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आरोमले (माइ बिलवेड) (एक दीवाना था)
aaromale (my beloved) (Ekk Deewana Tha)

ए आर रहमान जावेद अख़्तर अलफ़ॉंस जोसफ़  
2.35  1.40  2.08   
A R Rahman Javed Akhtar Alphons Joseph  
Jury comments

Javed Akhtar ruins a beautiful song with the lyrics. They should have retained the Malayalam original -Vinayakam

The lyrics belong to another song! -Aditya

Seems like ARR was listening to a lot of Pink Floyd before he composed this. Nothing ARR about it. -Nishant

अंतरे की शुद्ध निर्मल शब्द धारा का सामंजस्य पाश्चात्य फ्यूजन के साथ कहीं बैठता नज़र नहीं आता। -Manish

I don't get it (despite the Bageshri overtones). :( -Armeen

Interesting in many ways, esp. Sanskritized lyrics; on scrutiny they don't hold up well, but good effort. Catchy tune, but some kitchen sink also. -Ashok

गीत में दक्षिण की खुशबू साफ़ झलकती है. अंतरों में गाना सुनकर इस बात का एहसास होता है कि गीत की धुन पर बोलों को लिखाया गया होगा. -Vikas

It's been a loooonnng time since I've enjoyed a Rahman song this much. The lyrics don't make much sense but the composition is beautifully crafted. -Shalini

Rehman does a good tune but Javed Akhtra does nothing to add value, singing is fine. Shreya version better. -Naresh

I have heard the original and for some reason the song doesn't crossover into Hindi film easily. It's a beautiful composition in its original avatar. Maybe it is the forcefitting of Hindi words that ruins it -Subrat

Its not a sound I associate with ARR. Don't recollect him venturing into a Dire Straits/Deep Purple/Floyd type of sound before. But I am glad he did. -Renu

Reminds me too much of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here -Amit

What a fantastic song … in the original Tamil/Malayalam version. It leaves me completely out of breath every single time I hear it. The vocals are at once powerful and plaintive, perfect for this song. Much has been said about how Rahman has worked wonders with the Bageshri raag-based tune. Where “Bolo Na” puts the raag front and center, this song uses the raag under a heavy disguise. All that said, the lyrics of the Hindi version are an assault to the senses, making me dock a point from the overall score. -UVR

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