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मुस्कानें झूठी हैं (तलाश)
muskaane.n jhuuThii hai.n (Talaash)

राम संपत जावेद अख़्तर सुमन श्रीधर  
2.59  2.53  2.52   
Ram Sampath Javed Akhtar Suman Sridhar  
Jury comments

The mysterious song with the singer hinting at things beyond the known – this isn't a genre that we hear often in HFM these days. The depth in Suman Sridhar's almost-raspy voice provides a great canvas for the music and the lyrics. -Ramanand

I can't get past the lazy vocals (even if they are trying to recreate the James Bond theme). -Armeen

Ram Sampath is bit of a master of the retro, isn't he? Sumar Shirdhar is perfect for giving that 60s night club feel to the song. -Subrat

Interesting song. MD's handling of percussion is again problematic. -Ashok

Needed a little more modulation and the sensuous feel to elevate the composition to another level. -Nishant

बड़ा मादक और शातिराना किस्म का गीत. -Vikas

Hauntingly Seductive. -Vinayakam

Lyrics are the highlight of the song. -Aditya

Soulful. -Naresh

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