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अभी मुझमें कहीं (अग्निपथ)
abhii mujhame.n kahii.n (Agneepath)

अजय-अतुल अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य सोनू निगम  
2.92  2.67  2.56   
Ajay-Atul Amitabh Bhattacharya Sonu Nigam  
Jury comments

A lovely tune and a beautiful song, this. Ajay-Atul live up to their reputation as excellent tunesmiths. Sonu Niigaam (or however he's spelling his name these days) really needs to turn down the over-emote knob. Fortunately, he's somewhat ok here, but I've heard recordings of him singing this song live, and those are seriously better than the official film soundtrack. -UVR

Good to hear Sonu again but the song is nothing special. -Shalini

Good tune and for the most part logical orchestration (especially given the present company)… wish Sonu would not be so tempted to over emote. -Armeen

संतूर और सोनू, गीत की जान हैं. गीत के अंतरे मुखड़े में आते बदलाव और सोनू की गायकी गीत से जोड़े रखती है! वाद्य संयोजन भी कमाल. अजय अतुल ने याद रखने वाला काम किया है. -Vikas

pungii and this has the same lyricist. Nice to see the different shades of Amitabh Bhattacharya. -Renu

Sonu should sing more. -Neha

अमिताभ के दिल छूते शब्द, सोनू की शानदार गायिकी और अजय अतुल के मन मोहने वाले इंटरल्यूड्स इस गीत को इस साल के मेरे प्रियतम गीतों की श्रेणी में ला खड़ा करते हैं। गीत में समाहित दर्द की अनुभूति आपको एकदम से द्रवित कर देती है। -Manish

Nicely composed by Ajay-Atul and the lyrics definitely take the song to a new level. Sonu Nigam's singing is nothing new considering his standards. -Nishant

Lovely tune, soothing composition. Sonu is also sufficiently retrained, although he jars a bit in the higher notes -Aditya

Vibrato in Sonu's voice continues to irritate ! Nicely tuned by Ajay- Atul -Naresh

This is a good composition marred by a style of signing that has gotten repetitive. One can almost see Sonu Nigam overacting while singing it -Subrat

Sonu has been the king of soulful melodies, and he delivers this too perfectly. Add to that Ajay Atul's brilliant use of orchestral arrangement which has been their forte. -Vipin

I marked 4.5 on singing, but I guess I can't expect singing to be better than this in the song. So it's a Five! As for music, I have heard such music before, but it's rare these days and the extremity it wants to touch in chhoo loon zara deserves something more. -Harshit

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