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विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj
गुलज़ार, (फ़ैज़)
Gulzar, (Faiz)
ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman
इरशाद कामिल, (संत कबीर)
Irshad Kamil, (Kabir)
अमित त्रिवेदी, रूपेश कुमार राम
Amit Trivedi, Rupesh Kumar Ram
अन्विता दत्त, रघु नाथ
Anvita Dutt, Raghu Nath
डेढ़ इश्क़िया
Dedh Ishqiya
विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj
आँखों देखी
Ankhon Dekhi
सागर देसाई
Sagar Desai
वरूण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

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मिट्ठे पान ... पटाखा गुड्डी (महिला युगल)  (हाइवे)
miTThe paan ... paTaakhaa guDDii (Female) (Highway)

Tags: arabic, energtic, folk, folk/sufi, joyous, jugni, peppy, punjabi, sufi, sufi pop, techno, upbeat

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

सुल्ताना नूराँ, ज्योति नूराँ
Sultana Nooran, Jyoti Nooran

Every thing about the song takes you along with it. I love the pacy arrangement and how the words settle on it. It’s a very ram milayi jodi. -Meera

इस साल के सबसे अच्‍छे गीतों में से एक। इरशाद ने इस गाने में सचमुच कमाल कर दिया है। फिल्‍म की हीरोइन पर ही नहीं हर उस लड़की पर फिट गीत जो अपनी मन मरजी से जीना चाहती है। नूरां सिस्‍टर्स ने इसे गाया भी खूब है -यूनुस

Nooran Sisters are fantastic singers. Punjabi lyrics make it inaccessible to everyone. Looks good on film -Sunil

One of the finest songs in recent years. Also, the song of the year for me. An unusual composition with no fixed pattern. The composition flows like a river with each flute bit helping the transition from one musical piece to another. Irshad Kamil has outdone himself here. His writing has got spiritual elements as well as a rebellious tone to it. He provides an immaculate description of a free-willed vagabond girl who is now free from societal pressures and ends it with the line of the year- 'Maine toh tere tere... uthhe chhadiyan doriyaan..' ~ I've left the threads of my destiny in your (God's) hands. -Mihir M

Very delighted with the very energetic singing, and the use of 'sajje-khabbe'/'right-left' in the lyrics. -Vibhendu

For me, 'song of the year'. Reminds me those many 'claiming back the night, claiming back the street' protest agitations we had in last two years in Delhi, after that life changing December this sity witnessed two years back. -मिहिर पं.

Hummable, energetic song -Parul

Is this the anthem of the year? Great sound arrangement by Rahman! Irshad shines again in Rasta naap rahi marjaani,
Patthi baarish da hai paani,
Jab nazdeek jahaan de aani,
Jugni maili si ho jaani..

Yet another song where the music takes a back seat to the below par singing -Ketan

Peppy and vibrant. Another one with a blend of great orchestration. -Sowmya

Love it! -Hemendra

The song seems obsessed with loops. Nothing special and therefore forgettable. -Pranav

Voices sound "real" (i.e. not pitch-corrected) - singing is energetic but also strained in spots. Enough Sufi songs now -Sanjeev

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सूहा साहा  (हाइवे)
soohaa saahaa (Highway)

Tags: beautiful, folk, lori-ish, love song, lullaby, minimalistic, nostalgic, slow, soothing, soulful, spiritual, लोरी

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

ज़ेब, आलिया भट्ट
Zeb, Alia Bhatt

Although lori like the song is not one to put you to sleep. The singing complements the music well -Ketan

Best song of the album for me! -Hemendra

Tune/feel reminiscent of some of Kumar Gandharva Nirguni bhajans - they've left some of the "rawness" in the voice, liking it here - someone will have to explain "Sooha Saaha" to me sometime -Sanjeev

Alia Bhatt's "rustic" voice is delightful. -Zafar

A very unusual tune. Something so warm about it. This is like comfort food of music. -Meera

Sounded similar to Ahista Ahista from Swades -Sunil

स्मृतियों का गीत। उदास भी करता है अौर निश्चिन्त भी। माँ की गोद की तरह। घर के प्रति गहरे अनुराग अौर नॉस्टेल्जिया से भरा। -मिहिर पं.

Nice song and easy to listen to, but again, nothing special for it to be heard second or third time. -Pranav

Soothing, and I loved the lyrics. Some beautiful orchestration with lovely flute and guitar pieces. -Sowmya

What a beauty! A song you would want to sleep to after a hard day of work. A song you would like to happily surrender to. The contrast between Zeb's (motherly) compassionate vocals and Alia's delicate voice gives the song an interesting texture. Rahman keeps the arrangement minimal and lets Zeb's voice take over the song for the most part. Soft flute interludes which also become the theme of the film are simple yet moving. Even as the song marches towards its climax, Rahman ends up adding gradually-increasing strings effect which is nothing but spectacular. -Mihir M

बेहतरीन गीत, गायकी -Parul

Amir Khurau'ish touch. The only redeeming song of Highway. -Zafar

अदभुत गीत। अपनी गीतकारी गायकी और संगीत तीनों में। मुमकिन है बहुत कम लोगों का इस पर ध्‍यान गया हो। जेबुन्निसा बंगश को पहले मद्रास कैफे में सुना था। उनकी आवाज़ पूरी तरह बहा ले जाती है अपने साथ। -यूनुस

Awesome lyrics and music, singing. Unforgettable -Bharathi

Alia and Zeb combination works wonders. And how often do we see lyrics in this dialect. Mesmerizing! -Arun

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तू ... अर्ज़ियाँ दे रहा है दिल (पापोन)  (बॉबी जासूस)
tuu ... arziyaa.N de rahaa hai dil (Papon) (Bobby Jasoos)

Tags: dance, ghazal, melody, raag-based, romantic, semi-classical, slight sufi touch, soulful, trance

शांतनु मोइत्रा
Shantanu Moitra

स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

पापोन, श्रेया घोषाल
Papon, Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya"s rendition, soulful music and lyrics creates a mesmerising effect -Parul

पैपॉन की आवाज़ का एक नया रंग। बिल्कुल अलग तरह का गीत। बस स्वानंद का जादू नहीं दिखता गाने की लेखनी में। -यूनुस

The song could have done without the Shreya mukhda and just kept Papon in there. Papon is like a breath of fresh air and he and Shantanu Moitra can work some magic. The veena piece in the interlude is beautiful and even for a ghazal adds a romantic flair. Lyrics are nicely engaging. -Sowmya

Raaag based music sounds like an older song . Louvwe it. Mousiki ik puraani si hai. -Bharathi

I like the Shreya part of the song more than the Papon parts. Nice humming towards the end, but the song lacks a finishing punch to move it from good to very good -Ketan

Papon's singing is amazing! -Arun

Papon shines here. -Zafar

An arresting melody backed by a beautiful melange of instruments, and what a spirited rendition by Papon & Shreya! Kudos. -Mihir M

Love, Love, Love Papon's voice in this song. Wish the Shreya additions were not there. Take away from the feel of the song. I used to love this song when the movie came out. Still do! A hit song by Shantanu-Swanand! -Hemendra

The "Tu Mera Afsana..." refrain is hypnotic. The parts themselves seem a little disjoint but perhaps they're going for the "collage" effect based on the film situation? Good singing...Ah - Shantanu Moitra, that's why it reminds me of Parineeta -Sanjeev

Clever, balanced and elegant modern composition by Shantanu. It was nice to hear the Veena, Papon's part does sound as if it has been heard before, but it does not take away from the track -Sunil

marziyaaan mod kar chale aao :) High on melody. Love the harmonies in the chorus. -Meera

Definitely excellent singing, loved the harmonies. -Pranav

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ज़बाँ जले है  (डेढ़ इश्क़िया)
zabaa.N jale hai (Dedh Ishqiya)

Tags: chill-out, ghazal, jazz, light/soft, pensive, poetic, romantic, slow, soft romantic, soulful, thoughtful

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

This is easily the best song in the entire album. The lyrics are right on with the deep melancholy in Rahat's voice hitting the apt chords. The bluesy notes played on the guitar further compliment the vocals. -Sowmya

Rahat's output dried up this year but his two song from dedh ishqiya gave us more reasons to look forward to his comeback! What a wonderful mukhda by Gulzar: Na boloon main to kaleja phoonke
Jo bol doon to zabaan jale hai, Sulag na jaave agar sune wo
Jo Baat Meri Zabaan Tale Hai

Got a little monotonous at the end, but otherwise quite good. -Zafar

राहत जब नीचे सुर में गाते हैं तो सुकून देते हैं। सुंदर गीत। -यूनुस

I love Jazz and therefore I love this song, but even more so because this song maintains Jazz standards -Pranav

Liking RFAK in this one too. -Sanjeev

Killer strings, lyrics and Rahat. -Bharathi

RFAK seems a bit afraid to let himself go in this song -Ketan

Vishal's tune and Rahat's singing both work in sync with Gulzar's imagery . -Vibhendu

Soothing, lovely lyrics. Rahat gives rahat to ears -Parul

Great arrangement to complement good singing. Great guitar sounds. -Sunil

The whole song is sung at an easy, leisurely pace by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Not very impressive by Vishal-Gulzar standards. -Mihir M

Basheer Badr's couplets are delectable! -Hemendra

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सिरे उधड़ गए हैं ... दो जहाँ  (हैदर)
sire udha.D gae hai.n ... do jahaa.N (Haider)

Tags: dream sequence, jazz, light, melody, romantic, sad, sentimental, slow, soft, soft rock

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


सुरेश वाडकर, श्रद्धा कपूर
Suresh Wadkar, Shraddha Kapoor

Lovely arrangement with nice jazzy overtones. Beautiful lyrics and I love how the "Kashmiri" feel is added through the vocals. Not too high on the singing though. -Sowmya

अच्‍छा गीत। सुरेश वाडकर विशाल के लिए एक ज़रूरी आवाज़ हैं। -यूनुस

Suresh Wadkar's vocals haven't changed a bit - bit of a dreamy, weightless feel to the song. Female vocals are pretty decent too. -Sanjeev

The only time I don’t mind Shraddha's singing. Suresh Wadkar’s voice melts on the words. Love! -Meera

Shraddha Kapoor pulls Suresh Wadkar down. I am guessing Vishal lost a bet to her and this was her payment -Ketan

Love the kashmiri folk inspired song . -Bharathi

Wadekar's lone entry in the list. Beautiful, sombre song. I love the use of the Kashmiri words. Just adds an element that's magical. -Hemendra

‘Main sajde se utha toh koi bhi na tha...Woh paaon ke nishaan saath le gaya...’ Sheer genius of Gulzar. Suresh Wadkar’s voice acts as a tranquilizer. -Mihir M

Pleasure to hear Suresh Wadkar's voice and Shraddha did a good job with her raw voice -Arun

Heard Suresh Wadkar after a looong time. Shraddha is also wonderful. -Zafar

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गुलों में रंग भरे  (हैदर)
gulo.n me.n ra.ng bhare (Haider)

Tags: gazal remake, ghazal, romantic, soft rock, stirring

रशीद अत्रे, विशाल भारद्वाज
Rashid Attre, Vishal Bhardwaj


अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

The percussion in the song is jarring and irritating and does not go with the overall mood and tune of the song. -Ketan

Good singing but pales when compared with original sung by Mehndi saheb -Parul

साल के सबसे अच्‍छे गानों में से एक। अरिजीत बाक़ी गानों से इतना अलग साउंड करते हैं कि कहीं कहीं विशाल की आवाज़ का धोखा होता है। एक कसक रह गयी। इसे विशाल खुद गाते तो रंग और ही होता। -यूनुस

An interesting take on the tune in the beginning - but why not just remake the whole thing? Why go back to the Mehdi Hassan tune, especially if you're going to dumb it down? That said, I do think the feel is interesting. -Sanjeev

Opportunity missed with lyrics? Wish Gulzar had added a couple of couplets to this classics on his own -Arun

Faiz's words, Arijit's singing and Vishal's melody. This ghazal is one of my fav songs of the recent times. -Hemendra

Love VB's treatment and Arijits singing. -Bharathi

Arijit gives fresh guitar-based treatment to Faiz saab’s popular ghazal. The song fits into Haider’s milieu perfectly. Arijit proves that he’s competent enough to pull off this iconic ghazal. -Mihir M

Really? In a world that already contais MH's version? -Zafar

Understated singing by Arijit.The original tune of the song is beautiful and VB doesn’t take away from that at all. -Meera

Don't know what I eventually ended up rating- this song or my memory of the previous versions. Still a very pleasant effort, better than the last time a Bengali sang it. Arijit and Vishal follow Mehndi Hassan/Pt. Ghulam Qadir template, which is acceptable but a reinterpretation specially from Arijit would not have hurt. -Vibhendu

Mehdi Hassan did a splendid job with this song, but I still love this fused version. That's the magical effect of the guitar which can make a ghazal sound pleasurable and yet keep its beauty intact. -Sowmya

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हरजाइयाँ  (क्वीन)
harajaaiyaa.N (Queen)

Tags: folk, melancholic, remorse, romantic, sad, tribal

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

नंदिनी श्रीकर
Nandini Srikar

यह भी डिज़ाइनर शोक गीत। -मिहिर पं.

Loved the interludes. Nandini sounds very fresh here. -Zafar

A very Amit Trivedi mould song. Delectable but slightly predictable -Hemendra

Lovely use of the trumpet. A great choice of singer in Nandini. This song has a beautiful north east indian flair and Amit brings it so easily with the beats and strings. -Sowmya

ठीक ठाक गीत। -यूनुस

One of the best songs of the year. Perfect balance of great lyrics, singing and music. Lovely rare appearance by the ?sarod. -Sunil

Background vocals are nice -Sanjeev

Nandini Srikar lends more than voice to songs, can’t pin point what that is. -Meera

I fell for this song the first time I heard it. A nice mix of folk music--baul guitar music mixed with garba beats and soothing vocals -Ketan

Nandini is a great talent. -Arun

Best song of the soundtrack and also among top 3 songs of the year for me. The magician, whiz-kid Mr. Amit Trivedi builds up this evocative tune over Anvita's beautifully written words and sets it to some North-eastern sounding beats. Nandini's powerful voice leaves a lasting impression. My favorite line- उधड़े उधड़े अहम से में मिन्नतें करूं -Mihir M

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आज के नाम  (हैदर)
aaj ke naam (Haider)

Tags: classic, ghazal, melancholy, nazm, nostalgic, patriotic, poignant, romantic, sad, sombre mood, soul stirring , soulful

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


रेखा भारद्वाज
Rekha Bhardwaj

An outstanding track. Vishal weaves beautiful melody around Faiz saab’s poignant verses. Rekha Bhardwaj’s rendition is exceptional. It could easily move you to tears. -Mihir M

Soulful composition -Parul

Vishal, though has retained the portions which were not sung in Nayyara Noor's version, follows the template of Arshad Mehmood's original composition. Some of Faiz's poetry can be very difficult to put to music, with its apparent free-verse nature, phrases of unequal length, absence of rhyming phrases and Mehmood has been a pioneer of sorts when it comes to discovering the inherent musicality of the poetry of verse of not just Faiz, but some of the other modern greats. Thankfully for us, Vishal gets poetry. For how a tone-deaf composer can kill poetry, please turn to ARR. Incidentally it was the Noor-Mehmood version which first resulted in Bhardwaj's tuning of this poem. Ismat Chughtai concludes her recalling of her obscenity trials with the mention of Nayyara's voice wafting into her Mahim flat from a neighbour's music-system. Incidentally, Nayyara has not sung the lines which Chughtai mentions and which formed the title of her essay 'Un Biyahtaon ke Naam'. Vishal put it to music for Nasir's staging of the essay as part of Ismat Manto Hazir Ho. Rekha sang it live again when Salim Arif and Lubna Salim staged Alys and Faiz's letters to each other, so good to find a recorded version of it. -Vibhendu

Most hard hitting words. Cannot listen to the song without eyes welling up. -Meera

Goes no where. -Zafar

The music is insipid, the singing is lacklustre and non-vegetarian (I heard "un do kheemao ke naam", instead of "dukhi maa.on" -Ketan

So nice to hear a sweet Dadra theka after so long. Nice strings and piano backdrop too. Rekha B.'s vocals are slightly less sleepy here - would like to hear more in this direction. -Sanjeev

Rekha sounds fabulous as always but sounds just short of magical experience as always -Arun

रेखा जी की आवाज़ और फ़ैज़। दिव्‍य अदभुत बेमिसाल। -यूनुस

This is a tear jerker of a song. Rekha emotes beautifully and the lyrics are stupendous. Sheer vocals and lyrics are enough to make an impression. -Sowmya

कभी फ़ैज़ की यह कविता एक किताब के पहले पन्ने पर लिखकर एक लड़की को तोहफ़े में दी थी। -मिहिर पं.

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झेलम  (हैदर)
jhelam (Haider)

Tags: classical, gloomy, melancholy, pensive, puriya dhanashree, sad, soulful, thoughtful

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

विशाल की गायकी ने गीत को ख़ूबसूरत उदासी पहनाई है, एक अच्छा गीत -Parul

Puriya dhanashree based with some powerful lyrics… Sad and builds a lovely momentum. -Sowmya

The Puriya Dhanashri base is positively haunting - the vocals may have been meant to create an uneasy/unsettling feel, but to me they sound unnecessarily diffident and mar what otherwise could have been a stunning song; what's with "La!!!!hu behta" -Sanjeev

I’d rank this among Vishal Bhardwaj’s finest compositions till date. A haunting tune set to Gulzar’s painfully haunting words. ‘Andhi raat ka haath pakad ke kab tak chalte jaana hai?’ How wonderfully it’s been composed following a wavy pattern. Especially when Vishal goes —‘Lahoo lahoo lahoo waqt ka khoon hua re..’ Goosebumps. -Mihir M

विशाल को सुनना अच्‍छा लगता है। उनकी आवाज़ में एक अबूझ आकर्षण है। बेमिसाल गीत। -यूनुस

Dynamic arrangement uplits this song -Sunil

Lovely tune. Vishal B did a disservice to the tune by singing it himself. This needs a much better voice to bring out the hurt, maybe a Suresh Wadkar who did it marvellously in Chandni with "Lagi aaj sawaan…" -Ketan

My most fav song in the movie. Love the music and singing. -Bharathi

साल का सबसे शानदार संगीत अौर अनुकूल गायकी। विशाल का पुकारता संगीत अौर उनकी डूबती अावाज़ किसी उदास निबंध पढ़ने सा एहसास करवाते हैं। -मिहिर पं.

Lethargic. -Zafar

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खुल कभी तो  (हैदर)
khul kabhii to (Haider)

Tags: breezy, exquisite, gorgeous, melody, romantic, sad, soulful

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

A song typically Vishal would sing, sung by Arijit. Melancholy begins to just define the overall mood. A ballad. Good one! -Hemendra

Finally a song from Haider I can (somewhat) relate to. -Zafar

बे‍हतरीन कविता। बेहतरीन गायकी। अनमोल गीत। -यूनुस

Overemoting in the wrong places. Less nautanki and more singing might have helped -Ketan

Easy navigation up and down by male vocals -Sanjeev

Arijit lends unique texture to this quintessential Vishal Bhardwaj melody and makes it even more goregeous. Gulzar's imagery at its best especially during the second antara with the 'Gulmohar' bit. Take a bow, sir. -Mihir M

Melodious song -Parul

This song show how adept Vishal is at Sound arrangement! Lovely use of many instruments yet giving a minimal orchestration feel. -Arun

My favorite song in the entire album. Jazzy, romantic, sensuous. Arijit's lovely humming adds to the already intense song. Beautiful arrangement with strings, gentle percussions, and lovely lyrics to complete the song in all its exquisiteness. -Sowmya

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जगावें सारी रैना  (डेढ़ इश्क़िया)
jagaave.n saarii rainaa (Dedh Ishqiya)

Tags: classical, dance, ghazalish, raga-based, romantic, semi classical, semi-classical, thumri (), thumri fusion

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


रेखा भारद्वाज, बिरजू महाराज
Rekha Bhardwaj, Birju Maharaj

Semi-classical dance number after a long time. Rekha Bhardwaj brings in the required thehraav here. -Mihir M

Extra point for music for just astoundingly complex beat patterns. Love the way the weight of the meter continuously shifts in the mukhda. -Pranav

Wonderful -Parul

Nice mujra style song. -Zafar

What can I say. I am a sucker for Vishal and Rekha. -Hemendra

An extremely difficult song and beautifully sung. Beautiful arrangement. Beautiful lyrics. Lovely alaaps. Beautiful use of the sitar and tabla and a nice transition to a romantic ending. -Sowmya

Points for the sitar meend and interesting taal progression in the antaras. -Meera

Musical bliss!! Enough said!! -Arun

इतने बड़े बड़े नामों से हम इससे बहुत ज्यादा की उम्मीद करते हैं। -यूनुस

Love the singing. Like more than Atariya. -Bharathi

Chorus singers sound bored, Rekha B. sounds sleepy yet again - I am convinced she doesn't *have* to sing this way, would love to hear her with a shot of caffeine. Interesting sitar/tabla piece leading into the first verse. Tune seems to be meandering - given that they've opted for a 14-beat cycle through much of the song, it's annoying that "Jagaave.n" seems to fall alternately (and arbitrarily) on the "sam" and "khali" -Sanjeev

RekhaB is giving stiff competition to ARR and Amit Trivedi in the non-singing department -Ketan

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बिस्मिल  (हैदर)
bismil (Haider)

Tags: angry, arabic, ballad, folk, rabab, sufi, warning

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


सुखविंदर सिंह
Sukhwinder Singh

Perfect story-telling. -Meera

Sukhwinder's energy is as always infectious, but I'm feeling a "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" hangover ("Ghul Mil Ghul Mil Launda" from "Slow Motion Angreza"); also very much reminds me of the "Omkara" title song -Sanjeev

I find it hard to figure out what the genre/mood is. The music, singing and lyrics all are at a dissonance -Ketan

Great song. Great energy. Sukhvinder's diction still bugs me! -Hemendra

Each note, each beat, each word of the song spits out vengeance as expected. Brilliant song. -Mihir M

बेहतरीन गीत। ठेठ विशाल शैली। सुखविंदर गाने को बिलकुल नया आयाम देते हैं। क्रिकेट की एक बेहतरीन पारी की तरह। -यूनुस

Sukhwinder rules -Bharathi

Sukhvinder lifts an otherwise average composition -Parul

This song summarizes Kashmir situation better than what Vishal managed with the movie itself which was a half baked adaptation! -Arun

The use of the rubab is beautiful and gives the perfect "Kashmiri" feel to the song. The lyrics are poetic and nicely brought to life with Sukhwinder's singing, along with the heavily accentuated chorus and music. -Sowmya

Gulzar and Vishal at their best, transposing Hamlet into a kashmiri context; a beautiful transposition of the hamlet's play-within-a-play in an indian context. Subhash Ghai's Karz had a similar situation and song. -Sunil

Some good lyrics wasted. -Zafar

विहंगम, तेज़-तर्रार, जटिल, रहस्यमय, मारक। 'हमारे सिनेमा में संगीत क्यों होना चाहिए?' अागे जब भी कोई यह सवाल पूछे, तो जवाब में उसे यही गीत सुनाया जाना चाहिए। जब 'जेहलम.. जेहलम..' शब्दों के साथ गीत अपने चरम उठान की अोर जाता है अौर 'लाल, लाल..' की अावाज़ें गूँजती हैं, सच में रौंगटे खड़े हो जाते हैं। -मिहिर पं.

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किनारे  (क्वीन)
kinaare (Queen)

Tags: easy listening, mood booster, rock, soft rock, soulful, uplifting

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

मोहन कानन
Mohan Kanan

Sitar and trumpet combination rock this song along with a lovely use of the sax! Every piece of music in Amit Trivedi's is unique and a pleasure to listen. Mohan has done a pretty nice job with the vocals and does manage to elevate the song. -Sowmya

अच्‍छा गीत। अन्विता के बोल बहुत बढिया। -यूनुस

Once again, very nice use of guitars. Use of slider noted. Piano, church organ, sitar - there are surprises at every corner. Drums-distortion-sitar-brass! -Pranav

lovely jazzy interludes and a very typical Amit composition but still can't have enough of him! -Arun

Mohan Kanan needs to work on his pronunciation; otherwise he's arright. -Zafar

Voice has some interesting texture, but throw is very flat in places. Pronunciation varies throughout, esp. "khud" vs. "Kud", interesting use of sitar pieces -Sanjeev

Amit does it so well, blending indian instruments without making the song sound dated in any way. -Meera

The song was leaning towards boring till the sitar interlude comes in livening things up greatly -Ketan

Despite being reminiscent of Azaadiyan type soft-rock template of Amit Trivedi, Kinaare stands tall. A delightful number beautifully worded by Anvita Dutt Guptan. An instant mood booster. Trivedi builds up the tempo as the song progresses reaching culmination with the killer mix of Sitar & Saxophone. -Mihir M

Beautiful lyrics, singing n music..Udaan like but no complaints -Bharathi

उड़ान' वाली खूबसूरती अौर भोलापन। उम्मीदों के सूरज निकलते से प्रतीत होते हैं इन 'किनारों' पर। -मिहिर पं.

Simple structure at its start but Amit weaves in some complexity as the song evolves with an amalgam of guitars, sitar, trumpets -Sunil

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राँझा  (क्वीन)
raa.Njhaa (Queen)

Tags: light, love, philosophical, punjabi songs, romantic, sad, sad one, sad song, sufi, touching, traditional/folk

रूपेश कुमार राम
Rupesh Kumar Ram

रघु नाथ
Raghu Nath

रूपेश कुमार राम
Rupesh Kumar Ram

A song which is greater than its parts. -Vibhendu

भीड़ में खड़े होकर सुनिए। अकेले में खड़े होकर रोइये। -मिहिर पं.

Beaautifully sung by roopesh Kumar, Awesome lyrics and music -Bharathi

Raghu nath comes up with lovely lyrics : Kikkaran sukkhan lagiyaan
Umraan mukkan lagiyaan
Ho mainu mil gaya Ranjha
Nabzaan rukkan laggiyan -Arun

Voice is relatively unrefined, presumably for effect, which overall is surprisingly stunning - Charukeshi base makes for a melancholy "dhoop-chhaon" effect -Sanjeev

Amateurish singing but Rupesh has a great texture in his voice. Lovely lyrics. -Sowmya

Rupesh Kumar Ram has a lovely voice. Brings back memories of Mukesh with his simplicity, nasal tone and soulfulness -Sunil

Singer carries the song well. Minimalistic arrangement is akin to pop balad (at times reminded me of When I was your man by Bruno Mars, esp. the major-minor chord shift) -Pranav

बहुत मार्मिक गीत। रूपेश की आवाज़ का मिज़ाज ही अलग है। फिल्‍म की कहानी में गाना यूं आता है कि भिगो जाता है। -यूनुस

Simple music and touching singing. Perfect for the poignant situation in the film. -Mihir M

This sparse song touches some chords. -Zafar

Haunting tune, singing voice is a huge let down -Ketan

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ज़ह-ए-नसीब  (हँसी तो फँसी)
zah-e-nasiib (Hasee Toh Phasee)

Tags: breezy, dulcet, love, love songs, melodious, romantic, soft, soothing


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

चिन्मयी, शेखर रावजियानी
Chinmayi, Shekhar Ravjiani

There's not much special in terms of music arrangement or singing (it is definitely very good) but the overall composition is just so beautiful and simple, really gets the romantic mood out. -Pranav

Wish Shekhar hadnt sung it himself - Chinmayee sounds great but Shekhar brings it down! A nod to Mr. Bhattacharya for "Teri ankhiyon ke sheher me, Yaara sab intezaam hai" -Arun

A second melodious song from this OST -Sunil

Pleasant listen but again, feels "forgettable" -Sanjeev

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य इन दिनों जिस तरह की शब्‍दावली लेकर आये हैं-- वो बहुत मायने रखती है। ऐसे शब्‍द जिनका कम ही इस्‍तेमाल किया गया हो। इस साल के अच्‍छे गानों में से एक। शेखर और चिन्‍मयी दोनों की आवाजें बहुत अहसास भरी हैं। -यूनुस

Lovely music, nice words, but Chinmayi's singing is a bit too sharp for the song' -Ketan

Too many repetitions of the phrase "zahe naseeb." -Zafar

This is sachharine sweet. Simple and melodious! -Hemendra

Hummable song , Lovely singing -Parul

Never knew the veena to fit in with a romantic song. Overall a beautiful song with catchy lyrics and very well sung. -Sowmya

Unforgettable awesomeness. Lyrics, singing , music -Bharathi

Most melodious song of the year. The choice of singers worked wonders here viz— dulcet tones of Chinmayi (over regular suspect Shreya) and Shekhar (he needs to sing much more!). Overall, an extremely likable track by Vishal-Shekhar. -Mihir M

As much as Chinmayee’s falsetto tries to take away from the song, the melody/ Shekhar and lyrics are so strong that I still manage to really like this song. -Meera

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रुक रुक के ... दिल का मिज़ाज इश्क़िया  (डेढ़ इश्क़िया)
ruk ruk ke ... dil kaa mizaaj ishqiyaa (Dedh Ishqiya)

Tags: chill-out, jazz, love song, poetic, romantic, slow, soft romantic

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Superb use of guitars. Rahat's as always is effortless. Lovely music by Vishal, Appropriate and elegant modern arrangement. -Sunil

All round awesome. -Bharathi

Another soul touching number with an exquisite "whistle" music prelude! Another song with some great lyrics that are heart wrenching and beautiful. Lovely use of rhythm to convey the mood of the song and I love the sax in the middle. Adds to the romantic feel even more. -Sowmya

राहत का ये मिज़ाज खूब भाता है। क्या एक्सप्रेशन हैं। अच्छी गायकी, उम्दा गीत और संगीत। -यूनुस

Is Rahat having to sing high notes a mandatory thing? I don't think this song needs it! -Pranav

Excellent singing by Rahat. -Zafar

Nice whistling in the beginning. The voice is a welcome change and one wishes we heard a lot more off RFAK -Ketan

Doesn't quite match up to its predecessor -'dil toh bachcha hai jee'. Rahat's singing falters in high pitch parts where he gets screechy. Vishal's laid-back arrangement and Gulzar's beautiful words make the song work to some extent. -Mihir M

A different flavor to RFAK's voice - limited forays into the upper octave - I like it. Some interesting chord changes/progression -Sanjeev

Lovely ditty! -Arun

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आयी बहार  (आँखों देखी)
aayii bahaar (Ankhon Dekhi)

Tags: classical, folk, folksy, fusion, happy, modern sufi, philosophical, raag basant bahaar, rustic, semi-classical

सागर देसाई
Saagar Desai

वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

कैलाश खेर
Kailash Kher

Varun Grover owns this song over its composer and singer. Composer Sagar Desai opts for a traditional arrangement with an extensive use of Sarangi. -Mihir M

एक औसत गीत। -यूनुस

Very forced Basant Bahaar here, though rhythmic play going into "Aayi Bahaar" refrain is kinda cool. I think the accordion is meant to sound "folksy" but evokes a "circus-y" feel for me -Sanjeev

Not sure if he is paying homage or mocking the Pankaj Mullick's song with similar words -Ketan

Classical touch and rendition is very good. Kaash there was also some distortion guitar added!!! -Pranav

Singing and music are Awesome -Bharathi

The harmonium in this song takes me back to my music class. -Meera

Typical basant bihar song. Some stunning sarangi pieces in the interlude and the arrangement is quite nice. Kher's singing is not extraordinary. Lyrics are also nothing to write home about. -Sowmya

Wow!! What a song - has a nomadic feel to it and a great classical base! Stand up comedian Varun Grover has done great job with the lyrics (this isn't his first foray into lyric writing though - he has done Gangs of waseypur and Kaatiyabaz to his credit as well) -Arun

मौसम की गिरहें खोलती ख़ूबसूरत मौसिकी -Parul

Beautiful composition, fits beautifully in the film. Lovely violin in the second interlude -Sunil

The kind of song you are likey to encounter in a village mela. -Zafar

Good, not great. Seems like it has a hangover of Aaj laagi, lagi -Hemendra

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तू कुजा मन कुजा  (हाइवे)
tuu kujaa man kujaa (Highway)

Tags: bhajan, devotional, fusion, sufi, surreal

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

सुनिधि चौहान
Sunidhi Chauhan

Just when you think ARR has lost his touch, he comes up with something brilliant in the company of Irshad Kamil. I heard others sing this--NFAK, Aziz Nazan, but the passion that Sunidhi puts in this is amazing (though at one point she seems unsure) but hats off to ARR to let her run with it and keep his orchestration to a minimum. -Ketan

बढिया गीत। -यूनुस

One of my most favourite songs this year. ARR needs to do more bhajans. Love them. Sunidhi is so good. And referring to Him as “maharaja”, LOVE! -Meera

Very powerful and power packed rendition by Sunidhi with nice dhols and tabla. -Sowmya

I don't get this song. I get the feeling that Rehman didn't compose the melodies of this movie score. If he did, the meter of lyrics would be all over the place. -Pranav

Breathless. -Zafar

Good to see a devotional song in the list. Plus the rare appearance of Sunidhi is welcome :) -Hemendra

A song which works because of Sunidhi's spirited singing and the lyrics. -Vibhendu

"Tu Kujaa Man Kujaa" - more Sufi-speak that's over my head...On first listen I assumed it was Richa Sharma or Jaspinder Narula, maybe conditioning as they typically get these "spiritual" type of songs. Great energy from Sunidhi as you would expect. Tune wanders a bit... -Sanjeev

Good to see pure hindi lyrics - however this isn't one of the better songs from this exemplary soundtrack! -Arun

A surreal track by ARR. Irshad Kamil uses pure Hindi/Sanskrit words for a composition which is Sufi/Qawwali-isque in its tone. One of the rare occasions where Sunidhi sings for ARR and you wonder why she doesn't sing more often. She is superlative bringing out Veera's agony in a most effective manner. -Mihir M

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लंडन ठुमकदा  (क्वीन)
la.nDan Thumakadaa (Queen)

Tags: bhangra, dance, folk, fusion, party, peppy, punjabi, upbeat, wedding songs

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

लाभ जनजुआ, सोनू कक्कड़, नेहा कक्कड़
Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkar, Neha Kakkar

Typical punjabi folk but Drums and elec. Bass gives a very distinct interesting flavor -Pranav

In some ways a "typical" song, but somewhat surprisingly, my favorite amongst this soundtrack (lyrics are cute) over and above some other more "elevated" ones. Instrumentation is not overly heavy -Sanjeev

Rocking song -Bharathi

बेहतरीन गीत। बाकायदा थिरकाने वाला गीत। -यूनुस

पंजाबी गीत पर उम्दा फ्यूज़न संगीत। गीत प्रयोग करता है लेकिन अपना भोलापन नहीं खोता, यही कमाल बात है। अौर बीच-बीच में 'स्यापा' अौर 'डैथ ही हो गई' जैसे प्रयोग इसका देसीपन खोने नहीं देते। -मिहिर पं.

Lab Janjua’s spirited rendition, Anvita’s quirky lyrics and Trivedi’s sparkling arrangement make this song stand out among usual Punjabi dance numbers. The lines are very imaginative. ‘तू घंटी Big Ben दी.. पूरा London ठुमकदा! ’ -Mihir M

Standard Bhangra song. Catchy but nothing original -Ketan

One of the best wedding songs of the yr. -Hemendra

Peppy Folk song. Amit Trivedi is comfortable with so many genres. It reminded me of a prior song from 'Luv Shuv tey Chicken Khurana" -Sunil

Catchy and favorite among kids as well! Carticatured depiction of punjabi middle class in lyrics of this song as well as this film in general. -Arun

Catchy and another song with a beautiful use of strings and dhols. -Sowmya

So fun! -Meera

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हमरी अटरिया पे आजा  (डेढ़ इश्क़िया)
hamarii aTariyaa pe aajaa (Dedh Ishqiya)

Tags: classical, dance, folk, folk base, ghazalish, item song, love songs, mujra, rock, romantic, semi-classical, thumri, thumri funk, thumri fusion

विशाल भारद्वाज (पारंपरिक पर आधारित)
Vishal Bhardwaj (based on traditional)

गुलज़ार (पारंपरिक पर आधारित)
Gulzar (based on traditional)

रेखा भारद्वाज
Rekha Bhardwaj

Gulzar has created some marvelous expressions in awadhi in this! -Arun

The music despite being L-Pish has its bright moments but the singing is a huge letdown. Begum Akhtar took this to great heights from which Rekha B brings it down-- without a parachute -Ketan

Some lovely combination of rock and folk going on in this song. Even though the song is meant to be spirited (based on the lyrics), it fails to jive to it's true intent and comes across as sluggish. -Sowmya

Gulzar, Vishal and Rekha weaved a mesmerising musical web -Parul

Reminiscent of songs from 1940s, in a good way. -Zafar

The beginning of the song is reminiscent of ARR-Mani_Ratnam territory and then it makes a smooth progression to Bhardwaj's arena with his deft semi-classical touches. Singing is top-notch. Gulzar adds his own color to the old Thumri - 'Aaja gilauri, khilay doon kimaami.. Laali pe laali tanik hui jaaye..' -Mihir M

खिलंदड़, बदमिजाज़, नशीला। लेकिन फ़िर जिन्होंने विजय मर्चेंट अौर मुश्ताक़ अली की बल्लेबाज़ी देखी हो वे गावस्कर अौर तेंदुल्कर पर कहाँ फ़िसलेंगे। -मिहिर पं.

I am a fan of this entire soundtrack, especially the use of Begum's thumris and Dadras in the movie. Rekha's version of Hamari atariya is truly magical! -Hemendra

Folk feel (intro sounds like punjabi folk), fused with guitar, banjo, dholaks. Absolutely loved all the dholak pick ups. -Pranav

प्रयोग है। पर क्लासिक रचना के साथ ये छेड़छाड़ अच्छी नहीं लगी। ये कहना होगा कि रेखा जी की आवाज़ ने गाने को बचा लिया है। -यूनुस

Adaptation of the well-known piece popularized by Begum Akhtar -Sanjeev

Interesting arrangement and programming. Points to Clinton for this one. -Meera

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धीमे रे रे  (आँखों देखी)
dhiime re re (Ankhon Dekhi)

Tags: background, bidaai, classical, folk, folksy/contemplative, fusion, haunting, philosophical, rustic, semi-classical, situational, soulful

सागर देसाई
Saagar Desai

वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

मनशील गुजराल
Mansheel Gujral

Mansheel Gujral's melancholic voice is heart breaking! -Arun

Bhinna Shadja/Hemant - composer has really gone in for classically-based melody, OK fine. Lyrics are fit weirdly in spots...Voice has some texture, but also very viscous and dry...sounds like it's struggling to catch the top "Sa" in spots -Sanjeev

साल की सबसे अनोखी फ़िल्म। कस्बों से शहरी जीवन की अोर पलायन में अन्य बहुत सारी चीज़ों के साथ इक ख़ास चीज़ जो हमने खोई है, वो है दोपहरें। यह गीत उन्हीं अलसाई, धूप भरी दोपहरों की याद दिलाता है। -मिहिर पं.

Overall average -Parul

Beautiful. -Bharathi

Melodious and melancholic, this song captures the mood purely with its tempo and overall music. The pianica and the guitar riffs add a beautiful touch and break the tempo of the music. Some lovely singing and lyrics that enhance the "bidai" mood. -Sowmya

Nice percussion accompanying decent lyrics but the singing is a huge letdown -Ketan

All songs of this film are against the run of the mill, this one no exception. -Zafar

A haunting tune. Lovely singing by Mansheel Gujral. -Mihir M

Amazing song. Firat time listen for me, but, haunting, dramatic and well suited to the situation. Antaras are not as good as the Mukhada. Singing lacks. -Hemendra

Lovely and haunting melody. The raw voice adds to it. -Meera

Though the lyrics are a 'best of ' collection of metaphors from the traditional bidaai songs, I find a few metaphors force fitted, a little rasabhaav in the whole 'dahi… jaamana' antara. -Vibhendu

Thanks to Rekha B. and Vishal B., this genre has found firm ground now in HFM. -Pranav

ठीक-ठाक गीत। -यूनुस

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सजदे  (किल दिल)
sajade (Kill Dil)

Tags: happy, light, rock, rock qawwali, romantic, slow, soft rock, sufi



अरिजित सिंह, निहिरा जोशी
Arijit Singh, Nihira Joshi

Didn’t work for me. Nihira & Arijit’s vocals were impressive though. -Mihir M

Would have been nice to see the riot of a song "daiyya maiyya" nominated from Kill Dil - Gulzar excels there too! -Arun

अरिजित और गुलज़ार। भोलापन और ज़िद दोनों है इस गीत में। -मिहिर पं.

Good to have Nihira Joshi back- long overdue opportunity for her after her Sa Re Ga Ma Pa success, -Sunil

Nihira needs to sing much more. -Meera

Interesting to say the least and will be on my playlist. Qawwali type of arrangement with distortion guitars coming in at the perfect time. It's been done before, but it works for this song. -Pranav

What an electrifying number! Love how it builds tempo and then slows down and then picks up a crescendo. Wonderful use of strings both with the guitar and violins. -Sowmya

औसत गीत -यूनुस

The music and singing are nice overall. I find the transition from the soft singing to the raucous portion a bit jarring -Ketan

Builds to some promise but loses it way soon. -Zafar

Good singing -Parul

Arijit Singh again? but with an entirely different flavor, packs a punch - pretty cool. They've held off on the auto-tune here, voice sounds more "real", nice texture and raw energy to the voice even if slightly less "exact". Nihira Joshi is good, sounds like a less syrupy or slightly "tougher" Shreya G. -Sanjeev

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हीरा  (हाइवे)
hiiraa (Highway)

Tags: 7-beat, beautiful, doha, exquisite, folk, gorgeous, light, melody, semi classical, sentimental, sleepy, soothing, soulful, spiritual, sufi.

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

संत कबीर
Sant Kabir

श्वेता पंडित
Shweta Pandit

What a treat to hear Kabir's lyrics in a hindi film! Shweta Pandit has sung in that incredible vulnerable voice. Great relevance in the film - perfect example of using a song to reflect the characters/situation. The masala musicals of bollywood may disappear but I hope films like highway continue to get made which use music really well. -Arun

Shweta Pandit is a good singer. -Sunil

Put me to sleep it's that boring -Ketan

Kabir, ARR -Bharathi

Very Rehmanesque. Love the lyrics. -Hemendra

Loops loops and more loops -Pranav

Every so often ARR will throw in a 7-beat number, reminds me of "Azhagu Nilave" from "Pavithra" from years ago. Excellent production, instrumentation, and sound quality we've come to expect from ARR, and singing is nice but voice sounds like the myriad of others singing for ARR - maybe the vocal effects? Lyrics discernably Kabir... -Sanjeev

सही मायनों में श्‍वेता का गीत। रहमान की खूब अच्‍छी कंपोजीशन। -यूनुस

Liked the fact that they have tried adapting Kabir's poetry, but marred by both ARR's insistence on not following the natural cadence of the original poetry, and the singer's breathing into the microphone. Find the rendering of 'maanava' particularly jarring, and can the 'kapat' be a little less anglicised? -Vibhendu

Heera is special. Rahman gives life to Kabir's words in the form of an exquisite melody. The little touches(harkats) added by Shweta makes Heera even more beautiful. My most favorite part of the song is the one-min long Strings interlude which is not only drop-dead-gorgeous but also goosebumps-worthy. Period. -Mihir M

Shweta has beautifully rendered this song. Brilliant use of violins and flute interspersed with bells. The song is almost hymn-like with the tinkering of the bells. -Sowmya

Background crying is disturbing. -Zafar

Soulful composition -Parul

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जो मैं जानती ... प्रीत  (ख़ूबसूरत)
jo mai.n jaanatii ... priit (Khoobsurat)

Tags: background, bad, contemplative, folk, haunting, melody, romantic, romantic/traditional, rustic, sad, situational, surreal

स्रेहा ख़ानवलकर
Sneha Khanwalkar

अमिताभ वर्मा
Amitabh Verma

जसलीन रॉयल
Jasleen Royal

Delectable take on an age-old classic. -Zafar

Obviously a situational/background song, but nursery-rhyme like tune - for effect? Voice following suit? Not following the rationale for even nominating this one. Screaming background sounds a little twisted, behind the childlike lead vocals -Sanjeev

This song epitomizes what I mean by "hat ke" or special song. Amazingly haunting melody and arrangement with a distinct oriental feel. Beautifully sung with right punch at the right time. Not over-arranged. Just perfect. -Pranav

औसत गीत -यूनुस

साल के सबसे प्रयोगशील अौर उम्दा गीतों में से एक। संगीत में कोरस के इको के माध्यम से 'बियाबान' की रचना कैसा गज़ब का प्रयोग है। अौर जसलीन से इसे गवाना मास्टरस्ट्रोक था। तरुण लड़की की अावाज़ में जो 'पहली बार' दिल टूटने का भाव शामिल हुअा है, वो न होता गर इसे गाने वाली खुद एक तरुण लड़की न होती। -मिहिर पं.

Nice arrangement but the female and 'kid' sounding vocals are very soporific. The lyrics are pretty nice. Can't listen more than once! -Sowmya

Refreshing approach to a song, sounds like a fresh of breath air in-between all Arijits :) -Meera

Lovely tune- a light, fluffy and soothing track -Sunil

Interesting composition sung well by Jasleen -Arun

Sneha Khanwalkar hardly ever disappoints. Her tapestry of sounds is simply magical. I love this song. The lyrics are different too! -Hemendra

It may sound bizarre in the first listen but sooner or later you would find yourself immersed into this haunting melody. Easily one of the best tracks of the year. A song that showcases Sneha’s out-of-the-box thinking. She mixes Jasleen’s delicate voice with a haunting (Rajasthani-sounding) chorus and also throws in some pieces of Sarangi & Claps in between. Amitabh Verma deserves a special mention for the interesting lyrics. -Mihir M

The song shows complete lack of creativity on all fronts -Ketan

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सो जाओ  (हैदर)
so jaao (Haider)

Tags: dark, eerie, existential, fear inducing, folk, haunting, offbeat, reprise, revolutionary, rustic, situational, surreal

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


बशीर लोन, मुज़ामिल भवानी, बशीर भवानी
Bashir Lone, Muzamil Bhawani, Bashir Bhawani

The gravedigger 's song! कौन सोच सकता था कि इस विकट परिस्थिति में 'मृत्यु के अाँगन में' खड़े होकर ऐसा ज़िन्दादिल अौर निडर गाना लिखा अौर गाया जा सकता है। यह कुछ वैसा ही प्रयोग है जैसा 'गैंग्स अॉफ वासेपुर' में नायक की अकाल मृत्यु पर अनुराग ने शोकगीत की बजाए 'जिया हो बिहार के लाला' गीत को पिरोकर किया था। ऐसे प्रयोग धुनों अौर शब्दों को देखने का नया नज़रिया, नए अर्थ देते हैं। -मिहिर पं.

Snow shovelling beat is very upsetting in a good way. -Zafar

Have to see the film, I guess -Sanjeev

A song made for the screen. The sound of shovels is spooky, but a masterstroke. -Hemendra

Interesting song. Voices aren't great but the song works. -Ketan

Love use of musical prop with shovel's digging sound! And the stringed instrument (is it classical guitar) make a great impression too. -Arun

बशीर लोन भूपिंदर जैसे साउंड करते हैं कहीं कहीं। बेहतरीन गीत। -यूनुस

Brilliant arrangement. Reminiscent of 'chappa chappa charkha chale' -Sunil

Eerie, stunning, surreal and creepy. A grave-diggers' song calling for a life. Words filled with dark humor. Gulzar at his marvelous best. -Mihir M

Sounded like some mild desi rap… -Sowmya

Enjoyed it…reminds me of machis for its eerieness -Bharathi

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किल दिल  (किल दिल)
kil dil (Kill Dil)

Tags: ballad, catchy, invigorating title track, male duet, noisy, old-school, party song, rock, spy thriller, title song, upbeat, yodeling , zindadili



सोनू निगम, शंकर महादेवन
Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan

Good to see Sonu Shankar combo! -Arun

Super cool -Bharathi

ऊँची खजुरी ये है, गमले का पौधा नहीं.. This line by Gulzar sums up the song well. Sonu Nigam’s first time pairing with Shankar Mahadevan as a singer. Shankar nicely complementing Sonu by going low-pitch (unlike his style)....giving a way to Sonu for going high-pitch. Both attempting delicious yodeling Kishore-da style. There is also old school Bollywood sound of 70s' 2-hero films. Hat tip to RDB. Gulzar's prelude. Sold. -Mihir M

Cacophonic. -Zafar

Exciting title track. A sure tribute to Western films- reminiscent of the music of Ennio Morricone. -Sunil

Extra points for the western genre, which is not too common in HFM - definitely not recently. Taking off a couple of points for Sonu's overdone emotions but then adding points back for both singers' outstanding use of falsettos. -Pranav

रेट्रो रचने की कोशिश में शंकर महादेवन अौर सोनू निगम दोनों किशोर कुमार को जमकर कॉपी करने की कोशिश करते हैं। 'किल दिल' की अपीलों के मध्य अन्त में सभी सकुशल बच जाते हैं अौर किसी सुननेवाले की जान नहीं जाती यही गनीमत है। -मिहिर पं.

Extra points for Sonu :) The singing is just mind blowing! -Hemendra

The male jugalbandi and bro-mance, mazzey aagaye! -Meera

A typical SEL orchestration and a pleasant retro feel that adds to the mafia feel of the song. Nice to hear Shankar and Sonu's voices after a long time. Great yodeling and a nicely layered arrangement. -Sowmya

Opening music a mix of Pink Floyd + Western. As for the singing--I had no idea strangling cats was back in fashion, or whatever it is that Sonu is attempting to do -Ketan

बेहतरीन बोलों के बावजूद औसत गाना। -यूनुस

Cheesy spy thriller soundtrack - by design? "Don" meets 007? Is the initial voiceover meant to be slick or humorous? Too long of a lead-in before the vocals start...Sonu in form, and cool that he can use his falsetto like that, but too much "harkat-ifying" and "vistaar" - Shankar M. is more "believable"/engaging in this song. Overall, song is "overdone"... -Sanjeev

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तुझ बिन सूरज ... चाँदनिया  (टू स्टेट्स)
tujh bin suuraj ... chaa.Ndaniyaa (2 States)

Tags: driving music, easy listening, folk, hodgepodge, light, longing, melody, romantic, soft romantic, soothing, soulful


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

के मोहन, यशिता शर्मा
K Mohan, Yashita Sharma

Lovely lyrics , awesome music and classy singing . -Bharathi

Superb arrangement. Lovely use of guitars. Both K.Mohan and Yashita Sharma were great . Truly inspiring compostion. Good use of backing vocals.It was an earworm for quite some time. -Sunil

Doesn't click as a whole. -Zafar

ये गाना मुझे अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य के नाजुक बोलों के लिए पसंद आया। 'जिस्म ये क्या, खोखली सीपी/ रूक दा मोती है तू'। 2014 में ऐसे गाने की गुंजाइश बनाने के लिए पूरे मार्क्स। साल के बेहतरीन गानों में से एक। -यूनुस

Another melody by SEL with some beautiful orchestration. Fresh voices of K.Mohan and Yashita add to the beauty of the song. Special mention about their synchronous harmonies towards the end. Amitabh with his words is good as always - मेरे सारे बिखरे सुरों से, गीत पिरोती है तू. -Mihir M

Nothing special again about the genre or overall song. Singing is really nice though. -Pranav

Lovely singing by Mohan. -Meera

Lovely musical hook! K Mohan is got to be one of the most underrated singers of this era. -Arun

I like the guitar and vocal harmonies and that the rhythm never takes over -Sanjeev

अमिताभ के बोल फिर अच्छे हैं। गायक के स्वर का खुरदुरापन प्रेमकथा के मध्य अाए उलझावों को अभिव्यक्ति देता है। -मिहिर पं.

It's a lovely song of longing and achieves that pathos quite well. The plucks in the song are a tad boring and sound very ordinary and repetitive. K. Mohan sounds refreshingly nice and so does Yashita Sharma. Lyrics are also simple and effective -Sowmya

Peppy music, good singing by the female counterpart. -Ketan

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आज लागी लागी नई धूप  (आँखों देखी)
aaj laagii laagii na_ii dhuup (Ankhon Dekhi)

Tags: boring, folk, folk base, folksy/sufi, melancholy, modern sufi, philosophical, philosophy, rustic, semi-classical, sufi

सागर देसाई
Saagar Desai

वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

कैलाश खेर
Kailash Kher

I was desparately looking for some variations in the arrangement beyond just Sarangi and Khanjira. It didn't come and the song became monotonous. -Pranav

Kailash kher is an underrated artist! Wonderful lyrics - reminded me of Shailendra's classics! And that Sarangi is mesmerizing! -Arun

Ankhon Dekhi was a great movie. The soundtrack fits it to a tee. Kailash Kher sounds rustic, as usual. -Hemendra

एक बेहतरीन दार्शनिक गीत। वरूण ग्रोवर के कमाल के एक्सप्रेशन। शुक्र है कैलाश नीचे सुरों पर टिके रहते हैं। देर तक साथ चलने वाला गीत। -यूनुस

Beautiful old world melody. -Meera

I am normally a fan of Kailash Kher's singing, but I'm not getting into it here...maybe song is set too low - sounds unusually unsteady. Yaman Kalyan base isn't hooking me, seems forced. -Sanjeev

Varun Grover needs more recognition and kudos to him for such lyrics in deafening times. This suits Kailash Kher's voice. -Sunil

Love it -Bharathi

Kailash Kher is singing as if someone is holding a gun to his head. -Ketan

A song that describes lead protagonist’s moment of epiphany. One that sums up the philosophy of Ankhon Dekhi in nutshell. Varun Grover’s lyrics are exquisite to say the least. Kailash Kher’s voice suits the song well. Overall, a great effort. -Mihir M

Rustic and almost transports you to the desserts of Jaisalmer. Kher does a decent job with the song but there are places where he appears off (could be deliberate to make it sound more folksy). The sarangi sounds lovely in the beginning and interweaved throughout the song. Touching lyrics. -Sowmya

Very catchy, low-tech tune. -Zafar

Voice of kailash kher and lyrics compliment each other and music enhances the combined effect -Parul

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मुस्कुराने की वजह  (सिटीलाइट्स)
muskuraane kii wajah (Citylights)

Tags: ballad, light, love songs, melancholy, romantic, sad, soft romantic

जीत गांगुली
Jeet Ganguli

रश्मि सिंह
Rashmi Singh

नीति मोहन
Neeti Mohan

अरिजीत की गायकी ने इस गाने को ख़ास बना दिया है। धुन बढ़िया लेकिन गीतकारी औसत है। -यूनुस

An addictive tune which grows on you. Arijit's heart-wrenching rendition manages to tug one's heart-strings. One of his bests this year. -Mihir M

More I listen to Arijit, more I become a fan of his singing and voice. This song is a full showcase of his talent. Jeet Ganguly knows how to use Arijit's voice well. I love everything about this song, but the songs soar due to Arijit! -Hemendra

Arijit Singh sang well. -Bharathi

Run of the mill. -Zafar

The "Jiya Jaaye Na, Jaaye Na, Jaaye Na" refrain seems forced, does not gel with the song for me; looks like Arijit Singh is all over the charts now -Sanjeev

The music is spectacular and I love the arrangement. With the percussion and bagpipes, a tad tabla, some piano the song brings out the "haunting" purely with its music. Arijit sounds his usual self as he did in his other Aashiqui songs. Nice but not spectacular. -Sowmya

Didn't do anything for me -Ketan

One of the year"s best, Arjit creates Jadu -Parul

Arijit..sigh! This is one of his better ones this year though. Overall a boring package still! -Arun

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मन मस्त मगन  (टू स्टेट्स)
man mast magan (2 States)

Tags: ballad, happy, melody, qawwali, refreshing, romantic, soft romantic, sufi


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह, चिन्मयी श्रीपदा
Arijit Singh, Chinmayi Sripada

Reminiscent of "ishq bina" from Taal, which I like a lot. -Zafar

The composition and arrangement is pretty run-of-the-mill, but then since movie requires it, nadaswaram is added which sounds out of place. -Pranav

The singing is average but the bigger letdown is in the music -Ketan

Melodious -Parul

A melodious track by SEL lightened up Arijit’s beautiful rendition. Chinmayi’s voice has got unique texture which makes the song more special. South Indian orchestration in the interlude gives it a special touch. One of the favorite tracks this year. -Mihir M

Beautiful chorus and clichéd music with amalgamation of North and South. Done too many times over and sounds very AR Rehmanish. Lyrics are simple but still soul stirring. Arijit Singh delivers well but female singer sounds nasal and doesn't give the oomph effect. Loved it overall. -Sowmya

Definitely catchy, I'm sure the tag line sticks easily with listeners - but can't help feel like it's a mashup of "Rangrej", "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain" and a few others. I've definitely gotten used to the "same-octave" singing by male/female, though it's clever how she hops up for the "refrain" to sing one octave above. Nadaswaram signifies some sort of "national integration" theme? Enough with the Sufi/Ranjha/Magan/etc. thing already? -Sanjeev

2 States was one of my favorite soundtracks of the year. SEL were totally rocking as was Arijit! -Hemendra

Stands out in Arijit's overdose this year! -Arun

Chinmayi Sripada was a good find. The song has a soothing sound, The Naadaswaram, mridangam combo was a good touch given the theme of the film. -Sunil

Lovely lyrics, singing and music from north n south in parts. -Bharathi

ये बरस अरिजीत की नाम ही रहा है। उन्होंने कई गीतों में अपनी आवाज़ की सीमाओं का सही उपयोग किया है। ये गाना उन्हीं में से एक है। चिन्मयी को सुनना अच्छा लगता है। शंकर अहसान लॉय का जादू कायम है। अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य के अच्छे बोल। 'इश्क़ की धूनी' सुंदर प्रयोग। -यूनुस

इस कहानी में 'बाधा दौड़' का अन्त शादी पर होना है। यह गीत उसका एहसास संगीत में पहले ही करवाता है। बोलों में 'उत्कट' भाव, अरिजित की अावाज़ जैसे उन्हें पवित्र भाव देती है। -मिहिर पं.

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समझावाँ  (हम्पटी शर्मा की दुल्हनिया)
samajhaawaa.N (Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya)

Tags: folk, love songs, melody, punjabi, romantic, sad, slow, yearning

जवाद अहमद, शरीब-तोशी
Jawad Ahmed, Sharib-Toshi

अहमद अनीस, कुमार
Ahmed Anees, Kumaar

अरिजित सिंह, श्रेया घोषाल
Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal

इस साल अरिजीत सिंह के बेहतरीन गानों में से एक। बोल भी सुंदर। -यूनुस

I prefer the original rendition of Rahat even though Arijit has done a splendid job. Shreya sounds more screechy than normal; -Sowmya

This is one more of those beautiful love songs that just stay with you! Arijit is soothing and sombre and I just love ow the song builds up! Rahat's version of this song is equally great! -Hemendra

One of the only two songs from 2014 that I had heard before :) -Zafar

Outstanding score with soulful rendition -Parul

One of my favorite numbers by Arijit this year. In the first antara, the song soars high due to Arijit’s heartfelt rendition. The second antara gets butchered by Shreya’s screechiness. -Mihir M

Doesn't quite get the magic of Rahat's original -Arun

I don't think this song is particularly difficult to sing, so why the loud gasps of air between words? -Ketan

Opening doesn't sound like much, but the song gets better quickly and isn't a piece of cake to sing - on the whole it's grown on me after a couple listens; reminiscent of older songs -Sanjeev

Not better than RFAK -Bharathi

Most unimpressive recreation of a song. And just because the voice reaches taar ka bhi taar saptak, you’ll put notes there? -Meera

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ताके झाँके  (क्वीन)
taake jhaa.Nke (Queen)

Tags: cheerful, fresh, happy, inspirational, light, refreshing, rock

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Composition lends itself very well to the polka/rock fusion arrangement. Scale changes were the most pleasant surprise -Pranav

Classic Amit Trivedi number with the choicest of vocals, cute lyrics, the guitar, and the accordion. Lovely tempo and pace as well and can envision kids frolicking listening to this song. -Sowmya

Right up Arijit's sleeve this breezy composition! -Arun

खुशी भरा गीत। 'एक मैं अौर एक तू' के 'गुब्बारे' की याद दिलाता है। असली गुब्बारों की भी। अौर उनमें अॉलपिन चुभाने वाली शरारतों की भी! -मिहिर पं.

Cheerful tune, playful lyrics, freshness of Arijit’s voice and exuberant arrangement. Winner all the way. The scale-change towards the end adds to the magic. -Mihir M

Arijit sounds supercool, very cool music -Bharathi

ये साल अरिजीत का साल है बस। अमित त्रिवेदी ने पूरे अलबम में कमाल किया है। -यूनुस

Arijit Singh...one more. Nice use of his falsetto...key change is refreshing, otherwise OK song -Sanjeev

It's hard to pin down Arijit Singh's voice since he has so many different voices but the downside is that due to that his singing is inconsistent too. This almost sounds like Amit Trivedi singing, not something I would ever want to emulate -Ketan

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कैसे सुख सोयें  (आँखों देखी)
kaise sukh soye.n (Ankhon Dekhi)

Tags: classical, khayal transplant, semi-classical, virah



रोंकिनी गुप्ता
Ronkini Gupta

Foxed! Dont know how to rate a vilambit khayal composition in all this :) -Meera

Amazing singing! -Hemendra

Based on one my favorite raags (Bihaag), I love the simplistic nature of this song with its nice 'vilambit' pace. -Sowmya

Never heard of Ronkini Gupta the singer before - what an amazing artist. Reminded me of Begum Parveen Sultana! -Arun

I can see the point but not sure it qualifies as a "film song." -Zafar

Good but not great classical singing -Parul

ठेठ शास्त्रीय रचना। फिल्मी गीतों में इसके अंक देते झिझक हो रही है। -यूनुस

Nothing wrong with the singing or music as such. Just that this classical piece doesn't excite me much. -Ketan

Bihag = awesome -Bharathi

Don't get me started...how does a snippet of a traditional bada khayal qualify as a novel song creation? That aside - voice is flexible for taanbaazi, but discernably flat in places, and way too much vibrato for a classical rendition - vistaar is very ad hoc, even for a short excerpt -Sanjeev

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बदरा बहार  (क्वीन)
badaraa bahaar (Queen)

Tags: fable, fusion, painful, rock, romantic, sitar, upbeat

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

There is genius behind Amit Trivedi's compositions. With the clever use of strings in the right places, and percussion where there needs to be emphasis, he is probably the one that uses the string instruments (sitar and guitar in this song) to their fullest extent and in a very subtle way to have the most effect. His vocals are passable but overall a beautiful song. -Sowmya

Little uncluttered song. -Zafar

Great music but Amit Trivedi seriously needs to get treatment for his haemmorhoids. It's showing up in his singing. -Ketan

Wonderfully done rhythm by using guitars and then sitar. Well played solo too. -Pranav

डिज़ाइनर शोक गीत। अमित त्रिवेदी के पुराने काम 'देव डी' की याद दिलाता। -मिहिर पं.

Start of 2014 was special due to this soundtrack by Amit Trivedi. Fresh and varied. Loved every song -Hemendra

An absolute cracker of a song! Amit Trivedi uses motley of instruments (could hear horns, guitar, sitar) and gives us an upbeat number. Words are great. Trivedi’s singing could have been much better. -Mihir M

बेहतरीन प्रयोग। अमित त्रिवदी पूरे शबाब पर। -यूनुस

Good use of sitar in the interlude -Sunil

Dev D's Pardesi-like -Bharathi

I'm sure there's a reason he's singing this way...trying to do an Amitabh? Groove and guitar loops are catchy. Did they sample Mandolin Srinivas? and what's with the sitar sample? -Sanjeev

Nice unusual tale told in lyrics by Anvita Dutt - Amit matches his composition well with his own singing -Arun

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नैणा नू पता  (ख़ूबसूरत)
naiNaa nuu pataa (Khoobsurat)

Tags: folk, folkish, fresh, happy, melody, punjabi, reflective, romantic, rustic

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Mullick


सोना महापात्र, अरमान मलिक
Sona Mohapatra, Armaan Malik

Bit of an "Ambarsariya" hangover? Though Sona M. does have an engaging and different voice - male voice is good too. -Sanjeev

गीत, जिन्हें सोना मोहापात्रा गाती हैं, मैं वहाँ बस उन्हें सुनता हूँ। डूबकर। -मिहिर पं.

Sona mohapatra's unique voice and style deserves to get her more songs. However this song is very average! -Arun

Nicely sung by Sona. -Sowmya

Catchy tune and easy flow makes it a repeat listen. -Zafar

Just a repetition of some key words. Not much in the way of lyrics or singing -Ketan

Not a crazy fan of the female vocals but the melody manages to score over it. -Meera

First thing that allures you is the freshness of the track. It’s one of those mood-lifting tracks à la Iktara. Composer Amaal Mallik is a great find. Sona’s lively rendition and Armaan joining in during the antara come together nicely. -Mihir M

औसत गीत। -यूनुस

Another great number! Can't have enough of it! Beautiful! -Hemendra

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आओ ना  (हैदर)
aao naa (Haider)

Tags: dark, hard rock, rock

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj


विशाल दादलानी
Vishal Dadlani

Vishal Dadlani excels singing in this genre and is being rightfully sought for his vocal skills by many composers -Sunil

ठीक-ठाक गीत। -यूनुस

sabr le lo, qabr le lo ! -Arun

This works as a Led Zep rock song but I am not sure it works in the context of a Hindi movie. -Ketan

Seems derived..cant place the source but I like it -Bharathi

The gravedigger 's song! कौन सोच सकता था कि इस विकट परिस्थिति में 'मृत्यु के अाँगन में' खड़े होकर ऐसा ज़िन्दादिल अौर निडर गाना लिखा अौर गाया जा सकता है। यह कुछ वैसा ही प्रयोग है जैसा 'गैंग्स अॉफ वासेपुर' में नायक की अकाल मृत्यु पर अनुराग ने शोकगीत की बजाए 'जिया हो बिहार के लाला' गीत को पिरोकर किया था। ऐसे प्रयोग धुनों अौर शब्दों को देखने का नया नज़रिया, नए अर्थ देते हैं। -मिहिर पं.

That guitar riff. Vishal Dadlani’s explosive vocals. Vishal Bhardwaj’s hard rock treatment to an inherently dark number. Gulzar’s extraordinary lyrics. Simply brilliant! -Mihir M

Vishal D. is convincing - I'm assuming the slightly off-pitch singing in places is deliberate; lyrics happen to be Hindi, but otherwise a typical rock song, must be situationally used -Sanjeev

Hurts the ears. -Zafar

This song does full justice to the bass guitar. A very eclectic use of this instrument along with the electric guitar. Vishal's brawny voice adds a powerful touch to the already intense song. -Sowmya

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क्या वहाँ दिन है ... पापा  (अग्ली)
kyaa wahaa.N din hai ... paapaa (Ugly)

Tags: flashback, heartbreaking, light, melancholic, melancholy, sad, sad song, sentimental, soft rock, soulful, touching

जी वी प्रकाश कुमार
G V Prakash Kumar

गौरव सोलंकी
Gaurav Solanki

शिल्पा राव
Shilpa Rao

Very sweet and imaginative lyrics -Bharathi

अगर आपने गौरव की पुरानी कविताएँ पढ़ी हैं, तो आप जान जायेंगे कि यह निर्ममता और मासूमियत शब्दों में कैसे साथ, एक-दूसरे का हाथ पकड़कर चले आते हैं। -मिहिर पं.

Average music with good lyrics -Parul

Very Gulzarish lyrics. Delicately composed. -Zafar

Love the prelude and use of piano in the song! -Arun

मार्मिक गीत। ऐसे गानों में शिल्‍पा की आवाज़ खूब जंचती है। -यूनुस

Shilpa Rao and her voice score in this song and are very effective. -Sowmya

Vocals are good -Sanjeev

A heartbreaking number with touching lyrics. Gaurav's Words & Shilpa Rao's singing make the song very special. It's a perfect song for the poignant situation in the film.
'Gintiyaan sab laakh mein hai, Haath lekin raakh mein hai..' -Mihir M

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ठरकी छोकरो  (पीके)
Tharakii chhokaro (PK)

Tags: brassband, celebration, comedy songs, folk, folk meets baand-baajaa, happy folk song with a wedding band, hariyanvi, rajasthani, rustic


स्वानंद किरकिरे
Swanand Kirkire

स्वरूप ख़ान
Swaroop Khan

जब स्वरूप ख़ान अपने ठेठ देसी अन्दाज़ में 'अरे रे रे रे रे रे...' करते हैं, वहाँ यह गीत अपनी ज़मीन पा लेता है। -मिहिर पं.

Nice singing, and lyrics. Worth listening to again and again -Ketan

Love the band baja in this song along with the nice Rajasthani touch. This is probably the best song of the bunch. Catchy and upbeat! -Sowmya

I really like the arrangement of the song. -Meera

Sukhwinder can sing such numbers in his sleep - amazing energy! -Arun

Pretty average score for a Hirani/Chopra movie. Maybe the subject demanded it, however I am not a bif fan of this soundtrack or the song. -Hemendra

Ajay-Atul’s Rajasthani flavored tune and brass-brand arrangement, Kirkire’s quirk, and Swaroop Khan's fun rendition make the song work. -Mihir M

The only song by the underutilized Ajay-Atul in PK. Excellent team work by Swanand, Swaroop and the composers -Sunil

बहुत ही बढिया गीत। अपनी गायकी, लेखनी और संगीत में कमाल। कोरस ने गाने को भव्‍य बना दिया है। -यूनुस

Fun song with a nice beat. -Zafar

Catchy and energetic - singer is a pretty decent Sukhwinder knock-off -Sanjeev

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कहाँ हूँ मैं  (हाइवे)
kahaa.N huu.N mai.n (Highway)

Tags: background song, jazz, light, lost & found, melancholy, philosophical, sentimental, slow, surreal

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

जोनिता गाँधी
Jonita Gandhi

One of those Rahman tracks which grow on you. It beautifully creates the mood of ‘Lost-in-the-world’ type. Jonita Gandhi’s voice manages to evoke that surreal feeling. The pauses she takes in between- for e.g. ‘Kahin pe.. inn sab me.. main kahaa..?’- are just perfect. -Mihir M

Fresh singing -Parul

Dr. Irshad Kamil lyrics : Yaadein ab zameen, khwahishein..
Pakki chaahat, kachchi koshishein.. he..
Kahin pe in sab mein
Kahaan hoon… main ? Though I wonder if the word is "chaahat" or -Arun

इरशाद कामिल का एक बेजोड़ गीत। जोनिता ने अच्‍छा गाया है। रहमान ने हाइवे में अपने मिज़ाज से थोड़ा हटकर ही संगीत दिया है। -यूनुस

Beautiful combination of piano and vocals. Very well sung and nicely emoted. Lovely use of pauses and rhythm. -Sowmya

Voice/style actually strike me as a little distinct. Tune is OK, wanders a bit - small injection of "desi" harkat into an otherwise Western pop song. -Sanjeev

Love the R&B Jazz composition. But too much Whitney Houston wannabe -Pranav

Déjà vu feeling listening to this song. Jonita Gandhi has a promising future -Sunil

Very laboured singing. I am lost too as to the meaning and purpose of this song -Ketan

Meandering. -Zafar

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बंजारा  (एक विलेन)
ba.njaaraa (Ek Villain)

Tags: chill-out, light, love songs, melancholy, pensive, romantic, slow poison, soft romantic, soul searching, soulful, thoughtful



मोहम्मद इरफ़ान
Mohd. Irfan

The voice sounds strained and very gimmicky, and the music is about average -Ketan

Another soulful composition by Mithoon, but not among his best. I prefer his Humdard from the same album over this one. Nevertheless, Irrfan’s heartfelt rendition is worth the applause. The harmonium touches given by Mithoon adds to the ‘soul’ of the song. -Mihir M

Surprisingly, works for me even if it sounds like many songs we hear these days. Probably, because the singing and the tune do work together and not end up in an incoherent haze of heavy breathing and unfinished, ungrammatical phrases. -Vibhendu

Some strange stylizing in the singing -Sanjeev

Mohd Irfan has sung well! Mithoon is an underrated composer and in this case he wrote the lyrics too! -Arun

Irfan does justice to good music and Lyrics -Parul

I love Irfaan from his SVOI days. Glad to see him sing such a melodious song! Beautiful! Love the harmonium! -Hemendra

If it weren't for Mohd. Irfan’s singing, this song would’ve sounded like one more Mithoon-Arijit combination which is a blindspot for me now. -Meera

Mohammad Irfan adds a nice freshness to this song and renders it beautifully. Other than that, it sounds a lot like most of the "Ashiqui 2" kind of songs. I loved the use of the harmonium and really nice way to compliment it with the flute, guitar and piano. -Sowmya

Harmonium works well in modern songs too. Mohd Irfan did a good job. Mithoon was good here. I wish he was more consistent. -Sunil

औसत बोल। पर मो इरफान की गायकी ने गाने को ऊंचाई दी है। -यूनुस

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मनवा लागे  (हैप्पी न्यू इयर)
manawaa laage (Happy New Year)

Tags: chhed chhad, folk-inspired, fresh, happy, light, love songs, melody, romantic, soft romantic


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

अरिजित सिंह, श्रेया घोषाल
Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal

Cute feel good song. -Zafar

More from Arijit singh parade - lovely tune from Visha shekhar on those unsual words from Dr. Kamil -Arun

Antara, including bridge back to mukhda, is catchy. Singing is good. On the whole, nothing wrong with the song as such, but gut feel is that it's 'forgettable'. More irritating (and largely unnecessary) vocal effects. -Sanjeev

Sweet Ditty, however, nothing much to write home about -Hemendra

A typical vishal-shekhar romantic song with heavy use of the accordion and dholak. Shreya sounds her sweet self and Arijit adds a lovely romantic pairing. -Sowmya

सिर्फ पैकेजिंग। बोल मामूली। मधुर गायकी। -यूनुस

Very melodious song from Vishal Shekhar who are in form again this year. -Sunil

गाना संगीत में जैसे 'ज़मीन' से 'अासमान' की भव्यता पर जाता है, वो भाता है। बीच में अानेवाला स्त्री कोरस भी बड़ा प्यारा है। -मिहिर पं.

Shreya sounds as if she inhaled liberal doses of laughing gas right before singing. -Ketan

The one and only good thing we got out of Happy New Year. -Meera

It's a pleasing Vishal-Shekhar tune sung effortlessly by Shreya Ghoshal with all the correct nuances. When Arijit Singh joins her, he adds much more freshness to the melody. Irshad Kamil pitches in with some fresh writing for one of the most common song situations in Bollywood films. The percussion/beats have quintessential Marathi sound. In a parallel world, this song would have fit into Ajay-Atul's Marathi album. -Mihir M

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सुनो ना संग-ए-मरमर की  (यंगिस्तान)
suno naa sa.ng-e-maramar kii (Youngistan)

Tags: ballad, love song, peppy, romantic

जीत गांगुली
Jeet Ganguli

कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

क्या आपको मालूम है कि ख़ास इस गीत को डेडीकेटेड फ़ेसबुक पर एक अलग ग्रुप पेज चलता है? और नहीं, उसके संचालक बहुजन समाज पार्टी से नहीं हैं! -मिहिर पं.

Now I can almost recognize Arijit Singh :-) Vocals sound a little bored - oh wait I mean stylish - in the antaras -Sanjeev

Stands out in the crowd by virtue of Arjit"s soulful rendering -Parul

Haunting vocals and very melodious. Heavily romantic and Arijit adds his usual seductive touch. Definitely a song to play in a loop. -Sowmya

Garden variety Arijit fare, something which we had plethora of this year. -Vibhendu

A mediocre track which rides on Arijit’s popularity. -Mihir M

Generic and blah! -Arun

Average song in terms of singing and orchestration. -Ketan

Slowly grows on you. -Zafar

Unusual progression of notes in the anatara and that makes it very interesting. -Meera

Arijit's most popular song from 2014. I seem to have developed a fatigue from repeated listenings of it. Still good! -Hemendra

ठीक-ठाक गीत है। -यूनुस

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फ़ैनी रे  (फ़ाइंडिंग फ़ैनी)
fainii re (Finding Fanny)

Tags: flamenco, fun, fusion, goan, light, light-hearted, old world charm, old-world, peppy, playful, punjabi songs, quaint, quirky

मैथियास डुप्लेसी
Mathias Duplessy

मुख़्तियार अली
Mukhtiyar Ali

मुख़्तियार अली, मैथियास डुप्लेसी
Mukhtiyar Ali, Mathias Duplessy

Love the eclectic nature of the song. Has a bluegrass feel to it! -Hemendra

Punjabi lyrics to goan music, i like. Also nice choice of voice. -Meera

Very neatly composed. Has got some old world charm (SJ-Raj Kapoor era) and laid-back attitude to it. Mukhtiyar Ali’s singing could have been better. -Mihir M

Good juxtaposition of "found" sounds, but still falls short. -Zafar

What an incredible fusion of influences- punjabi folk, rajasthani singer, accordion, strings- truly unique and enjoyable -Sunil

मुख्तियार की आवाज़ और गोवन धुन मज़ा ला देती है। -यूनुस

Song is mildly amusing but the music video is disgusting. Aside: has there been a more massive waste of talent on a big screen? -Arun

Singer sounds vaguely Raahat-esque in places -Sanjeev

Love the use of the accordion, guitar, and the banjo. Makes you want to listen to this song on repeat and reminds you of flamenco dancers. A listener's delight all in all! -Sowmya

Nice peppy music, interesting vocals -Ketan

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माही वे  (हाइवे)
maahii ve (Highway)

Tags: light, peppy, refreshing, road-trip, soft rock, wistful

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

Reminiscent of a song from "Jaane tu...ya jaane na". -Sunil

AR Rahman singing punjabi words is like having sarson da saag dipped in sambar -Ketan

This refreshing melody dipped in Rahman’s heavenly voice is a pure magic. One of my most looped songs this year. Also, a perfect song for road-trip. -Mihir M

OK, so I like ARR's singing *marginally* better than in other songs, but I'm pretty sure pitch correction is helping him and it still sounds lazy in spots ...Background/instrumentation/backup vocals are pleasant. Why not someone like Kay Kay for a song like this? -Sanjeev

Lovely tune from Rahman and he does OK in singing department too. -Arun

Very unmelodic; ARR has lost his way here. -Zafar

Rehman sounds very vibrant and has rendered beautifully. Fabulous arrangement with some good percussions and 'lup dup' heartbeat patterns. -Sowmya

What do the lyrics even mean? Find both the 'Stream of Consciousness' lyrics and ARR's atrocious diction problematic. -Vibhendu

ठेठ रहमान गीत। अफ़सोस बोल गायकी और संगीत में डूब जाते हैं। -यूनुस

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शीशे का समन्दर  (द एक्सपोज़े)
shiishe kaa samandar (The Xpose)

Tags: classical, contemplative, ghazal, light, sad, sad song

हिमेश रेशमिया
Himesh Reshammiya

समीर अंजान
Sameer Anjaan

अंकित तिवारी
Ankit Tiwari

Strictly average track by Ankit Tiwari. Has a heard-before feeling. Sameer’s lyrics are decent talking about consequences of entering into glitzy illusionary world. -Mihir M

Will always have a soft corner when guitars are used heavily -Pranav

Finally an old fashioned, structurally coherent song -Vibhendu

The tune is good, the lyrics decent, but the singing is not good -Ketan

Lovely lyrics and there is something very earthy about this song that makes it haunting. -Sowmya

Lovely lyrics, singing. Music is surprisingly nice. -Bharathi

सिर्फ अंकुर की गायकी के लिए सुनने लायक़ गीत। -यूनुस

Tune and singing style sounds dated and cliched but decent lyrics -Arun

A 3 just for the mukhra. -Zafar

Yaman Kalyan base, but seems lifted off something...what's with the raw throaty feel on every other word? Still, not unpleasant to listen to. -Sanjeev

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नैना अश्क न हो  (होलीडे)
nainaa ashk na ho (Holiday)

Tags: folk, light, melancholic, philosophical, sad, sentimental, situational, soft rock, soulful, sufi


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Interesting arrangement, however, the song fails to connect. -Hemendra

Unbelievable - Arijit Singh is just racking them up (though he sounds vaguely like Udit Narayan here). Refrain and simple instrumentation is haunting, lyrics enable guessing the situation without seeing the video...this song got to me a little bit. -Sanjeev

Brilliant singing by Arijit. Brilliant lyrics to go along with the strings -Sowmya

This is the kind of song that once it enters your mind you can't stop humming it, although it is not particularly a great song. -Ketan

Like a slow, winter rain. -Zafar

That man Arijit singh again! Dr. Kamil "Main na lauta aane waale saal jo
Meri wardi bole mera haal toh"

Must say that I find Pritam's output much more enjoyable than the other new-age 'deconstructed cuisine' fare. A song which still sounds like one, coherent, built around the central guitar(?) helix. -Vibhendu

अरिजीत सिंह के बेहतरीन गानों में से एक -यूनुस

Frankly, found the song boring. -Pranav

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ख़ुदा ना ख़ास्ता  (वन बाइ टू)
Khudaa naa Khaastaa (One By Two)

Tags: dance, existential, fusion, introspective, light, melancholy, philosophical, raag-based, rock, sentimental, sufi


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

यह गीत बताता है कि अरिजित कल को गाना गाने अंटार्कटिका भी चले जायें तो लोग उन्हें सुन लेंगे। हमारे यहाँ श्रोता जब किसी को सर पर बिठाते हैं तो ऐसे ही। -मिहिर पं.

Run of the mill. -Zafar

Nice singing, but music is okayish -Ketan

Score one more for Arijit Singh parade..and to add salt to overdose this song offers him nothing interesting to show off his vocal chords :-) SEL disappoint massively! Amitabh Bhattacharya brings a minor rescue with lyrics! -Arun

One of the less-publicized songs of the year which IMO is a fantastic number. This raga-based composition is SEL’s forte and this time they bring Arijit to croon it (instead of Shankar Mahadevan). I’d count this among Arijit’s top renditions. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics support the melancholic mood of the song very well. ‘कही ना-गवारा मोड़ कोई मुड जाये ना’ #win. -Mihir M

Conspicuous Mishra Kirwani base (mukhda borrows phrase from a well-known gat); Though Arijit Singh credited again, I'm pretty sure sargams before 2nd verse are by Shankar Mahadevan. "Takleef me.N mazaa hai?" -Sanjeev

Standard Arijit -Hemendra

The dexterity with which Arijit sings is remarkable. The song is rendered magical because of the vocals. The arrangement is ok. -Sowmya

Well - 4 just because I love the use of guitars which is my soft spot -Pranav

अरिजीत सिंह अरिजीत सिंह। अरिजीत सिंह -यूनुस

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बोल बेलिया  (किल दिल)
bol beliyaa (Kill Dil)

Tags: anxious, dance, folk rock, fusion, rock, romantic, sufi



शंकर महादेवन, सिद्धार्थ महादेवन, सुनिधि चौहान
Shankar Mahadevan, Siddharth Mahadevan, Sunidhi Chauhan

Very very cool -Bharathi

Good attempt to make the song catchy, and it works, but barely -Pranav

Gulzar at it again:
Sadiyan taap koyi ab ghar aaya hai
Ankhiyan sooj gayi hain jee bhar aaya hai

Sounds like an eighties song pulled into the current century. Nice electrifying percussion and renditions by sunidhi and Siddharth, -Sowmya

Strictly average composition by SEL-Gulzar standards. Beginning of the track reminds you of Khuda Gawah title song. Siddharth and Sunidhi have rendered it quite well with required energy. -Mihir M

Strained cliched. -Zafar

Energetic singing -Parul

Love the energy of the song. I admit to liking the song for Sunidhi's singing and Govinda's dance -Ketan

Energetic vocals by Siddarth and Sunidhi. Lilting melody set to a rocking rhythm, -Sunil

Pretty typical S-E-L (mashup of couple of their old songs, largely the "Rock 'n Roll Soniye" template), voices involved nicely facilitate singing in the same register (high male voices, lower female voice). Shankar M. sounds different, my first listen to Siddharth M., sounds good...but more irritating auto-tune!! And more Punjabi -Sanjeev

इस गीत का प्रभाव कुछ ऐसा है जैसे बीन बजाकर भोले साँप को जाल में फंसने को बुलाया जा रहा हो। अौर गोविन्दा परदे पर चालाक संपेरे को जैसे ज़िन्दा कर देते हैं। गुलज़ार यहाँ बड़े समय बाद अाए, पूरी फॉर्म में। 'सदियाँ टाप के कोई' प्रयोग के साथ महफ़िल लूट लेते हैं। -मिहिर पं.

One of the weakest in the album. -Meera

Love all the fast paced songs of Kill Dill! They remind me of Pancham;s music so much -Hemendra

औसत गीत -यूनुस

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तेरी गलियाँ  (एक विलेन)
terii galiyaa.N (Ek Villain)

Tags: bhatt-template, light, love songs, melancholic, romantic, sad, soft romantic, villainous

अंकित तिवारी
Ankit Tiwari

मनोज मुंतशिर
Manoj Muntashir

अंकित तिवारी
Ankit Tiwari

The sombre mood of the song has repetitive value. -Parul

Ankit tiwari has produced another pop anthem…Jai ho! -Arun

The arrangement is nice and I like the use of the guitar in the beginning that sets the stage and also in the end with the flute and guitar dancing together. Nice rhythmic pattern changes that create a lovely mood. The flute and violin pieces are quite nice. Ankit does a good job of singing but there is some auto-tuning used that leaves distaste. -Sowmya

Bhatt Template track. Ankit Tiwari’s (auto-tuned?) singing is monotonous. Like his Aashiqui-2 track Sun raha hai na tu, the guitar-based arrangement is what makes the song somewhat interesting. The flute interlude is likable. -Mihir M

Has chartbuster written all over it! Immensely popular but I feel that there's nothing really new to this song. Good, not great! -Hemendra

The music sounds derived. Love the lyrics -Bharathi

बेहतरीन गीत। इस साल के अच्छे गीतों में से एक। अंकित की आवाज़ में एक जुनून सा है। -यूनुस

Was this the official entry for the wailing and screaming episode on Indian Idol? -Ketan

I am so done with these draggy auto-tuned voices. I remember saying this last year, will say again - IMHO Ankit needs to stick to composing ONLY! -Meera

Weird (irritating) vocal effects, auto-tune - some nice flute and violin work in the 2nd interlude -Sanjeev

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ओ पाकीज़ा रे  (उँगली)
o paakiizaa re (Ungli)

Tags: easy listening, guitar, light, love song, melody, peppy, rock, romantic, soft, soothing, upbeat

गुलराज सिंह
Gulraj Singh

मनोज यादव
Manoj Yadav

गुलराज सिंह
Gulraj Singh

Feel good! -Meera

गीत बुरा नहीं है। लेकिन नया कुछ नहीं है। -मिहिर पं.

Lovely singing and music arrangement -Arun

Foot-tapping tune and lyrics. Nice use of the acoustic guitar weaving itself throughout the song. -Sowmya

Bahot hi pyaara aur meetha geet. Gulraj Singh’s soft voice goes well with the mood of the song led by acoustic guitar. A good track. -Mihir M

Nice guitars and flutes; refrain is catchy, but vocals are lacking a little oomph. -Sanjeev

Nice guitar strumming, but the song is overall ho hum -Ketan

Doesn't Gulraj Singh sound a little like ARR in this song? -Zafar

मनोज यादव के बोल अच्‍छे हैं। गुलराज ने खूब डूबकर गाया है। गाना हैरत में डालने के लिए मायने रखता है। -यूनुस

Gulraj Singh is talented musician from the SEL camp and is someone to watch in the future -Sunil

Nice. Catchy -Pranav

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दर-ब-दर  (सिटीलाइट्स)
dar-ba-dar (Citylights)

Tags: brooding, haunting, light, melancholic, old style, sad, search & rescue category, slow, viraah

जीत गांगुली
Jeet Ganguli

रश्मि सिंह
Rashmi Singh

नीति मोहन
Neeti Mohan

Citylights was a superlative album. Love almost all the songs from it. I would have picked the two Arijit solos from it, though. That being said - it’s still a very good song. The music has an anxious feel to it. Good singing by Neeti! -Hemendra

Some slightly old-style influences here? Not crazy about "Kaaaaahaan"/"Jaaaahaan" for "Kahaan"/"Jahaan", but like the voice -Sanjeev

Gets monotonous pretty quickly. -Zafar

Cliched in every aspect -Arun

Refreshing -Parul

Bland. Didn't work for me at all. -Mihir M

It's a lovely composition with a very offbeat melody. -Pranav

The song doesn't evince any gasps of "Ooos" or "Ahhs". Neeti sounds ok with falsettos in the upper octaves that sound a bit too shrill. -Sowmya

औसत गीतकारी। बेहतरीन गायकी। -यूनुस

Song opens well, with catchy music. Once again the falsetto is not executed well and spoils a good song -Ketan

Love Neeti Mohan's singing . Reminds me of Chitra. -Bharathi

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उलझी सी बातें ... जैसे मेरा तू  (हैप्पी एंडिंग)
ulajhii sii baate.n ... jaise meraa tuu (Happy Ending)

Tags: breezy, light, love ballad, love songs, melody, peppy, romantic, soft rock, upbeat


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह, प्रिया सरैया
Arijit Singh, Priya Saraiya

Arijit scores yet again! Astoundingly sung! Terrific use of percussions. -Sowmya

Feels derived, SFO looks pretty -Bharathi

औसत गीत। -यूनुस

One amongst the crowd -Parul

I like the bagpipe like effect produced in the music that plays behind the words and Arijit Singh's breezy carefree singing. Don’t care much for the whispering singing of the female counterpart -Ketan

An immensely likable melody composed in a soft-rock style upheld by Arijit’s sprightly rendition. Extra credit for the lovely use of Harmonium. -Mihir M

Good energy, nice female vocals in lower octave if a little too airy; ANOTHER Arijit Singh song? What is his market share? -Sanjeev

This is what meethi boliyaan was for me in 2013. The love ballad. -Meera

Arjit's attempt to "infuse" emotions tarnishes an otherwise very good song. -Zafar

Nice song but will be forgotten before one can say "tum hi ho" -Pranav

More from Arijit singh parade -Arun

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शायराना हुई  (दावत-ए-इश्क़)
shaayaraanaa huii (Daawat-e-Ishq)

Tags: breezy, easy listening, energtic, energy, joyous, light rock, lively, love songs, playful, romantic, soft romantic, upbeat


कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

शालमली खोलगड़े
Shalmali Kholgade

Quite boring. -Zafar

I want to know why so much nasal was added to this song. It’s only taken away from the melody. -Meera

My usual complaint is that I can't find any "native Indian" elements in a song - in this case, however, despite the very overt "Western Pop" stylizing, I'm really enjoying the song! Energetic vocals, and I like the groove too... -Sanjeev

Good music, lyrics, spoilt by a voice that sounds very artificial -Ketan

There's a nice peppy feel to this song even though sounds like a twist to a Taylor swift song. What's with her accent though? -Sowmya

Shalmali Kholgade is my favorite upcoming female singer these days..there I said it! Sajid-Wajid show little creativity with the composition though. -Arun

A lively fell-in-love track on the lines of Habib Faisal’s last outing- Ishaqzade’s ‘Pareshaan'. Sung by Shalmali Kholgade with similar energy. But the track fails to match up to its predecessor. -Mihir M

Swing beats, distortion guitars, aptly supported by strings and acoustic guitars coming in as well. What else can one ask for? -Pranav

Shalmali's style of singing adds some oomph to an otherwise run of the mill songs -Hemendra

ठीक-ठाक गीत। -यूनुस

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जिया  (गुंडे)
jiyaa (Gunday)

Tags: ballad, dark, haunting, haunting , intense, light, love songs, rock, romantic, soft

सोहेल सेन
Sohail Sen

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

सिर्फ अरिजीत सिंह की वजह से सुना जा सकता है। -यूनुस

Lovely opening music. Interesting vocals once again by Arijit Singh -Ketan

Good lyrics by Dr. Kamil - wish Arijit didn't sound lazy! -Arun

One of those songs which doesnt sound like just another Arijit song. -Meera

Arijit's range is remarkable and well presented in this song. Also, this doesn't remind you of the clichéd Arijit song and exposes some of his latent talent in adding a classical touch to his songs. -Sowmya

Flat, boring singing - but I guess that's what was intended (passes for stylish) -Sanjeev

A gorgeously haunting track that works mainly due to the man behind the microphone - Mr. Arijit Singh. -Mihir M

Nice little "Arabian" touches makes this a standout song. -Zafar

Too morose. -Hemendra

Hummable song -Parul

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तूने मारी एन्ट्रियाँ  (गुंडे)
tuune maarii enTriyaa.N (Gunday)

Tags: catchy, dance, dhinchak, earworm, fun, fun and frolic, light, love songs, party song, romantic, rowdy

सोहेल सेन
Sohail Sen

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

केके, नीति मोहन, विशाल दादलानी, बप्पी लाहिरी
KK, Neeti Mohan, Vishal Dadlani, Bappi Lahiri

humne maari seetiyan! Whisle-worthy indeed …. no more, no less! -Arun

This year's "Saa.Dii Ke Fall Sa"? Lyrics are moderately clever, not quite as catchy but well-executed anyway. -Sanjeev

One of the most energetic numbers. The trio of KK, Vishal Dadlani and Neeti bring the house down. Irshad Kamil shows his versatility by writing such fun number with equal ease. “दिल की न मरम्मतें हो, ना कोई Warranty-aan रे”. Super stuff. -Mihir M

Points for being the ear worm of the year! -Meera

Catchy and good for a dance party -Ketan

Too noisy as far as I'm concerned. -Zafar

Sohail takes an ordinary item number and rasies it a few notches with his music. It's a pit we don’t hear more of him -Sunil

Nice entertaining number but a number nevertheless. Boppi da does a good job with the bong flavor. -Sowmya

अच्छी पैकेजिंग है। गायकी अच्छी है। सबसे मजेदार बात ये कि सूहा-साहा वाले इरशाद घंटियां जैसा चलताऊ गीत भी लिख लेते हैं। -यूनुस

यह सामान्य गीत इरशाद के हिम्मती प्रयोगों की वजह से ख़ास बनता है। -मिहिर पं.

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इश्क़ बुलावा  (हँसी तो फँसी)
ishq bulaawaa (Hasee Toh Phasee)

Tags: burman-esque, light, love songs, melody, punjabi, retro, romantic, slow, soft rock



सनम पुरी, शिप्रा गोयल
Sanam Puri, Shipra Goyal

Sanam Puri brings certain amount of calmness to this romantic track which is very much in ‘Vishal-Shekhar’ zone. Punjabi lyrics get annoying after a while. But overall the song works due to its inherent melody. -Mihir M

अच्‍छा गीत। बढिया गायकी। कुमार ने बड़े नाजुक बोल लिखे हैं। शुरूआती कोरस बहुत बढिया है। -यूनुस

Didn't gel. -Zafar

A pleasant listen, old-style feel, "Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai" crossed with "Phoolon Ke Rang Se" - interesting male voice (with those omnipresent vocal effects), tune meanders a bit? -Sanjeev

New fresh voice in Sanam Puri. Now for him to sing more and different types of songs. -Meera

Beautiful arrangement and a cute romantic number with a flavorful use of the harmonium, guitar, and piano. -Sowmya

The music is nice but the singing is jarring -Ketan

Sounds nice but is a very generic romantic number - wish they had brought a more unique punjabi flavor with the lyrics. -Arun

Another winner from Vishal Shekhar. Sanam Puri is quite talented. He has a powerful voice which can also be modulated by him into a softer tone effectively. One can see this from his many self produced music videos online. Shipra Goyal also does a good job rendring this extremely hummable song. -Sunil

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आ रात भर  (हीरोपंती)
aa raat bhar (Heropanti)

Tags: club, dance, edm, light, party, party song, peppy, pop, romantic, techno


कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

अरिजित सिंह, श्रेया घोषाल
Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal

Nice but sounds derived. -Bharathi

Rehash of Sajid-Wajid's past melody 'Mukhtasar..mulaqat ho'. The song pales in comparison to other party/EDM based tracks. Arijit & Shreya try to infuse some life into this lackluster number. -Mihir M

As long as Sajid/ Wajid are ripping off their own melodies for more melody, I’m okay ;) -Meera

OMG - more flat boring singing that is supposed to pass for stylish? I guess if you're going to play this at a club the vocals don't matter anyway...and predictably, Arijit Singh again...Tune reminds me of "With or Without You" - lift/inspiration or coincidence...And Shreya at her syrupy best...What's with the weird "bhaRRRRR!!!!!"? -Sanjeev

मामूली सा गीत। -यूनुस

Standard fare. Meh! -Hemendra

80 style song. -Zafar

Feet tapping. Great use of beats. Arijit wins again with his voice and delivery. Shreya adds her honey effect as well. A passable dance song overall. -Sowmya

I am amazed at Arijit Singh's sheer range in how he manages to have different voices for different types of songs. Ultimately though this song is just another peppy tune that doesn't move the soul despite being catchy -Ketan

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ऐसा वैसा ... मालूम  (लेकर हम दीवाना दिल)
aisaa waisaa ... maaloom (Lekar Hum Deewana Dil)

Tags: country, energetic, fresh, harmonious, melodious, rock, romantic, travel songs, upbeat, waltzy, youthful

ए आर रहमान
A R Rahman

अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

जोनिता गाँधी, हृदय गट्टानी, नकश अज़ीज़
Jonita Gandhi, Hriday Gattani, Nakash Aziz

Breeezy composition by ARRahman. Good singing by Hriday Ghatani and Jonita Gandhi -Sunil

Youthful, energetic, and melodious track by Rahman. Both the voices sound extremely fresh. Jonita’s entry to the song adds an extra zing to it. She seems effortless while taking harkat-s. -Mihir M

The song really takes off when Jonita makes her entry. Love her raspy voice. The guitar pieces are quite intriguing. -Sowmya

Very nice melody but for most parts it sounds like ad jingle due to arrangement. -Pranav

Jonita ruins what could have been a good song -Ketan

ye kya tha -Bharathi

Amitabh has been doing a great job of putting words to modern/urban young love! -Arun

Everything is ordinary about it. -Zafar

Bouncy and energetic but too many weird effects on the male vocals - female vocals take the song to another level. -Sanjeev

मामूली लगा। -यूनुस

कई बार लगता है कि रहमान का संगीत ब्यौरों का संगीत है। -मिहिर पं.

Standard fare. Good not great -Hemendra

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मन्नत (रिप्राइज़)  (दावत-ए-इश्क़)
mannat (Reprise) (Daawat-e-Ishq)

Tags: duet, light, love songs, playful, qawwali, romantic, sufi


कौसर मुनीर
Kausar Munir

सोनू निगम, श्रेया घोषाल
Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal

That sounds like Sonu - oh wait, it is! Still very much in form. The "mukhda" is rather long, where's the verse? Oh wait, there isn't any -Sanjeev

The music arrangement is nice with the Arabic touch but easily forgettable with some passable singing. Doesn't really bring out the romanticism that this song was probably trying to achieve. -Sowmya

A hummable melody from Sajid-Wajid. -Sunil

श्रेया-सोनू की मीठी आवाज़ें। अच्छे बोल। पहला अंतरा ज्यादा अच्छा लगा। -यूनुस

A song still stuck in the 90’s. -Meera

बड़ा 90s क़िस्म का गीत है। -मिहिर पं.

All very cool -Bharathi

Blah - Shreya needs to reinvent herself - not that she isn't good but she is sounding same in all songs. The middle holi portions do bring some respite! -Arun

Like Sonu's voice, do not like Shreya's. The full song is much better than this short reprise version -Ketan

Neither here nor there. -Zafar

Extra points for Sonu :) -Hemendra

Very dated composition. Even the combination of Sonu and Shreya fails to lift up the track. -Mihir M

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बेबी डॉल  (रागिनी एमएमएस 2)
Baby Doll (Ragini MMS 2)

Tags: catchy, club, club song, dance, folk, item number, item song, rap, rap fusion, spunky, techno

मीत ब्रदर्स अंजन
Meet Bros Anjjan

हरिडॉस श्रीनिवासन
Haridoss Sreenivasan

कनिका कपूर, मीत ब्रदर्स अंजन, कुणाल अवंति
Kanika Kapoor, Meet Bros Anjjan, Kunal Avanti

Catchy tune. -Zafar

Meet Bros Anjjan’s claim to fame. Immensely catchy tune with a folkish touch. Kanika’s spunky vocals. Plus much better lyrics for an item number. Even a bit of philosophy thrown in the form of ‘Ye duniyaa pittal di, baby doll main sone di’ —‘The world is an illusion, just believe in yourself’. Kumaar comes up with interesting wordplay हिरनी वरगी चाल मेरी और नागिन वर्गिया गुत्था (black hair). Those constant ‘Aaahh..’s could have been avoided. -Mihir M

Well rendered by Kanika. Song is catchy and commercial, hence the mass appeal. -Sowmya

I prefer the music in the other kinds of movies that Sunny Leone does -Ketan

Very nice! Haven't heard of him before. -Arun

कुमार ने ऐसे गाने में भी अपनी कारीगरी दिखायी है। कनिका की गायकी बढिया है। -यूनुस

Female vocals vaguely remind me of Alka Yagnik, but replace syrupy sweet with obnoxiously edgy. -Sanjeev

Hit song but lacks soul -Parul

Points for the overall package. average singing otherwise. -Meera

सतह पर यह अद्वैतवादी दर्शन में पगा गीत लगता है। लेकिन गहरे उतरें तो जानेंगे कि यह संसार से गहरे प्रेम का गीत है। अाचार्य द्विवेदी के उपन्यास 'बाणभट्ट की अात्मकथा' में अघोरभैरव बाणभट्ट से कहते हैं, "त्रिभुवनमोहिनी ने जिस रूप में तुझे मोह लिया है, उसी रूप की पूजा कर। वही तेरा देवता है।" -मिहिर पं.

Clearly the Club favorites this yr. Very catchy tune. Good to jive to! -Hemendra

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धारावी रैप  (भूतनाथ रिटर्न्स)
dhaaraavii raip (Bhoothnath Returns)

Tags: chaalu, gangsta, mumbaiya, rap, scary, weird

राम संपत
Ram Sampath

नितेश तिवारी
Nitesh Tiwari

पार्थ एस भालेराव, अनीष
Parth S Bhalerao, Anish

Cute but still trash -Ketan

Ugh! Don't know how this song made it to the list. Forgettable. -Hemendra

I'd give an extra point or two for the genre (enough romantic and dance numbers already!) but sooner or later one needs to understand that rap is not just "speaking lines (instead of singing) that rhyme". What's the reason for that middle-eastern piece in this song? -Pranav

Tongue in cheek awesomeness. -Bharathi

Pretty tap tapping and a good effort by the kid at rapping. The lyrics are fun and playful and in tune with the overall song. The arrangement is also pretty well done. -Sowmya

An off beat song with some refreshing lyrics. -Zafar

Clever lyrics, kinda sinister-sounding (though maybe the Dharavi thing has me a little spooked) -Sanjeev

Interesting lyrics referencing bollywood -Arun

मामूली गाना -यूनुस

Situational song. Some wacky lyrics in Mumbaiya slang that go well with the character in the film. -Mihir M

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मिल जाओ तुम ... अर्ज़ियाँ अर्ज़ियाँ  (जिगरिया)
mil jaao tum ... arziyaa.N arziyaa.N (Jigariyaa)

Tags: light, longing, love songs, romantic, soft, sufi


फ़राज़ अहमद
Faraaz Ahmad

विक्रांत भारतीय, ऐश्वर्या मजमूदार
Vikrant Bhartiya, Aishwarya Majmudar

Male voice a little thin on top? Nice though, but for those annoying effects -Sanjeev

Run of the mill. -Zafar

Catchy and refreshing, Vikrant sounds very promising and has some lovely raw tones in his voice. Overall a cute romantic song that makes you linger for a replay. -Sowmya

औसत गीत। -यूनुस

Pretty standard fare. -Hemendra

Promising duo on the scene- Agnel Roman and Faizan Hussain. Looking forward to their future work. -Sunil

Forgettable tune. -Mihir M

Too generic - nothing stands out. -Arun

The song is catchy initially but after a while the repetition of the arziyaa.N phrase gets boring -Ketan

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दिल की माँगें ... मेहरबाँ हुआ  (बैंग बैंग)
dil kii maa.Nge.n ... meharabaa.N huaa (Bang Bang)

Tags: breezy, dance, easy listening, happy, light, melody, romantic


अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

ऐश किंग, शिल्पा राव, शेखर रावजियानी
Ash King, Shilpa Rao, Shekhar Ravjiani

Catchy hook. I had a deju vu feeling while listening to this. Lovely second interlude and good use of chorus after it. -Sunil

Song could have been better had Shilpa Rao not been singing in a falsetto voice. -Ketan

ठीक-ठाक गीत। -यूनुस

Sounded like an unfinished product. -Zafar

The track which is soothing and soaked in melody. Despite the obvious attempt to recreate their earlier hit Khuda Jaane, the song stands on its own and works wonderfully. Shilpa Rao proves yet again why is she one of the most talented artists we've got. Shekhar's part during the first interlude 'Dua rang rangiya rang...' seems very abrupt. Otherwise, a fabulous track. -Mihir M

The hook is good, otherwise the song feels too artificial. -Hemendra

It's a song…from a movie…which will be forgotten in few months. -Pranav

I’m not a fan of falsettos. -Meera

Very pleasant, but very "background" feel too...not sure how much of an impression outside the film it's making -Sanjeev

One amongst the crowd -Parul

Sounds very derived . -Bharathi

Minimal orchestration in places sounds nice! -Arun

A typical romantic and boring song. I usually like Shilpa Rao but she sounds awful in this song. Awfully pedantic overall. -Sowmya

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तेरी आँखें ... बैंग बैंग  (बैंग बैंग)
terii aa.Nkhe.n ... bai.ng bai.ng (Bang Bang)

Tags: breezy, dance, disco, fresh, groovy, just dance mumbai, party, peppy pop title song, pop, techno


विशाल दादलानी
Vishal Dadlani

बेनी दयाल, नीति मोहन
Benny Dayal, Neeti Mohan

This song is what it is for the programming. And video, ofcourse :) -Meera

Catchy, though struggling with the "Indian" elements here - "Jaane Kyu!!!!!N" reminds me of "I've got the Mo!o!o!o!ves like Jagger" (thank you Just Dance 4) -Sanjeev

Very catchy track. Good arrangement. Made me want to sway along with it. I am sure it sounded good on film given the theme. -Sunil

Again, it's become popular and kids will be using it for the dance track, but easliy forgotten in a few months -Pranav

समन्दर पर सर्फ़िंग करते हुए गाया जाने वाला गीत है। मुझे सिर्फ़ नेट सर्फिंग का अनुभव है। -मिहिर पं.

Another song that will be an addition to the dance party list but nothing spectacular in terms of music, singing, or lyrics. Heavily auto tuned. -Sowmya

बहुत ही साधारण गीत। -यूनुस

Dance video rocks -Bharathi

Nice tune, but other than that doesn't have much going for it. It sounds like a throwback to a 70s disco song -Ketan

Cookie cutter song. Nothing much out of ordinary. Good food tapping rhythm. -Hemendra

Groovy baseline, disco sound and vibrant singing by Benny & Neeti make for an engaging listen. -Mihir M

Too noisy. -Zafar

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तौबा मैं व्याह करके  (शादी के साइड इफ़ेक्ट्स)
taubaa mai.n vyaah karake (Shaadi Ke Side Effects)

Tags: bhangra, catchy, dance, folk, funny, mixture, punjabi, rap, upbeat


मयूर पुरी
Mayur Puri

शाहिद माल्या, पूर्वी कौतिश, आलम लोहार
Shahid Mallya, Poorvi Koutish, Alam Lohar

Blah -Arun

Tries to rehash the naadaswaram in Bhangra from Ayesha' 'gal mitthi' a few years ago. -Vibhendu

Ace programming!! -Meera

Pyaar ke side effects' was better. In every which way. -मिहिर पं.

Loved the fusion of folk/rock/hip hop - hats off! -Pranav

Cacophonous -Mihir M

Lyrics are funny for sure, but why is this nominated for best songs... -Sanjeev

Sounds like someone had a runny bowel movement -Ketan

Peppy but barely passable. -Sowmya

मामूली गीत। -यूनुस

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