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होने दो बतियाँ  (फ़ितूर)

hone do batiyaa.N (Fitoor)

Tags: conversational, folk, folksy, rabaab, romantic, soft, soothing, soulful

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

नंदिनी श्रीकर, ज़ेब बंगाश
Nandini Srikar, Zeb Bangash

Wonderful song. Female duets are rare these days, and this has a great combination of voices. Very engaging use of the Rabab. -Ramanand

Enchanting, lovely to lisen to a female-female duet so well synchronised. Amit Trivedi's genius shows. -Naresh

Beautiful folksy composition and the female singers bring the sleepy quality of the song to the fore. -Subrat

Mellow, so listenable, but that's about it. Is there a difference between "batiyaa.N" and "baate.n"? -Ashok

Lovely two female duet. I miss having same gender duets in films! This one is very welcome duet in that sense. -Neha

Interesting to have a romantic song as a female duet. The two voices complemented each other nicely. -Shalini

Folk influenced music, top notch arrangement. Song that talks about 'let the talk happen' is treated similarly by the terrific singers -- singing like a conversation. -Anup

Zeb and Nandini's wonderful rendition along with beautiful use of rabaab in the prelude and interludes brings an intrigue to this lovely song. Overall great song. -Vaishali

Excellent use of strings, the contrast between the two singers is quite obvious. -Aditya

Lovely singing, rare to hear female-female duets executed well these days, this one works. -Archana

Zeb and Nandini Srikar play off each other’s parts, handling and handing back the lines beautifully, amidst the lilting melody. -Karthik

The music could have been better in terms of extending the melody/depth. Singing is the best part of the song. -Harshit

आवे रे हिचकी  (मिर्ज़्या)

aave re hichakii (Mirzya)

Tags: earthy, folk, folk fusion, irreverent, longing, manganiyar, rajasthani, romantic, yearning



मामे ख़ान, शंकर महादेवन
Mame Khan, Shankar Mahadevan

Nice, interesting. -Abhay

Good solid song - great use of strings and bass. -Ramanand

Clearly one of the best songs of the year. Although this song may at first seem like a simple, clean song, one quickly gets to appreciate the mutiple layers that give it depth. Gulzar saab's flair with words, Shankar Mahadevan's robust voice, use of Manganiyar bowed instrument that brings out the rich flavor of Rajasthani folk music, and the interspersed use of Flamenco guitar add to richness the experience. -Vaishali

Rustic. Appealing. -Naresh

The music and singing are top-notch. The music is very peaceful and effective. -Harshit

Beautiful instrumental pieces coupled with good singing. -Aditya

Nice composition; simple tune and sung with passion. The chorus blends well too. -Subrat

Melodious, surpisingly so after the title. Singing could be better. -Ashok

What happens when you are traveling on a camel cart, one night in Rajasthan, with a guitarist for company! -Karthik

Rajasthani folk based song that transports you straight to a desert on a starry night. Unlike other songs these days which are rushed to end, this one takes its own time, letting the flamenco based guitars -- which was so far seamlessly fused with khartal -- to fully realise like a short coda. -Anup

Love this song and Ek Nadi. My top two picks from this soundtrack that was generally a very good one all round. As far as this one is concerned, both the music and the lyrics are superb and is very ably rendered - so scores high in all departments. -Archana

हानिकारक बापू  (दंगल)

haanikaarak baapuu (Dangal)

Tags: children, comic, complaint, folksy, fun, funny, playful, protest, rustic, unique


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

सरवर ख़ान, सरताज़ ख़ान, सद्दी अहमद
Sarwar Khan Barna, Sartaz Khan Barna, Saddy Ahmad

Lyrics really suit the movie, but it's just a funny song, nothing more. High marks for being perfect for movie. -Abhay

Can I give this one a 6? please please? It is by far the best song of this year! Amitabh has just taken it to a different level! -Neha

My favourite song of the year. Heady blend of hilarious lyrics, rustic music and spirited singing. And a perfect fit for the situation at that. -Aditya

Music, lyrics and singing all go perfectly well in the context of the film, providing exactly the entertainment they plan. -Harshit

The take-off on Gairon pe karam had me hooked (when I watched the movie) and then the lyrics got better. I won't listen to the song 5 years from now but I'm happy to hear this given the slim pickings of 2016. -Subrat

Superb lyrics and singing drive this excellent song - stands out in the crowd in this year and also fits the situation perfectly. -Ramanand

Delightful all the way ! Phrase 'Haanikarak Bapu' takes the cake. -Naresh

Song and lyrics "cuteify" child abuse, but the kid singers are hard to resist. -Shalini

Sarwar Khan and Sartaj Khan Barna’s—the Manganiyar singers who happen to be young kids—triumph. The kids bring a fabulously playful tone to the already ebullient tune. But lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya’s whimsical lines (“Sote jagte chhoot rahi hai, Aansu ki pichkari, Phir bhi khushna hua Mogambo, Hum tere balihari!) and Pritam’s energetic rock coating to the very-Rajasthani folk sound make the song even better. -Karthik

Interesting is all, esp. the lyrics, e.g., use of "haanikaarak"! Also, Amitaabh Bhattacharya channels Sahir from 'Aankhen'!! -Ashok

Creative lyrics, raw and fabulous young voices, fun song! -Vaishali

I just love this song - aptness of lyrics, cuteness factor in words and rendition not to mention humor, sinply make it an irresistable song for me - no its no musical classic but it’s a song I will remember, instantly recall and atleast smile when I think of it even years later - rare memorable number in these times, imho. -Archana

इक्क कुड़ी  (उड़ता पंजाब)

ikk ku.Dii (Udta Punjab)

Tags: love, odelike, poetry, punjabi, folk fusion, rock, romantic, sentimental, soft, soulful, sweet, wistful

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

शिव कुमार बटालवी
Shiv Kumar Batalvi

शाहिद माल्या
Shahid Mallya

Standard rendition. Can't judge Panjabi poetry. -Ashok

Simple melody, simple arrangement. But you realise its beauty when you suddenly find yourself under a starry night. The song transports you there. Batalvi's poem done right. -Anup

Smooth voice. -Vaishali

Credit to the musicians for composing the poem into such an easy-going song. -Harshit

A big hand for resuscitating the great Batalvi poem with such spirit. Works in wonderful fashion in the film as well. -Raja

Discernibly melodious tune, clean and sincere singing. -Armeen

Poetry raises the bar for this album. -Naresh

Amit Trivedi not only has a gorgeously melancholic tune, but gets Shahid Mallya and Diljit Dosanjh, for two versions! While Shahid’s variant is soulful, Diljit’s vocals and rock coating offers a lot more to the verse. -Karthik

A gentle romantic track - good contrast to the other songs in the album. -Ramanand

The lyrics are well suited to the storyline, the singing is good and the light arrangement blends well. A pleasing composition. -Subrat

Just when I thought 2016 was going to be a musical washout, this song comes up. Beautiful melody, simply orchestrated (that whistling!) to showcase the soulful lyrics and haunting rendition. I'm guessing it shares "raaga" bones with "aye sakhi Radhike" which it reminds me of a bit. Anything that evokes the loRD is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. :-). -Shalini

डोली रे डोली  (मिर्ज़्या)

Dolii re Dolii (Mirzya)

Tags: bidaai, earthy, folk, folk fusion, fusion, jazz, longing, manganiyar, rajasthani, romantic, soft jazz, vidai, yearning



शंकर महादेवन, मामे ख़ान
Shankar Mahadevan, Mame Khan

Again, with no hurry and rush, Mame Khan is let to open the song, do his thing, his magic. Shankar and jazz takes over but not making it a different song. It's still as magical. -Anup

Unique fusion of folk and jazz. Musically, the richest song of the year. -Aditya

It's OK. Kind of boring. -Abhay

Inventive, tour de force; singing is top notch and the orchestration has a surprise at every turn. -Subrat

No words for the words. -Harshit

A delightful surprise, mixing a sonorous jazz sound to the searing pathos rendered by Shankar Mahadevan. Victor Garcia’s trumpet stands out in the jazz ensemble with its indulgent sound. -Karthik

Exceptional singing. -Naresh

Interesting treatment - sounded more like a studio 'unplugged' set than a Bollywood song. -Ramanand

A bit on the dry side. -Ashok

Searing lyrics, music and rendition. -Shalini

Another great song. Mame Khan's sonorous voice quickly draws one into the song. It slowly progresses with brilliant use of trumpet's stirring notes in a quiet, soulful song. Superb use of piano, drums, and bass enhances the jazz flavor. -Vaishali

एक नदी थी  (मिर्ज़्या)

ek nadii thii (Mirzya)

Tags: ballad, blue grass, choral, conflicted, earthy, emotive, fable, folk fusion, folksy, harmony, inner struggle, philosophical, poetry, uplifting



नूराँ सिस्टर्स, के मोहन
Nooran Sisters, K Mohan

Powerful voices of Nooran sisters, K. Mohan, and chorus along with excellent arrangement with guitars make this song transcendent. -Vaishali

Wonderful imagery by Gulzar. -Naresh

Song and poem blur lines here. Short for the length of a song, but deep like a river itself. Nooran sisters in jugalbandi with K Mohan, both accompanied by choir led by Shankar Minimal yet exquisite arrangement. -Anup

It's not usual to hear a harmony-oriented song, so this stood out. Pity it was such a small piece. -Ramanand

opens to a lovely A cappella featuring Nooran Sisters and Agnee’s Mohan when the guitars kick-in, to take the flow to a new high, with the lead vocals and the chorus staying amazingly on top. -Karthik

Amazing lyrics. Love the guitar. -Shalini

More than anything else, interesting. Given the title, I expected better. -Ashok

The words are perfect. The whole issue is talked about in a beautiful analogy. -Harshit

loved this song when hearing for this exercise. Had heard mirzya before but not paid much attention to this song. Love the singing by Nooran sisters and the overall effect of the minimal music accompanied. -Neha

Simply beautiful and touches at so many levels. Again, scores high in all departments though here the lyrics score much higher - they resonate and have an emotional appeal for almost any woman and Gulzar's magical touch is felt more than it usually is in his newer lyrics... -Archana

I can listen to Nooran sisters for a long time. Here the folk elements are uniformly nice but the guitars bring an element of novelty and subversiveness that's least expected. -Subrat

Now this is getting repetitive. -Abhay

Ends too soon! -Aditya

दंगल दंगल  (दंगल)

da.ngal da.ngal (Dangal)

Tags: aggression, bollywood rock, bravura, celebration, competitive, fighting, folksy, inspirational, rock, inspiring, strength, theme song, title song, upbeat, motivational, uplifting


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

दलेर मेंहदी
Daler Mehndi

Inspiring lyrics, Daler Mehdi's booming voice with the chorus add to this uplifting song. -Vaishali

I liked the lyrics particularly. -Ashok

Very energetic, and fits the movie very well, not sure if it has listening pleaseue. -Abhay

The lyrics and music both had scope to be better, especially the lyrics. Are good in places but quite inconsistent. -Harshit

What a theme song. -Raja

A booming, anthemic number that gains enormously from Daler Mehndi’s powerful vocals. -Karthik

Fit to theme of the lyrisc wrt film plot & situations were a big positive for all the songs of the film. -Archana

Daler Mehdi is just perfect. -Naresh

Perfect fit within the film's milieu. -Aditya

Daler Mehndi's voice is perfect and the general rambunctiousness of the song and the lyrics sees you through. -Subrat

गिलहरियाँ  (दंगल)

gilahariyaa.N (Dangal)

Tags: breaking free, celebration, cheerful, easy listening, freedom, frothy, happy, independence, light romantic, peppy, reflective.


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

जोनिता गाँधी
Jonita Gandhi

Phudak ke chal rahi hain gilahariyan :-). -Naresh

Jonita Gandhi has a very sweet voice. -Vaishali

"Gilahariyaan" is such a pretty word, kinda like the song itself. -Shalini

There is a sense of effervescence in the singing and the lyrics gel well with it. -Subrat

Reminded me of Sanwaar loon - the feel of the song not words or music per se... -Archana

Lyrics with some really fresh metaphors are the strongest point. -Aditya

Jonita Gandhi is at her ethereal best in Gilehriyaan that could have easily fit inside Amit Trivedi’s Lootera soundtrack! The song has an easy, lilting sound that is hard not to fall for. -Karthik

Of course, the romance is with a new kind of life instead of the typical 'other sex.'. -Harshit

One of the few songs this year I'd feel like listening again. -Ashok

Very pleasing, even if not a very innovative. -Abhay

कागा रे  (मिर्ज़्या)

kaagaa re (Mirzya)

Tags: classical, classical with a twist, sentimental, folk, fusion, hindustani, indian classical, semi-classical, separation, traditional, western, western classical



कौशिकी चक्रवर्ती
Kaushiki Chakraborty

A classical rendition supported by a grand setup. There's a sense of something larger-than-life being played out on the screen. -Subrat

European classical meets Hindustani. Outstanding vocals. -Anup

Unexpected orchestration given the singer, but it works. I get the feeling the song wasn't really slated as a major one. -Ashok

Another experiment in fusion. -Aditya

Superb singing, as expected. -Abhay

Exceptional singing, Indian classical in mood, but chamber music ensemble in background. -Naresh

Rich western orchestration blended with classical Hindustani rendition of melody (probably in Raag Puriya Dhanashri) by Kaushiki Chakraborty makes it an interesting listen. -Vaishali

कारी कारी  (पिंक)

kaarii kaarii (Pink)

Tags: dark, despairing, emotional, hopeless, melancholy, philosophical, poignant, sad, semi-classical, waltz, soft rock, soulful

शांतनु मोइत्रा
Shantanu Moitra

तन्वीर ग़ाज़ी
Tanveer Ghazi

क़ुरत-उल-ऐन बलूच
Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch

Interesting voice. Such a pleasure to hear flawless diction in a contemporary song. -Aditya

I liked the musical pieces in between the words. -Abhay

It is a nice composition and the Qurat ul Ain has a voice that's perfect for this song esp where she pitches it high. -Subrat

Like the controlled intensity of the singer. -Shalini

Another that's rendered rather than sung. Quite good. -Ashok

The music of the song presents a high variety, without sounding too experimental. The lyrics and singing are wonderful too. -Harshit

Unusual composition by Shantanu Moitra. Qurat Ul Ain Balouch has a great vocal texture, reminiscent of Shubha Mudgal. The surprise veena interlude along the powerful lyrics made this song memorable. -Vaishali

डुग्ग डुगी डुग्ग  (जुगनी)

Dugg Dugii Dugg (Jugni)

Tags: background, discovery, folksy, freedom, journey song, meandering, philosophical, road, rock, soft

क्लिंटन सेरेजो
Clinton Cerejo


विशाल भारद्वाज, क्लिंटन सेरेजो
Vishal Bhardwaj, Clinton Cerejo

Tender voice of Vishal Bharadwaj and use of acoustic guitar gives the feeling of one floating away and not having a care in this world. -Vaishali

Interesting because different. Rendered (rather than sung) well by Vishal Bharadwaj. BTW, CD gives 2015 as the year. -Ashok

Wonderfully tuned song with lyrics in metre - a Bollywood miracle! The right use of nomatopoeia and the singing complements the song very well. One of the few songs that caught the year instantly this year and didn't lose its charm on repeat hearings. -Ramanand

I am glad to be on the jury for one. -Neha

Beautifully done; a light melody that traipses gently over some simple lyrics (bahta paani, duniya faani reminding me of Vishal's own lyrics from No Smoking). -Subrat

Liked the melody but not the song. -Abhay

The surprise album of the year for me. What a treat to hear Vishal singing for other composers. -Raja

Vishal's lazy style of singing suits the composition. -Aditya

Vishal Bhardwaj doesn't really convey the whimsy and insouciance that the song seems to be going for. -Shalini

The utter simplicity of the song is the USP. The lyrics, music and singing are all in sync. In the lyrics, the arrangement of words is lovely. -Harshit

Resonant tune, along with Shellee’s perceptive lyrics makes it easily endearing. -Karthik

Brilliant opening strings; top notch production. Kind of song that Bhardwaj makes but his mentee Cerejo owns it here. Makes you wanna pack your bags and go on a train journey instantly. -Anup

तितली  (बॉलीवुड डायरीज़)

titalii (Bollywood Diaries)

Tags: ballad, contemplative, meditative, melancholy, melodious, pensive, philosophical, sad, sarangi, soulful

विपिन पटवा
Vipin Patwa

डॉ सागर
Dr Sagar


Lovely, lilting melody; affectionate singing by Papon. -Anup

If there weren't a grammatical error (or two), it would have been rated higer on lyrics. -Archana

I think I heard Sarangi pieces somewhere, amazing ! Papon is very nice. -Naresh

Not impressed with the singing at all. -Abhay

Were those strains of sarod? My, that was good to hear. "Khwaabon ko sach karne ke liye, titli ne sab sapne bech diye" - Lovely. -Shalini

A discovery for me. Nice song! -Neha

Which is the nominated version: Papon or Soumen Choudhary? I slightly prefer the shorter verson by Soumen. -Ashok

sab badhiya tha, lekin phir sab aashayen 'fuut' gayin :). -Aditya

Soulful! -Armeen

Glad to hear this song (and the album) that I had missed during the year. The music is assured and the lyrics are simple. Vipin Patwa (never heard of him before) should get more opportunities based on what I heard in this album. -Subrat

Very interesting and evocative metaphor that drives the lyrics. Well-produced song that comes as a nice change from the mainstream. -Ramanand

Wonderful use of sarangi, Papon's mellow singing, meaningful lyrics made me want to listen to this meloncholic song over and over. Great song overall! -Vaishali

होता है  (मिर्ज़्या)

hotaa hai (Mirzya)

Tags: ballad, dance, defiant, folk, folk fusion, folksy, fusion, love and its discontents, nautanki, rap, rock, romantic, techno



नूराँ सिस्टर्स, साईं ज़हूर, अख़्तर चनल ज़ाहरी, दलेर मेंहदी
Nooran Sisters, Sain Zahoor, Akhtar Chanal Zahri, Daler Mehndi

Well, if you have to do Punjabi dance stuff then do it this way. Bhangra meets electronic. -Subrat

Arrangements and singing are lovely. So are the words. -Harshit

Noisy mess. -Ashok

Fun, folkish song with great beat and unusual use of electronic instruments reminded me of Bawre from Luck by Chance. -Vaishali

It's perhaps good for movie, for just listening it's weird. -Abhay

Song is all over the place in terms of mood and genre which seems apt given that Gulzar is the lyricist. :-). -Shalini

A few lines in this song stand out…. -Archana

Soundtrack’s goosebumps-inducing highlight! Nooran Sisters ace the singing incredibly, while the trio builds a hypnotic sound around what is a beautifully folk’ish tune. -Karthik

Lyrically strong, but overall ends up as an experiment in fusion that works only in parts. -Aditya

What an ensemble of singers. And such a hypnotic number. It sounds like a carefully constructed chaos with random sounds thrown here and there -- oh, that synthwave part in two lines! -Anup

जग घूमेया  (सुल्तान)

jag ghoomeyaa (Sultan)

Tags: folkish, light romantic, melodious, praising, rajasthani, romantic


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

A typical Rahat track that he's delivered many a times for V-S. The folk element is good and Rahat is in his comfort zone. Nothing new. -Subrat

This one grew on me. Interesting fusion of folksy with rock. Rahat's voice is a perfect fit. -Shalini

Right up Rahat's alley. -Naresh

Although I didn't find it impressive initially, this song grew on me. Appreciate the interesting use of instruments (probably also has bagpipes). -Vaishali

I like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan songs. -Abhay

Evocative, lingering melody. Best song of the album. -Aditya

तीन गवाह हैं इश्क़ के  (मिर्ज़्या)

tiin gawaah hai.n ishq ke (Mirzya)

Tags: folk and fusion, light romantic, love, romantic, sentimental, soft, souful



सिद्धार्थ महादेवन, साईं ज़हूर
Siddharth Mahadevan, Sain Zahoor

The only 'regular' song in an experimental album. -Aditya

I'm sated enough with this album that I'm willing to give this average track a 3 rating. The lyrics keep you interested though. -Subrat

Bookended by Saeen Zahoor's divinity. The thematic string evokes that feeling of longing and lost love. Choir adds to the beauty. -Anup

Siddharth Mahadevan is impressive. -Naresh

Mature singing by Siddharth Mahadevan and pleasing use of rabaab makes it an enjoyable song. -Vaishali

Gulzar’s sparkling imagination headlines Teen gawah, propped by Siddharth Mahadevan’s fresh-sounding voice, set to a wonderfully African’ish sound. -Karthik

Fine enough. Would be better without too many spicings. -Ashok

Hummable. -Ramanand

This one went to unexpected places melodically. Liked it a lot. -Shalini

नैना  (दंगल)

nainaa (Dangal)

Tags: ballad, disappointment, emotional, loss, mcarijit, melancholy, philosophical, poignant, sad, sombre


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Lyrics wins this song, but to realise that you have to see how this song is picturised in the film. -Anup

Reflective. Pritam's song all the way. Soft song in otherwise a rustic soundtrack. -Naresh

Needed a better singer. -Aditya

The poignant lyrics are the star of this number and for once Arijit plays it straight and doesn't distract. -Shalini

Again that heavy breating in between vocals murder an otherwise nice song, it was used well in the film and lyrics rescue it for most part. -Archana

Very nice melody. I think some other singer would have really make the song stand out. All songs by Arjit Singh sound too similar. -Abhay

McArijit but an extra half point for the lyrics. -Subrat

Good singing by Arijit. -Vaishali

Didn't find anything there, except lyrics. -Ashok

जीते हैं चल  (नीरजा)

jiite hai.n chal (Neerja)

Tags: anthem, contemplative, deep, determination, inspirational, motivational, optimistic, philosophical, prayer-like, soulfful, uplifting

विशाल खुराना
Vishal Khurana

प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

कविता सेठ, अरुण इंगले, मंदर आप्टे, आर एन अय्यर, अर्चना गोरे, मयूरी पटवर्धन, प्रगति मुकुंद जोशी, विशाल खुराना
Kavita Seth, Arun Ingle, Mandar Apte, R N Iyer, Archana Gore, Mayuri Patwardhan, Pragati Mukund Joshi, Vishal Khurana

I liked the words, music by itself was ok too but the two did not somehow go together, if that makes sense… And I did not like the singing as much at all. -Archana

I like Kavita Seth's vocals and she doesn't disappoint with a robust rendition. The background arrangement is grand and gives the song a sense of larger purpose. -Subrat

Modern update to "aage bhi jaane na tu" doesn't reach the heights of that masterpiece but still has the power to move. -Shalini

Music, lyrics, choice of singer, and singing are well in sync with the movie. -Harshit

Very satisfactotry. -Ashok

Kavita Seth's deep voice is perfect for this song with depth. -Vaishali

Not new, but still pleasant. -Abhay

सब धन माटी  (जय गंगाजल)

sab dhan maaTii (Jai Gangaajal)

Tags: ballad, classical, earthy, melancholy, mournful, philosophical, soulful, sufi


मनोज मुंतशिर
Manoj Muntashir

अमृता फड़नवीस
Amruta Fadnavis

Amruta Fadnavis has a distintive voice. -Ashok

Superb arrangement. Very atmospheric. -Anup

Song had an almost hypnotic effect on me. Love Amruta Fadnavis's sweet yet deep voice. -Shalini

Earthy lyrics, nice arrangement, lousy singing. -Aditya

Loved it… The singing and the words are both really good and music just right. -Archana

An extra half point for channeling Kabir in this song in an original way. Also, Arijit continues in his vein of singing every soulful song pleasantly but without soul. -Subrat

Impressive singing and spare orchestration provides a lot of depth to the song. -Ramanand

Great use of sarod and sarangi in this lovely composition in Bhairavi. Amruta Fadnavis is a great find. -Vaishali

Another discovery. Nice one! -Neha

Did I really hear Bhairavi?! -Armeen

Great singing, music, lyrics but yet little less than an exceptional song in totality. -Naresh

चन्ना मेरेया  (ऐ दिल है मुश्किल)

channaa mereyaa (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil)

Tags: celebration, folksy, heartbreak, lamenting, love ballad, lovelorn, romantic, folk, sad, sentimental, trance, unrequited love


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

A sweet, almost-sappy melody, led by Arijit’s brilliant vocals. -Karthik

Passionate song about unrequited love brought out by the crying of shehnai. One of the better songs of Arijit Singh. Has a feel of A R Rahman songs from Rockstar. -Vaishali

Again, there's this oft-heard sense that you get from this song. What's worse, you almost feel like you have seen Ranbir Kapoor in these songs many a times. The singing is good but it can't redeem the "fresh as yesterday's newspaper" feel to the song. -Subrat

If I could understand a little more punjabi i would probably enjoy this more... -Neha

Starts off well then turns self-indulgent. Simpler, plainer orchestration would have made the song more poignant, I think. -Shalini

There's an unplugged version. Generally I've found "unplugged" versions to be at least less noisy; also, it's shorter! -Ashok

My favrt or the song I would rate best in the soundtrack. -Archana

Song that makes you wanna sing. -Anup

At the start it felt like a reading of prose. Later it became a song with a cookie-cutter tune. -Abhay

Some wonderful lines. Despite being very similar to YJHD's kabeera, it sounds beautiful. The beginning and end of the song are USP of the song. -Harshit

Works much better in the film than as an audio only experience. -Aditya

ऐ दिल है मुश्किल  (ऐ दिल है मुश्किल)

ai dil hai mushkil (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil)

Tags: ballad, longing, mcarijit, melancholy, poignant, romantic, sad, sentimental, soulful


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Good arrangement. -Naresh

Good song, but nothing that stands out. Music arrangement has some inspired moments. -Abhay

The kind of melancholic song that we borrowed from Pakistan and goes hand-in-glove with Arijit, but Pritam employs jazz instruments (significant to Bombay film music production), thus making it his own. -Anup

One among the many from Arijit Singh assembly line. Even Amitabh's lyrics seem tired and have given into the rut. The ambition of the song is big but there's nothing supporting it. -Subrat

Just began and I'm already tired of Arjit Singh. :-( Song is undemanding and easy to like but not likely to endure in my memories. -Shalini

Lyrics are very relevant to the film, and some very touching singing with music mostly based on a simple melody. -Harshit

What is the deal with ADHM? I couldnt finish the movie and the songs though better werent outstanding, this one being the worst. -Neha

A haunting theme song that works like theme songs of old while also reinventing the line of an old and unforgettable Bombay song by, impressively enough, giving it new meaning. -Raja

Rich orchestration with good use of violins, trumpet, and piano. Music reminiscent of Om Shanti Om. -Vaishali

Liked orchestration, but not the tune -- too much shouting). Lyrics are interesting, but somewhat over the top. -Ashok

Beautifully composed and well written. Arijit sounds much better than in other songs. -Aditya

Heavy breathing between short phrases at the beginning killed it for me. And the strained singing later did not help. -Archana

wonderfully sweeping, with Pritam’s spellbinding orchestration accompanying Arijit’s fantastic vocals. -Karthik

तेरे बिन  (वज़ीर)

tere bin (Wazir)

Tags: classical, flute, light romantic, love, melodious, romantic, sargam, sentimental, soft, souful, traditional

शांतनु मोइत्रा
Shantanu Moitra

विधु विनोद चोपड़ा
Vidhu Vinod Chopra

सोनू निगम, श्रेया घोषाल
Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal

Saccharine-sweet; the tune’s old-world charm, plus Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal wonderful vocals. -Karthik

Typical Shantanu Moitra composition with a strong sense of déjà vu. Sounds pleasant as long as it lasts. Doesn't have the lingering quality. -Aditya

It is an average track but I'm happy to hear Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal who haven't featured in too many songs this year. Listening to Sonu, I have reached the conclusion I can bear his 'oversinging' of a song to the McArijits dished out this year. -Subrat

Overall, seemed a little out-dated, though the individual components (the music, the singing) were competent. -Ramanand

I actually like "atrangi yaari" more than this song. It has a pleasantness to it that is very endearing. -Neha

"Lyricist" was really short of words…. -Archana

Hearing Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal made me nostalgic. This song has Shantanu Moitra's stamp all over it. Reminded me of Parineeta. -Vaishali

Because of the beautiful music and singing, the song works wonderfully even with average lyrics. -Harshit

Shreya does an excellent job while Sonu struggles. -Naresh

Another sweet melody that keeps things nice and simple. All the singing points are for Sonu's emotional yet controlled rendition. Shreya is meh as usual. -Shalini

Nice duet. -Abhay

Fine, except for lyrics; non-verbal parts of singing better! -Ashok

हस नच ले  (उड़ता पंजाब)

has nach le (Udta Punjab)

Tags: appeal, folk, folksy, harmonium, inspirational, message, philosophical, punjabi, qawwali, reimagined qawwali, soulful, sufi

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi


शाहिद माल्या
Shahid Mallya

Finally some much desired dal roti after days of fusion-pizza! -Armeen

Before the actual tabla-laden track kicks in, the song takes a good minute and a half kind of prelude, which is the most peaceful part of the song. Unhurried, unrushed, and Shahid Mallya puring out his heart. -Anup

Musically speaking stays at the PSA level rather than truly touching one's emotions. -Shalini

Lovely song! -Neha

Rare, harmonium-led song. Very enjoyable to listen to. -Ramanand

It is an inspired reimagination of the qawwali format. The singing further ups the song's listenability quotient. -Subrat

Shahid Mallya's expressive voice adds to the beauty of the lyrics by Shellee, while the use of harmonium enhances the earthiness of this song. After the few beginning bars, Amit Trivedi's music here is unlike his usual style. -Vaishali

जुगनी  (जुगनी)

juganii (Jugni)

Tags: folk, folk fusion, foot-tapping, fusion rock, philosophical. devotional, punjabi, qawwali, sufi, traditional

क्लिंटन सेरेजो
Clinton Cerejo


जावेद बशीर, क्लिंटन सेरेजो
Javed Bashir, Clinton Cerejo

Javed Bashir is energetic and the song has a foot tapping tempo that keeps you interested till the end. I hadn't heard this before and it was a pleasant surprise. -Subrat

Excellent mix of folk and strings, with a hint of Spanish orchestrations. Makes for an eclectic yet cohesive sound. Robust singing ties the song together. -Ramanand

Average. -Abhay

What an energy. Neat arrangement (infused with Spanish styled guitars) that never overpowers Javed Bashir's powerful singing. -Anup

Again, interesting, but can't really listen for pleasure; lyrics too folksy for me to judge. Not clear whether the solo or the duet version (called Unplugged) is nominated. I prefer the latter, among other reasons, because it's shorter. -Ashok

Falls short despite the distinct coke studio feel. -Naresh

Have a feeling this would be amazing as a live performance. As a recording, there is a loss in energy transmission between performers and listener. -Shalini

Didn't understand the words well. It was an enjoyable song though. -Vaishali

धाकड़  (दंगल)

dhaaka.D (Dangal)

Tags: character-defining, fight, folksy, funny, fusion, harayanvi, hip hop, intimidating, rap, upbeat, motivational


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya


It is an experimental track with all kinds of influences thrown in. The writing is fun and the rap elements are engaging. It is not a kind of genre that I particulalry like but I was happy to listen to it a few times. -Subrat

Rap was apt here and lyrics comment from last song applies, can be extended to say the language of the lyric fitted well too. -Archana

Macho Haryanvi hiphop! Raftaar’s version is clean-cut and on expected lines, while Aamir Khan’s other version has the X factor, with Aamir play-acting an extra cool drawl in his rendition. -Karthik

Which version: Raftar or Aamir? About the same. -Ashok

In a blind listening test, I wouldn't be able to tell this one apart from the Dangal title song.:-O. -Shalini

Fitting a very unindian kind of music in a very desi environment was something different. -Harshit

Amitabh B's breadth is amazing. -Naresh

Whadda song~. -Neha

Only suitable in the movie. -Abhay

Catchy opening to the song and interesting concept. -Ramanand

मिर्ज़्या  (मिर्ज़्या)

mirzyaa (Mirzya)

Tags: background, ballad, defiant, earthy, folk, folk fusion, punjabi, rhythmic, romantic, rustic, standard punjabi, title song



दलेर मेंहदी, साईं ज़हूर, अख़्तर चनल ज़ाहरी,नूराँ सिस्टर्स
Daler Mehndi, Sain Zahoor, Akhtar Chanal Zahri, Nooran Sisters

I love hearing the new and different voices that Mirzya brought to me :). -Neha

Didn't appeal to me. Noisy mess. -Ashok

Standard Punjabi song, except for the beautiful poetry. -Vaishali

Very ordinary. -Abhay

Catchy, Rustic. -Naresh

What a line-up of singers here. Spectacular arrangement. Intoxicating tune. Only if this track had thehraav of other tracks in the album. -Anup

Mehndi isn't bad per se, but the bellows are overused to the point of audience earbleeding. -Raja

The vocal cast is good enough for me to rate it a 3. Though the overload of vocal richness doesn't eventually lead to a great track. -Subrat

A sprawling effort! Too sprawling, given the medley’ish ways it splinters into. But it is also mighty impressive, pulling in many voices led by Daler Mehndi, a phenomenal vocal chorus and a grand, thumping sound. -Karthik

ये फ़ितूर मेरा  (फ़ितूर)

ye fitoor meraa (Fitoor)

Tags: anthemic, passion, rock, romantic, sleepy, sentimental, soft, sufi

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Very Amit; a dual-mukhda structure that hammers the simple, evocative tune with a gradual build-up and a rousing ending, all wonderfully handled by Arijit. -Karthik

Amit Trivedi is sugh a favorite! -Neha

Lazy... -Armeen

This was venturing into McArijit terrain but it is saved by a catch and fmailiar hook and some rousing orchestra. -Subrat

Led Zepellin-ish arrangement. Arijit killing it at high notes. -Anup

Lovely soundtrack and the best song of the soundtrack (Haminastu) did not even make it to your list - sad… As far as this song is concerned, I am finding Arijit Singh's labored breathing killing a number of songs for me :-(. -Archana

Has a haunting feel. Works well despite Arijit's characteristic drawling style. -Aditya

Nothing distinguishes this song from a dozen other Arijit Singh songs. -Shalini

धनक  (धनक)

dhanak (Dhanak)

Tags: dreamy, easy listening, idealistic, lori, lullaby, melodious, optimistic, reassuring, sarangi, souflful

तपस रेलिया
Tapas Relia

अली मीर हुसैन
Ali Mir Husain

मोनाली ठाकुर
Monali Thakur

Sounds like a recycled ARRehman arrangement, although the melody is not bad at all. -Abhay

Above average, because interesting. BTW, which is the song titled "dhanak"? I'm assuming it's the "Khwaabo.n me.n apane" by Monali Thakur; the only other "dhanak" song is the instrumental theme. -Ashok

Despite the beautiful words, music, and even singing, the diction affects the song. Almost all 'dots' at the end of words are missing. Other issues too. -Harshit

This sounds like Amit Trivedi from Lootera. Monali sings it extremely sweetly. The sarangi brings the folk flavour to the song and the orchestration goes well with it. -Subrat

Mellifluous singing by Monali Thakur. -Anup

Lovely prelude. Diction, especially, ignoring nasalization has been Monali Thakur's problem ever since she took a rider in Lutera :). -Aditya

Sarangi is very pleasent to ears. -Naresh

Nice use of sarangi and flute. -Vaishali

Sweet and simple. -Shalini

A great little flute solo at the beginning which returns occasionally, but the song's promise is shortlived. Good airtime for what sounds like a sarangi at the end. -Ramanand

Lovely prelude and interludes, nice lyrics and rendition. Very pleasant song and loris are so not common these days. -Archana

पश्मीना  (फ़ितूर)

pashmiinaa (Fitoor)

Tags: love, rock, romantic, smooth, soft, soft rock, soothing, soulful

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

Might have been served better with a better singer, perhaps? -Ramanand

Beautiful words, lovely music, adequate singing for most part but a few mispronounciations are glaring and take the listening pleasure down a few notches :-(. -Archana

Lyrics is a let down and also the singing but superbly catchy tune. -Anup

It is a tender, beautiful composition that evokes some of Amit Trivedi's finest works (Lootera for instance). -Subrat

Too many mannrisms instead of melody. -Ashok

Has a strong "Lootera" hangover which was a nice enough soundtrack but not encore worthy. And Amit Trivedi's singing makes me think kindly of Arijit Singh. -Shalini

It's one thing to sing in a lazy style, but if that compromises the diction and make rabaab sound like rawaab, its irritating. And when that comes together with' kachchha' and 'dhuaa', it's beyond salvage, despite a great sound and composition. -Aditya

Oh-so-gentle melody, evoking Rahman’s Kaatre en vaasal (Rhythm) in the orchestration, and Amit handling the vocals impeccably. -Karthik

मौला  (निल बटे सन्नाटा)

maulaa (Nil Battey Sannata)

Tags: beseeching, devotional, hopeful, inspirational, life, philosophical, reheated sufi, soft, sufi


मनोज यादव
Manoj Yadav

नंदिनी श्रीकर
Nandini Srikar

While nice, yet another song that sounds it was built for Coke Studio. -Ramanand

Quite like it; singing could be better. -Ashok

Fantastic lyrics and singing by Nandini Sirkar along with the sarod interludea are the highlight of this song. -Vaishali

It's OK. -Abhay

Again, another song that follows this year's template of a decent melody that merges into maula/bulleya etc. Nandini Srikar is someone I can listen to for a long time but such familiar music doesn't do any justice to her. Also, I'm tired of lyrics that have sikke being safely stored to buy khwaab or whatever else. We have had an overload of such stuff in the last 2 years. -Subrat

Straight out of Amit Trivedi School of Music. -Anup

बरसन लागी  (सरबजीत)

barasan laagii (Sarbjit)

Tags: classical, punjabi, guitar, longing, melancholy, pensive, philosophical, reheated sufi, romantic, sad, sarod, semi-classical, traditional


ए एम तूराज़
A M Turaz

शैल हाड़ा
Shail Hada

Stirring rendition, soft yet powerful. Wish the MD had done away with the synth beats and relied on the more Indian sounds, but that's a quibble. -Shalini

Basic grammatical errors in lyrics get my goat, specially in songs that rely on their words rather than plain beat. -Archana

The initial melody is pleasant enough and Shail Hada is quite competent. But it does back into that familiar territory (and this time malang makes an entry) and I lose interest by then. -Subrat

Nice composition, the lyrics are are also decent, but I am not sure the usage of बुंदियन is gramatically appropriate in the context. -Aditya

Interesting choice of classical music for Punjabi lyrics by Shail-Pritesh. Good to see new talent. -Vaishali

Great tune. In a year when everyone's tried to toe the melody line with cliched results, this has somehow managed to overcome those fetters. -Ramanand

उड्ड दा पंजाब  (उड़ता पंजाब)

uDD daa pa.njaab (Udta Punjab)

Tags: bhangra, bravado, dance, edm, hip-hop, psychedelic, punjabi, punjabi rock, rap, rebellious, rhythmic, rock, techno, theme song, trippy

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

विशाल दादलानी, अमित त्रिवेदी
Vishal Dadlani, Amit Trivedi

The song that blasted my speakers all through this year. A song for a Punjabi rockstar for which Trivedi geniously infused folk elements In this dance number with serious does of EDM and rap. And when was the last time you heard the word "Aalijanaab" in a Hindi film song? -Anup

Great beat. -Vaishali

Again, this is how you can do a Punjabi track in a new form than reheating the same stuff as we have seen through the year. The arranegement is beautiful, lyrics topical to the film and the singing and rapping goes well. I'm not a fan of the genre but I can listen to this a few times. -Subrat

Varun Grover’s explosive lines oozing relentless display of bravado, set to insanely addictive and funky tune. -Karthik

Unimpressed. -Ashok

Quite bad. -Abhay

Captures the tone of the film well. -Aditya

Satisfying head-banging/foot-stomping number with some clever lyrics. -Shalini

गहरा इश्क़  (नीरजा)

gaharaa ishq (Neerja)

Tags: light romantic, qawwali, reheated qawwali, romantic, soft, sufi

विशाल खुराना
Vishal Khurana

प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

शेखर रावजियानी
Shekhar Ravjiani

The qawwali elements make this song a little better. -Aditya

Shekhar sounds great. -Vaishali

Is it just me or every second song sounds similar this year - starts off with a decent tune, sounds like a song playing in the background in the film and then descends into sufi-qawwali frenzy. -Subrat

Average. -Abhay

Nice progression, well knit song. -Naresh

डा डा दस्से  (उड़ता पंजाब)

Daa Daa dasse (Udta Punjab)

Tags: cautionary, dance, dark, electro funk, folksy, gloom, philosophical, psychedelic, punjabi, folk fusion, philosophical, rap, rhythmic, trippy

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कणिका कपूर, बाबू हाबी
Kanika Kapoor, Babu Haabi

Gives Kanika Kapoor a tremendous tune transcend Baby-Doll-variety banality with its beautifully constructed melody. Babu Haabi layers his stylish Punjabi rap in the song. -Karthik

Trippy little number. -Ramanand

I like this song. Kanika Kapoor (who I had assumed was slotted for the item songs) sings this beautifully and Amit Trivedi is top of his game in terms of inventive orchestration. -Subrat

Interesting enough. -Ashok

Powerful music and singing by Kanika Kapoor pictures an impending doom. -Vaishali

Powerful, ominous yet catchy. -Shalini

Kanika Kapoor exudes so much confidence. She owns the song without overpowering it. -Anup

बोलना  (कपूर एंड संस)

bolanaa (Kapoor & Sons)

Tags: light romantic, longing, mcarijit, punjabi, romantic

तनिष्क बागची
Tanishk Bagchi

डॉ देवेन्द्र काफ़िर
Dr Devendra Kafir

अरिजित सिंह, असीस कौर
Arijit Singh, Asees Kaur

Gorgeous melody, is instantly hummable, thanks to Arijit’s involved vocals, with great support from Asees Kaur. -Karthik

Very good, esp. music. -Ashok

One of the many such songs. -Abhay

Folk influenced melody. Light and simple arrangement, easy to listen. -Anup

Fawad Khan…haye! Song is pretty nice too.:;-). -Shalini

McArijit but an extra half point for still surprising me. -Subrat

तू ही है  (डियर ज़िंदगी)

tuu hii hai (Dear Zindagi)

Tags: easy on the ears, jazz, light romantic, romantic, strings

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Nice strings work. -Aditya

Breezy, and it's only the music/singing that makes it breezy but the lyrics too: "Meri shayri me tu, meri diary me tu.". -Anup

This feels so inspired by Fleetwood Mac :-). -Abhay

A little lightness added to the lyrics through the song without being comical is worth appreciation. -Harshit

Humming-worthy first half but the lyrics start to get very repetitive by the end and take the sheen of what was otherwise a decent song. -Ramanand

More dull. BTW, it'd have been interesting if the takeoff on the Gulzar/Ilaiyaraja/Suresh Wadkar song from 'Sadma' was nomiated for this film! There're two versions of it, too. -Ashok

Again, that Aisha genre. I like the song bar the lyrics (rhyming diary and shayari; gubbaron with khumaron and then god forbid with guitaron!). It is a pleasant evening listen but it doesn't surprise or hold your attention beyond the song. -Subrat

Labored. -Naresh

द ब्रेकप सौंग  (ऐ दिल है मुश्किल)

The Breakup Song (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil)

Tags: club song, dance, electro pop, fun, funny, hip hop, indi pop, item song, party, playful, quirky, rap


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

अरिजित सिंह, बादशाह, जोनिता गाँधी, नकश अज़ीज़
Arijit Singh, Badshah, Jonita Gandhi, Nakash Aziz

Didn't get my feet tapping. -Shalini

An extra point for doing something new and catchy. There's no danger of this song becoming memorable for years to come though. -Subrat

Interesting idea for a jaunty, flippant song about 'breaking up', but the song is content being use-and-throw. -Ramanand

Perhaps the catchiest way to celebrate the end of a relationship. In a film about subversion, this song went further than expected, and foot-tappingly so. -Raja

I usually hate such songs but one has to give it to the lyricist for capturing the times well and music/rendition are fairly decent, they don't seem jarring at all - it seems to be quite representative of how the current generation treats "break-ups" - a visit to the parlor for a nice hair treatment or an evening of binge drinking is a cure all... The line about "dil pe patthar rakh ke munh pe make-up kar liya" could be deeper than they appear at first glance... or not :-) . My high score to lyrics is on account of its faithful depiction of trends & values of the time. -Archana

Loved Jonita Gandhi's voice. -Vaishali

Retro melody infused in dance; very very catchy. -Anup

Total mess. -Ashok

Pure fun, there is some smart rhyming here, brings a smile everytime I listen to it. Arijit's autotuned voice jars a bit. -Aditya

Foot tapping, instantly appealing :-). -Naresh

तारीफ़ों से  (डियर ज़िंदगी)

taariifo.n se (Dear Zindagi)

Tags: foot tapping, jazz, light melody, light romantic, love, praising, romantic, teasing

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Smooth, pleasant melofy - but I am not fond of this singing. -Abhay

Has a old-fashioned love song feel to it. Brings Kishore's "Nakhrewali" to mind - to the detriment of my already low opinion of Arijit Singh's singing abilities. -Shalini

Dull. -Ashok

That Taareefon se is written by a woman—Kausar Munir—perhaps explains the clever lines in the dreamy ballad clearly aimed at women with above average intelligence. -Karthik

I'm not complaining listening to this Arijit. The song is too reminiscent of Shaam from Aisha. The jazz infused background music is eay on the ears and the lyrics are suited to the genre. -Subrat

Saxophone is the highlight. -Vaishali

Has a jazzy feel, saxophone and drums add to the charm. -Aditya

ज़े तेम  (बेफ़िक्रे)

Je T'aime (Befikre)

Tags: breezy, dance, european, french, indie jazz, jazz, lush, romantic, saxophone


जयदीप साहनी
Jaideep Sahni

विशाल दादलानी, सुनिधि चौहान
Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan

Charming! -Naresh

Frothy, charming concoction that delivers what it promises - a bit of flirty fun. -Shalini

Enjoyable song with a touch of jazz, feels like a spanish dance song. -Vaishali

Simple, restrained melody. Should make for a good accompaniment on a pleasant drive. -Ramanand

Has a nice breezy feel to it. -Aditya

tukbandi theek thi, my problem with most "listenable" songs these days is that they blend into each other and hardly any can be remembered after a while except for the "hook" perhaps. -Archana

The trumpet and the saxophone riffs give a pinch of jazz to the orchestration. The singing (good to hear Sunidhi after a while) does justice the 'western' orhcestration. -Subrat

Picturisation was good as I usually like where the lead can see themselves along with themselves :) if you know what I mean. -Neha

Suitable music for the situation, nothing else. -Abhay

बुल्लेया  (ऐ दिल है मुश्किल)

bulleyaa (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil)

Tags: devotional rock, faux sufi, folk pop, philosophical, pop rock, punjabi, romantic, sufi, sufi rock, sufi-ish


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

अमित मिश्रा, शिल्पा राव
Amit Mishra, Shilpa Rao

Lyrics stand-out. -Aditya

Attempt to make the kind of "Sufi Rock" that flourished in Pakistan. Musically, it is a nice attempt but it’s the forced use of Sufi words in lyrics that mars it. -Anup

Could not get past Arijit's screaming. Shilpa Rao's part was okay. -Vaishali

Robust singing but yet another "Sufi Rock" song makes one say "yeh album hai mushkil". -Ramanand

Another song out of the random sufi-angst song generator. Bulleya will be spinning in his grave for the number of times his name is being taken in vain these days. -Subrat

One of the generic songs we here these days. May be catchy for some. The lyrics are noteworthy for use of Urdu words, but they fail to touch. -Abhay

I found the orchestration very noisy and the singing too loud. -Neha

Very listenable, catchy music, reasonable lyrics, decent singing. -Archana

Catchy, reminds one of Pakistani bands. Amit is awesome especially. -Naresh

Rousing number that goes on for a minute too long. -Shalini

उड़न छू  (बैंजो)

u.Dan chhoo (Banjo)

Tags: carefree, light romantic, love, melodious, praising, dance, romantic, swinging, waltz, ganpati


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

हृदय गट्टानी
Hriday Gattani

The accordion passages are nice. -Aditya

Lovely arrangement and orchestration. Reminds one of old times. -Naresh

Hriday Gattani rocks the accordion-loaded vaudevillian beauty. -Karthik

There's a swinging quality to the song that along with the accordion arrangement makes this song a pleasing listening experience. I'm hearing the singer for the first time and he's sung this well (or, maybe it's just a break from Arijit Singh that's got me happy). -Subrat

Was a First time hear for me I think. Catchy hook, decent song. -Archana

Pleasant, light song. -Shalini

It's slighty different, but that's about it. -Abhay

Beautiful waltz with rich instrumentation followed by traditional lejim. -Vaishali

Enjoyed listening to this one that wasn't in my radar! -Neha

The "udan choo" refrain didn't work for me, in what was otherwise a very competent song. -Ramanand

तेरे संग यारा  (रुस्तम)

tere sa.ng yaaraa (Rustom)

Tags: light romantic, love, mediocre, missing, pleasant, romantic, soft

आरको प्रावो मुखर्जी
Arko Pravo Mukherjee

मनोज मुंतशिर
Manoj Muntashir

आतिफ़ असलम
Atif Aslam

I really like this tune. -Abhay

Is gentle, and easily likeable. Plus, there’s Atif Aslam’s vocals too. -Karthik

Pretensions of big sound, but not much there. -Ashok

Soft, ear-pleasing song. Never thought I would find Atif Aslam more appealing than other other singers in a year. -Aditya

Gentle, simple song. -Vaishali

Love this song, but atif's singing not so much! -Neha

We are back in this territory that we have traversed through the year. Bored to death. -Subrat

पिया तू पिया  (डोंगरी का राजा)

piyaa tuu piyaa (Dongri Ka Raja)

Tags: classical, melodious, romantic, semi-classical, traditional

असद ख़ान
Asad Khan

रक़ीब आलम
Raqueeb Alam

अरिजित सिंह, चिन्मयी श्रीपदा
Arijit Singh, Chinmayi Sripada

Good to hear shehnai. -Vaishali

Sickly sweet. -Shalini

Again arijit!!!!! -Neha

It is a beautiful traditional composition and possibly uses Arijit Singh in a mould that one can hear for longer. -Subrat

Beautiful song with simple, lovely music, despite not much novelty. -Harshit

Average. -Abhay

Well-sung, but remarkable only for little snatches of sitar and shehnai. Otherwise, fairly cookie-cutter. -Ramanand

Reasonably Melodious, but I found it too long. -Ashok

Easy on the ear… that's just about it. -Aditya

जस्ट गो टू हेल दिल  (डियर ज़िंदगी)

Just Go to Hell dil (Dear Zindagi)

Tags: angry, background, defiant, depressed, emotional, introspective, move on, rock, rock ballad, sad, soulful

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

सुनिधि चौहान, अमित त्रिवेदी
Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi

Overall, all songs of Dear Zindagi were very good. Wonderful blend of different instruments such as trumpets and banjo. Amit Trivedi's love and influence of jazz is evident. -Vaishali

I surprised myself by liking the song. Normally, with a title like that (Go to hell), I wouldn't even start to listen! -Ashok

Wonderful singing range. -Harshit

The quiet opening, the mournful violins in the interludes and Sunidhi singing her heart out can't elevate this song beyond the average pity-party. -Shalini

Sorry, this song just doesnt cut it. -Neha

Nice melody. Very soft-rock like. The lyrics do not fit the musical meter very well at some places. -Abhay

Spirited vocals. -Aditya

This is a nice melody and if you listen keenly you will appreciate the writing (except the go to hell dil part). Sunidhi Chauhan is in good form and is given ample scope to do her full throated routine. -Subrat

बेहूदा  (रमन राघव 2.0)

behoodaa (Raman Raghav 2.0)

Tags: approaching menace, background, character-defining song, dark, devious, electronica, funk, noir, ominous, scorn, sinister, soft

राम संपत
Ram Sampath

वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

नयनतारा भटकल, राम संपत, विवियन पोचा, नलिनी कृष्णन
Nayantara Bhatkal, Ram Sampath, Vivienne Pocha, Nalini Krishnan

Makes one sway to music. Varun grover style stands out. -Naresh

Mannered mess. I found Sona Mohapatra's "qatl-e-aam" (unplugged version) a better song from the film. -Ashok

Finally, something that broke the clutter of this year's soundscape. Nice and devious. Excellent orchestration to set the mood. Sometimes, all you need are the right words, even if they aren't your typically 'classy' lyrics. -Ramanand

A pitch-perfect desi Bond title song, featuring Nayantara Bhatkal’s tantalizing lead vocals—brilliantly backed up by Vivienne Pocha and Nalini Krishnan—and Varun Grover’s delightfully wicked lyrics that cover a whole gamut of badasserry. -Karthik

Leave aside the content of the so-called-lyrics, the structrure is that of a prose. -Abhay

Great voice with good lyrics. -Vaishali

The lyrics evoke a sense of disgust, as they're meant to. -Aditya

Didn't do anything for me. music/lyrics/singing all below average. -Neha

The lyrics take the cake. I don't think there's a precedent of HFM lyrics where evil is so celebrated. I'm not going to play this song years from now but I will quote the lyrics as a good example of unique work done. -Subrat

लबों का कारोबार  (बेफ़िक्रे)

labo.n kaa kaarobaar (Befikre)

Tags: a hundred violins, dreamy, romantic, swinging paris, vintage sound


जयदीप साहनी
Jaideep Sahni


The Accordion sound makes it sound like waltz, but not sure if it'd count as one. -Harshit

I'm impressed with the notion of calling a French kiss labon ka karobaar. Papon is a relief with a swinging, carefree style that gives you a sense of someone wandering and singing along the streets of a city. -Subrat

Peppy but not much else. Like the cheeky, imaginative lyrics. -Shalini

I would have rated the lyrics (and thus the song) a lil higher but for the "Ishq labon ka kaarobaar", baat hazm nahin hui…. -Archana

Classy. -Naresh

Feels very French thanks to it accordion-based arragement. -Aditya

Italian feel. -Vaishali

Great lyrics but a song that falls musically short. -Raja

Ishq laboN ka karobaar??? Bad phrase in the opening. Rest of the lyrics is not as bad though. Arrangement does not sound original at all. -Abhay

जी हुज़ूरी  (की एंड का)

jii huzuurii (Ki & Ka)

Tags: contemplation, faux sufi, melancholic, philosophical, romantic, sad, upset


सईद क़ादरी
Sayeed Quadri

मिथुन, दीपाली साठे
Mithoon, Deepali Sathe

A song with much potential but missing a good singer. -Harshit

The only good thing in a harebrained film. -Raja

Brings back Mithoon's Maula Mere high, with its immersive melody and fantastic hook. -Karthik

Nice lyrics. That Mahabbat is so uncommon to hear in HFM (despite being correct), it was endearing. -Archana

Nothing there; mess; boring repetition of mukhDa. -Ashok

Interesting lyrics, interesting arrangement. -Abhay

Don't know what to make of this song. There's this Aankhein Teri (Anwar) feel to every such song of Mithoon that I hear. It appears here too. -Subrat

The "love Doesn't conquer all" vibe of the lyrics and the somber drum beats give this song an edge that sets it apart from the standard "roothna" song. -Shalini

Sigh! -Neha

नशे सी चढ़ गई  (बेफ़िक्रे)

nashe sii cha.Dh ga_ii (Befikre)

Tags: celebration, dance, electro pop, flirtatious, foottapping, franco-punju mix, fun, intoxication, party, romantic, smoke


जयदीप साहनी
Jaideep Sahni

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Barring the annoying chipmunks’ish intrusions, is a lovely listen, with a hypnotic, Middle-Eastern tune and wonderfully voiced by Arijit. -Karthik

Popularity of this song in unexplainable :). -Naresh

Arijit can sound desolate even in a supposedly dance song. The arrangement is quite funky with all that 'mew' mew' sounds that I have no idea about and then some French words come into the mix that discombobulates me enough to take a liking to the song. -Subrat

Peppy. Lyrics trying hard to be smart but end up little more than just matching similar sounds. -Aditya

The visuals do add a lot to the song! and wth is it with this year, is everything sung by Arijit Singh? -Neha

The shrill choruswas abhorrent for me and ruined a song that I would have otherwise found above average. -Archana

The structuring of verses in this song is indulgent enough to be a romantic song as well as catchy enough to be a hip-hop dance number. And you wonder here, is there a song Arijit can't sing? -Anup

At least tries to have a decent tempo. -Abhay

बुल्लेया ... तू बात करे  (सुल्तान)

bulleyaa ... tuu baat kare (Sultan)

Tags: bollywood sufi, pleading, prayer, qawwali, reheated qawwali, romantic, sufi, sufi pop, sufi-ish, philosophical


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil


Papon's voice elevates the song. -Vaishali

Despite the lyrics being a little inconsistent in their quality, the music, arrangement, and the overall song have come out really good. -Harshit

Papon is good (or maybe I like him despite such songs). There's nothing more to recommend here. Another Bulleya song to be forgotten the moment you finished hearing it. -Subrat

Decent attempt at a qawwali but never really takes off. -Shalini

Papon does a perfect job to this polished composition. -Naresh

तू है  (मोहेनजो दरो)

tuu hai (Mohenjo Daro)

Tags: duet, love, romantic, smooth, soft, standard rahman stuff

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

जावेद अख़्तर
Javed Akhtar

ए आर रहमान, साना मोइदुत्ती
A R Rahman, Sanah Moidutty

Underwhelming, consdiering at came from Rahman. -Naresh

The kind of sounds that Rahman brings in for this period film based song, wow. -Anup

A 'tired' song by ARR standards - more Rajesh Roshan than Rahman. -Ramanand

Typically good AR Rahman song. -Vaishali

Why did rahman have to sing this himself! -Aditya

A likeable ARR track that channels previous tracks of his like Maahi Ve (his singing of such tracks have gotten monotonous for me). -Subrat

I don't know if it's ARR whose music now sounds like everyone else's or if everyone else sounds like ARR now. Either way, there's nothing distinctively Rehmanish about the song. Melody is strong but ARR's singing does it no favors. -Shalini

Very nice, different melody. -Abhay

चल चलें  (धनक)

chal chale.n (Dhanak)

Tags: energetic, inspirational, journey song, light, motivational, peppy, philosophical, raaste ka song, rhythm, soulful

तपस रेलिया
Tapas Relia

अली मीर हुसैन
Ali Mir Husain

पापोन, विभा सराफ़, शिवम पाठक
Papon, Vibha Saraf, Shivamm Pathak

Singing and Music is good - but still falls short in totality. -Naresh

Feels hodgepodge of diff themes. -Abhay

Weakest song in the soundtrack. Ignoring nasalization of words is so common in the singers these days that it has even stopped being irritating any more. -Aditya

There's a hopeful vein to the lyrics and the upbeat music complements it. Papon is competent and the other male singer brings a touch of folk to the song. There's a bit of over orchestration but I can live with it. -Subrat

Interesting rhythms but the over-modulated and staccato nature of the song made it a little tiring and confused. -Ramanand

Standard-issue song of exhortation. -Shalini

निंदिया  (सरबजीत)

ni.ndiyaa (Sarbjit)

Tags: lori, lullaby, philosophical, sad


संदीप सिंह
Sandeep Singh

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Underwhelming. Arijit's singing in particular is below par. -Naresh

Sounds like a lullaby but that which will keep you awake. Arijit Singh sings the lori exactly like he sings everything else. The tune isn't lori-like and the lines are too long to be easily repeated for it fit into a lullaby mould. -Subrat

That heavy breathing again :-(. -Archana

लव यू ज़िंदगी  (डियर ज़िंदगी)

Love you zi.ndagii (Dear Zindagi)

Tags: affirming, bollywood rock, celebratory, defiant, free spirited, freedom, joi de vivre, joyous, peppy, philosophical, sentimental, soft, soft rock, uplifting

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

जसलीन रोयल, अमित त्रिवेदी
Jasleen Royal, Amit Trivedi

There's nothing particularly wrong about the song but there isn't anything memorable too. The lyrics are 'meh' and it appears Amit Trivedi is tiring with this 'Aisha' genre. -Subrat

I've rated the Jasleen Royal version. Alia Bhatt version is not without interest, but the main (non-club) version is better. -Ashok

Wonder if "Oooing" chorus that is in so many of these songs charges by the "Ooo"? :-). -Shalini

The hookline sounds like it belongs in a TV commercial. -Aditya

Jasleen Royal shines. -Vaishali

Again, designed for pictirization. -Abhay

The only "memorable" if you want to call it that song of the movie, but yuck singing... -Neha

Doesn't strike a chord. -Naresh

Lots of gentle determination in the singing and instrumentation makes this a nice song to listen. If only the lyrics had stepped up to match them. -Ramanand

ज़रा ज़रा  (वेटिंग)

zaraa zaraa (Waiting)

Tags: discovery, fusion rock, hopeful, inspiring, mysterious, philosophical, rock, sad, sentimental, soft, sombre, uplifting, wonderous

मिकी मैक्क्लियरी
Mikey McCleary

अंकुर तिवारी
Ankur Tewari

कविता सेठ, विशाल दादलानी
Kavita Seth, Vishal Dadlani

Soulful song made me curious about the movie. -Vaishali

The progressive upping of the scale is the feature of the song. I like Kavita Seth and she is perfect for this kind of song. The build up done by Mike McCleary feels organic and pleasing. -Subrat

Formulaic ballad with the requisite soft piano beginning and the soaring finish. Song would have been better served as a Kavita Sethi solo. -Shalini

कर गई चुल्ल  (कपूर एंड संस)

kar ga_ii chull (Kapoor & Sons)

Tags: dance, celebration, earworm, electro pop, fun, party, rap, techno

बादशाह, अमाल मलिक
Badshah, Amaal Malik

बादशाह, कुमार
Badshah, Kumaar

बादशाह, फ़ज़ीलपुरिया, सुकृति कक्कड़, नेहा कक्कड़
Badshah, Fazilpuria, Sukriti Kakar, Neha Kakkar

Dance number all the way. -Naresh

As much as I love dancing to this song, it is not a great song :). -Neha

Whatever. -Abhay

A supremely irritating song, that lodges itself in the mind like a leech. Ugh! -Aditya

At just a few seconds above 3 minutes, this is a very efficient dance song that gets down to business from it's first hips-shaking beats. -Shalini

Badshah might not know it, but 'maTak maTak jaise raviina TanDan' is a very good example of anupraas. Has four types of it. -Harshit

Bad. -Ashok

Definite house party song. -Anup

Fun song. -Vaishali

I have heard it enough to last a lifetime. And, I'm glad I won't have to hear it one more time. -Subrat

Insanely catchy as the original. -Karthik

Ouch. -Ramanand

उड़ें दिल बेफ़िक्रे  (बेफ़िक्रे)

u.De.n dil befikre (Befikre)

Tags: anthem, arabian, carefree, dance, electro pop, foottapping, romantic/peppy


जयदीप साहनी
Jaideep Sahni

बेनी दयाल
Benny Dayal

I tried but couldn't get past the singer's nasal singing. :-(. -Shalini

Nice foot tapping song. Designed with keeping current movies and picturization style in mind, not an inspired melody. -Abhay

Massed noise. -Ashok

Nice lilt to the basic melody along with the Arabian style orchestration. -Ramanand

A robust song that should have been less reliant on an unspectacular chorus. -Raja

Catchy tune reminiscent of the 80s, but with modern day treatment. -Armeen

Reminds me of some other old song. -Vaishali

From streets of Paris, we are now in Marseilles with a Khaled like Arabic ditty with some French background vocals. No idea what to make of this but I think Zidane would approve. -Subrat

रूठा  (तीन)

rooThaa (TE3N)

Tags: bengali pooja track reimagined, contemplative, lonely, lost, melancholy, philosophical, rock, soulful

क्लिंटन सेरेजो
Clinton Cerejo

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattarcharya

बेनी दयाल, दिव्य कुमार, बियांका गोम्स
Benny Dayal, Divya Kumar, Bianca Gomes

I'd keep the chrus "rootha" and dump the rest! -Ashok

The percussive beats in the background lend the song urgency and make it lonelier at the same time. Some nice phrases and word usage by Amitabh Bhattacharya. -Shalini

Benny Dayal sings this well and the track is imaginative esp the beats inspired from the Bengali pooja arrangement. -Subrat

The composition is completely at odds with the lyrics. -Aditya

The conch shell and duggi based arrangement is very innovative, and it is as neatly played as jazz instruments. Very indie-rock'ish tune. -Anup

A rousing pop tune gets several shades better thanks to the vibrant Bengali folk percussion, and the vocal combo of Benny Dayal and Divya Kumar! To top it all, Bianca Gomes makes a grand entry amidst wailing shankh, stylishly rendering the much-loved traditional Bengali boat song, Sujan Majhi Re. -Karthik

बेसब्रियाँ  (एम एस धोनी - द अनटोल्ड स्टोरी)

besabriyaa.N (M S Dhoni: The Untold Story)

Tags: anticipatory, background, hopeful, inspirational, longing, philosophical, rock, romantic, searching, sentimental, soft, uplifting

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik

मनोज मुंतशिर
Manoj Muntashir

अरमान मलिक
Armaan Malik

Armaan’s vocals work perfectly with Amaal’s tune in the gorgeous Besabriyaan, reminiscent of Rahman’s Netru illaadha (Pudhiya Mugham). -Karthik

Neither of the song from this movie are similar to what we have heard many times, but both are pleasant. -Abhay

Standard template of contemporary song - an urdu word as the hook, tune composed of easy, short phrases, and most importantly complete disdain for proper nazalization of words. The lyrics, though, are above average. -Aditya

The singing is competent but this is a run-of-the-mill melody. -Subrat

Very inspirational and fit the film well, Manoj Muntashir seems to have a few neat ones this year. -Archana

There's a lot going here but everything feels soulless. -Anup

सोच ना सके  (एयरलिफ़्ट)

soch naa sake (Airlift)

Tags: light romantic, mcarijit, romantic, sweet

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik


अरिजित सिंह, तुलसी कुमार, अमाल मलिक
Arijit Singh, Tulsi Kumar, Amaal Malik

Gentle lilt and Arijit Singh’s vocals, it is pleasant to the point of being soporific before Tulsi Kumar wakes you up with her dependably bad singing. -Karthik

Simple romantic tune, but that's about it. -Ramanand

Just about bearable. -Aditya

Same old - or rather - same new, same new - style. -Abhay

Everything from the orchestration to the writing is pedestrian. The singing is another painful reminder of the cookie cutter approach that's rife in Hindi film music these days. -Subrat

Sweet song. -Vaishali

Not half as good as original though. -Anup

Sub par largely. -Naresh

I'm over the Punjabi lyrics. There's nothing in this song that compels one to listen. -Shalini

Though neither music, nor lyrics of the song are something unheard, the overall result with its simplicity makes it an outstanding song. Tulsi's singing isn't great, but Arijit deserves credit here. -Harshit

खो गये हम कहाँ  (बार बार देखो)

kho gaye ham kahaa.N (Baar Baar Dekho)

Tags: carefree, dreamy, minimalistic, pop, romantic, ballad, slow, soothing, very light romantic, young

जसलीन रोयल
Jasleen Royal

प्रतीक कुहड़
Prateek Kuhad

जसलीन रोयल, प्रतीक कुहड़
Jasleen Royal, Prateek Kuhad

Not noisy is the only merit. -Ashok

nothing jarring, nothing exceptional…. -Archana

Boring song, atrocious singing. -Aditya

A very light, different sound, where the dreamy lyrics have been given all the importance. The novelty of the song is its USP. -Harshit

One of the better songs of the year for me. The way the lyrics are scanned are nice and the music is quite effective in an understated way. The singer (Jasleen Royal) is quite competent in carrying this song on the back of her voice with limited orchestration. -Subrat

A fine ballad but its similarity with The Moon Song by Karen O is too overwhelming to earn it any points. -Raja

Couldn't care for this song. -Neha

Largely nonedescript. -Naresh

Nice little ditty. The composition is spare but with nice progressions. The singing is at just the right volume for this, and very capably sung. -Ramanand

The singers sounds like really sleepy children. The quietness of the song is quite appealing. -Shalini

Lovely voices with minimalistic music. Very well done. -Vaishali

This song will mark as mainstream-ing of indie sound/singer. -Anup

फिर कभी  (एम एस धोनी - द अनटोल्ड स्टोरी)

phir kabhii (M S Dhoni: The Untold Story)

Tags: happy, latin mcarijit, light romantic, love song, melodoious, romantic, soft

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik

मनोज मुंतशिर
Manoj Muntashir

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Oh look, another cookie-cutter romantic song. Yawn. -Shalini

Hard to make out what's happening here. Arijit is in (over) familiar terrain but what's all that other surround noise. -Subrat

There's a lot going here but everything feels soulless. -Anup

Very nice mukhada, musically and lyrically. -Abhay

सौ आसमानों को  (बार बार देखो)

sau aasamaano.n ko (Baar Baar Dekho)

Tags: blue grass, celtic, claps, club/edm, déjà vu in a bad way, electro pop, happy, love, romantic, peppy

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik


अरमान मलिक, नीति मोहन
Armaan Malik, Neeti Mohan

Classic example of an assembly-line song written to sound meaningful, but where everything is built around a hook. -Aditya

The song is well arranged, but the music is much like Amaal's Kapoor & Sons song Buddhu sa man hai. -Harshit

Ooh, like Neeti Mohan. Peppy, romantic song - like it! The square dance music is a nice touch. -Shalini

OK arrangement, everything else is forgettable. -Abhay

Song has a blue grass feel with the use of banjo. Neeti Mohan's wonderful voice, lovely percussion with claps makes it a fun, enjoyable song. -Vaishali

Good on ears, makes one sway with music. -Naresh

Only slightly better than the noisy bads. -Ashok

Rare to hear Celtic arrangements in mainstream Bollywood. Otherwise, a run-of-mill Bolly song. -Ramanand

I'm growing old and my memory isn't what it used to be but I swear I have head this song last year (with a higher tempo). Is the recycling turnaround time now down to 1 year? -Subrat

बेबी को बेस पसंद है  (सुल्तान)

baby ko bass pasa.nd hai (Sultan)

Tags: dance bhangra, celebration, dance, earworm (not), folksy, fun, party, rustic, teasing


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

विशाल दादलानी, शालमली खोलगड़े, इशिता, बादशाह
Vishal Dadlani, Shalmali Kholgade, Ishita, Badshah

DJ's favorite and not without reason. -Naresh

This one is just bad. -Abhay

It was enlightening to know of baby's tastes. -Subrat

Great fun song. Loved Vishal and Shalmali's singing. -Vaishali

Starts off folk’ishly and makes good on the hook’s insanely catchy and dance-worthy techno promise. -Karthik

Hmmm..this song made it to the final list, but "Atrangi yaari" didnt? -Neha

Noisy mess. -Ashok

Catchy. -Aditya

My kids claim it was really funny dance moves and lyrics, I found the song as pathetic as most in this genre…. -Archana

नचदे ने सारे  (बार बार देखो)

nachade ne saare (Baar Baar Dekho)

Tags: bhangra pop, celebration, dance, fusion, edm, dholak, folksy, punjabi, punjabi dance ver 2016, quirky, wedding, traditional

जसलीन रोयल
Jasleen Royal

आदित्य शर्मा
Aditya Sharma

जसलीन रोयल, हरदीप कौर, सिद्धार्थ महादेवन
Jasleen Royal, Harshdeep Kaur, Siddharth Mahadevan

Marginally better than the other "Dance" number from the film. -Archana

Foot tapping. -Naresh

And the bhangra beats are back. Sigh. Enjoyed this one despite myself. -Shalini

Another cute little song - nice textures with the three voices. -Ramanand

Another noisy bad. -Ashok

Supposed to see this song make it here. -Neha

Why? Maybe this fills a gap in the movie. Song is just bad. -Abhay

Atleast it is tad different take on the Punjabi dance genre. There's a rhythm and a swing to the song that's not overtaken by loud bhnagra beats. Small mercies. -Subrat

Interesting, innovative instrumentation. -Vaishali

जबरा फ़ैन  (फ़ैन)

jabaraa Fan (Fan)

Tags: dance, foot-tapping, funky, funny, dance, peppy, street, technology, title song


वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

नकश अज़ीज़
Nakash Aziz

Behold our first social media song. The lyrics are fun but there's not a lot more I can commed this song for. And, I did listen to the Odia version too to satisfy my Odia chauvinistic instincts. -Subrat

The mandatory promo song for a song-less film. -Aditya

In a year with a lot of attempts at 'melody', good to hear a song that is unabashedly 'street' (and cleverly at that). The lyrics have a big part to play in this, as does the hearty singing. -Ramanand

Can a song be catchy and annoying at the same time? :-). -Shalini

Avoid! -Ashok

One of the songs where lyrics take prime importance because of the amusing words. -Harshit

Catchy lyrics. -Naresh

सेहरा  (दो लफ़्जों की कहानी)

seharaa (Do Lafzon Ki Kahani)

Tags: background, introspective, blues, contemplative, emotional, melancholy, musing, questioning, romantic, sad, trying-to-sound-meaningful

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik

संदीप नाथ
Sandeep Nath

अंकित तिवारी
Ankit Tiwari

Nothing is new here. -Abhay

As unremarkable as they come. -Ramanand

The words are good, with small word plays. Music is recycled and the singing repetitive. -Harshit

If McArijit doesn't get you, Ankit will. -Subrat

Just another big-sound try. -Ashok

bad singing. is it me, or are all male singers these days working on a lazy singing style with lazy pronunciations...gosh! I had read lyrics to be able to understand what was being sung! -Neha

One of those countless songs where nice sounding Urdu words are randomly strung together to give an impression of depth!! -Aditya

So many of these songs and singers blend into each other. It's like all the MDs, lyricists, singers went to the same Hindi film song creation workshop and came out with a template that they all religiously adhere to. -Shalini

सलामत  (सरबजीत)

salaamat (Sarbjit)

Tags: exemplary trash, lilting, romantic, sad

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik

रश्मि विराग
Rashmi Virag

अरिजित सिंह, तुुलसी कुमार
Arijit Singh, Tulsi Kumar

If there's one song where everything that's bad with HFM in 2016 comes together, this is it. McArijit plus all the usual tropes of the Bhatt genre of music making and a poor female voice. It all sounds so bad that there must be a law now for this kind of songs. -Subrat

Not bad, but feels rehash. -Abhay

The prelude and interludes are nice. Somebody needs to teel Arijit that every song doesn't need the 'pain'. -Aditya

Beautiful orchestration is the hallmark of this composition. -Naresh

Arijit's slurry, burry rendition just kills this one for me. :-( Melody itself is nice and I like the low-key orchestration. -Shalini

इतनी सी बात है  (अज़हर)

itanii sii baat hai (Azhar)

Tags: light romantic, mcarijit, romantic, duet


मनोज यादव
Manoj Yadav

अरिजित सिंह, अंतरा मित्रा
Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra

Inoffensive and unremarkable. The lazy, purring singing doesn't work for me. -Shalini

So badly sung. Such lazy singing characteristic of arijit, but takes away so much from the song. -Neha

Nothing that strikes about this song, eminently forgettable but not ear splitting, hence above average. -Archana

Templatized Pritam song with nothing standing out, not even Arijit's lazy drawl. -Aditya

All average, except Arijit's singing is better (NB: I'm not a fan!). -Ashok

I'm glad that I came out with the term McArijit. It might save me a lot of time in future to describe a singer. -Subrat

The female singing is quite good. -Abhay

काला चश्मा  (बार बार देखो)

kaalaa chashmaa (Baar Baar Dekho)

Tags: bhangra pop, celebration, dance, electro bhangra, folksy, foottapping, party, punjabi, techno, rap, remix

प्रेम हरदीप बादशाह
Prem Hardeep Badshah

अमरीक सिंह, कुमार
Amrik Singh, Kumaar

अमर अर्शी, बादशाह, नेहा कक्कड़, इंदीप बख्शी
Amar Arshi, Badshah, Neha Kakkar, Indeep Bakshi

A mediocre remake of a non-classic, all in the name of retro. -Raja

Noisy bad. -Ashok

A permanent fixture on dance floor. -Naresh

Complete HEADACHHE, main vi FED UP ho gayi sun ke ik waari hi. -Archana

Standard fare. -Vaishali

Love this dance number only for its dance moves, not for the singing/lyrics. -Neha

Ugh! -Aditya

Maybe I'm missing the subtleties of this genre but to my untrained ears I find nothing different here from the Honey Singh songs of the previous years. If you have heard one, you've heard them all. And, yes, it is a truth universally acknowledged that kaal chashma goes well on gora mukhda so stop screaming that at me. -Subrat

The soundtrack’s compelling foot-stomper, 2 decades since its release, in a mod avatar. -Karthik

Hows is this different than any of the thousands of Bhangra songs? -Abhay

Punjabi lyrics again! Would have liked this if not for the annoying, tinny bhangra beats. -Shalini

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