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दिल मेरा मुफ़्त का (एजेंट विनोद)
dil meraa muft kaa (Agent Vinod)

प्रीतम नीलेश मिश्रा नंदिनी श्रीकर, रिज़वान-मुअज़्ज़म, शादाब-अल्तमश फ़रीदी, शबाब साबरी  
2.25  1.44  2.52   
Pritam Neelesh Misra Nandini Srikar, Rizwan-Muazzam, Shadaab Faridi-Altamush Faridi, Shabab Sabri  
Jury comments

Promising beginning, but gets awful quickly. -Ashok

The only reason to listen to this is Nandini Srikar's voice and the use of "77". Pritam starts off good but then becomes loud. -Nishant

The above average singing is truly the only saving grace of this song. Annoying orchestration – the overly westernized sounds should have been limited. Banal lyrics: if she has 75 “premi”s, why are 77 ishaare needed to win her affections, and not just 76? -UVR

Here too Nandini Srikar puts to good use her solid classical base. -Vipin

Genre wise this could be mujra meets rock meets club meets qawwali meets trance meets dance pop meets everything and the kitchen sink. But surprisingly it comes together quite nicely. -Renu

Worth a second listen, some of the audio effects and other gimmicks during the interludes sound immature especially given the rest of the composition. -Armeen

गीत की शुरुआत काफी अच्छी होती है, लेकिन ''फेविकोल' जैसे चलते गीतों में शुमार!! लंबे वक्त तक याद रख पाने में मुश्किल पर फिर भी बांधे रखने वाला गीत. -Vikas

Not a bad attempt at reconstiuting the mujra, but not great either. -Shalini

Interesting take on fusion qawaali, but the fusion element is too overwhelming -Aditya

Energetic and well-sung, this is a decent modern attempt in a genre that hasn't been in vogue for a while. -Ramanand

Preetam shows his mettle here and some outstanding singing by all. -Naresh

Pritam reconstructs a mujra complete with harmonium and rubab. The traditionalist within me might wince at times but this is a fine modern interpretation. Nandini Srikar excels showing us another facet to her vocal talent -Subrat

The experiment in music/genre is nice and well executed. -Harshit

Bad lyrics :( -Neha

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