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अम्बरसरिया (फुकरे)
ambarasariyaa (Fukrey)

राम संपत मुन्ना धीमान (लोकगीत से प्रेरित) सोना महापात्र  
3.05  2.65  3.15   
Ram Sampath Munna Dhiman (Adapted from traditional) Sona Mohapatra  
Jury comments

Amazingly catchy, gave it extra points for overall and arrangement because it highlights the fact that you don't have to have heavy handed or software infused arrangement for a song to be catchy. -Pranav

I love Sona ! Like the earthiness in her voice. This song is overrated though .. -Shalini Ramachandran

A song tailor-made for Sona Mohapatra's voice and timbre! A great combination of a folk tune and an almost-unplugged style minimal -Karthik

लोक धुन से बंधे बोल ... कहीं कहीं कच्चा सा कहीं कहीं छूता हुआ. -विकास

Murder of what seems to be a very nice folky piece. -Nishant

The simple arrangements let the vocals take centrestage, to which opportunity Sona M does immense justice. -Ramanand

Sona's voice is literally golden. She makes it all so awesome! -Amit

बहुत ही अलग गीत। सोना महापात्रा की आवाज़ का एक अलग मिज़ाज है। एक पंजाबी लोकगीत को खूबसूरती से फिल्‍मी जामा पहनाया गया है। -Yunus

Good voice, but not much demanded from it (limited range in song), nice to hear just guitars/vocals. -Sanjeev

Like the voice quality of Sona but not her singing that much. -Arun

Everything here works for me. Sona Mohapatra and Ram Sampath together have a winner here -Naresh

Nice updating of the Punjabi folk sound. Really liked the assured singing and the low-key instrumentation. -Shalini Razdan

Catchy tune -Zafar

Ram Sampath did not tune too many movies this yr and I missed Sona Mohapatra too the entire yr. Ambarsariya is also a super fun track. I think the lyrics pull the song a bit down, else a fantastic track! -Hemendra

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