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बोलो ना (चिट्टागॉंग)
bolo naa (Chittagong)

शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी शंकर महादेवन  
3.41  2.92  3.22   
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Prasoon Joshi Shankar Mahadevan  
Jury comments

Mindboggling vocals by Shankar Mahadevan; the simple, evocative tune helps in bringing it out well. -Karthik

Well sung. Actually, all parts work well together. -Ashok

Sarod adds a definitive character to this song. Great surprise from SEL -Aditya

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy ne ek hi maara par solid maara. Gets my brownie points for the use of Sarod and Prasoon Joshi's "Shabd bikharane waale" lyrics. -Nishant

Shankar Mahadevan delivers a stunner - tune and singing both are top grade. -Naresh

I hadn't heard of this song and I was pleasantly surprised to discover it. Shankar's singing is restrained and the sarod complements the vocal very well. -Subrat

Uninspiring tune and for the most part Shankar Mahadevan sounds like he feels the same way. -Armeen

Bageshri for Bageshri's sake :-) – that's the best description I can come up with for this song. Still, the tune is good and the orchestration pretty nice. The singing is somewhat gratuitous; Shankar should make an effort NOT to sing his own songs. But then the lyrics are very nice, with their vivid imagery (“sannaTo.n kii choTii khee.ncho”), and inspite of the awkward (wrong) pronunciations (“*itar* ki shiishii”?), I liked it enough to give it a 4. -UVR

सरोद(?), तानपुरे से शुरू होता ये गीत अगले ही पल वेस्टर्न इंस्ट्रूमेंट के साथ कदमताल करता है. काफी लंबे समय बाद शंकर महादेवन अपने पुराने अंदाज़ में दीखते है. गीत कुछ कुछ कर्नाटक शैली का भी सुनाई देता है. -Vikas

Old world charm. Apt to the movie. -Vinayakam

I appreciate the relatively uncluttered instrumentation and the classical-based melody but I wish SEL had gotten someone other than Shankar Mahadevan to sing it. -Shalini

One genre that SEL's music and Shankar Mahadevan's singing always work is the semiclassical one. Bolo Na is another proof. -Vipin

An almost perfect song with excellent music, lyrics and singing. Though it doesn't get any five as there is nothing too exceptional either. -Harshit

Great composition, brilliant singing! -Renu

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