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Highlights of the 9th RMIM Puraskaar

Some statistics

If one has to pick one word to define the predominant HFM sound in 2014, one should ask for two. The repeating refrains of the year were 'Punjabi' and 'Arijit Singh'. Interestingly, they didn't cross each other's path very often.

While among singers, the year belonged overwhelmingly to Arijit, Gulzar dominated the lyrics scene in an year that saw some promising young talents such as Varun Grover and Gaurav Solanki making their marks. Irshad Kamil continued to evoke fresh images. Rahman topped the composition charts with his very successful Highway closely followed by Vishal Bhardwaj, who for a change had two winners - Haider and Dedh Ishqiya - this year. Amit Trivedi was not as omni-present as past couple of years, although he had a solid Queen that won hearts.

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Here's a cloud of tags used by our jury to describe the songs:

Tag Cloud 2014

Thanks to folks who nominated their favorite songs and made the exercise possible. Special thanks to the sixteen jury members for their time and effort.

The jury ratings, their comments and other details can be seen on the results links. Please join the discussion by offering your opinion or ratings of the songs in the comments area. To be clear, the classics by Kabir and Faiz that were used for songs in Highway and Haider were not considered for lyrics ratings.

Results are available both in Hindi and English.

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