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ओ रँगरेज़ (भाग मिल्खा भाग)
o ra.Ngarez (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी श्रेया घोषाल, जावेद बशीर  
3.01  2.91  3.10   
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Prasoon Joshi Shreya Ghoshal, Javed Bashir  
Jury comments

All points for what SEL have done with the taal. Though it's simple keherva (8 beats) its evolved form in the stanza adds to the beauty. They’ve played very safe with the tune. Mishra Khammaj is a meetha raag any way. -Meera

Sweetly old-fashioned number that made be realize (sadly) how rare a truly good duet, where the singers actually play off each other, is nowadays -Shalini Razdan

‘खैंच लेना प्राण इस तन के’ इसतरह के बोल अब सुनने में कम ही मिलते हैं. तबले-सारंगी की वो आती जाती तान ...इस गीत के ‘प्राण’ से मालूम होते हैं. वाद्य संयोजन अच्छा -विकास

ESRAJ! (Brownie points for the percussion elements) -Nishant

These semi-classical numbers, when deftly used and sung, can be irresistable. This song is just that. The opening vocals can be goose-bump inducing. The saarangii (supported here by an excellent sitar and harmonium) has been a stand-out instrument in HFM this year. -Ramanand

Superlike ! -Shalini Ramachandran

Underrated song of the year - lovely lyrics by Prasoon Joshi !!
O rangrez mere rang dariya mein, Doobna Hai Bas Tera Banke
Haye Nahin Rehna Dooja Banke
Ek Bhi Saans Alag Nahin Leni
Khench Lena Pran Is Tan Ke

Classical but not heavy on ears, typically a Shankar Mahadevans composition. -Naresh

Good lord. This was such a mess! There's a weird percussion loop thing happening that looks like someone choked all over the song. -Priya

Eesh! Either the musicians were stoned while putting this song together, or I need to be more drunk while listening to it. -Megha

Starts off well and I like the overall music arrangement but song seems to drag on. -Pranav

Simple music goes well with the theme -Zafar

My favorite song from this album. Find it so so romantic. The scale changes, the beautiful beautiful lyrics, the superlative singing by Shreya with those small, deft murkis, the use of harmonium and sarangi at the absolute end and that unique amalgamation of western and indian instruments where the main rhythm is always playing in the background! Just brilliant! -Hemendra

ठीक-ठाक गाना। -Yunus

Shreya sounds good, but wonder if a "tougher" voice might have been more appropriate? Too sugary-sweet? Harmonium sounds too obviously fake, especially next to acoustic sarangi -Sanjeev

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