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Highlights of the 8th RMIM Puraskaar

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The sound of the year was predominantly Electronica/EDM/Dubstep influenced. Experiments and fusion continued, mixing folk with rock and Hindi/Urdu with not merely English but Punjabi, Haryanavi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, and even French. One could also notice a growing tendency of music artists to try various roles. More and more music directors and lyricists were seen singing. In fact, Amit Trivedi is our artist of the year for two categories - Music Director and Male Singer.

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Finally, thanks to everyone who nominated their favorite songs or helped spread the word. Our 18 volunteer jury members deserve special thanks for their time and being patient to my repeated enquiries and reminders.

The detailed results are just a link away. Note the ratings, read jury members' comments, and continue the discussion by offering your opinion of the songs (or of jury's ratings and comments).

Results are available both in Hindi and English.

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