a.Ngarezaa (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

Tags: fun, comedic, masti, fast beats, country, daaru, foot-tapping, dance, bluegrass, peppy, western, fusion, rock n roll, folksy


प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

सुखविंदर सिंह, शंकर महादेवन, लॉय मेंडोंसा
Sukhwinder Singh, Shankar Mahadevan, Loy Mendonsa

Bluegrass comes to Hindi movie soundtrack. AFAIK this is the first such instance. So glad that they kept the arrangement as pure as possible. -Pranav

Blown away by the use of the guitars and violins. Sukhwinder is in his element here - on his day, his naturally expressive vocals are hard to be at. This could easily have been a lightweight song, but it all comes together very well. -Ramanand

अंग्रेज़ी और हिंदी बोलों का सुंदर मिक्‍स। अच्‍छा प्रयोग। -Yunus

Cathcy, funny song. I think coming up with funny lyrics is harder than it looks -Shalini Razdan

There are many followers but only ONE Sukhwinder - infectious energy, seems to be a fun situational song. -Sanjeev

सुखविंदर किसी छूटते हुए रॉकिट की तरह गीत को ऊपर-ऊपर ले जाते हुए. रंग चढाता हुआ गीत -विकास

Sukhwinder & the instrumentation push it just beyond average -Nishant

Nice dancy beat -Zafar

The words aren't clear, but then again it's Sukhwinder so that's expected -Amit

Fun all the way. Loy and Sukhwinder, yay! :) -Meera

Sukhwinder excels as usual -Arun

While having a distinct sound is not enough to make a song good, it helps it to stand above the rest of the soundtrack. -Megha

For some reason can't get behind situational songs. Even though this is a perfectly good song, just doesn't create the same appeal. Plus Sukhi with his pathetic pronunciation kills it for me :( and Ghulmi ghulmil Launda? Really? :) I like the bluegrassy music, though! -Hemendra

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शिकायतें  (लुटेरा)
shikaayate.n (Lootera)

Tags: life, hopeful, redemption, morning song, fresh, motivational, hope, reprise, soft rock, resurgence, inspiration, rock, chorus, dreamy, introspective, experimental

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य, मोहन कानन
Amitabh Bhattacharya, Mohan Kanan

Some dev-D and udaan hangover. Amit Trivedi has been there and done that! -Arun

Amit Trivedi has chosen a huge canvas to paint here. -Naresh

Jaltrang!!! -Zafar

‘शिकायतें’ गीत किसी रॉकबैंड सा एहसास कराता है और फिर एक बार हलके कम वाद्य गीत को सुन्दर बनाते हैं .गीत सुनकर इस बात का अंदाजा लगाया जा सकता है कि अमित फिल्मों में गीतकार को बोल लिखने का अलग क्षितिज मुहय्या करातें हैं. -विकास

Nicely blended rock portions lend some weight to the lyrics. -Nishant

Reminiscent of their work on Udaan, this kind of rock-based template is clearly something Amit Trivedi-Amitabh Bhattacharya excel at. Leaves you energized. -Ramanand

"Looteron ko baaghbaan banayein", love. -Meera

Love the 'boy next door' feel to the real voices in this song. Sleepy, lazy raspy …purrfect. -Shalini Ramachandran

There's a Maithili Sharan Gupt poem that I had read as a kid, about a tree that is on fire and how the birds choose to stay and burn with the tree that has fed them, rather than desert it. It has lines like 'phal khaaye hai vriksh ke, gande keene paat, yahi hamaara dharm hai, hum isi ke saath.' I think the poem must have played on the mind of the lyric writer when penning the lines 'parindon ne bhi wafa jaan li'. -Megha

Nice melody overpowered by the orchestration. Why does everything have to be soaring? -Shalini Razdan

Subah bedaag hai…parindoN ne bhi wafaa jani. Some great lyrics and singing make this a treat. -Hemendra

मोहन कानन और अमिताभ की आवाज़ें अलग अलग पहचान तो नहीं आतीं। पर गाना अच्‍छा है। अलग तरह का। कोरस अच्‍छा लगा। -Yunus

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अजनबी  (मद्रास कैफ़े)
ajanabii (Madras Cafe)

Tags: sad, nostalgic, hopeful, regret, dreamy, mesmerizing, soulful, light-yet-touching, companionship, pathos, longing, quest, soft, melancholic, unhurried, soft rock, romantic, plink-plink-la-la, easy listening

शांतनु मोइत्रा
Shantanu Moitra

बिलाला सामी
Bilal Sami

ज़ेबुन्निसा बंगाश
Zebunissa Bangash

Zeb's fragile singing. -Rohit

Wonderfully simple and unfussy song. The clarinet and accordion are an inspired choice. Very well sung too. -Ramanand

Voice texture is nice, but singing and pronunciation sounds distractingly amateurish in spots. I like the clarinet/guitar combo…very sweet. -Sanjeev

कविता नुमा गीत! लेकिन कहीं कहीं गाना सुस्त! बोझिल किस्म का! -विकास

Crafty song with some crafty vocals from Zeb. -Nishant

A beautiful song. Like a cozy night. -Amit

Uncluttered, clean, crisp. So simple. And works so well -Meera

Dim evening lights beget this song -Shalini Ramachandran

Pleasant and captivating.. almost conversational -Arun

Zebunissa does a good job as the singer, Shantanu M impresses -Naresh

Nice and simple. -Shalini Razdan

There's quite a few of these songs all over the playlist, but this one is the best example of a plink-plink-la-la song. An acoustic guitar going plink-plink and a random female (sometimes male) voice going la-la-la, mostly tunelessly. Pleasant for the five minutes that it lasts, but I bet you can't tell it apart from your dishwasher, once it's over. -Megha

Madras Café ranks pretty high on my list of great songs of 2013, pity there're only one song on this list :( Love the quiet, folksy setting of the song, almost unplugged. -Hemendra

जैबुन्निसा बंगश की गायकी और बिलाल के बोल हैरत में डालते हैं। शुक्र है कि इतने सॉफ्ट गाने अब बनने लगे हैं। -Yunus

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यारम  (एक थी डायन)
yaaram (Ek Thi Daayan)

Tags: romantic, rock, naughty, gulzarish, soft, soft rock, soulful, pop, new age romance

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


सुनिधि चौहान, क्लिंटन सेरेजो
Sunidhi Chauhan, Clinton Cerejo

The words, aah! :) -Meera

बदलते वक्‍त के साथ गुलज़ार किस तरह बदल रहे हैं इसकी मिसाल है ये गाना।‘तुम्हारी फाइलें, तुम्हारी डायरी/गाडी की चाबियां, तुम्हारी ऐनकें’ क्‍या मिसालें ली हैं। कितना प्‍यारा इसरार। साल के बेहतरीन गानों में से एक। संगीत में बहुत ही मॉडर्न ट्रीटमेन्‍ट। पर बोलों पर हावी नहीं होता। सुनिधि की आवाज़ का ये टैक्‍सचर अच्‍छा लगता है। -Yunus

The finger snaps won me over. Bechara dil kya kare. :-) -Shalini Razdan

The best ever classified advertisment by a maid, soliciting for homes to work in. The pulsating 'Aur apna dil' is a nice twist in an otherwise soft and melodious song. -Karthik

एक दम फर्जी गीत -विकास

Spunky rendition by Sunidhi. -Nishant

Nice structure to the song, alternating between slow and fast. The lyrics were a mixed bag: I cringe when I hear "risk" and "ishq" set to rhyme. -Ramanand

Simply wow. Have loved the song right from the time I heard it first! -Amit

Better fare from Vishal-Gulzar. "Koi khabar aayi na pasand toh, end badal denge" G in his element. -Arun

Will always have a soft corner for acoustic/unplugged arrangements. -Pranav

Very offbeat lyrics. Gulzar? -Zafar

I love this song, everything about it - the lyrics, the tempo changes, the music and finally, Sunidhi! I really really wish she sang more often. I just love her in this song! -Hemendra

Interesting lyrics…very situational? "Oongha Karenge Ham…" -Sanjeev

This song tries something interesting with its lyrics, but I don't think the music does it justice. However Sunidhi saves it beautifully with her runs-all-over-the-place-and-gets-home-on-time singing. -Megha

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कबीरा  (ये जवानी है दीवानी)
kabiiraa (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Tags: life, romantic, complaining, pleading, sweet, yayawari, pseudo-philosophical, roothna-manana, reflective, longing, philosophical, soulful, intense, sufi, rock, modern sufi


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

रेखा भारद्वाज, तोषी रैना
Rekha Bhardwaj, Tochi Raina

So spoilt for choice whose voice I love more, but I think Tochi Raina wins. Nice lyrics, simple melody and exceptionally sung! -Priya

Song of the album for me, touches my innermost. -Naresh

The strong voices are the high point of this song. -Ramanand

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य के अच्‍छे लिखे गीतों में से एक। कहानी के पार जाकर गाने की फिलॉसफी मन पर असर डालती है। रेखा जी, तोची की बेहतरीन गायकी। -Yunus

Pick of the album for me. Rekha and Tochi complement each other well and oveall the sufi tenor works beautiful Great song! -Hemendra

Will surely make Kabir turn in his grave -Nishant

Gaana sunke aisa laga ki suna hua hai. -Meera

Lovely ..Tochi Raina is an excellent singer for this genre! -Arun

Tochi Raina and Rekha Bharadwaj are two voices that usually take an average song into the awesome category. But Amitabh's poetry and Pritam's controlled composition takes this one notch higher into the superlative territory! -Megha

‘कबीरा’, इस किस्म के गीत हाल के दौर में काफ़ी सुनाई देने लगे हैं और युवाओं और सुननेवालों ने इन्हें हाथों हाथ लिया. कबीरा गीत एक तरह का मस्तमौला होने का एहसास जगाता है -विकास

My favorite Rekha B. song of the lot…why can't we have more "non-lazy" (or at least less lazy) renditions from her? A few strange pronunciations, Thandi "Poooor"-vaayi? -Sanjeev

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भाग मिल्खा भाग  (भाग मिल्खा भाग)
bhaag milkhaa bhaag (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

Tags: running, motivational, punjabi tadka, bijli, evocative, inspirational, instant-energizer, inspirational, folk, passion, veer-rasa, rustic, energetic, folksy, banjo, bluegrass


प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

आरिफ़ लोहार
Arif Lohar

You know how some songs get better with each listen? Well, this wasn't one of them. -Megha

अच्‍छे बोल, अच्‍छी गायकी। -Yunus

Like that S-E-L didn't throw in any other instrumentation, good energy in the singing -Sanjeev

Arif Lohar is like a breeze of fresh air. Prasoon Joshi rocks in this album -Naresh

पर्दे पर देखने पर ये गीत ज़िंदा हो उठता है.कथ्य को आगे बढ़ने में मदद करता हुआ, हलके संगीत और अच्छे बोल -विकास

Both the singing and the lyrics take the song to a different level. SEL at their best in this. -Nishant

The composers make a great choice to make this more of a prose poem. Excellent lyrics, passionate singing, and a string-based arrangement uplift this seemingly simple song. -Ramanand

Feel that this is more of a situational song than something that I like to listen repeatedly on my playlist. -Hemendra

I love the way Arif Lohar spits the words out. So much music in just his pronunciations. Minimal music, complete win! Despite the tuk bandi (rhyming) in lyrics,the writing is fresh! -Meera

I love the rock version of this song way better . Makes me feel like get off the couch and start running. -Shalini Ramachandran

Anthem of the year! I used it to great effect during my own initiation into long distance running a few months ago. -Arun

Folk songs are in fashion. I really wish this song had some fusion elements in it. -Pranav

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बदतमीज़ दिल  (ये जवानी है दीवानी)
badatamiiz dil (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Tags: fun, dance, party, masti, dhinchank, nonsense, earful, club, hinglish, flashy, foot tapping, gibberish, disco, rocknroll, dancy, party song, latin,


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

बेनी दयाल, शेफ़ाली अल्वारेस
Benny Dayal, Shefali Alvares

Tightly-packed fun lyrics that have little gems scattered through - 'seeng ka singhaada khaake, sher ka ghurraana dekha'. But the biggest winner is Benny Dayal. The effortlessness he infuses in his singing belies how difficult a song this is actually to execute. -Megha

Good energy…I'm sure this is ripped off some song, just don't know which one… -Sanjeev

Copy of a Pakistani song -Zafar

Superb lyrics, fun singing by Benny -Rohit

So generic. -Shalini Razdan

Pritam aces the commercial foot-tapping template with this song, where Ranbir's feet and Deepika Padukone complete for the viewer's attention! -Karthik

आप क्या गा रहे हैं इस बात को छोडिये जनाब ! ये गीत आपको इसे सुनते समय बस धुन में खो जाने को कहता है. आप धुन के दीवाने हैं तो गीत आपके सर चढ़ कर बोलेगा . बोल के हिसाब से एक दम डब्बा गीत, बेतुका सा ‘बदतमीज़’ गीत. -विकास

The trumpets and some ordinary lyrics get the best off of the catchiness of the song -Nishant

Cracking song delivery by Benny Dayal. Liked the brass band arrangement - it's gone out of vogue. I liked the in-your-face style of the song. -Ramanand

Amitabh Bhattacharya's lyrics are totally insane, and the way they move in tandem with the music is fantastic. -Amit

This is a very well packaged song. -Meera

My kids love this song so I am biased. -Shalini Ramachandran

Benny dayal is closest to kishore kumar we can get in this era -Arun

Overrated song. -Yunus

A difficult song to sing but made to look easy by some very skillful singing! And fun lyrics too! Extra points for what might the first time that I've seen English used sensibly in a Hindi song -- 'aaj saare chaand taare, ban gaye hai disco lights..' -Priya

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लाल इश्क़  (राम-लीला)
laal ishq (Ram-Leela)

Tags: sad, romantic, dramatic, love song, sweet, raag based, semi-classical, junoon-y, sufi, classical, experimental, classically-based

संजय लीला भंसाली
Sanjay Leela Bhansali


अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Simple magic with Yaman! Arijit’s so good -Meera

Lyrics a bit repetitive? Well-sung. -Sanjeev

अरिजीत की आवाज़ का शास्‍त्रीय रंग सुनकर लगता है कि इस गायक से उम्‍मीदें बांधी जा सकती हैं। -Yunus

One of the better songs of the album. Plus surprise element of that nand kalyan shehnai piece -Nishant

Excellent singing, the highlight of the song. Arijit's modulations and his range elevate the song. -Ramanand

Superb ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Allrounder SLB doesn't fare well here -Arun

Both Arijit as singer and SLB as composer impress! -Naresh

Beautiful! -Priya

Awesomely sung! Arijit Singh has a beautiful voice and in this one, he sounds very different from his Aashiqui 2 outing. The tune however is vaguely familiar, as most SLB tunes tend to be. -Megha

Gave overall an extra point due to singing. Arrangement, I felt was over-coocked (SLB tends to do that) - everything has to be too sweet. Heavy reverb, lot of high frequencies (all the hiss..and ishh sounds). Slow strings swelling with the big drum beats is predictable. -Pranav

Arijit's singing elevates the song which is otherwise very typical SLB/Monty template. -Hemendra

सधे हुए गले में अरिजीत निखर के सामने आये है. शास्त्रीय संगीत की छाप और रूहानियत का एहसास लिए संजय लीला बंसाली,कुछ हद तक गीत में सांवरिया से बाहर निकलने कि नाकामयाब जद्दोजहद करते हुए .बेशक बोल इतने असरदार ना हों पर अरिजीत की आवाज़ अपना सुरूर छोड़ती है.और साबित करती है कि उनमें काफ़ी संभावनाएं हैं. -विकास

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पिया मिलेंगे  (राँझणा)
piyaa mile.nge (Raanjhanaa)

Tags: devotional, traditional, symphonic, rock, folkish, beats, fusion, sufi, quest, longing, introspective, qawwali, sufi/mystical, sufiesque, experimental

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

सुखविंदर सिंह, के एम एम सी सूफ़ी समूह
Sukhwinder Singh, K M M C Sufi Ensemble

रहमान और सुखविंदर का कॉकटेल ! कहीं कहीं खुमार चढ़ाता, कहीं उतारता हुआ -विकास

Sukhvinder's vocals and the insistent percussion lend a power and urgency to the words that I found rather moving. -Shalini Razdan

This song is so beautiful. The music, words, Sukhwinder, choir. And did I say the words. Wah, Irshad Kamil! -Meera

Hard on the ears and fails to invoke the Rahman-Sukhwinder charm. Ok-ish. -Nishant

Sukhwinder renders this very well. The song has a nice ebb and flow to it, backed by the violins and chorus. -Ramanand

Forgettable ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Sukwinder rocks as usual -Arun

ARR -> Qawwali : Guaranteed Quality -Naresh

The song has an impressive start but falters when it gets into the pure qawwali territory. -Priya

The going back and forth between the two genres allows it to stay relatively fresh, otherwise it is not a particularly good rock or qawwali number, while trying to be a fusion of both. -Megha

Singing is good, with sufiyana feel but arrangement is really lacking. It seems copy-paste from a bunch of earlier Rehman songs. -Pranav

Catchy rhythm, especially the hook line. Sukhi makes me cringe again :( -Hemendra

Typical Rehman and Sukhvinder song. Beautiful lyrics. -Yunus

Catchy! I like the rhythm pattern overlaid on the typical qawwali theka, and the guitars underneath. Not a big fan of ARR and sargam. -Sanjeev

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राँझणा  (राँझणा)
raa.NjhaNaa (Raanjhanaa)

Tags: romantic, rustic, obsessed in love!, fun, beats, punjabi, dhol, mildly earworm, jhankar beats, title song, peppy, energetic, folk

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

शिराज़ उप्पल, जसविंदर सिंह
Shiraz Uppal, Jaswinder Singh

The solo version of the madly-in-love Gulaabi! Like the film's theme, it looks at madness of being in love only from the male side, but it does justice to his expression mighty well, in a lively setting by Rahman! -Karthik

That ARR originally wanted Sonu to sing this song, makes me wonder what it'd have sounded like then. Here the music scores over the singing, for me. -Meera

Immaculate cadence -Naresh

Neither here nor there -Zafar

The jhankar beats-ish arrangement and the 'disco' pieces put off the appeal of the song -Nishant

A colourful song. I found the nasal tone of the vocals a little off-putting at times, but the rich orchestration, especially the sitar bit, was a nice treat. -Ramanand

Still can't figure out some lyrics. Enunciation is annoying. The music is below par considering it's Rahman -Amit

Singing is weak but one of the best of the year! And how well were the songs picturised and great job by Dhanush who rocked this role! -Arun

गीत के बीच सितार का वो छोटा सा हिस्सा...आह ! -विकास

The magic of rehman. Good singing by jasvinder and shiraz. Beuaftiful sitar in interlude. -Yunus

More catchy beats, ARR has always used strings nicely. Another song with too many vocal effects, esp. at "kar meri bhor ab mukh dikhlaa". Was that sitar really played at that speed or was it resampled? -Sanjeev

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तुम तक  (राँझणा)
tum tak (Raanjhanaa)

Tags: romantic, love song, bhajan, dakshin, peppy

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

जावेद अली, पूजा वैद्यनाथ, कीर्ति सगठिया
Javed Ali, Pooja Vaidyanath, Keerthi Sagathia

Song meanders a bit, but good singing and instrumentation (a bit "standard" for ARR, reminded of "Mahi Ve" from The Legend of Bhagat Singh). I know he's trying to create the "Sufi tarana" effect with the "Tum Tak" repetition, but I am not getting into it. -Sanjeev

Good lyrics, singing is good but the song dies a painful death at the hands of Rehman who just doesn't get the meter and "sound" of Hindi words. -Pranav

Javed Ali leads the song in his own style and Rahman uses his own free flowing structure to build a lovely song. -Karthik

Bhajan in the mukhda, too much experimentation in the interludes. -Nishant

What a dulcet number! The onomatopoeic embellishments are wonderful. The only dissonant piece is when the 2nd male singer is first heard - seems to be at odds with the rest of the song. (The song recovers.) The shehnai and sitar are well used. A great end too. -Ramanand

Is it Tum Tak, or Tuuuuu Tak? I'm confused -Amit

Another of my favourites this year. Vey amazing arrangement! -Meera

Well, that was annoying! -Shalini Razdan

Javed Ali does a great job so does Dr. Irshad Kamil -Arun

ARR command on cadence is remarkable ! -Naresh

अच्छा गीत बनते बनते रह गया .रहमान खुद को दौहराने से बच नहीं पाते. जावेद अली अच्छे सुनाई देते हैं -विकास

Boring -Zafar

Love the scale changes in the song and therefore I rate the singing and music higher. Even though my gripe still remains that Banarasiya did not make the cut :( -Hemendra

इरशाद के बढिया बोल। और जावेद अली की बढिया गायकी। रहमान के इन दिनों के उल्‍लेखनीय गानों में से एक। -Yunus

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इलाही (मोहित)  (ये जवानी है दीवानी)
ilaahii (mohit) (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Tags: fun, life, country, inspirational, fast beats, urduish, masti, free-spirited, khanabadoshi, carefree, quest, restless, touching, energetic, sufi, wannabe sufi, dancy, travel song


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

मोहित चौहान
Mohit Chauhan

मेरी नज़र में साल के सबसे अच्‍छे गानों में से एक। सबसे अच्‍छी लाइन है 'बाग़ी उड़ान पे ही ना जाने क्‍यों इलाही मेरा जी आये'। खानाबदोशी का गाना। गिटार से सफर का इफेक्‍ट पंचम की याद दिलाता है। कोरस बहुत बढिया है। संपूर्ण गाना। -Yunus

Someone once commented that Mohit Chauhan is following the ARR gharana of singing…not too far off…Interesting rhythm to start the antara. -Sanjeev

Some extra points for the bluegrassy feel to the arrangement -Hemendra

The strong country music-style guitar strumming to open the song was quite catchy. Nice use of the chorus. Heard Mohit C do this kind of song a few times before, so there isn't the same freshness to this. -Ramanand

Groovy. -Amit

All the strings by Tapas Roy make this song what it is. -Meera

Like !! -Shalini Ramachandran

Enjoyable! -Arun

BANJO -Nishant

इसमें कोई शक नहीं कि इस तरह के गीत के लिए मोहित चौहान सही पसंद हैं, तकरीबन साढ़े तीन मिनट के गीत के दौरान गिटार और मेंडोलिन(?) सी आवाज़ करता वाद्य गीत को एक तरह की गति देता है -विकास

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ओये बोय चार्ली  (मटरू की बिजली का मण्डोला)
oye boy chaarlii (Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola)

Tags: fun, romantic, dance, zany, masti, qawaali, retro, hinglish, playful, chhed-chhad, energetic, party, mischief, peppy, folk, rustic

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


रेखा भारद्वाज, मोहित चौहान, शंकर महादेवन
Rekha Bhardwaj, Mohit Chauhan, Shankar Mahadevan

Badal uthya and this song -- both so diametrically different from the other, and yet Rekha Bharadwaj manages to get into the mood of both songs so easily. Such infectious fun! -Megha

Welcome to the changing face of qawwali. Plus Shankar Mahadevan singing for VB! -Nishant

Yup, I'm over Rekha Bhardwaj. Too frentic. -Shalini Razdan

Cannot believe how much awesome this peppy number sounds in Rekha's voice. A total riot and definitely one of the best uplifting songs of 2013 -Hemendra

केवल रेखा भारद्वाज की गायकी के लिए सुनिए -Yunus

कामचलाऊ बोल ! कव्वाली, रेट्रो जैसे तमाम तरह का मसाला डाल के बनाया गया गीत थिरकाता ज़रूर है -विकास

Tremendously enjoyable song with good use of a range of voices. Neither over the top, nor too bland. The lyrics find place in that famed library of Gulzar's crazy songs. -Ramanand

Can I talk about the picturisation? It was genius to film it as a karaoke-cum-mad-dance number. And the words are fantastic. But then, saying that for Gulzar is like pointing a flashlight at the Sun. -Amit

Item number from Vishal/Gulzar - can't match up to those classics in Omkara! -Arun

A total blast ! -Naresh

Oh such fun! I like this side of Rekha Bharadwaj and want to see more of it! -Priya

"Tu Meri Timbuktu Hai"…seriously??? So this is "Kajra Re" meets "Namak Isk Ka"…"Charlie" rhymes with "Maar Li"... fantastic. Stuck in my head now, has its moments but on the whole just "trying too hard" to be funny/entertaining. -Sanjeev

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ज़िंदा है तो  (भाग मिल्खा भाग)
zi.ndaa hai to (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

Tags: rock, inspiring, energetic, running, moodchanger, life, philosophy, inspiration, intense, western, motivational, experimental, background


प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

सिद्धार्थ महादेवन
Siddharth Mahadevan

Boring. -Zafar

Standard run-of-the-mill motivational song, but the better-than-average lyrics make it listenable. -Priya

Somewhat genric rock song but with the potential to be an earworm after a few hearings -Shalini Razdan

Throughly inspiring, pulse-pounding track from Shankar Ehsaan Loy. It's hard to not feel the adrenalin rush when you listen to this, and it starts right as the song begins with Ehsaan's guitar! -Karthik

बोल इस गीत की ख़ूबसूरती हैं -विकास

Siddharth has some big shoes to fill in but not bad for a debut. Very SEL-esque rock elements here. -Nishant

Nice guitar riffs, trademark S-E-L. The song hits the intended anthemic quality, especially with the robust singing. -Ramanand

Garden variety rock song. SEL have done better rock songs. -Arun

Well written, decently sung and amazing guitar work. Classic rock! -Pranav

बेहतरीन जोशीला गीत। जिंदगी की राहों में हौसला देने वाला। -Yunus

Situational background song, good energy, again Hindi lyrics but no other real Indian influence. -Sanjeev

I like the husk/ gruffness in Sid’s voice. Lends very well to the mood and setting of the song. -Meera

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गुलाबी  (शुद्ध देसी रोमांस)
gulaabii (Shuddh Desi Romance)

Tags: dance, party, electronic, blissful, folkish, beats, fun, earworm, lilting, chirpy, romantic, melodious, nasal


जयदीप साहनी
Jaideep Sahni

जिगर सरैया, प्रिया सरैया
Jigar Saraiya, Priya Saraiya

The song of the year 2013, for me. The music is ebullient and tune is absolutely gorgeous. Even the digital auto-correction, that otherwise bothers me, adds value to this one, when used appropriately! And those cues to Rajasthan in the song, given the song's setting... lovely! -Karthik

Use of Autotune is a bit distracting at first, but then it grows on you and you realize that it can be allowed to be an integral part of the song. Takes me to Amit Trivedi's ek mein aur ek tu title song. -Pranav

One of those songs which work because of a catchy musical phrase and nothing else -Nishant

Out and out romantic number. Has a dreamy quality to it. While the "gulaabii" metaphor got stretched a bit, it fit in perfectly with the setting and the mood. -Ramanand

Point-and-click gulaabi. Feels like they just randomly picked things and called them gulaabi. A pink mess, lyrically. -Megha

Catchy tune ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Creative! -Arun

Some decent music but I don't like the over autotuning of the voices. Mostly deserves the pink slip. -Priya

Nice beat -Zafar

‘गुलाबी शहर’ के गुलाबी रंग लिए इस गीत में गिटार और देसी साज़ों का अच्छा और किफ़ायत से इस्तेमाल किया गया. सारंगी/रावण हत्ता(?), हारमोनियम(?) इसे और खूबसूरत बनाते हैं. खासकर पूरे गीत के दौरान सुनाई देने वाला इसके ‘इन्टरल्यूड’ वो खास हिस्सा . गायकी भी उम्दा . -विकास

Everything is Gulabi...Stop it with the auto-tune already! -Sanjeev

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ज़िंदा हूँ  (लुटेरा)
zi.ndaa huu.N (Lootera)

Tags: life, resigned, redemption, liberating, sad, dard, mope-y, pain, despair, rock, contentment, melancholic, introspective, soulful, soft, experimental

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

Like the grunge guitar - adds a distinct flavor. May be Amitabh Bhattacharya should've sung this one (saved on autotune) -Pranav

Over-orchestrated. Would have been better with a quieter touch and stronger base melody. -Shalini Razdan

बैचेनी से भरा एक मुखर गीत -विकास

Could have been better if Amit T wouldn't have sung -Nishant

One of those songs where the composer's voice seems to work best. He may have lots of rough edges, but Amit Trivedi is great at singing this. The composition and lyrics are superb too, a take on despair and renaissance that is conveyed best by the middle-portion of the song. This song should make one feel a touch more contented. -Ramanand

Amit ki kitni tareef karun ?! -Shalini Ramachandran

Poor singing spoils the song -Arun

The lyrics start out cynical and halfway through head towards optimistic. A bit confusing. But makes up in other regards. -Megha

Amit Trivedi's singing drags it down a bit. Else, great song! -Hemendra

अमिताभ के अच्‍छे बोल। अमित त्रिवेदी की अच्‍छी गायकी और धुन। नये तरह का गीत। -Yunus

Such flat singing is supposed to be "matter-of-fact" I guess…does nothing for me. -Sanjeev

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तितली  (चेन्नई एक्सप्रेस)
titalii (Chennai Express)

Tags: dakshin, love song, bassful, soothing, lightheadedness, romantic, carnatic vocals, soulful, soft


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

गोपी सुंदर, चिन्मयी
Gopi Sunder, Chinmayi

The sanskrit parts are pretty pretty. -Meera

Unusually breezy tune & interludes. Love the south indian prelude. -Arun

Chinmayi's superb vocals help this otherwise standard issue song a lot. -Karthik

The song is alluring in parts: the Tamil sections, the point where the male voice joins the female portion, the first time the mukhaDaa is heard. -Ramanand

Chinmayi's voice is lovely! And Vishal-Shekhar compose keeping the strengths of the singers in mind, giving us a lilting and happy tune that lingers lightly like the eponymous butterfly. -Megha

Nice use of bass and some crsip vocals give it some repeat value -Nishant

Exquisite orchestration -Zafar

Good song notwithstanding some average singing. -Naresh

Breezy and soft! -Priya

अच्छी कम्पोज़िशन -विकास

Okayish -Yunus

Nice song but nothing extra-ordinary. Plenty such songs around. -Pranav

Like the light instrumentation and the rhythmic phrasing in the antaras. Auto-tune is getting annoying now, especially on the male vocals. Not completely sold on the meshing of the Tamil prelude with the main song (OK, this is Chennai Express, I get it). -Sanjeev

As much as I could not stand the movie, I do like this song. Sounds like a tribut to ARR's music. Overall the melody is really nice as is the male voice which is super soothing. -Hemendra

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कौन मेरा (चैत्रा)  (स्पेशल २६)
kaun meraa (chaitraa) (Special 26)

Tags: romantic, sad, soothing, ballad, soft listening, lilting, soft, easy listening

एम एम क्रीम
M M Kreem

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

चैत्रा अंबादिपुड़ी
Chaitra Ambadipudi

Archetypal MM Kreem, Chaitra does justice -Naresh

Like the low-key music and it's nicely sung. -Shalini Razdan

MM Kreem strikes back again, as always, after a gap of few years. He chose to sing this himself and adss it to a tune that is so apt for him - minimal music and the focus is on the tune. -Karthik

Simple and sweet. -Priya

संगीतकार एम.एम करीम अपनी खूबसूरत धुनों के लिए जाने जाते हैं. फिल्म में इस गीत के तीन वर्शन हैं .सुनिधि, पापोन, और चित्रा की आवाज़ में. चित्रा के गाये गीत में एक ठहराव ज़रूर है ,जिसे ख़ास बनाती है गीत के शुरुआत में बांसुरी की धुन. वॉयलिन से अपना लगाव एम एम करीम यहाँ छोड़ नहीं पाते. -विकास

Chaitra. Hmm. -Nishant

Pretty song. -Shalini Ramachandran

Lovely lovely tune!! -Arun

Such a sweet and lovely voice! Short song and yet, thanks to the voice, it makes an impact. -Megha

Great to hear M. M. Kreem after a while. Classic MMK chord progressions, use of violin and strings - strong western classical feel. -Pranav

Love this song, but more in Sunidhi's voice. Very surprised her version is not included. Such a soulful melody that fits aptly in the movie too. -Hemendra

चैत्रा की गायकी गाने को ख़ास बनाती है। -Yunus

M.M. Kreem likes 7-beats? She sounds a bit like she's saying "Ko~~~n Mera", "Kasam" instead of "Qasam" (maybe deliberate?) but otherwise a good singer. Like the piano chord progression and other instrumentation underneath. -Sanjeev

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अलविदा  (डी-डे)
alavidaa (D-Day)

Tags: sad, seperation, regret, affirming, soothing, melancholic, dejection, slow, soulful, pathos, sadness, ballad, sufi, romantic, chill


निरंजन अय्यंगर
Niranjan Iyengar

निखिल डिसूज़ा, सुखविंदर सिंह, श्रुति हासन, लॉय मेंडोंसा
Nikhil D'Souza, Sukhwinder Singh, Shruti Hassan, Loy Mendonsa

Perfect stillness that accentuates the sad mood of the song -Rohit

किसी फूटते झरने सा महसूस होता गीत ..निखिल और श्रुति के साथ सुखविंदर गीत में रूहानियत भरते हुए -विकास

Nikhil D'Souza could easily be mistaken for Amit T. Ok-ish but an addition to the slow repertoire of SEL -Nishant

SEL simply killed it with this OST. One of my fav songs of the yr (Nikhil Advani plays a part in it as well with a mind bogglingly good picturization). I love everything about this song (even Sukhi with his faulty pronunciation doesn't irk me as much) -Hemendra

The beats are unique. Nice feel to the song. -Amit

Shruti’s voice hypnotises and Sukhwinder takes you further up there. 3 different voices so well knit. Love the rawness in the voices. -Meera

Beautiful ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Nice tune & orchestration. lovely singing by the female singer and Sukhvinder never goes wrong! -Arun

Average -Naresh

Extra point added in singing for Shruti Hassan. Really impressed with her voice. -Pranav

Too slow -Zafar

ठीक-ठाक गाना -Yunus

Sukhwinder sparkles again. Like the use of the male/female voices in the same octave. -Sanjeev

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मुरब्बा  (बॉम्बे टॉकीज़)
murabbaa (Bombay Talkies)

Tags: life, philosophical, hatke, meetha geet, khatta-meetha, light, philosophy, pseudo-philosophical, introspective, contemplative, experimental, easy listening

अंमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अमित त्रिवेदी, कविता सेठ
Amit Trivedi, Kavita Seth

Really really really nice ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Lovely play of words and Kavita Seth's singing! I really wish she sang more often! -Priya

If there was a template for an Amit Trivedi song sung by Kavita Seth, this is it. Likeable song, but! -Karthik

Kavita Seth's gorgeous voice and absolutely lovely lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya - 'kal se zyada, aaj tar lagta hai, kal phir khaana behtar lagta hai, le chakh le yeh murabba' .. -Megha

फिल्म की कहानी के साथ चल निकलने वाला गीत, इस तरह के गीत के लिए गीतकार की तारीफ बनती है -विकास

Amit's signature seen in flashes but the composition fairly average. -Nishant

For Amit Trivedi, disappointing. This simple tune has nothing remarkable going for it. -Ramanand

Good lyrics; catchy, minimalist tune -Zafar

Pleasant, but enough with the auto-tune… -Sanjeev

Amit Trivedi's tunes are gettign repetitive but still so simple and likeable.. -Arun

कविता सेठ और अमित ने अच्‍छा गाया। अमिताभ के अच्‍छे बोल -Yunus

Folk fusion is in vogue. This one is commendable for its infusion of so many different genres - rock, jazz, middle eastern, hip-hop. Great song. -Pranav

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मैं रंग शर्बतों का  (फटा पोस्टर निकला हीरो)
mai.n ra.ng sharbato.n kaa (Phata Poster Nikhla Hero)

Tags: romantic, sweet, love song, whimsical, melodious, chaaloo


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

आतिफ़ असलम, चिन्मयी श्रीपदा
Atif Aslam, Chinmayi Sripaada

एकदम नयी उपमाएं दी हैं इरशाद कामिल ने। अच्‍छी गायकी। सुनने लायक़ गाना। -Yunus

Atif should be banned from singing -Pranav

Too short! -Zafar

The melody is very good especially the hook line is catchy. -Hemendra

अरिजीत का गाया थोड़ा बेहतर लेकिन आतिफ असलम भी ठीक से सुनाई देते हैं -विकास

Imaginitive lyrics. NOT. -Nishant

Hummable. -Amit

Arijit oversang this one! -Arun

Great lyrics raise the bar for this song -Naresh

Fresh metaphors and a strong melodic line work very well in this song. For a change, a Atif Aslam song doesn't toe the cliched template. -Ramanand

Attempts to make Atif sound better through vocal effects actually make him sound more annoying…wait, maybe it's just the intro, he's better in the mukhda. Female vocals are good, but again too much "effects". Never thought I'd say I like an Atif song, but this could be the first. Mukhda is catchy. Wait, the effects in antara 2 have made him sound annoying again... -Sanjeev

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ख़ुशामदीद  (गो गोवा गॉन)
Khushaamadiid (Go Goa Gone)

Tags: happy, peaceful, soothing, bonding, friendship, hope, soft, soothing, soft rock, soft, romantic


प्रिया पंचाल
Priya Panchal

श्रेया घोषाल
Shreya Ghoshal

A very positive song, delicately arranged -Rohit

Lovely singing- light without being breathy -Shalini Razdan

The song is not too different than Titli from Chennai Express, only much better and creative in arrangement, e.g. shift to spanish scale, meter changes to 2/4 from 4/4 etc. Lovely song. -Pranav

One word - Shreya! :) -Hemendra

Lower than ok -Yunus

Pleasant...Sounds a bit more like a jingle or ad. -Sanjeev

धीमा ...लेकिन प्यारा गीत -विकास

Can do better -Nishant

Just plain feel good. Floats my boat :) -Meera

Backgroundy' song, Sweet-sounding , but went un-noticed easily because of backgroundiness. -Shalini Ramachandran

Great singing by shreya. Sachin Jigar have been producing decent numbers recently. -Arun

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बाबाजी की बूटी  (गो गोवा गॉन)
baabaajii kii buuTii (Go Goa Gone)

Tags: fun, intoxication, quirky, funy, philosophical, chillam, hip-hop, trippy, pun-ny, hinglish, psychedelic, dance, trance, hip-hop, offbeat, chaaloo, silly


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

आनंद तिवारी, सचिन, जिगर, कुणाल खेमू, राज, डीके, बोरनली देवर
Anand Tiwari, Sachin, Jigar, Kunal Khemu, Raj, DK, Bornalee Deuri

Is this kind of dope song a first in HFM? Smart use of Chinese orchestration. Very situational and unconventional. -Ramanand

Groovy, but not impressive. Understandably became very popular with youngsters. -Amit

Super mood, brilliant lyrics -Rohit

Very offbeat, especially the coughing, etc. -Zafar

The trippiest song in Hindi, in a long time, with incredibly funny and nuanced lyrics to go with it! -Karthik

चिलम के कश से निकले धुंए सा...हवा में मिलकर गायब हो जाने वाला गीत. -विकास

What were they smoking?! At least their imagination was in the right place :) -Nishant

Addictive. "Samasya ke middle finger pe, samadhan ki angoothi - Babaji ki Booty" love that line. -Shalini Ramachandran

Interesting…catches your attention and done creatively -Arun

Addictive ;) -Naresh

Extra point for music for arrangement that is "hatke", has some pleasantly surprising scale changes and use of instruments in somewhat unique way (e.g. guitars) -Pranav

I'm sure this song is probably fun to watch…not likely to be in my playlist. Funny singing. -Sanjeev

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खून चूस ले  (गो गोवा गॉन)
khuun chuus le (Go Goa Gone)

Tags: fun, rock, quirky, funny, dhinchak, frustration, monday morning, ventful, trippy, angst-y, work, rock, chaaloo


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अर्जुन कानूनगो, सूरज जगन, प्रिया पंचाल
Arjun Kanungo, Suraj Jagan, Priya Panchal

Finally, Monday got a song it deserved. -Shalini Ramachandran

Office Rock, anyone? Enjoyed this ode to an almost universally shared feeling. The singing and the music are apt for the absurdities of the song. Points for creativity here. -Ramanand

Never before a Monday song was presented so well -Rohit

Hangover in song form! :-) -Shalini Razdan

Fabulously funny lyrics, like the rest of soundtrack and funky singing to top it! -Karthik

Points for portraying the blues. Monday-waala song -Nishant

I wanted this song to end as soon as it started :( -Amit

Great arrangement by Sachin-Jigar. -Meera

surprise song of the year! Addictive! Must listen on Monday morning commute! -Arun

Bloody Khooni Monday tu chaahe khoon choos le is an epic line! -Naresh

‘मार ही डालोगे’ फीलिंग वाला गीत. लेकिन कानफोडू टाइप -विकास

Some Dada Kondke, some Delhi Belly. Interesting but not memorable. -Megha

Funny, situational. -Sanjeev

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काली काली आँखों का  (एक थी डायन)
kaalii kaalii aa.Nkho.n kaa (Ek Thi Daayan)

Tags: dark, horror, mesmerizing, simile, intrigue, soft, romantic, contemplative, experimental, easy listening

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


क्लिंटन सेरेजो
Clinton Cerejo

This song oscillates so beautifully between dark haunting notes and passionate love. Clinton’s arrangement is the winner, for me. -Meera

Hum-ho! Rare Forgettable Vishal-Gulzar combo -Arun

I am smitten by Clinton Cerejo's voice in this one. Gulzar and Vishal weave magic! -Priya

I will be honest. I saw Emran Hashmi + horror and automatically assumed a Vikram Bhatt type flick with stolen tunes. Am glad I was so horribly wrong. Ek Thi Daayan has been a revelation. Gulzar's words, Vishal's music and Clinton Cerejo's beautiful voice has made this song an absolute treasure of this year's collection. -Megha

Very Gulzarish in words. Ok-ish attempt at singing of a ok-ish composition -Nishant

A middling nice song without any extraordinary highlights. Parts of it sound quite good, like the string section in the middle. -Ramanand

The singing seems flat, and so the song doesn't take off in my mind -Amit

ठीक-ठाक गाना। -Yunus

So unimpressive and forgetable ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Not quite convinced by Vishal B.'s singing style - but maybe right for this sort of background/situation -Sanjeev

Soothing. -Naresh

Clinton C's voice is amazingly smooth, perfect for these kinda songs. Vishal B. has mastered the art of jazz arrangement and chord progressions. The song somehow reminded me of Badalon se kaat kaat ke from Satya. -Pranav

Typical ARRish song -Zafar

गीत एक ‘रहस्य’ का एहसास लिए, लेकिन गीत का जादू इतना नहीं है -विकास

Like the drama quotient of the song. Lyrics are top notch. Music is very Vishalesque. -Hemendra

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तोरे मतवारे नैना  (डेविड)
tore matawaare nainaa (David)

Tags: fusion classical, middle-eastern-ish, french, fusion, hindustani-fusion, thumri funk, classical, classical fusion, experimental


माटीबानी, जोयशांति
Maatibaani, Joyshanti

निराली कार्तिक, जोयशांति
Nirali Karthik, Joyshanti

Je 'adore le fusion shashtriya ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Interesting mix of styles. This works, just about, but gets somewhat tiresome at the end. The singing is quite good. -Ramanand

"Interesting" and "intriguiing" are the two words that come to mind -Pranav

Awkward! -Shalini Razdan

नेगटिव मार्किंग होनी चाहिए Rmim में ;) ... मतलब कुछ भी सुना दोगे? -विकास

Fusing all the way from France to Braj. Ok-ish -Nishant

The western beats overpower a simple classical composition. Maybe it works well in the movie, but doesn't impress me much. -Amit

Nuanced singing. That’s Nirali Kartik. -Meera

French lyrics? Must be situational. Bageshri-based, interesting…but female vocals are sloppy on the fast movements. -Sanjeev

Lovely singing by the unknown singers (to me)…they complimented each other well -Arun

Nice experiment in fusion, a different song from the rest. -Naresh

एक अच्‍छा प्रयोग। माटी बानी ने अपनी प्रतिष्‍ठा के अनुरूप बनाया है इसे। -Yunus

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चंचल मन अति रैण्डम  (शुद्ध देसी रोमांस)
cha.nchal man ati raiNDam (Shuddh Desi Romance)

Tags: fun, comedic, dance, electronic, whimsical, hinglish, folkish, rajasthani beats, masti, chanchal, random, aimless, forceful, folk, restlessness, folkish, energetic, situational


ज़यदीप साहनी
Jaideep Sahni

दिव्य कुमार
Divya Kumar

Cute lyrics by Jaideep Sahni! -Arun

Interesting lyrics by Jaideep Sahni raise the song :) -Naresh

Another average song that shouldn't belong here. -Priya

This song is really "extra-random", but sure it's entertaining in the film context. Maybe they can use it for marketing the next new ADHD drug? Singer is a quasi-Sukhwinder. -Sanjeev

A melting-pot of musical genres this made me smile & tap my feet despite myself -Shalini Razdan

Wonderfully quirky lyrics that demonstrate the film's theme perfectly. The music is lively and endearing. -Karthik

Great song to listen to and was pleasantly surprised with use of drums and guitars the way it has been along with dholak. -Pranav

Good use of "found" sounds -Zafar

Don't care much about this song -Hemendra

केवल चंचल मन अति रैंडम पंक्ति अच्‍छी लगी। -Yunus

फिल्म के हिसाब से एक बढ़िया गीत.राजस्थान के लोकसंगीत का बढ़िया इस्तेमाल, अंग्रेजी बोल समोसे में आलू की तरह. ‘सोच’ फिल्म से ऋचा शर्मा का गाया ‘तोहे लेके सांवरिया ’अगर ‘रेंडमली’ याद आये तो हैरानी मत कीजियेगा. इस तरह की गीतों में बोलों से ज़्यादा धुन भारी रहती है . गीत में दिव्य कुमार जमते हुए -विकास

Pointless singing and lyrics. -Nishant

The music is somewhat interesting, but loses its way by the end. A little too 'random'. -Ramanand

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लेज़ी लैड  (घनचक्कर)
Lazy Lad (Ghanchakkar)

Tags: fun, comedy, country-western, teasing, flippant, flirty, naughty, tapori, punjabi, hinglish, humour, dance, foot tapping, nonsense, folk, funny, folksy, chaaloo, latin

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

रिचा शर्मा
Richa Sharma

Points for Amit and his understanding of what Tapas Roy can do with the strings. -Meera

अंग्रेज़ी-हिंदी बोल समोसे में आलू की तरह. ऋचा शर्मा की चटख आवाज़ गीत पर जंचती है -विकास

National anthem for all desi wives in 2013 -Shalini Ramachandran

Quirky song that could easily have becoming annoying, but doesn't. -Ramanand

Is it possible that Amit Trivedi composes a peppy track and you don't want to start dancing to it? I don't think so. -Amit

Singing is nice but overall very forgettable fare -Arun

Which Latin song is this ripped off from? Richa Sharma's vocals are energetic and enjoyable. -Sanjeev

The inimitable Richa Sharma after a long time! Pouty Punjaban -- that's the phrase that comes to mind with this song. Love! -Megha

Richa Sharma punctuating the naughtiness aptly. njybl once. -Nishant

I like this song. Has a very interesting feel to it! -Hemendra

I heart Richa. Her voice is lovely, that's a given, but the attitude and mood she brings into this one is what sets it above the ordinary! -Priya

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दिल कागज़ी  (जिप्पी)
dil kaagazii (Gippi)

Tags: whimsical, dreaming, waltz, slow, waltzy, soft, dreamy, lullaby/ballad, philosophical, happy, soft romantic


अन्विता दत्त गुप्तन
Anvita Dutt Guptan

नीति मोहन
Neeti Mohan

This song is nice. The lyrics are quite sweet too. Almost Gulzaresque. And that is the problem. The lyricist is not Gulzar. And the wannabe-ness takes away from the song for me. -Megha

Throwback to the "good old days" of HFM? -Sanjeev

Music/arrangement is run-of-the-mill but rendition and lyrics definitely deserve special mention -Pranav

Nice, Gulzarish, lyrics -Zafar

नीति मोहन की आवाज़ अच्छी सुनाई देती है . वेस्टर्न कम्पोजिशन सा गीत भाता है . -विकास

Heard a waltzy number after a good while, plus the rendition seemed effortless. -Nishant

Beautiful imagery, beautiful singing, and the music is really really soothing. -Amit

Neeti does justice to Anvita’s words. Smart to base the song on raag pahadi. Lends itself beautifully to the theme. -Meera

Okayish -Yunus

Good one time listen but you forget it before it ends… -Arun

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घनचक्कर बाबू  (घनचक्कर)
ghanachakkar baabuu (Ghanchakkar)

Tags: fun, comedy, jazz, ghanchakkar type, funny, jazzy, fusion, hinglish, whimsical, retro, peppy, nonsense, rock, disco, dancy, chaaloo

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

Excellent arrangement, kick ass singing, superb lyrics -Rohit

I'm assuming lyrics and deliberately bad singing (and annoying female chorus) are situational - in general, brings up the question of whether we should require people to evaluate these songs independent of the film situation or keeping it in mind. Seems to me it could drive a difference in assessment. -Sanjeev

Amit Trivedi + Amitabh Bhattacharya = Genius combo …deadly spice in the songs! -Shalini Ramachandran

मसखरी से भरा गीत. जिसे सुनकर ‘हुआ बेझा तलकर साबूदाना’ रे ! -विकास

Crackpot lyrics, disco beats, irreverent style -- Amit Trivedi runs amok with the song and gives us a winner! -Megha

sanki lyrics and equally sanki singing, guess in theme with the spirit of the movie -Nishant

Enjoyable song with its faux-Mumbaiyya lyrics that doesn't beg to be taken too seriously. -Ramanand

A typical Amit Trivedi track. Is immensely hummable and groovy. -Amit

Interesting lyrics! -Hemendra

Very bad follow up to "Aamir" by the same director-MD duo. -Arun

Such infectious fun, this is! From the kooky lyrics to the deep throated singing and the meowing background vocals -- it’s a complete riot! -Priya

Haha. This song is spontaneous jholumpatti by Amit and his team -Meera

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मेरा मन कहने लगा (फ़लक)  (नौटंकी साला)
meraa man kahane lagaa (falak) (Nautanki Saala)

Tags: romantic, masti, sweet, love, aww sho sweet, peppy, humm-y, melodious, foot tapping, soft rock

फलक शबीर
Falak Shabir

फलक शबीर
Falak Shabir

फलक शबीर
Falak Shabir

Use of ukelele, musette etc. gives the song a nice, happy, tropical feel which is refreshing. -Pranav

Reminiscent at moments of the breezy, western-flavored songs from the 50s. Needed a better singer to bring out the melody. -Shalini Razdan

Upbeat and peppy …so easy to hummm along. -Shalini Ramachandran

Catchy mukhda that's all -Nishant

A decently pleasing light song. -Amit

Catchy tune -Zafar

Nice peppy song but nothing earth shattering -Hemendra

अच्‍छा गाना। फलक शब्‍बीर की अच्‍छी आवाज़। -Yunus

Singing could have been better -Arun

Falak Shabir yet another voice that sounds like another :) -Naresh

फलक शबीर के इस गीत में कुछ बात ज़रूर है.प्रील्यूड -इंटरल्यूड और गुनगुनाहट अच्छी बन पड़ी है .गाने की कमी की बात करें तो इसमें आवाज़ का काफ़ी ‘रफ़’ सुनाई देना है ...गाया और बेहतर जा सकता था. एकार्डियन(?) का अच्छा इस्तेमाल . -विकास

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ऐसे ना देखो  (राँझणा)
aise naa dekho (Raanjhanaa)

Tags: bonfire, jazz, romantic, slow, western-ish, jazzy, blues, evocative, jazz/blues, experimental, swing

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

ए आर रहमान, कार्तिक
A R Rahman, Karthik

ARR has many gifts…singing is not one of them. How many times can you pass off careless singing as stylish? And just because it's a jazz tune you have to mess with basic Hindi pronunciation too? -Sanjeev

Another song ruined by ARR's singing. -Shalini Razdan

More of the same ARR. Nothing unique. Its almost a given that there will be a staple ARR bluesy rendition in the movie. Nothing new -Hemendra

Feathery music by Rahman and his singing accentuates that light-headed feel, set to a nice jazzy background. -Karthik

इतना जमा नहीं यार ! मुझ जैसे बहुत से होंगे जो मुखडा सुनते ही .. ‘ऐसा तो ना देखो कि हमको नशा हो जाये’ ज़हन में गुनगुनाए बिना रह नहीं पाए होंगे -विकास

Ordinary singing of an ordinary song -Nishant

Usually good with such jazz-based orchestrations, ARR goes off the rails here somewhat. The pace of singing and meter seems forced, and didn't draw me back. -Ramanand

Ethereal. Rahman's singing, the composition, and the simple lyrics – all just give me such a high! -Amit

I would’ve so preferred this as just plain background music. The words/ pronunciation killed whatever the music could’ve built. I’ve still given it an overall 3 though. -Meera

Why ho why does rahman insist on singing? -Arun

This is very reminiscent of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing :) -Priya

Jazzy and beautiful. -Megha

Felt like Rehman was trying to attempt an "Amit Trivedi". Yeah, the jazz arrangement is good-and-all but the song has nothing in it that makes you go "hmm". Biggest problem is, Rehman doesn't get Hindi lyrics meter. -Pranav

Painful to listen to -Zafar

पता नहीं रहमान ने क्‍यों गाया इसे। -Yunus

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बलम पिचकारी  (ये जवानी है दीवानी)
balam pichakaarii (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Tags: dance, flirtatious, fun, band song, holi song, bhaang song, masti, dance song, hinglish, peppy, earworm, festive, romantic, folkish, inspired, folk, folksy, chaaloo, folk-inspired


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

विशाल दादलानी, शालमली खोलगड़े
Vishal Dadlani, Shalmali Kholgade

Shalmali Kholgade's voice has the kind of quality that can make average songs sound good. And despite being noisy in parts, this song is decently tuned. Some of the lyrics however I have issues with -- 'mujhko pataa hai re, kya chahta hai tu, boli bhajan teri, neeyat qawwali hai.' Since when did qawwalis acquire a bad neeyat? -Megha

Dada Kondke Calleth -Shalini Ramachandran

एक दम ‘तोडू गीत’. ‘मार ही डालोगे’ टाइप. ढोलक का ज़बरदस्त इस्तेमाल . उत्तरप्रदेश के लोक गीत में प्रीतम का तडका. प्रीतम ने इसे एक दम होली के रंग में रंग देने वाला गीत बनाने में कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ी. गायकी ज़बरदस्त .बस कोई ये समझा दे हवा में भांग ‘मिलाया’ क्यों हुआ भाई ! -विकास

Passable only for the fun holi element -Nishant

Peppy stuff with a catchy hook, but it didn't make a big impression on me. -Ramanand

Nothing to write home about. -Amit

Noisy -Shalini Razdan

No words for it..okay party song. -Arun

Sure to displace most of the earlier Holi songs and reminds me of Gaaye Ja Geet Milan Ke Of Naushad -Naresh

Peppy! Like Shalmali's voice very much. -Priya

Reminded me of songs of Mother India. -Zafar

ठीक-ठाक गाना। -Yunus

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तुम ही हो  (आशिक़ी २)
tum hii ho (Aashiqui 2)

Tags: romantic, sad, soft rock, ballad, pensive, slow rock, soulful, serious, easy listening, piano, slow rock



अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Very, very Mithoon - in fact, a bit too Mithoon for comfort. But it delivers. -Karthik

बोल बेशक ‘आशिकी 2’ फिल्म के हों लेकिन आपको ‘सड़क ’ फिल्म की याद दिलवा ही देते हैं. अरिजीत ,आतिफ असलम के रंग में नज़र आते हुए -विकास

Bit catchy because of that initial piece (on the piano?) but liked the Bhojpuri version better than this. -Nishant

The spare arrangements help make this song stand out from the rest. Very well sung. It's an atypical song given recent trends. The lyrics are a bit of a letdown in comparison. -Ramanand

Though I’m not really crazy about the song, Arijit’s voice forces me to immerse myself in it. But only for a bit. -Meera

Too sweet for my taste. Overrated. Good for keyboardists who wanna sing and play at the same time. -Shalini Ramachandran

singing is a bit better here in this other number from Ashiqui but Arijit tends to over sing sometimes and we notice that in this song. -Arun

Mithoon's winner from the track -Naresh

The ordinariness of the lyrics compel me to score this lower. Musically and singing-wise, it is not a half-bad song though. -Megha

Love the arrangement and final output. Singing, in the beginning, I really thought it was Aatif singing. I could never get over that. -Pranav

Love the orchestration. Arijit's singing being so stylized gets on my nerves a bit. -Hemendra

यूं ही। -Yunus

Pleasant enough listening - good texture to the voice, but the singer's attempts at "stylization" are occasionally annoying -Sanjeev

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सुभान अल्लाह  (ये जवानी है दीवानी)
subhaan allaah (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Tags: fun, romantic, complimentary, admiring, love song, ishq, bonding, intense


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

श्रीराम, शिल्पा राव
Sreeram, Shilpa Rao

Shriram Iyer is a good "newer" voice - somewhat reminiscent of Sonu on "Haay Re", "Peh-li~~ Dafaa Hai", and even further up the octave, but with easier reach - he probably doesn't need even the amount of effects applied here. Shilpa Rao is good too. Another nice weaving of low female and high male voice (similar to the KK-Shilpa combo in "Khuda Jaane" from a few years back). -Sanjeev

2009 में आई ‘कुर्बान’ फिल्म का ‘शुकरान अल्लाह’ यहाँ आते आते आपको ‘सुभान अल्लाह’ जैसा सुनाई दे तो हैरान मत होइये. बस ‘सुभान अल्लाह’ कहिये. बहरहाल, गीत के बोल और संगीत संयोजन के हिसाब से अच्छा गीत .गायक श्रीराम कुछ एक जगह सोनू निगम ‘मोड’ में -विकास

Hai re -Nishant

A bit of a cliched music template that has been overused in the last decade. Nothing particularly memorable. -Ramanand

Typical lyrics of this day & age. But still a very hummable song. -Amit

Decent situational song -Arun

ठीक ठाक गाना। -Yunus

Run of the mill -Zafar

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राम चाहे लीला चाहे  (राम-लीला)
raam chaahe liilaa chaahe (Ram-Leela)

Tags: fun, folk, rock, rebellious, band, bullet song, keertan type, gujhinglish, urban, passion, rustic, item song, folksy, bollywood folk, fusion, coke studio

संजय लीला भंसाली
Sanjay Leela Bhansali


भूमि त्रिवेदी
Bhoomi Trivedi

Outstanding overall feel of the song. Arrangement gets an extra bump due to cool infusion of gujarati Dohas. Amazing job as singing too. -Pranav

एक दम गुजरती ढोकला माफिक. खाओ और भूल जाओ, सुनो और थिरको -विकास

Too much experimention by SLB. Neither here nor there. -Nishant

Spunky song, powered by some unabashed lyrics that pulls no punches. -Ramanand

The composition reminds me of 70s -Amit

Sunidhi sings her heart out -Arun

Good grief! Why would this even be here! -Priya

Definitely the item song of 2013. Good to see Bhoomi Trivedi making use of her gujju rapping talent! Lyrics are interesting too! -Hemendra

Okayish. -Yunus

Mukhda is eerily gripping…cool sounds…but without the film context, hard to get the significance, seems like a bit of a Coke Studio mishmash (music, lyrics, everything). Singer is clearly talented…this too would be an interesting inclusion in the Just Dance game. -Sanjeev

Oh sweet lord, why on earth is this annoyance on the list even! I will say one positive about this song -- it combines bad lyrics, bad music, irritating singing and bad choreography all in one place. Avoiding one song lets you avoid it all. Isn't it nice when that happens? -Megha

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मुझमें तू (कीर्ति)  (स्पेशल २६)
mujhame.n tuu (keerti) (Special 26)

Tags: romantic, reassuring, sad, this-and-that, inspirational

एम एम क्रीम
M M Kreem

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

कीर्ति सगठिया
Keerthi Sagathia

A little hard on the "KhWWWaaab" and pronunciation in general, but singing is otherwise purposeful. Not sure I'm getting into the "flash" of the first interludes. Nice cello pieces to finish the second interlude. -Sanjeev

Overall a pretty good song with some dramatic music and good solid singing. Don't care so much about the voice. -Hemendra

एक बोझिल सा गीत -विकास

Trashy -Nishant

MM Kreem is a fine tunesmith/ Jaidev of our era! -Arun

Keerthi Sagathia singing is major plus here. -Naresh

Soulful rendition, and as mentioned above, classic MMK. -Pranav

Very boring -Zafar

ठीक-ठाक गाना। -Yunus

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ढिच्क्याऊँ ढूम  (चश्मे बद्दूर)
Dhichkyaauu.N Dhuum (Chashme Baddoor)

Tags: fun, romantic, retro, comedic, panchamish, funny, mischief, teasing, pancham :), peppy, playful, chaaloo, period song


नीलेश मिश्रा
Nilesh Misra

अली ज़फ़र, श्रेया घोषाल
Ali Zafar, Shreya Ghoshal

Clearly a throwback to RDB but works for me; would have rated the singing higher if it was just Shreya, but Ali Zafar brings the number down -Shalini Razdan

Ah yes! The Pancham-wannabe number. Despite the obvious ode, this peppy infectious number gets your butt shaking! And extra points to Ali Zafar for controlling his nasality and channeling his inner Amit Kumar. Well, almost :) -Megha

A song that tells you upfront that it is going to be a Pancham homage, and goes about it with such enthusiasm and joy that you cannot help get carried away by it. Also, I am starting to like Ali Zafar's voice more and more. -Priya

Yuck. OSTRACIZE David Dhawan -Nishant

With its string and brass section, a clear pasiche of the heydays of 80s-90s HFM. Thankfully, the nonsensical nature of the song never gets annoying or out-of-hand. -Ramanand

Biased because it's all-Pancham without being an outright copy of any song -Amit

The tune’s catchy. But that’s about it. -Meera

Obvious throwback to Kishore/Asha/RDB days, very reminiscent of "Dekha Na Haay Re" - energetic vocals, catchy enough…"spoof" song -Sanjeev

Pancham nostalgia!! Very breezy! Ali zafar & Shreya sing it well too -Arun

Quite an addictive song, takes one back to 80s. Vintage Sajid-Wajid -Naresh

Overall rating and music get an extra point for RD feel. -Pranav

Boring, 80'ish type of song -Zafar

गीत का मिज़ाज 70’s के आसपास सा साफ नज़र आता है. गीत को सुनते हुए कितनी भी कोशिश करने पर ‘कह दूं तुम्हे या चुप रहूँ’ और ‘एक मैं और एक तू’ गीत को अपने ज़हन से नहीं निकाल पाया. पंचम की हलकी हलकी छाप. कुलमिलाकर अच्छा गीत -विकास

Okay, I should be really rating it very very high - it being inspired by Pancham's music, but as I liten to it multiple times I just can't get over the fact that its an amalgamation of many of his melodies and unless it’s a tribute song. Plus the lyrics...leave a lotto be desired. Male singing too! -Hemendra

What to say. -Yunus

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इस्क तेरा (युगल)  (इस्सक)
isk teraa (yugal) (Issaq)

Tags: romantic, love song, soothing, pseudo-mish-mash, mushy, chaaloo


मयूर पुरी
Mayur Puri

मोहित चौहान, स्मिता जैन
Mohit Chauhan, Smita Jain

Reminded us of those 90s love songs, in a good way -Rohit

Haven't been ale to make up my mind about Sachin- Jigar. Some numbers look so promising, some so crappy ! This is a decent one. -Shalini Ramachandran

अच्छा कमसिन सा गीत ..जिससे ‘इसक’ होना बनता है -विकास

Why will it take them to portray some love element in a song. Tchah. -Nishant

Voice quality of both Mohit and Smita is just perfect for this (and today's) songs. Had to bump up overall song rating by one point. Otherwise, nothing special. -Pranav

Boring. -Zafar

A slightly higher rating for Mohit Chauhan. -Amit

Very listenable tune & decent singing but that’s about it -Arun

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बस मैं और तू  (आकाश वाणी)
bas mai.n aur tuu (Akaash Vani)

Tags: romantic, fresh, morning song, imaginitive, whistelable, fingerpicking, love song, rock, soft rock, plink-plink-la-la, guitar ballad, easy listening

हितेश सोनिक
Hitesh Sonik

लव रंजन
Luv Ranjan

निखिल डिसूज़ा, वसुधा शर्मा
Nikhil D'Souza, Vasudha Sharma

Epitome of easy listening. Lyrics have a whiff of Gulzar. ;-) -Shalini Razdan

बेपरवाह किस्म का गीत. अच्छे हलके बोलों में बिंधा . -विकास

Mechanical singing in a Trivedi-like voice. Some brownie points for the strumming. -Nishant

The voice is pleasant but lacks any punch. Average fare overall. -Arun

Lyrics and Music in perfect sync! -Naresh

This song? Really? -Priya

Bleh. Why is this song on the list even? -Megha

Acoustic feel of the song takes it to a new hight. Hitesh Sonik could be Amit Trivedi's twin. -Pranav

When I heard the song for the first time thought it was a Amit Trivedi song :) The lyrics are also true to the current style of lyric-writing. Overall I like listening to the song but don't know if it has any lasting quality. -Hemendra

Ok song. -Yunus

Guitar entry vaguely reminiscent of Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind" - why do pronunciations in such songs need to be "Western-stylized"…or is it just a true reflection of how this generation in fact speaks the language? -Sanjeev

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सुन रहा है न तू (पु.)  (आशिक़ी २)
sun rahaa hai na tuu (pu.) (Aashiqui 2)

Tags: sad, pleading, romantic, rock, ballad, pretentious, overly-contemplative, mope-y dope-y, pathos, pensive, slow rock, rock ballad, touching

अंकित तिवारी
Ankit Tiwari

संदीप नाथ
Sandeep Nath

अंकित तिवारी
Ankit Tiwari

सुन रहा हूँ ! और सुनने पर पाता हूँ कि गाना बिलकुल ‘च्विंगम’ की माफिक है.जिसमें एक वक्त आते आते रस तो खत्म हो जाता है लेकिन बस सुनने में जंचने जैसा महसूस कराता है .संदीप नाथ के बोल कुछ हद तक सतही से महसूस होते हैं .गिटार के एक दो ‘टिंग टिंग’ कॉर्ड और धुन गाने में गुनगुनाहट पैदा करती है. -विकास

Ro rahe hain hum! Don't know what is there to like in this crying. Overly orchestrated for the most part. -Nishant

Even after multiple listens, I still feel a little more nuanced singing could’ve raised this song a notch higher. -Meera

A little too mushy for my taste but I find mysellf humming this song. I can see why it is popular. People love songs they feel they can sing along with. A little annoyed with all the Memes that came out of this song. -Shalini Ramachandran

Singing is a bit weak but a simple tune and lyrics do create an impact ! Nice! -Arun

Anthem of every young broken heart in 2013 :-) -Naresh

I know 'tum hi ho' gets all the singing accolades, but I think this is actually the better sung song in the movie. It has its predictable rock guitaring bits, but manages to remain quite enjoyable. -Priya

Ankit Tiwari sings this well. Very thankful that he doesn't cry through a song that has lyrics that say 'ro raha hoon main'. It must have been tempting to sing whiningly, but he doesn't. That is an accomplishment in my world. -Megha

Overall song comes across as easy on the ear - classic example of whole is greater than sum of parts. -Pranav

Neither here nor there -Zafar

Orchestration replete with a lot of lead guitar riffs reminds me of Life in a metro songs… Arijit Singh sounds very peaceful but the timbre of his voice has nasal notes. Overall a great song! However, I like Shreya's version better which is not included -Hemendra

overrated song. -Yunus

Enjoyed some of the distinctly Indian guitar "licks" in the second interlude. Otherwise, lyrics aside, little discernible Indian influence. Singing is good, but like so many other songs, strongly suspect pitch correction is being used (many of the turns sound too "angular"). -Sanjeev

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लत लग गई  (रेस २)
lat lag ga_ii (Race 2)

Tags: fun, dance, party, electronic, dance, dhinchak, techno, synthesized, inorganic, peppy, disco, timepass, chaaloo, techno


मयूर पुरी
Mayur Puri

बेनी दयाल, प्रीतम, शालमली खोलगड़े
Benny Dayal, Pritam, Shalmali Kholgade

The catchiest song of 2013! -Karthik

Assembly-line dance number -Shalini Razdan

Nothing in it at all to get addicted on. aiven hi. -Nishant

It's probably unfair to put this through a microscope when it is merely intended to fit a certain purpose in a film, which it probably does. -Ramanand

Superlative Singing by Neeti -Rohit

I cannot stop dancing on this one -Shalini Ramachandran

Nice party song :-) -Arun

Scorcher -Naresh

पार्टी को जमा देने वाला, रंग चढा देने वाला ढिनचैक गीत -विकास

Average bollywood fare. Catchy, but most songs these days are, plus I don't like the songs where doctoring of the voice is apparent. -Hemendra

More vocal effects…how long before this song makes it into Nintendo Wii's "Just Dance" game? -Sanjeev

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अल्लाह मेहरबान  (घनचक्कर)
allaah meharabaan (Ghanchakkar)

Tags: disco qawwali, mandolin song, funny, fusion, playful, trippy, qawwali, foot tapping, electropop, folksy/devotional, chaaloo, inspirational

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

दिव्य कुमार, अमित त्रिवेदी
Divya Kumar, Amit Trivedi

Typical Bollywood qawwali meets atypical electro-pop. -Megha

The low pitched "Allaaaaaaah…" annoys me. Can't help shake the Altaf Raja connection especially with the "electric banjo" (turns out there is an Altaf Raja song elsewhere in this movie), though this fellow seems to be an at least marginally better singer. -Sanjeev

Divya Kumar's funky vocals holds this song together, along with Amitabh Bhattacharya's lyrics. -Karthik

बार-बार बीच में वो ‘महमूद सी आवाज़’ करता ‘अल्लाह’ परेशां करता है. काम चलाऊ गीत -विकास

Over orchestrated with the over use of Bulbul tarang pushing it towards cacophony -Nishant

The production is nice, but there's not much in this song to come back too. -Ramanand

Fun, foot-tapping number. -Shalini Razdan

Passable for me. I’d rather get stuck on Motumaster, instead of this one. -Meera

Disappointing outing from Amit trivedi -Arun

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साड़ी के फ़ाल सा  (र...राजकुमार)
saa.Dii ke faal saa (R...Rajkumar)

Tags: fun, romantic comedy, hinglish, dakshin, love song, wooing, dance, peppy, retro, dhinchak, timepass, bhangra type, chaaloo


मयूर पुरी
Mayur Puri

अंतरा मित्रा, नकाश अज़ीज़
Antara Mitra, Nakash Aziz

Will dominate the dance circles this year -Naresh

This has all the makings of an also-ran item song, and I am usually annoyed by too much English in Hindi songs. Why then am I not nauseated by the lyrics/rhymes (actually find myself chuckling), and why is this song stuck in my head? -Sanjeev

Silly but catchy song. :-) -Shalini Razdan

Dance all you want, in 3 months, everyone will forget the existance of this song. -Shalini Ramachandran

This could have been such an entertaining song lyrically, with a premise like 'saree ke fall sa' instead it stops at average. The music is awesomely catchy, but it still cannot make up for the lack of fun and creativity in its lyrics. -Megha

Mika really excels at such songs! -Arun

नकश गाने में पूरे जमे दिखे -विकास

*cough cough* -Nishant

Unfortunately, this rating system has no negatives. Would like to have applied it to the lyrics. With its Tamil 'gaana'/folk beats, the song is quite peppy, as anyone in a 2013-14 wedding party would attest. -Ramanand

Then there are songs which are popular but not necessarily good. -Pranav

Don't care much for this song. -Hemendra

एक अच्‍छा चालू गीत। नकश ने अच्‍छा गाया है। -Yunus

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जीने लगा हूँ  (रमैया वस्तावैया)
jiine lagaa huu.N (Ramaiya Vastavaiya)

Tags: romantic, copy paste, love song, filler, template, chaaloo, mushy


प्रिया पंचाल
Priya Panchal

आतिफ़ असलम, श्रेया घोषाल
Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal

Reminds me of the genric 90s love song -Shalini Razdan

A standard template for a love song, but a lovely one nonetheless. Atif's voice adds significant value. -Karthik

This song is a strange one -- separately analyzed, it has dull lyrics, average voices (even Shreya is bleh), and rather dated 90s-ish music. But it's an earworm that persists and I cannot for the life of me figure out why! -Megha

इस गीत गुनगुनाते हुए मैं बहुत से गीतों को ज़हन में लाने से रोक नहीं पाया. इसे एक तरह का ‘कोकटेल सॉंग’ कहा जाना चाहिए, जिसमें ‘वीर ज़ारा’ का‘जानम देख लो मिट गयीं दूरियां.’ ‘बनटी और बब्ली’ का ‘बोल ना हलके हलके’ और‘अजब प्रेम की ग़ज़ब कहानी’ का आतिफ असल्म का ही गाया ‘तेरा होने लगा हूँ जब से मिला हूँ’ जैसे गीतों की छाप साफ़ सुनाई देती है. बहरहाल सचिन जिगर की अच्छी कोशिश. कहना ना होगा कि आतिफ असलम काफ़ी जगहों पर बेसुरे सुनाई देते रहे ! -विकास

Meh. -Nishant

Sounded run of the mill. -Ramanand

A run of the mill song. Nothing special at all. -Amit

Annoying song to me ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Blah! -Arun

Average all the way. -Naresh

Did I mention Atif should be banned from singing? -Pranav

Ugh! Atif Aslam. Sorry…gonna give this one a pass :) The melody is also meh! -Hemendra

"Standard" song? Jatin-Lalit feel? Nice pleasant instrumentation, Atif Aslam is actually quite tolerable in this song. -Sanjeev

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