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इक बगल में चाँद होगा (गैंग्स ऑफ़ वासेपुर)
ik bagal me.n chaa.Nd hogaa (Gangs of Wasseypur)

पियूष मिश्रा पियूष मिश्रा पियूष मिश्रा  
3.03  3.43  2.98   
Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra  
Jury comments

Interesting lyrics, decent tune, but the singing didn't impress me much at all. This song has “cult favorite” written all over it. 40 years from now, people will be trading its digitized copies on online forums. -UVR

The defiance in the poetry finds strong expression in Piyush Mishra's voice and in the strident arrangements. The song lends great depth to the album. -Ramanand

Mishraji is a talented man - he gets the idiom of the film, the slightest sense of hope in a blighted setup and he renders it with sensitivity. -Subrat

Piyush Mishra blending all his theater experience in the singing and the lyrics to pack quite a 'punch' even in a lullaby. It has been a while since a lullaby sounded so philosophical and full of hope not losing the present in sight. -Nishant

Piyush Mishra's show all the way! -Karthik

Unusual works here. -Ashok

Piyush Mishra has created a stunner. -Naresh

He's become a genre. To me, all his songs have some similarity. Still he manages to keep things different. Through arrangements and lyrics. In this song, it's the lyrics that make the best part of the song. -Harshit

सितार और बाँसुरी को सुनकर एक पल को किसी पुराने गीत का भरम होता है पर अचान चुनौती भरे स्वर फूटते हैं. पियूष मिश्रा के विश्वास और चुनौती भरे ये स्वर गीत को जिंदा रखते हैं. -Vikas

Evocative singing by Piyush Mishra and simple lyrics too. -Vinayakam

Very interesting! I don't know if I actually like the song, but it's certainly memorable and arresting. -Shalini

Good lyrics. -Aditya

Interesting… but why the caricaturish singing? -Armeen

Piyush Mishra strikes again. The flute, sitar and violins all do their bit to put his voice and the lyrics centrestage and we have ourselves a treat! Is this Kalavati? -Renu

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