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आशियाँ (युगल) (बर्फ़ी)
aashiyaa.N (yugal) (Barfi)

प्रीतम स्वानंद किरकिरे श्रेया घोषाल, निखिल पॉल जॉर्ज  
3.23  2.98  3.13   
Pritam Swanand Kirkire Shreya Ghoshal, Nikhil Paul George  
Jury comments

Some what reminiscent of tunes from the 70s, which is when the film is supposed to be set (for no apparent reason, based on the synopsis) - but the orchestration and voices don't match the period and take away from what could have been a song worth something. -Armeen

A track outlining the simple pleasures and aptly underscored by the music. -Nishant

Pritam scores and how! The accordion led opening is superb. The rhythm is supported by flute. Shreya is dripping honey and Nikhil Paul George despite mangling the Hindi language badly and with an untrained voice hold your attention. -Subrat

Brilliant music and singing, in sync with the film's overall theme. -Karthik

The song has too many bits and pieces of other songs, to be given enough credit of its own. -Renu

I liked this song very much. It embodies a childlike simplicity and innocence that I found very endearing. -UVR

Nice tune. The female singer sings better. -Ashok

बचपने सी मासूमियत सा ये गीत आपको बहा जाता है. गीत में एक वेस्टर्न रंग की मौजूदगी सुनने में अच्छी महसूस होती है. -Vikas

Words like 'itti si hansi, itti si khushi' help establish the innocence that is asked for. Shreya's singing helps the same cause. -Harshit

प्रीतम, श्रेया और स्वानंद की तिकड़ी मन में नई आशा का संचार सा करती है। मन धनात्मक उर्जा से बढ़ उठता है इस गीत को सुनकर। -Manish

Transports you to a different world. -Vinayakam

Annoyingly chirpy. -Shalini

Lovely on all fronts. -Vipin

Fantastic song, fits very well within the film! -Aditya

Good use of the accordion; the song tends to become a little cloying at times. -Ramanand

Nicely tuned, well written, and adequately sung. -Naresh

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