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विरह  (बंदिश बैंडिट्स)

virah (Bandish Bandits)

Tags: agony, birah, classical, evocative, filmy classical, haunting, heartbreak, heavy, hindustani classical, longing, love, lovelorn, lyrical, melancholic, melancholy, mournful, pain, raag-based, raaga, sad, semi-classical, separation, virah


समीर सामंत
Sameer Samant

शंकर महादेवन
Shankar Mahadevan

Absolutely haunting. -Svetlana

Viraha is a short, stunning number that stuns you with the emotional depth it tries to convey. The Rang, Rang phrasing, the muted flute and Mridangam and Shankar Mahadevan's majestic voice convey angst and longing that is difficult to overcome. Long after the song ends, one keeps wishing that the song was a tad bit longer. -Krithikaa

A classically heavy song that falls too much in the melancholic side to enjoy on loop, but is still technically perfect. Loved the tablas, flute and Shankar Mahadevan's spotless rendition! -Rujul

The techno sound is a bit too much but good tune and wonderfully sung by Shreya. -Anish

Virah. The moment that word is dropped in Atul Kulkarni's voice, my heart sinks a bit. Every. Single. Time. I think it is the lyrics that make a profound impact aside from the ace and effortless singing by Shankar Mahadevan and exceptionally true potrayal of a heartborken singer by Atul Kulkarni. I should be judging it on the music alone, but really this song is a package and the impact is as much to Shankar's credit as it is to the actors. Hats off!
And in lyrics, this is what a life-long separation looks like:
तेरे बिना कहीं भी ना व्याकुल मन लागे
विरहन सुर, ताल, साज आज तेरे आगे (see the anguish on Atul ji's face)
नैनन को चैन नहीं, रैन-रैन जागे
इक पल में टूट जाएँ साँस के ये धागे
तू जो मुँह फेरे सखी, देह प्राण त्यागे
पल भर तू देख मुझे ज़िन्दगी गुज़ार दूँ (and watch Sheeba chaddha at this point!)
मेरी सखी मैं अंग-अंग आज रंग डाल दूँ
अपने जी से प्रेम रंग कैसे मैं उतार दूँ? -Akanksha

Stunning composition, evokes perfectly the rasa it is named for. And the traditional metaphor of rang as love is superbly used in the lyrics here. -Trisha

My overall feeling about the songs of Bandish Bandits is that the songs work better OUTSIDE without the actors' lipsync: none of the actors really did a good job acting to the songs. -UVR

Liked this one. Appropraiately mourful. Shankar M can get a little monotnous, but he varies his voice well in this one. -Shalini

Shankar Mahadevan singing classical-flavoured songs is always a joy to listen to. And the man is in exceptional form in both the songs he leads in this album. Virah is my top favourite among the two, for its understated orchestration, and that rang rang refrain that works as a very effective chorus line throughout the song. -Vipin

Haunting! -Aditya

Shankar Mahadevan at his best. Also, excellent lyrics by Sameer Samant. A soul-stirring composition. -Aman

Song of the year. This is the kind of singing and composition that will be remembered for ages. It’s the best singing performance of the year. Among Shankar Mahadevan’s best sung tracks. Sameer Samant’s words blend seamlessly into this raag based song. Not to forget Atul Kulkarni who has done perfect justice to this song as he performed it on screen. Exceptional song. -Mihir

My favorite track from Bandish Bandits. Haunting and beautiful. -Vishal

Bit of a letdown in a great album. Shankar sings it well though. -Subrat

The perfect blend of percussion, flute, and Shankar's singing brings out the sense of longing beautifully. -Vaishali

गरज गरज जुगलबंदी  (बंदिश बैंडिट्स)

garaj garaj jugalabandii (Bandish Bandits)

Tags: classical, evocative, resonant, filmy classical, folk, goosebumps, hindustani classical, jugalbandi, malhar, monsoon, punchy, raag-based, raaga, rain, rain song, rains, semi-classical, traditional, vocal acrobatics


समीर सामंत
Sameer Samant

फ़रीद हसन, मोहम्मद अमन
Farid Hasan, Mohammed Aman

Thunderous. And so brilliantly recorded as if you're listening live. -Anup

Farid Hasan and Mohammed Aman are two extremely talented singers. They navigate this jugalbandi set towards the climax of the series with so much confidence. Fabulous use of harmonium. Except for the need to use high notes to win the competition at the end, this song was absoutely breathtaking. -Vaishali

This is a stunning streaming debut for Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Impeccable music and singing! -Aman

Superb. The jugalbandi is fantastic. -Subrat

Technical excellence with a jugalbandi punch. -Trisha

An outstanding classical song exploring the nuances to its full glory. Extraordinary singing. -Karthik

Even better than the solo version, primarily because of the intricate taans. -Aditya

The longer version of Garaj Garaj is also the tune's more traditional avatar with long aalaps, tablas keeping to the rhythm of rains and that harmonium that almost sounds like a singer.The song whips you into a frenzy, ending on a stupendous note, leaving behing a happy and calm space that reminds me you of that smell of fragrant, wet, earth after torrential monsoon rainfall. -Krithikaa

Garaj Garaj in both its versions is largely about the stellar singing by the musicians involved - Ajoy Chakraborty in one, and Farid Hasan and Mohammed Aman engaged in a duel in the other - the latter in particular is highlighted by the incredible improvisations by the two singers towards the close of the song. -Vipin

Impressive but I didn't feel the bliss. -Shalini

Both versions of this song are Very Good, but the one with Ajoy C. is better. This one has iffy sur in a few of the fast taans, and that spoils the mood for me. -UVR

Legit taankaari. -Armeen

Both singers deliver this song beautifully, with all the classical intricacies taken care of amazingly. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's composition and arrangements take you to a darbar. The aalaaps are nuanced and exquisite. -Rujul

The climactic song of Bandish Bandits series depicts a jugalbandi between two competing singers. It’s a raaga based composition. The song just falls short of becoming an epic finale song in my opinion. -Mihir

The impact of this song multiplies manifolds if you watch the show. Fantastic composition and jugalbandi between Farid Hasan and Mohammed Aman. GOLD! Goosebumps all along!
इस रुत के संग रंगी हरित रंग में धरा
सब बिहंग आज दंग देख रंग ये हरा
इस ऋतु में आज तू भी अंग-अंग रंग ले
तार की झंकार छेड़, संग में मृदंग ले. -Akanksha

The jugalbandi feels like well-timed banter. -Svetlana

गरज गरज  (बंदिश बैंडिट्स)

garaj garaj (Bandish Bandits)

Tags: classical, evocative, filmy classical, folk, goosebumps, hindustani classical, malhar, monsoon, punchy, raag-based, raaga, rain, rain song, rains, semi-classical, traditional


समीर सामंत
Sameer Samant

अजय चक्रवर्ती
Ajoy Chakrabarty

This serene, melodious Malhar composition with lovely use of sitar is one of the best songs from Bandish Bandits. Happy to hear an established classical musician, Pt Ajoy Chakrabarty sing this. Lyrics by Sameer Samant are perfect. -Vaishali

This is an exceptional raag-based composition. Performed by the music Maestro Ajoy Chakrabarty. Hearing him sing this song is an out of the world experience. A song that would make you fall in love with Indian classical music. One of my top favorite tracks of the year. -Mihir

Technical excellence, or what a solid classical grounding can do. -Trisha

Ajoy Chakraborty's rendition is spellbinding, to say the least. -Anish

The Mian ki Malhar based song is a stand out with the sitar phrases making you feel like you are getting drenched by the fine mellow rain drops of the first rains of the season. The only negative of this version of this version of the song is that its way too short. -Krithikaa

Ajoy Chakraborty and his wonderful aalaaps start off this version of the song, and the tabla blows your mind. This version is my favourite (unpopular opinion, probably). The sitar work is mindblowing too! -Rujul

I am not qualified enough to comment about the genius of Pandit ji, so I’d rather shut up. Just sending a sashtaang pranaam his way. Special mentions for the sitar. -Akanksha

Ajoy Chakrabarty is a legend of Indian classical music and it shows in this song. -Aman

Great singing. -Aditya

Like rains on parched land - that's how I felt listening to this. -Subrat

Thoroughly enjoyed. -Shalini

लब पर आये  (बंदिश बैंडिट्स)

lab par aaye (Bandish Bandits)

Tags: addictive, classical, confession, filmy classical, folkish, harmonium, hindustani classical, love, lovelorn, mature, melancholy, pleading, punchy, qawwali, raag-based, romantic, semi-classical, separation, soulful, thumri, traditional,earworm


समीर सामंत
Sameer Samant

जावेद अली
Javed Ali

Javed Ali's singing skills needs no introduction. The emotions and murkis are all on point. One can listen to this song multiple times.
The lyrics of all Bandish Bandit songs have been written with great care. The seemingly traditional songs have also been modified to suit the context.
लड़ पछताऊँ समझ न पाऊँ रूठे पिया को कैसे मनाऊँ भेद जिया के किस को दिखाऊँ किस को बताऊँ कलेश हो. -Akanksha

Probably the most popular classical song from this soundtrack, and it deserves the popularity! Javed Ali renders the song perfectly, and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's tabla beat keeps the listener hooked. Javed's aalaaps are out of this world. -Rujul

Musical version of comfort food. -Shalini

Singing would have been a 4, but for the high part at the very end which just didn’t seem necessary or should have been a rendered more gracefully if the situation demanded it. -Armeen

This is a captivating bandish composed by SEL for a live performance type setting. Javed Ali is outstanding with his wonderfully nuanced singing. He makes the listener feel the emotion behind each line. His voice modulation and command over his craft is phenomenal. I’ve listened to this track umpeteen number of times. Sameer Samant’s words blend perfectly into the semi-classical composition. Incredible work by SEL & Samant once again after ‘Katyar Kaljat Ghusali’. -Mihir

Lovely harmonium prelude and Javed Ali's singing. Song has a feeling of a qawwali. -Vaishali

Last year's earworm for me. This is what is called a pure composition - lovely lyrics, excellent singing and mesmerising music. Javed Ali at his finest, loved his voice. The best track for me in the OST. -Aman

Smoothens all the potential rough vocal edges of an actual Hindustani classical rendition. But still good. -Trisha

Javed Ali is wonderful, Shankar is good too. The lyrics are to the point. Great song. -Subrat

Lab Par Aaye has a strong call back to saiyyan bolen and andha sivagami maganidam in a number of ways such as the raga phrases and how well the tune and the words emote impending separation or distance in relationships. Javed Ali is very competent and lets the tune shine with his super compact singing . The way he holds that Laage Jiya Ko Thes phrase is lovely. -Krithikaa

Great singing and lyrics. -Anish

One can hardly go wrong after the way harmonium kicks off the song! Javed Ali is just stupendous. -Vishal

धरा होगी  (बंदिश बैंडिट्स)

dharaa hogii (Bandish Bandits)

Tags: beats, classical, concert, evocative, filmy classical, folk, folksy, hindustani classical, live, monsoon, opulent, raag-based, rain, rain song, rains, rajashtani, rajasthani, rajasthani folk, semi classical, semi-classical, summer, tarana, traditional


समीर सामंत
Sameer Samant

शंकर महादेवन
Shankar Mahadevan

Beautifully composed song - while having a strong classical foundation, simultaneously gives you a flavor of the Rajasthani folk music. Who better to sing this than Shankar Mahadevan. -Vaishali

Good composition and Shankar in great form. -Subrat

The Rajasthani folk element stands out brilliantly in this song, my favourite from the Bandish Bandits soundtrack. Shankar's voice aptly conveys the grandeur of the Rajasthani setting. The arrangements consist of amazing percussion, ethnic strings and khanjiras. It is very easy to imagine yourself riding a camel through the Thar while listening to this song! -Rujul

Shankar somehow sounds a bit tired in this. It sounds like they artificially boosted the bass to make his voice sound heavier than it actually is, but that has robbed it of its texture. -UVR

For Shankar Mahadevan's powerful voice and the fluid melody. -Svetlana

Dhara Hogi is Shankar Ehsaan Loy sort of picking up from where they left off in Mirzya. Beautiful folksy orchestration and top notch singing by Shankar Mahadevan - love the shift from the seven beat cycle to eight in the final couple of minutes. -Vipin

Another great composition from the Bandish Bandits OST. -Aman

Pleasant and well-sung, but feels like many other songs of its ilk. -Trisha

Shankar Mahadevan at his best, helped by his co-composers. -Karthik

Shankar has composed it for a concert almost. The beats and tarana in the end are amazing. -Akanksha

Steeped in Indian classical music and yet extremely accesible. -Anish

A phenomenal track by SEL sung by the master himself-- Shankar Mahadevan. This is an incredibly powerful and nuanced composition. There is an element of Rajasthani folk music. With this song and Virah, Shankar is easily the best singer/artist of the year. -Mihir

If Garaj Garaj is about the frenzy and joy of the first rains of the monsoon season, Dhara Hogi is the steady rainfall that beats down the summer heat and brings releif to one's soul. Set in the stunning and underrated Brindavana Saranga, the song is majestic and the change in tempo towards the end, adds to the song's beauty. -Krithikaa

लुत्फ़ वो इश्क़ में  (अ सूटेबल बॉय)

lutf wo ishq me.n (A Suitable Boy)

Tags: classical, dreamy, ghazal, ghazalish, mature, mehfil, old-world, poetic, romantic, romantic, evocative, sarangi, semi-classical, sensual, urdu-ghazal

कविता सेठ
Kavita Seth


कविता सेठ
Kavita Seth

Both these songs are so wholesome! Her voice is like a balm to the soul.. The melody, poetry, all of it leaves an impact like no other. -Svetlana

A popular ghazal, well reproduced. -Amborish

This is a sublime rendition of Daagh Dehlvi’s ghazal by Kavita Seth. Performed by Tabu on screen. Kavita’s singing appears to be straight from the heart without inclusion of any unnecessary ‘harkats’. Fab track! -Mihir

Oh, I like this voice. Wish she would pay more attention to her enunciation, but still pretty decent job. -Shalini

This was one of my favourite ghazals in the soundtrack as I was watching this series. Kavita Seth carries the innocence of love beautifully through her rendition. The sarangi complements her beautifully, while the tabla plays a steady teentaal throughout. -Rujul

Dagh Dehlvi's iconic Ghazal. The tune is so-so, but Kavita's singing is quite good. -UVR

Daagh Dehlvi's words elevated by Kavita Seth's melodious singing. -Aman

A usual ghazal but Kavita Seth's rendition elevates it. -Subrat

The composition and Kavita Seth's earthy voice gives this Dagh Dehlvi ghazal an old world feeling. It reminded me of the album, Husn-e-jaana by Muzaffar Ali. -Vaishali

This feels like a ghazal in all ways except its speed, which is much higher than it would be traditionally. Very smoothly sung by Kavita Seth – except one can often not hear the difference between “jee jaata hai” and “jee jaanta hai”. -Trisha

The elongation of 'jee' at some places is very pleasing. Although the show could not have included a long ghazal in this situation, but one wishes more verses were included for the audio version. -Aditya

Just how beautifully has Kavita Seth sung Dagh! And Tabu on screen ufff...जो ज़माने के सितम हैं वो ज़माना जाने

तू ने दिल इतने सताए हैं कि जी जानता है. -Akanksha

Kavita Seth's rendition is so poignant! Just mesmerizing! Loved that accentuated, true-to-the-original 'ji', e.g., in the line 'ji jaanta hai'. I can't get enough of this song. -Vishal

Makes a solid impression in the first hearing itself. -Anish

मुद्दत हुई है  (अ सूटेबल बॉय)

muddat huii hai (A Suitable Boy)

Tags: classical, ghalib, ghazal, ghazalish, lyrical, mature, mehfil, old-world, poetic, romantic, romantic, evocative, sarangi, semi classical, semi-classical, sensual, urdu-ghazal, wistful

कविता सेठ
Kavita Seth


कविता सेठ
Kavita Seth

Kavita Seth adds to the pathos of Ghalib's poetry with her plaintive rendition. -Vishal

Would've Romanticd to hear relatively lesser heard verses of this ghazal. -Aditya

Kavita Seth's expertise in the genre shines through beautifully in this fine composition. Bit of a Masoom throwback with the jee dhundta hai line that Gulzar used in the movie. -Vipin

This is not the strongest ghazals of the lot in Suitable boy but lovely nonetheless. -Akanksha

Mirza Ghalib’s iconic ghazal rendered beautifully by Kavita Seth. The music arrangement has been kept traditional, suitable to the era it is set in. -Mihir

Again. Nice.Grateful for the unfussy musical arrangement. -Shalini

Kavita Seth shines in home territory, and the tabla and harmonium back her up well. This song sounded amazing in the series, but I would not revisit it as a standalone song -- situational at best. -Rujul

Ghalib! We are not worthy of giving anything less than 5 to lyrics. The tune is nice and Kavita's singing is up to par. But the best tune of all time for this IMO (and best singing) is by Iqbal Bano. -UVR

I'm a bit biased to the genre and it is a relief listening to it after a whole bunch of same sounding songs. -Subrat

A Ghalib ghazal, well- reproduced. -Amborish

Silken smooth, but over too fast. -Trisha

A nice recreation of Ghalib's ghazal. -Aman

सजन बिन  (बंदिश बैंडिट्स)

sajan bin (Bandish Bandits)

Tags: addictive, catchy, classical, classical fusion, edm, electronic, fusion, happy, hindustani classical, hindustani-pop, love, peppy, playful, pop, pulsating, raag-based, reinterpretation, romantic ballad, semi-classical, techno, upbeat, vocal acrobatics


दिव्यांशु मल्होत्रा
Divyanshu Malhotra

शिवम महादेवन, जोनिता गाँधी
Shivam Mahadevan, Jonita Gandhi

The best song of 2020, in my view. That it was in a TV show says a lot about the new avenue to transplant film music that hasn't been explored adequately yet. A perfect fusion by the trio. -Karthik

Works well in the context of the show. Shivam Mahadevan dominates. -Aditya

I did not like this song. Very average. -UVR

Enjoyalbe but in a forgettable way. -Shalini

Shivam! The western part of the song could've been more creative. -Armeen

Fantastic song especially lifted by Shivam and the music. I didn’t like the lyrics that much even if it is perfectly in line with the narrative of the show. -Akanksha

The song that best encapsulates the "fusion" that is core to the web series, a pop singer and a classical singer bringing together their respective styles - in Shivam Mahadevan and Jonita Gandhi, SEL get the perfect singers to deliver the respective genres to perfection. -Vipin

Shivam Mahadevan is such a pleasure to listen to even if it is a small portion. -Vaishali

A spectacular fusion track which perfectly blends the worlds of electronic dance music (EDM) and Indian classical music. The contrasting vocals of Jonita Gandhi and Shivam Mahadevan come together beautifully to produce this addictive number. -Mihir

Electronic pop sound and the raga based melodhy blend together seamlessly. -Anish

Wonderful blend of classical and pop. Jonita Gandhi is a pleasure like usual. The lyrics go mad but that’s fine for this album. -Subrat

The song with millenial lyrics, Shivam and Jonita's engaging vocals and catchy music is highly addictive and is the perfect theme song for the East-meets-West kinda music based series. -Aman

Shivam's portions make this song soar to new levels; the Jonita portions are quite banal. I long for a full classical version of this! -Rujul

Jonita Gandhi impresses with her vocals in the western segments but young Shivam blows your mind with his voice texture and vocal acrobatics in the Sajan Bin refrain based in Bhimplasi .When the song ends, you regret Shivam's limited appearance in the song and want more of his improvs. -Krithikaa

Artful and contemporary, at the lyrical and musical level. -Trisha

बैठी है  (सौंग्स ऑफ़ ट्रांस)

baiThii hai (Songs of Trance)

Tags: carnatic, classical, electronic, evocative, experimental, fusion, haunting, longing, melancholic, mellow, modern, moody, philosophical, raag-based, rhythmic, semi-classical, sensuous, trance, trancey, virah

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य, शर्मिष्ठा चटर्जी
Amitabh Bhattacharya, Sharmistha Chatterjee

Amit Trivedi has produced some fantastic compositions this year under his label AT Azaad. ‘Baithi Hai’ has got an evocative tune & lyrics. There is a pensive mood, sense of melancholy, and female pov here. The team of Trivedi + Anvita Dutt have always produced wonderful music (Queen, Bulbbul). -Mihir

Amit Trivedi had a great year with non-film music. I particularly appreciated Songs of Trace because his folk songs have started to become a bit predictable. Baithi has been very well written by Amitabhi and Amit has accentuated the ecstacy natural to Sharmistha's voice. -Akanksha

The female voice is wonderful and the orchestration is innovative. -Subrat

That addictive rhythm opens this song off, and the experimental sound effects continue throughout. The classical based melody is composed beautifully by Amit, and rendered just as skillfully by Sharmishta Chatterjee. The Qawwali-esque bit by Amitabh Bhattacharya and Amit Trivedi is the portion that seals the deal for me. -Rujul

Coming soon to a spa near you.:-) The raag is strong in this one which probably explains my liking for it despite the indifferent singing. -Shalini

Haunting music with unusual arrangement, lyrically heavy (Amitabh Bhattacharya), beautifully sung by Sharmistha Chatterjee. Overall, happy to hear Amit Trivedi's albums of different genres. -Vaishali

What is "Trance" about this song? Not the lyrics. Not the singing (very good). Not the music. Then what? -UVR

A classical-based but quirky composition. -Amborish

A haunting and addictive composition supported by Sharsmishta Chatterjee's brilliant singing and Anvita Dutt's great usage of words. Excellent stuff from Amit Trivedi. -Aman

Amit Trivedi's early film work has been more wild, inventive and experimental than these independent ones. Still, not bad. -Anup

Loved the way the song begins, the musical arrangement is outstanding and Chatterjee's voice feels powerfully in synch with the notes. -Trisha

Both Amit Trivedi and Sharmistha Chatterjee are in terrific form here. Loved the tranquil, groovy beats. I absolutely loved the imagery produced by the first stanza: 'Baithi hai maun saja ke, edhi pe zang lagaa ke. Aalna (nest) beech bhanwar mein, tinke pe aas laga ke'. The artwork that accompanies this song's video also captures this visual so well. Amit Trivedi's vocal section is also enchanting. I liked how the is written from the third-person perspective instead of the common first-person perspective ('baithi hai', not 'baithi hoon') -- I think that makes the song a little more interesting and unique than it would have been otherwise. -Vishal

Sounds like it is based on Puriya Dhanashree. -Aditya

One of the outcomes of the reduced number of movie releases this year was film composers increasingly becoming active in the indie space, and one of the people who made the most of this was Amit Trivedi. And this was the best song the man released in the year - wonderful classical-based fusion that is delivered equally well by Sharmishtha Chatterjee. -Vipin

घरौंदा  (जे एल 50)

gharau.ndaa (JL 50)

Tags: calm, dreamy, fusion, hindustani-fusion, home, hope, intense, mellow-classical, memory, nostalgia, pop, prayer, reflective, semi-classical, sentimental, soothing, soulful

असीम त्रिवेदी
Aseem Trivedi

असीम त्रिवेदी
Aseem Trivedi

असीम त्रिवेदी
Aseem Trivedi

The composition is very strong, as is the rendition by the composer himself. It is nice to see such fresh fusion compositions coming back to the forefront thanks to OTT content. The soft rock complements the classical melody beautifully. The ravanahatha sounds exquisite. Overall, this sounds straight out of Coke Studio. -Rujul

The most tolerable of the fusion songs. The music is too busy as usual, but there *is* a melody, so that's something. -Shalini

A promising debut for Aseem Trivedi. Rarely we get to hear semi-classical songs these days. -Mihir

Catchy tune, great lyrics, and really good singing by Aseem Trivedi. Lovely use of sarangi played by Rafiq Ahmed. Overall, loved the song. (It was very hard to find the name of the lyricist for this song…never found appropriate credits). -Vaishali

Beautifully sung. -Amborish

The score is good but the singing is a let down. -Subrat

Very soothing melodic piece from Aseem Trivedi that seems some lovely use of the sarangi. Trivedi was another promising debutant to break into the scene this year thanks to the plethora of web series. -Vipin

Wonderful use of israj (or is that sarod?). I enjoyed this track quite a bit. Based on the number of views and likes on Youtube, I gotta say it's quite underrated, and Aseem Trivedi deserves more recognition. And hey, when was the last time you heard the woebegone phrase 'musht-e-gubaar' (fistful of dust)?! -Vishal

Needed better voice, but a talent to watch out for. -Anup

The instrumentation and singing elevate the song to much greater heights. -Aman

Bahut sundar. Aseem's voice is as beautiful as the lyrics. -Akanksha

Lovely Sarangi/Esraj phrases kick off this lovely melody that reminds me of Iktara in a super nice way. I was pleasantly surpised that Aseem's softer voice was featured in the song instead of more textured vocals like that of Mohan Kannan's. The singer's softer voice helps breaks the monotony and showcases the tune in a fantastic manner. -Krithikaa

सैयाँ बोल  (भूमि 2020)

saiyaa.N bol (Bhoomi 2020)

Tags: classical, classical-adaptation, electronic, fusion, fusion, thumri, love song, pleading, raag-based, reinterpreted thumri, romantic, semi-classical, slow, soothing, sweet, techno, thumri



कौशिकी चक्रवर्ती
Kaushiki Chakraborty

Wish they had gone softer on techno arrangements for this reimagined version of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan’s thumri. -Mihir

The singing is good for the traditional lyrics. Music is all over the place. -Subrat

Kaushiki keeps her voice in rein, until the very last phrase, when she lets us know what she really is. -Trisha

No acrobatic taans? Kaushiki is growing up :-)! The composers totally missed a great opportunity for a really creative fusion background. -Armeen

Salim-Suleiman adapt this classical tune into a mellow, almost jazzy song with Kaushiki adding to the beauty of the adaptation with her improvs. -Krithikaa

The strings portion was suprising for a thumri, but it works well. -Vishal

These Western-Indian classical numbers probably sound good "on-paper," but don't really work for me. I did appreciate the singer's straightforward, no-gimmicks rendition though. -Shalini

Koushiki's classical expertise shines through the track. -Amborish

The great composition by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahab is let down by below par production. -Anish

Salim-Sulaiman add their own soothing touch to this age-old thumri, and who could render it better than Kaushiki Chakraborty? The dubstep touch makes it sound appealing, and the soft strings coupled with the trademark Salim-Sulaiman piano chords make it sound unique. -Rujul

Kaushiki has an excellent voice, it's good to hear these collabs, but there were portions of this I wished had been designed better (Coke Studio fusions are somewhat better). -UVR

The song is all about Kaushiki Chakraborty's incredible delivery, particularly with Salim Sulaiman keeping the arrangement understated to let the singing take all the spotlight. What a singer! -Vipin

Listened to this on the loop. Original composition by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan sb. We need to see more collaboration between Kaushiki and Salim-Sulaiman. Only regret is that this was too short! -Akanksha

राधे  (सौंग्स ऑफ़ फ़ेथ)

raadhe (Songs of Faith)

Tags: bhajan-fusion, bhakti, breezy, cheerful, chirpy, dance, devotional, ethnic fusion, folk, folksy, gujarati, holi, joyful, love, mischievious, mischievous, peppy, phagun, pop bhajan, radha-krishna, reinterpretation, traditional, upbeat

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi


अमित त्रिवेदी, अरुणिमा भट्टाचार्य, नीरज आर्य
Amit Trivedi, Arunima Bhattacharya, Neeraj Arya

Very predictable arrangement from Amit Trivedi. Catchy though. -Anup

Radhe is what you get when you try to adapt a bhajan to a peppier template that makes you want to get up and dance. The tune sounds a bit jaded despite a weak resemblence to the far superior Chowdari and that works towards the song's disadvantage. -Krithikaa

Catchy music with interesting arrangement. -Vaishali

A quirky devotional composition. -Amborish

The song with a typical Amit Trivedi sound. He removes the clutter associated with traditional tracks in this genre and produces this smooth sounding song of faith. Neeraj Arya (of Kabir Cafe fame) is an interesting choice for singer here. A peppy, cheerful song of faith. -Mihir

Innovative. -Trisha

A distinctly Trivedi approach to the Krishna-Radha legend. The composer nevertheless makes it sound like an independent song, and successfully strips it of any filminess that might creep in. The energetic rendition by Neeraj, Arunima and the composer himself helps the song sound peppy as it should. The music arrangements are rich -- energetic tablas, mellifluous flutes and booming percussions. Shellee's lyrics aptly describe the legend of Krishna and Radha. One of the freshest songs to come from AT Azaad. -Rujul

A delectable melange of live musicians! -Vishal

It’s a colourful song and has festive vibes to it. A perfect Holi track! -Aman

Song benefits by remaining focused on its interpretation of a "modern" bhajan. Liked it. -Shalini

Over-familiarity brings the song slightly down. Reminds one of several songs composed by AT in the past. -Anish

Very rhythmic and full of bhakti ras. Average lyrics but had it not been COVID then AT's songs of Faith would have sold like hot cakes in Dandiya parties. -Akanksha

Some kind of a modern take on a bhajan with the usual Amit Trivedi flourishes (very Gal Meethi Meethi Bol beginning). All quite fun. -Subrat

पलकें खोलो  ([सिंगल])

palake.n kholo ([Single])

Tags: breezy, dreamy, endearing, evocative, hope, hopeful, inspirational, lyrical, natural, nature, observational, optimism, optimistic, pahadi songs, pop, romantic, sleepy romantic, snowfall, soft, soothing, uplifting, wintertime

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

बशीर बद्र
Bashir Badr

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

A gently insistent rendition that stands out in the crowd of songs. Feels like real poetry, not the rhyming words other people seem to just string together. -Trisha

Reminded me of the song from Betaabi which VB had got written by Bashir Badr. -Anish

This is a typical Vishal Bhardwaj melody. Reminiscent of his earlier compositions like Bekaran, Tere Liye. VB’s dreamy vocals elevate this song. -Mihir

I'm a Bashir Badr fan and Vishal has sung this well. -Subrat

Like the ace filmmaker that he is, Vishal Bharadwaj evokes great imagery through this gem of a song. -Amborish

This soft and melodious song quitely got stuck in the head. -Vaishali

Tulsi ke peeche raaton ki raani :). -Akanksha

Sounds a bit rushed and never soars. Too flat and boring. -Anup

The composition is very trademark Vishal Bhardwaj, but doesn't stick with you after the song is over. The man delivers the composition beautifully, though and the song is worth a listen for his rendition of Dr. Bashir Badr's beautiful lyrics. -Rujul

It is an old Vishal Bhardwaj composition and there's a 7-year old YouTube video of Rekha Bhardwaj beautifully crooning the track. The wife won this round! -Aman

Vishal Bhardwaj can ace the template of wintertime in the mountain songs in his sleep I guess. In the line of Khamakha, Pehli Baar and Khul Kabhi Toh comes Palkein Kholo, with a strong call back to Khamakha and Pehli Baar that makes you want to loop these three songs again and again and again. -Krithikaa

Vishal Bharadwaj should have picked a different singer. His voice is really poorly suited for this song. I would have rated this a 4 but for Vishal's inadequate singing. -UVR

Vishal Bhardwaj channeling his inner Gulzar but just doesn't have the same way with words as the legend. Vishal sounds like he's singing to a particularly skittish colt. -Shalini

मास्क खो गया  ([सिंगल])

Mask kho gayaa ([Single])

Tags: anthem, comedy, coronavirus, covid-satire, evocative, funny, humorous, jazz, jazzy, lockdown jam, peppy, political, political commentary, retro, rock and roll, sarcasm, satire, satirical, saxophone, social commentary, subversive, topical

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

विशाल दादलानी, विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Dadlani, Vishal Bhardwaj

Trademark VB, leaves much desired for better production. -Anup

Always interesting to see VB do something in jazz. Nicely written too. -Anish

Works as a gimmick only. -Aditya

Vishal Bhardwaj's deliciously dark lyric and the inherent satire are brought to life by Vishal Dadlani's effortless singing . The jazz, the brass, scintillating and brief keys elevate the song to a whole different level. As the song ends, you smile wryly and hit the repeat button. -Krithikaa

बरसे बरसे फूल फ़ौजियों पे आसमान से
चलते चलते Migrants मर गए थकान से
भूक से बिलख रहे थे बच्चे बूढे औरतें
कुछ दुखी थे कुछ नहीं मिल रहा दूकान से
Vishal Bharadwaj's satire on COVID crisis! The animation upped the game. -Akanksha

A satirical take on the political and social scenario surrounding the COVID-19 situation, I feel like this song is one of the most creative and relevant ones to come out in the last year. Vishal Bhardwaj gives it an apt Pink Panther-esque jazz arrangement and amazingly written lyrics, while Vishal Dadlani unequivocally conveys the song's satirical stand. -Rujul

This song did not live up to Vishal Bharadwaj standards. Lyrics felt forced. -Vaishali

Quirky and cool, this one has all the newness and verve! -Svetlana

Topical humor and social commentary! Brilliant! -UVR

One of the only songs to address our unnecessarily harsh lockdown The jazzy feel keeps things breezy, but the desire to puncture the upper middle class bubble with a dose of reality is clear and very welcome. -Trisha

Watching this song was fun. The music and singing are good. -Subrat

Through this track, Vishal Bhardwaj has aptly shown how art can be used to comment and dissent on the governance. A perfect satire on the Corona crisis faced by the nation. Mazzedaar likha hai! -Aman

Very thankful to RMIM Puraskaar for helping me discover this one - had completely missed this during my annual roundup. Fun big band-styled track from Vishal Bhardwaj that is a satirical take on the pandemic and the political situation - the song is best enjoyed along with its official video. -Vipin

Amusing as a one-time listen. -Shalini

The brass opening is reminiscent of the legendary Pink Panther theme. -Vishal

मधुबाला  (सौंग्स ऑफ़ लव)

madhubaalaa (Songs of Love)

Tags: ballad, beauty, dreamy, easy, fireplace melody, first love, idyllic, kashish, love, love ballad, love song, mellow, pop, romantic, simple, smooth, soft romantic, soothing, warmth

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

ओज़िल दलाल
Ozil Dalal

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

Gently effective. -Trisha

क़ायदे से इस गाने को पूरा अंडा (ZERO) मिलना चाहिए -- मुहब्बत एक तरफ़, लेकिन मधुबाला से भी आला दिख रही है तो जा भाई तू ज़रा अपनी आँखें चेक करवा के आ! -UVR

A quiet romantic number but the song doesn't quite rise (you wait for it to do so). -Subrat

The sweetness and simplicity of song is very appealing. No comments on Amit Trivedi's singing. :-). -Shalini

Pleasant, Mellow love song that follows the bollywood template except for the lovely piano. Could have used a better singer. -Krithikaa

What's with this kind of affected singing by almost every singer today! -Aditya

This delicate, romantic song became an earworm. Lovely use of piano. -Vaishali

Rating the song higher than I would have had I not seen the video on YouTube. -Armeen

This is one of those songs that have nothing quite remarkable about them and yet you end up singing them all the time. A good one! -Akanksha

We have heard much better compositions created and sung by Amit Trivedi himself. Nice track backed by his soothing voice but not memorable as such. -Aman

Simple yet effective poetry by Ozil Dalal. A delighful track -- loved the soothing piano notes throught the song! -Vishal

A part of Amit Trivedi’s ‘Songs of Love’ series, Madhubala is a splendid track. There’s a lovely use of piano in the background. Amit’s impressive rendition along with top-notch production make this track a winner. -Mihir

A song that gives off warmth like a fireplace melody, this one consists of amazing piano work, and a strong composition (Sab kahe arey arey arey lifts the song to a new height). Amit's voice suits the composition well, and Ozil Dalal's lyrics are aptly adorable. -Rujul

सिन्दूरी  ([सिंगल])

sindoorii ([Single])

Tags: birah, classical, classical fusion, filmy classical, folksy, fusion, light classical, love, pining, raag shahana, raag-based, raga-rock, refreshing, reinterpretation, romantic, sarod, semi-classical, semiclassical, slow poison, soothing, soulful

कार्तिक शाह, निराली कार्तिक
Kartik Shah, Nirali Kartik

श्रुति नायक
Shruti Nayak

माटी बानी
Maati Bani

Underwhelming. Fairly well-produced. -Anish

It is a break from the other songs in this category. -Subrat

I loved the attentive deliberation of the singing, and of the music itself. And the lyrics are lovely in their gentle observational detail. -Trisha

Expected from maati baani. :) The sarod is too beautiful!! The traditional lyrics with Nirali's voice sound particularly pleasant. -Akanksha

The coming together of artistes from diverse backgrounds (a factor that doesn't affect the quality of the music itself, but enhances the "X Factor") was great. Music is such a great uniter! By the way, the lyric mentions "raag Yaman", and the tune is in raag Shahana. Why bother mentioning a raag in the words, if you're not going to put it in the tune? Weird. -UVR

Maati-Baani present this composition so well that the voices stay after you long after the song ends. -Krithikaa

Beautifully produced song with some lovely Sarod portions. Nice to have raag based compositions. -Mihir

Plus a point for the Sarood, minus 1 for the singing. -Shalini

The vocals on this one could have been much, much better. The most interesting part was probably the sarod in the background. Nothing else really stood out as innovative or instantly likeable. Good for a lazy listen, I guess. -Rujul

Oversmart. -Armeen

A beautiful composition. Impact of classical music. -Amborish

Sarod was the highlight of this song. -Vaishali

Spellbinding sarod and wonderful rendition. I wish the cello played a more prominent role. -Vishal

Nirali Kartik is so good in the song - both as a singer and as a composer and the sarod section is flawless. -Aman

Wonderful sarod. -Aditya

मुरलिया  (भूमि 2020)

muraliyaa (Bhoomi 2020)

Tags: beats, bhajan, classical, devotional, edm, electronic, electronic bhajan, ethnic, evocative, flutronics, fusion, peppy, perky, plastic, religious, semi-classical, upbeat


श्रद्धा पंडित
Shraddha Pandit

श्रेया घोषाल
Shreya Ghoshal

Some kind of blend of genres with disappointing results. -Subrat

Wonderful duet between Shreya Ghoshal and a flute. -Krithikaa

Salim-Sulaiman tries a bit too hard to sound cool, but the song still works due to a wondeful tune and Shreya's rendition. It's essentially a duet between Shreya and Paras Nath's flute :). -Vishal

A fusion attempt that fails. -Aman

Beautiful rendition by Shreya. Great orchstration. Flute adds character to the track. -Amborish

I felt Salim-Sulaiman went slightly overboard with the techno sound. -Anish

Shreya!!!! I hope no one calls me brainwashed for saying how great she is!! Hear her voice quiver with the flute by Paras Nath that deserves a special mention. -Akanksha

This should be billed as a duet between Shreya and Paras Nath's flute. And Paras Nath shines forth, leaving Shreya in the dust. -UVR

Shreya's sweet vocals prop this song up to a very high level, and Salim-Sulaiman aptly back it up with a pulsating synth-heavy arrangement. The highlight in the live instruments is Paras Nath's flute, of course! -Rujul

Why does Shreya confuse every song for a breath mint jingle? -Armeen

Very well done classical-electronic fusion, highlighted by Shreya Ghoshal's singing and Paras Nath's flute-playing. -Vipin

Great effort but ends up being noisy. -Anup

Feels crowded. -Trisha

A rare marriage of devotional and electronic music. This album by Salim-Suleimaan opens up a new genre which hasn’t been explored much. Shreya’s singing is fantastic. The flautist Paras Nath’s contribution is equally important here. -Mihir

Bless her heart. -Shalini

अपनी माटी  ([सिंगल])

apanii maaTii ([Single])

Tags: coy, deshbhakti, emotional, feminine, folkish, hindustani-fusion, inspirational, mellow-classical, patriotic, patriotic, evocative, philosophical, propaganda, rousing, semi-classical, semiclassical, soulful

शांतनु मोइत्रा
Shantanu Moitra

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

श्रेया घोषाल
Shreya Ghoshal

Shantanu Moitra creates a winsome combination of sublime pianos, mellow strings with a smattering of flute and light Dholki. Shreya's singing is Sone Pe Suhaga here. -Krithikaa

Shreya is like your female Udit Narayan...no matter what the situation, always cloyingly sweet. However, I have come to realize that I “can” stand her in the lower register. -Armeen

I liked the way the song lands on the key phrase 'apni maati'. Also, I miss Daniel B George, who is credited here for keyboard and arrangements. -Vishal

Gave me goosebumps. Shreya+Shantanu is a killer combo from Parineeta to now, together they can always tug the strings of your heart! -Akanksha

A beautiful composition with touching lyrics about motherland. Awesome job by the Parineeta team-- Swanand, Shantanu, Shreya. -Mihir

Never been a fan of Shreya Ghoshal's voice, and this song is as saccharine as they come. -Trisha

Doesn't hold much attention, pretty average stuff. -Aman

Overall a good song for Independence Day release. Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire are beautiful. Does a great job bringing the beauty and love for the land without using overt patriotic words. Shreya's singing is wonderful. -Vaishali

Shantanu Moitra's mature composition in the seven-beat rhythm sounds quite familiar, but Shreya's on-point rendition and Swanand Kirkire's meaningfully patriotic lyrics help it to make a mark. -Rujul

This! This is the Shreya I love to hear! It might sound unlike a patritotic/propaganda song, but who cares. It is lovely to hear! -UVR

The right lyrics and good singing but there's nothing memorable about the track. -Subrat

I've never cared for Shreya's voice or singing style but I do give her credit for at least attempting to enunciate the words clearly. -Shalini

A patriotic song that goes for the soulful than the rousing, and makes splendid use of Shreya Ghoshal's skills at delivering classical-flavoured pieces. Bit of a throwback to Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire's Dewarists song with Zeb and Haniya, Kya Khayaal Hai, but a beautiful song all the same. -Vipin

A great composition. The words resonate, and Shreya sings admirably. -Amborish

Clean singing, great tune and memorable lines. -Anish

Lyrics are the highlight. -Aditya

ऐसे क्यूँ  (मिसमैच्ड)

aise kyuu.N (Mismatched)

Tags: breathy, breezy, desi rock, easy listening, feel-good, idyllic, light, love, pleasant, pop, pritam-vibes, realization of romantic, refreshing, romantic, youthful

अनुराग सैकिया
Anurag Saikia

राज शेखर
Raj Shekhar

निखिता गाँधी, राघव चैतन्य
Nikhita Gandhi, Raghav Chaitanya

This is better than many film songs that showed up this year. Makes for easy listenings. Both singers are clearly in their element. Enjoyed it very much in the series, and by itself too. -UVR

Anurag Saikia showcases his versatility yet again, creating a quite Pritam-ish composition (harking back to Main Kya Karoon from Barfi). Nikhita and Raghav seem to be the most apt choices for this song, as they bring out the youthfulness in the composition beautifully. -Rujul

Barfii template. -Akanksha

Raghav Chaitanya raspy voice fits this breezy track. It sounds like a leftover track from Pritam's Barfi-style oeuvre! -Vishal

I swear I can't tell these singers apart. They all sound the same. -Shalini

Raghav Chaitanya owns the tune which is the soul sibling of Barfi's Main Kya Karoon, almost sounding like Nikhil Paul George in places. -Krithikaa

Instantly likeable and charming melody. A happy, flamboyant song in the same space as ‘Main Kya Karoon’ from Barfi. Such types of songs depicting young innocent love have been missing from the scene for a while. The vibrant voices of Anurag, Raghav Chaitanya, and Nikhita Gandhi bring freshness to this genre. Raj Shekhar’s usage of colorful phrases like firozi raatein and gulabi sapne complement the youthful nature of the song. A fantastic feel-good song by Anurag Saikia. -Mihir

Didn't mind the hook, but the rest of the lyrics passed me by. The singing felt cutesy and contrived. -Trisha

Sounds heavily lifted from Barfi's Mai Kya Karoon. -Anup

The bossa nova-inspired groove and the pleasant melody is likely to remind you occasionally of Main Kya Karoon from Barfi, but that does not take away from the fact that this is a fine song from Anurag Saikia. -Vipin

Sweet melody. -Vaishali

A pleasant melody accentuated by free-flowing singing and lyrics. -Aman

The first flush of love genre. Adequate. -Subrat

संग रहियो  ([सिंगल])

sa.ng rahiyo ([Single])

Tags: breezy, catchy, easy listening, folk, folk-based, fusion, long-distance relationship, love, love song, pop, refreshing, romantic, romatic, soothing, uplifting

जसलीन रॉयल
Jasleen Royal

नीरज राजावत
Neeraj Rajawat

जसलीन रॉयल, रणवीर अलाहाबादिया
Jasleen Royal, Ranveer Allahbadia

The use of the informal phrase “sang rahiyo” produces a rare sense of intimacy. -Trisha

Sang Rahiyo has a strong call back to O Womaniya but is mellower and more folksy. -Krithikaa

Instantly catchy! -Vishal

Has a nice beat to it. Liked it. -Shalini

Surprisingly enough, a Jasleen Royal song with a strong Indian melody and Indian arrangements. Ujjwal Kashyap, the male singer, has a great low-pitched voice that makes for a strong opening. The arrangements are soothing, and as I read the music credits, I see that the song has been programmed by Aditya N, who programmed Hardum Humdum (Ludo)! The lyrics are quite simple, but they work. -Rujul

Some Saibo kind of feel to the song. The good part to many of these independent singles is they have all taken the path of minimal orchestration. -Subrat

Great combination of Jasleen Royal's unusual voice texture and Ujjwal Kashyap's conventionally solid voice with a lovely melody. -Vaishali

Nainon mein paigaam jis tarah, masjid me aazaan jis tarah….subah hone tak jal rahe, palkon me armaan jis tarah - This section is the best. -Aman

It resembles a song very closely but I can't recall. A nice one nonetheless. -Akanksha

This could very well have been a film song. -UVR

Light & breezy romantic ballad by Jasleen. Doesn't match upto her earlier hit songs. -Mihir

क़सूर  ([सिंगल])

qasoor ([Single])

Tags: breezy, bright, cheerful, country, desi rock, easy listening, feel good, feel-good, happy, hindi-candy-pop, idyllic, inspirational, joyful, joyous, light, love, melody, missing, natural, pop, romantic, romatic, sentimental, smitten, upbeat

प्रतीक कुहाड़
Prateek Kuhad

प्रतीक कुहाड़
Prateek Kuhad

प्रतीक कुहाड़
Prateek Kuhad

Decent, but feels generic. -Trisha

Among my top favorite tracks of the year. A soft, soothing, tuneful melody that would instantly cheer you up. This is the type of joyful song that was very much needed in 2020. It goes straight into your feel-good songs playlist. The song has got everything one likes about Prateek Kuhad numbers: a happy sounding tune, attractive voice, minimalist arrangement. A winsome melody! -Mihir

Not a fan of Prateek's singing, but his music as always freshens up the mood and mind. The clap beats in the background are attractive. -Rujul

Standard Prateek Kuhad song. -Anish

Melodious song with the lovely arrangement, interesting use of clap, and Prateek Kuhad's mesmerizing voice. It grew on me and made me want to hear it again and again. -Vaishali

Lousy lyrics, lousy singing. -Aditya

Light, breezy song that's like Parteek's older hits. All the elements are repeated and sometimes it is hard to separate the songs. -Subrat

Feel good! Love prateek kuhad for such songs
तेरे साँसों की रात है
तेरे होंठों की है सुबह
यहाँ खो भी जाऊँ तो मैं
क्या कसूर है मेरा? -Akanksha

Awful singing! -Armeen

sometimes his songs seem all similar and yet each one is a unique pleasant experience in itself. -Svetlana

This song is a wannabe Ed Sheeran number in a nice way. The clap sounds work and how. -Krithikaa

This song could have been much better were it not for the iffy grammar in the lyrics. -UVR

"Teri zulfon ki yeh namee…" I suppose it's technically correct, but still sounds a little weird. -Shalini

A soothing song in Prateek's Kuhad's soothing voice with soothing lyrics! -Aman

पीपल - हिंदी रप्रीज़  ([सिंगल])

People - Hindi Reprise ([Single])

Tags: breezy, brotherhood, campfire, childhood, connectivity, desi rock, easy listening, heartfelt, humanist, inspiring, introspective, lockdown, love, message, nostalgic, sentimental, social commentary, soulful, thought-provoking, touching

निखिल डी'सूज़ा
Nikhil D'Souza

निखिल डी'सूज़ा
Nikhil D'Souza

निखिल डी'सूज़ा
Nikhil D'Souza

Enjoyed this 'lockdown' song in Nikhil D'Souza's smooth voice. Made me want to look for the video which actually makes the song more endearing. -Vaishali

I feel that this is one of those songs that sounds excellent when accompanied by visuals that help you navigate the lyrtics. -UVR

This was an enjoyable listen. Nikhil's voice is tailor made for this song. The layering of voices makes it sound more pleasant, and the guitar work is great. I would definitely revisit this one. -Rujul

It’s a treat to hear Nikhil D’souza after a long time. ‘People’ is a lovely track with minimalist arrangement and heartfelt singing. There’s something genuine about the track and its messaging. The song takes you back to innocent childhood days. Do not miss the lovely video. -Mihir

The tune and Nikhil's singing works better in the English version of the song.The hindi version of the song is pleasant mellow and average and Nikhil''s voice holds your attention when the song is playing. -Krithikaa

Catchy little ditty with a nice underlying sentiment. -Shalini

Cute video. -Armeen

Nikhil has a great voice. His Shaam (Aisha) was an almost perfect song for its genre. Here he is in his zone and the result is wonderful. -Subrat

Some good lines by Pinky Poonavala. -Anish

Typical style of Nikhil d'souza. Special credits for the adorable video! :). -Akanksha

हारी  (इन अदर वर्ड्स)

haarii (In Other Words)

Tags: classical, electronic, electronica, entrancing, evocative, fusion, haunting, hindustani-fusion, mellow-classical, nostalgia, pensive, regret, semi-classical, sensual, soothing, trance, trancey, transcendental

अनहद + टैनर
Anhad + Tanner

अनहद + टैनर
Anhad + Tanner

पवित्र चारी
Pavithra Chari

In Other Words is a really promising debut album from the duo Anhad and Tanner - the mix of tabla and electronic sounds is a nice nod to the Asian Underground pioneers like Talvin Singh and Karsh Kale. -Vipin

Tabla work lifts the song. -Aditya

The classical elements are wonderful, the singing is adequate. -Subrat

Something about this song is delicate yet powerful. -Trisha

A 'made for fashion shows' track. -Akanksha

Pavithra Chari's voice is hynoptic and the flutes soothe you into a gentle sleep. -Krithikaa

The production and arrangement of the song is killer. Quite innovative fusion blending classical and electronica. -Aman

The synth percussion is very distracting. There seems to be 30 seconds of "haarii main haari" being repeated followed by 4 minutes of music. This qualifies as a song?! -Shalini

Anhad and Tanner produce an entrancing piece of classical and trance fusion, Pavithra provides an amazing classical rendition. Shocked that this is the duo's debut album! The flute and tablas really make the song work. -Rujul

A beautiful composition. -Amborish

सियाही  ([सिंगल])

siyaahii ([Single])

Tags: dreamy, hindi-chill, lilting, love, mature, melancholic, pensive, philosophical, pop, romanntic, romantic, slow, soothing, soulful, sway music, wistful

शाशा तिरुपति
Shashaa Tirupati

शाशा तिरुपति
Shashaa Tirupati

शाशा तिरुपति, पापोन, सिड पॉल
Shashaa Tirupati, Papon, Sid Paul

Shashaa, along with Papon, sings the song well. Fails to leave a mark as a composer/lyricist. -Anish

This slow, soulful, meaningless kind of songs is a genre now. -Subrat

Shasha's voice is so lovely. -UVR

Lovely melody, simple orchestration and wonderful singing. -Vipin

In a 3:40 min song, Sasha enters at 1:48 and still Youtube says ' Shashaa Tirupati Ft. Papon' - not very clear. That said, Sasha's voice breaks Papon's monotony very beautifully or this could have turned into a predictable Papon single. -Akanksha

A super dreamy melody, presented in a commendable manner by Papon and Shasha. The first interlude is very nice and takes me to Darbuka Siva's Visiri from Enai Noki Paayum Thotta. -Krithikaa

I swear I can't tell these singers apart. They all sound the same. -Shalini

The singers don't quite make the words soar the way they should. -Trisha

A good composition by Shashaa Tirupati, and nice arrangements and programming by Sid Paul as well. The high notes are hit beautifully by Papon and Shashaa complements him well. I also enjoyed the lyrics by Shashaa. -Rujul

रिलेंटलेस  (पैसेजेज़)

Relentless (Passages)

Tags: angry, breezy, chillout, classical, electrifying, electro-pop, energetic, evocative, fast, fusion, hindustani-rock, hinglish, innovative, introspective, mystical, philosophical, pop, rock, sufi, trippy

अर्पित असीम, कार्तिक चेन्नोजी राव, योगीन्द्र हरिप्रसाद
Arpit Aseem, Karthik Chennoji Rao, Yogeendra Hariprasad

अर्पित असीम, कार्तिक चेन्नोजी राव, योगीन्द्र हरिप्रसाद
Arpit Aseem, Karthik Chennoji Rao, Yogeendra Hariprasad

पाइनैपल एक्सप्रेस
Pineapple Express

A bit jarring the way it's trying to do fusion, also cacaphonous at times. -Anup

Feels crowded, overproduced. -Trisha

This is an AMAZING fusion of rock and Qawwali. The singer sounds amazing, reminding me of Hariharan a bit. The rock template really takes the song to another level and once the Qawwali portion kicked in, I was sure that I would loop this for the days to come. It is rare that Hindi and English parts of a song mix in so seamlessly and homogeneously. LOVED it! -Rujul

Quite liked the Carnatic parts of the song. The lyrics are quite good too - कितना हसीं है ये मंज़र, परवाना कर जो न पाया दुनिया नहीं है मुकम्मल , पर अनमोल है तेरी काया . -Akanksha

Not quite sure what to make of it. But I heard it without wincing. -Subrat

The heavy arrangment makes the song quite cacophanous in places. -Vishal

A mess of a song. -Aditya

Nice experiment. -Anish

The beautiful voice was overpowered by the music in the later part taking away from the otherwise enjoyable song. -Vaishali

This song didn't work for me. -UVR

There are bytes of melody buried in the song, but they're drowned out by the "relentless" noise masquerading as music. Had difficulty rating the lyrics, because I couldn't hear them! -Shalini

This is a fantastic fusion track by the band- 'Pineapple express'. It’s a heady cocktail of western, desi, and sufi elements. The recurring portion of ‘Kitna haseen hai yeh mazar’ is my favorite part of the song. Has a spiritual connect. -Mihir

अलग आसमान  ([सिंगल])

alag aasamaan ([Single])

Tags: breezy, bright, campfire in himachal, country, easy, easy listening, feel-good, goodbye, goodbyes, happy, idyllic, lazy, light, long distance relationship, pleasant, pop, refreshing, romantic, romatic, sad, sentimental, strumming

अनव जैन
Anuv Jain

अनव जैन
Anuv Jain

अनव जैन
Anuv Jain

Folk pop seeems to be the most favorite genre for urban millenials, thanks to Prateek Kuhad/Ankur Tewari. -Anup

The lyrics, music and singing add up to give a track filled with so much feels! -Aman

A happy, comforting track on the lines of Prateek Kuhad numbers. Love the simplicity of the song. It plays out like an unplugged version. There’s an earnestness in Anuv Jain’s singing. It’s great that non-film songs are included in nominations this year. It helps you discover new artists. -Mihir

This falls under the very clichéd category of indipop, what with the ukulele plucks and lines of composition that stop awkwardly but never seem to end, Not my cup of tea. Also, a very awkwardly high falsetto. -Rujul

Interesting to hear ukelele. Otherwise a simple, nice song. -Vaishali

Anuv's voice is original but in the absence of a hook and uninventive lyrics I couldn’t hang on to the song much. -Akanksha

Anuv's earnest, youthful and sometimes off-tune voice reminds one of that famous boy in college sitting around the campire, strumming that guitar and singing an on point college ditty to reel in hearts. -Krithikaa

Lovely ukelele-infused goodbye song. I loved the phrase 'alag aasman' to denote a different city or place. -Vishal

I'm a bit of a sucker for this genre (first flush of love). This is a standard fare but I liked it (though he could have avoided the falsetto). -Subrat

I liked this guy's earnest singing in spite of him not really delivering the falsetto cleanly enough. -UVR

So utterly generic. -Shalini

Everything about the song is strictly functional. -Anish

I loved this song. The words have just the right amount of weight, and the tune lets them float away. -Trisha

बातें करो  ([सिंगल])

baate.n karo ([Single])

Tags: adorable, advice, ambient, breezy, childlike, connecting, desi-chill, easy listening, evocative, resonant, indie, inspirational, light, longing, love, philosophical, pop, rhythmic, romantic, social commentary, soft, talking, thought-provoking

वैभव श्रीवास्तव
Vaibhav Shrivastava

वैभव श्रीवास्तव
Vaibhav Shrivastava


Poignant song about loneliness amidst people accentuated by technology. Vayu sings and writes with his heart. -Karthik

Enjoyed the very mildly whiny andaaz in which the song makes its demand. Well-matched with the lyrics. -Trisha

About the current times. Eerily resonant. -Amborish

The light soundscape gives the longing in the song an adorable touch, but the lyrics hit hard as is usually the case with Vayu's lyrics. His singing could have been better, but the man concocts an interesting musical support to make up for that. -Rujul

Dull!! -Aditya

Unexpectectedly got hooked to the simple lyrics and rhythm. Instead of lamenting the loss of the art of converation, this song, written and sung by Vayu is an invitation to have that conversation. -Vaishali

Good intent. -Armeen

I like the non-preachy message - people should talk to each other - of the lyrics. -Shalini

As always, Vayu impresses as a lyricist. Not so much in the other two departments. -Anish

Vayu's solo debut. Not bad. -Anup

Free-flowing song about ‘conversations’. This track by Vayu is a big departure from his massy film songs. The song has a solid indie vibe to it. I like that fact that singing and music arrangements are kept simple-- staying true to the mood of the song. -Mihir

Meh! -Akanksha

I'd like to know why Vayu uses different names for himself IN THE SAME SONG! -UVR

A gentle, musical reminder to put down your phone and talk to your loved ones! We need more songs like this! -Vishal

Vayu produces a very listenable electro pop sound with this tune. I couldn't help but think that the song could have sounded way better with an unplugged/acoustic version with a different singer. -Krithikaa

A simple and sweet track. -Aman

Nothing to write home about. -Subrat

ये सारी बात  ([सिंगल])

ye saarii baat ([Single])

Tags: breezy, campfire in himachal, cheerful, college pop, country, desi rock, guitar, happiness, happy, idyllic, love, love song, melancholy, pandemic-song, peppy, pop, romantic, soothing, upbeat, wistful

समीर कौशल
Sameer Kaushal

अनुभव भदौरिया, गौतम जी शर्मा, गुरप्रीत सैनी
Anubhav Bhadauria, Gautam G Sharma, Gurpreet Saini

रोचक कोहली
Rochak Kohli

Remarkable song of the zeitgeist, because it wistfully captures something older Indian love songs never could have imagined: that a class of young people in this country now almost assume a time limit to love. -Trisha

Rochak back in his comfort zone, with the country-ish sound, makes for a pleasant listen. His Mohit Chauhan-esque voice also helps the song sound more easygoing. The composition is fluffy and pleasant, and in the zone of his songs with Ayushmann Khurrana. The rock template that kicks in later also helps make the song stronger. -Rujul

Cute. -Akanksha

Follows the usual template of a soft love ballad. -Subrat

Pleasant, feel-good, enjoyable song. -Vaishali

Fairly engaging but doesn't anything remotely fresh. -Anish

It’s a quintessential Rochak Kohli track -- happy, upbeat number with fantastic guitar work. A sweet romantic song which you could play on a loop. Don’t miss the video. It’s a video that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. -Mihir

I swear I can't tell these singers apart. They all sound the same. -Shalini

Sounds like Lucky Ali's "O Sanam" song, sung by a better singer! -UVR

रिहा  ([सिंगल])

rihaa ([Single])

Tags: break free, contemplative, freedom, fusion, idyllic, indi-pop, introspective, light, loneliness, love ballad, love song, philoshophical, philosophical, pop, reflective, romantic, self-song, solitude, transcendental, uplifting

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

श्लोक लाल
Shloke Lal

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Tedious. -Vaishali

Only the bengali part and baul instrument in the interlude makes it interesting. -Anup

Loved the flute. -Akanksha

Very tough to develop a liking for an Arijit Singh when the music and lyrics are lacklustre too! -Aditya

Arijit proving that he's the spiritual sucessor for Shaan's Indipop legacy. -Krithikaa

Nice feel to it, musically. -Trisha

Arijit Singh dons multiple hats for this track (Composer, singer, video-concept etc). The song sounds pleasant and has a nice video with a lockdown theme. But we expect more challenging stuff that will push boundaries from this exceptional artist. -Mihir

Falls short of the expectations created by Arijit Singh for himself. -Aman

Tune grows on you with repeated hearings. -Anish

Yet another Arijit Singh song. -Shalini

I liked that dotara (by Tapas Roy) towards the end. Nice flute sections, and loved the way the Bengali lyrics were used -- they caught me by surprise. A well-produced track! -Vishal

In his pop debut, Arijit concocts a beautifully transcendental melody that draws from his mentor Pritam's compositions quite heavily, but stays distinct enough to exist on its own without sounding too much like any particular Pritam song. The arrangements are beautiful (flutes, ethnic strings, digital beats), and the composition is strong. While we are at it, a shoutout to Koel Singh who has designed the music video (go check it out!). -Rujul

Indistinguishable from many other Arijit songs. -UVR

If eveyone is singing like him, you'd expect the original to also compose and release his single. That's what Arijit has done with this song. Forgettable. -Subrat

फ़ुर्सत है आज भी  ([सिंगल])

fursat hai aaj bhii ([Single])

Tags: ballad, boring, desi rock, easy listening, melodious, melody, missing, pop, pritam-vibes, reminiscing, romance, romantic, sad, slow, soft

अर्जुन कानूनगो
Arjun Kanungo

मयूर पुरी
Mayur Puri

अर्जुन कानूनगो
Arjun Kanungo

When seen with the accompanying visuals, this looks like a good song. -UVR

The 'sequel' (because even songs have sequels nowadays) to the hit single 'Fursat' by Arjun Kanungo doesn't pack as much of a punch as the first one did (comparisons are inevitable), but on its own, it manages to be a typical Indipop single that I wouldn't visit again. -Rujul

Arjun Kanungo has a good voice and the lyrics are fairly decent for a non-film single. -Akanksha

A pleasant listen. The song has got a very '90s indipop vibe. Arjun's beautiful singing + No overdone arrangement. -Mihir

Liked Arjun Kanungo's voice. -Vaishali

This song has a very mid to late 2000s Pritam composition rendered by KK vibe that works for it and pulls it down at the same time. -Krithikaa

The simplicity in the melody and the lyrics works. -Anish

Some kind of factory is producing these songs. They are all the same. -Subrat

Nothing interesting about it. -Aman

लिग्गी  ([सिंगल])

liggii ([Single])

Tags: beat, brassy, dance, dancey, electronic, fun, groovy, nasal-twanging, noisy, peppy, perky, pop, quirky folk, repetitive, romantic, upbeat, uplifting

रित्विज़ श्रीवास्तव
Ritviz Srivastava

रित्विज़ श्रीवास्तव
Ritviz Srivastava


I do not like how the singing voice has been recorded! -UVR

This was fun and different. -Subrat

Quite a peppy track with groovy music that can make anyone tap their feet and move to the dance floor. -Aman

Hugely popular track by Ritviz. The instrumental/electronic portions of the song are quite groovy. Not a fan of his style of singing though. -Mihir

Ritviz's composition is unique, and shows an understanding of music. -Amborish

Odd little number. -Shalini

Atrocious. -Aditya

I really like the twangy, fluid feel of both the music and vocals. -Trisha

An incredibly catchy song that gains even from its droning singing :) The music takes care of everything. -Karthik

Why is Ritviz so popular? Good sound programming and all, but the lyrics and vocals are a mishmash and I don’t know what I am confusing, it just sounds like noise after a point. -Rujul

Excessive vocal processing over a pronounced nasal twang takes a catchy tune and orchestral work dowm by more than a few notches. -Krithikaa

Unconventional and catchy. -Anish

Never thought I would be reviewing Ritviz or Prateek Kuhad for RMIM but here we go. Bad singing, of course, but it sounds cool, yo. -Anup

चाँदनी  ([सिंगल])

chaa.Ndanii ([Single])

Tags: background, breezy, chanda, desi pop, electronic, experimental, groovy, indipop, light, lo-fi, lounge, playful, pop, romantic, soulful, techno, trippy

राजीव वी भल्ला
Raajeev V Bhalla

राजीव वी भल्ला
Raajeev V Bhalla

विभा सराफ़
Vibha Saraf

A trippy track embellished with Vibha's velvety voice. -Mihir

The way Vibha sings "Ab hai kahaan, raatein yeh chandni" and the way the tune deconstructs over this line is very intriguing. The song has this laid back hip-hop vibe that grows on you with repeated listens. -Krithikaa

Vibha's singing is interesting, as is the techno arrangement set up by Raajeev Bhalla. However, nothing else really grips me to the song. -Rujul

I've enjoyed Vibha Saraf's renditions of Kashmiri standards like "harmukh bartal" or "roshe" so it was a little disappointing to hear her in this generic pop/electronic avatar. -Shalini

Groovy and original! The tune is rather ordinary, but the arrangement makes up for it. -Vishal

The track is quite groovy with fun orchestraction and punk music. -Akanksha

The production and arrangement of the song is good. -Aman

Left me cold. -Aditya

The song takes nice, unpredictable turns. The techno arrangements are nice. -Anish

Thoroughly unmemorable. -Trisha

Forgettable. -Subrat

ख़याल  ([सिंगल])

Khayaal ([Single])

Tags: desi-chill, doori, dubstep, duet, edm, evocative, peppy, pop, quirky, romantic, soft romantic

अभिजीत श्रीवास्तव
Abhijeet Srivastava

शायरा अपूर्वा
Shayra Apoorva

अभिजीत श्रीवास्तव, प्रतीक्षा श्रीवास्तव
Abhijeet Srivastava, Prateeksha Srivastava

I'm not sure there is a single "real" sound in this song. Everything seems to have come from a computer, including the singers. -Shalini

The excessive processing on the vocals is a little jarring and makes the voices sound tinny, but the lyric about separation and eagerness to meet is sweet, that delightful turn in the antara and Manga Duan hook makes you loop the song a couple more times and then some. -Krithikaa

Interesting in parts, but mostly not a very engaging song. Abhijeet sounds good as usual, though, as does the female singer Prateeksha. -Rujul

Cute song. Loved the drop in 'antara'. -Anish

The singing is good. Rest is boring. -Subrat

Prateeksha's voice is sweet. -Akanksha

A decent melody but generic singing & arrangement. Processed vocals don’t work for this number. -Mihir

"'Firse" instead of "phirse" will never cease to rub me the wrong way. But a very catchy song otherwise. -Vishal

Forgettable. -Trisha

राही  ([सिंगल])

raahii ([Single])

Tags: anthem, break free, celebratory, edm, electronic, evocative, groovy, hope, inclusivity, mellow, motivational, nasal-twanging, new age, percussive, pop, pride, rhythmic

रित्विज़ श्रीवास्तव
Ritviz Srivastava

अभिजय नेगी
Abhijay Negi


Unusual and wryly lovely in every way. -Trisha

The video and the lyrics match upto the concept of the song - Celebrate Pride and Love Everyone! -Aman

I genuinely have no idea what this person is singing. -Shalini

Ritviz always comes up with unique concepts for his songs/videos. This is a song about acceptance and inclusion. A tribute to satrangi shades of love. -Mihir

No idea what this was. -Subrat

Nothing great. Tune/rhythm is fairly catchy. -Anish

I didn't like the vocals at all. I know they're probably what is making this song popular, but I can't stand them. -UVR

Very different sound. Took a few listens to appreciate the song. -Vaishali

the line between this being his (Ritviz) style and this being the only style he knows is blurred. -Svetlana

How does this guy even exist in the music space?? -Aditya

Ritviz evoke polar reactions. You either like them or cannot stand them. I belong to the latter category and the nasal singing doesn’t work for me personally. -Krithikaa

ना वो मैं  ([सिंगल])

naa wo mai.n ([Single])

Tags: ballad, breezy, easy listening, fresh, love, love song, ordinary, pop, reminiscing, romantic, wistful

श्रेया घोषाल, सौम्यदीप
Shreya Ghoshal, Soumyadeep Ghoshal

मनोज यादव
Manoj Yadav

श्रेया घोषाल
Shreya Ghoshal


Catchy while the song lasts. -Krithikaa

Shreya's brother Soumyadeep's composition is passable at best, but Shreya delivers the song so well, making it convincing. The music production is also quite ordinary. -Rujul

Serviceable melody and good singing. Not going on loop. -Subrat

Standard tune and production. Lyrics and Shreya's vocals help sit through it. -Anish

Good singing but the song sounds pretty generic. Would like to hear more from Ghoshal siblings as composers. -Mihir

A very average song. -UVR

Feels plastic. -Trisha

तेरी आँखों में  ([सिंगल])

terii aa.Nkho.n me.n ([Single])

Tags: celebratory, disco dandia, duet, folk, fusion, garba, happy, lilting, love garba, love song, playful, romantic, wistful

मनन भारद्वाज
Manan Bhardwaj


दर्शन रावल
Darshan Rawal, Neha Kakkar

"I am too cool for you" (flat) singing. -Armeen

Garba song! -Shalini

refreshing in its traditional nonk-jhonk version of romance. -Trisha

A love ballad set to garba beats reminds me of ARR’s ‘90s song ‘chand aaya hai zameen pe’. This Darshan-Neha song is a happy-sounding cheerful track which you would listen to a couple of times and then move on to the next one. -Mihir

Catchy hook-line. -Anish

Overuse of the vocal fry is ughhhh. -UVR

An enjoyable garba number that draws from Pari Hoon Main. Darshan sounds his usual self, but Manan Bhardwaj's composition and arrangements really help this song to sound addictive. The hookline is catchy, and it's safe to call this my guilty pleasure listen. -Rujul

What's the point of this? -Subrat

दूरियाँ  ([सिंगल])

dooriyaa.N ([Single])

Tags: aping the west, birah, boring, bubblegum pop, chirpy, doori, easy listening, electronic, evocative, resonant, indipop, love song, missing, pop, romantic, sad, separation, slow, typical, vocal overlap




The way Zaedan hits the "tumko yun khone se darta hoon main line" is very very smooth. The song follows the done to death bubblegum pop genre, but the vocal overlaps and the "Tum ko yun" break the monotony and make the song loop worthy. -Krithikaa

The song grew on me. I like the quickness of the delivery. -Trisha

Wow, a song about the social anxiety induced by the pandemic! How timely! -Vishal

Another autotuned voice. Sigh. -Shalini

These songs all sound the same. Must be my age. -Subrat

A rather enjoyable number. Stays. -Amborish

This could have been a film song. -UVR

Clearly trying to produce something like Western artists and succeeding too. Nothing here for me. -Rujul

Reminded me of a dozen pop songs in this space. -Anish

इरादा  ([सिंगल])

iraadaa ([Single])

Tags: ballad, confused, experimental, indipop, innovative, inspirational, introspective, love ballad, meditative, philosophical, pop, reflection, romantic, sad, slow, soothing, soulful, techno, trippy, upbeat

विनायक शुक्ला
Vinayak Shukla

वैभव मल्होत्रा
Vaibhav Malhotra

हृदय गट्टानी
Hriday Gattani

Standard tune and lyrics. Hriday's rendition holds the song together. -Anish

While Hriday Gattani's singing is enjoyable, the discordant bits in the middle not so much. -Vaishali

The music is quite disorienting. -Aditya

The electronic / synth domination in this song did not work for me . -Krithikaa

I swear I can't tell these singers apart. They all sound the same. The music was just…strange. -Shalini

Hriday Gattani's voice is smooth but the sound effects are annoying and disruptive. -Trisha

Starts of in the usual Arijit Singh genre and then the first interlude goes crazy with something that I haven't yet understood. -Subrat

The song attempts too many things at once but doesn't rise up to the occasion. -Aman

A peppy techno vocal break arrangement opens up the song, and the booming percussion pumps it up, making for an energetic drop that works only in places. Vocals aren't the best they could have been, going by Hriday's other work. -Rujul

Loved those bass guitar riffs in the background. -Vishal

नमी  ([सिंगल])

namee ([Single])

Tags: breezy, desi rock, easy listening, electro-vocal, electronic, happy, hindi-candy-pop, joyful, love, love ballad, love song, pop, romance, romantic, sentimental, upbeat

शिवम श्रीवास्तव
Shivam Srivastava

प्रणिता नायर पांडुरंगी, शिवम श्रीवास्तव
Pranita Nair Pandurangi, Shivam Srivastava

प्रणिता नायर पांडुरंगी
Pranita Nair Pandurangi

That nasal twang didn't work for me. -Vishal

Nothing especially compelling about this song. -UVR

There's something unique about the voice and the music is good. -Subrat

Bad vocals spoil it. The sound is fresh and breezy though. -Rujul

The excessive processing on the vocals is a turn-off. -Krithikaa

Pleasant to the ears! -Akanksha

The voice has a distinctive if nasal quality. -Trisha

Nasal and electronic - who thought the world needed this sound? -Shalini

Nothing really stands out. -Anish
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