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तितली (चेन्नई एक्सप्रेस)
titalii (Chennai Express)

विशाल-शेखर अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य गोपी सुंदर, चिन्मयी  
2.82  2.55  2.69   
Vishal-Shekhar Amitabh Bhattacharya Gopi Sunder, Chinmayi  
Jury comments

The sanskrit parts are pretty pretty. -Meera

Unusually breezy tune & interludes. Love the south indian prelude. -Arun

Chinmayi's superb vocals help this otherwise standard issue song a lot. -Karthik

The song is alluring in parts: the Tamil sections, the point where the male voice joins the female portion, the first time the mukhaDaa is heard. -Ramanand

Chinmayi's voice is lovely! And Vishal-Shekhar compose keeping the strengths of the singers in mind, giving us a lilting and happy tune that lingers lightly like the eponymous butterfly. -Megha

Nice use of bass and some crsip vocals give it some repeat value -Nishant

Exquisite orchestration -Zafar

Good song notwithstanding some average singing. -Naresh

Breezy and soft! -Priya

अच्छी कम्पोज़िशन -विकास

Okayish -Yunus

Nice song but nothing extra-ordinary. Plenty such songs around. -Pranav

Like the light instrumentation and the rhythmic phrasing in the antaras. Auto-tune is getting annoying now, especially on the male vocals. Not completely sold on the meshing of the Tamil prelude with the main song (OK, this is Chennai Express, I get it). -Sanjeev

As much as I could not stand the movie, I do like this song. Sounds like a tribut to ARR's music. Overall the melody is really nice as is the male voice which is super soothing. -Hemendra

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