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मेरा यार (भाग मिल्खा भाग)
meraa yaar (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag)

शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी जावेद बशीर  
3.21  3.16  3.25   
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Prasoon Joshi Javed Bashir  
Jury comments

Perfect singing, good arrangement and excellent atmosphere -Rohit

Lovely riff in the beginning. The interlude fiddle piece has elements of country/bluegrass. This is what I meant about fusion of folk and rock in the previous song. -Pranav

Love love love this song. Lyrics, singing, music, everything. Always end up hearing it multiple times. I like the english pipes being integrated into such an indian melody! Pronunciation irks me a bit - Mandar (mandir) and Masjad (masjid) :) -Hemendra

I like how gently the composition wears it's sufi/qawwali badges -Shalini Razdan

Hypnotic sufi style that is delivered extremely well! -Karthik

कोरस में बजता ‘शपाक चिकि धूम’,‘यूफोरिया’ और ‘यस बॉस’ की याद ताज़ा करता है. -विकास

Ehsaan with an addictive guitar riff on the bass and the 'ibadat' flavor of ishq penned by Prasoon Joshi make the listening worth -Nishant

The Celtic strings, the roughly textured voice, the excellent lyrics, the guitar riffs - all come together in one exhilarating romantic number. Very well executed. It's just a tad too long. -Ramanand

If the industry has its way, Javed Bashir can very soon slip in to that every-song-sounds-the-same genre (Rahat space). This one rides on a combination of great words, hook tune and Javed’s singing, of course. -Meera

I am punjabi/urdu impaired so didn't understand the lyrics much. I am sure they mean well. -Shalini Ramachandran

great fusion sufi song …love the jazzy interludes..great allround! -Arun

Amazing song, the hook is addictive. -Naresh

अच्‍छे बोल, जावेद बशीर की अच्‍छी गायकी -Yunus

S-E-L experimenting with country fiddling in Sufi-style music... Like the guitar riff, bass, and the lack of traditional rhythm (tabla/dholak). Hard time deciding whether the lyrics are really good or just also-ran/recycled Sufi stuff. -Sanjeev

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