RMIM Puraskaar 2007  

शीर्ष एल्बम

एल्बम संगीतकार गीतकार
तारे ज़मीन पर शंकर-एहसान-लॉय, शैलेन्द्र बर्वे(1) प्रसून जोशी, अमोल गुप्ते(1)
सावरिया मोंटी, संजय लीला भंसाली(1) समीर, नुसरत बद्र(1), संदीप नाथ(1)
गुरू ए आर रहमान गुलज़ार
खोया खोया चाँद शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे
ओम शांति ओम विशाल-शेखर जावेद अख़्तर, विशाल दादलानी(1)
वाटर ए आर रहमान सुखविंदर सिंह
नो स्मोकिंग विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार
हनीमून ट्रैवल्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड विशाल-शेखर जावेद अख़्तर
आजा नचले सलीम-सुलेमान पीयूष मिश्रा, जयदीप साहनी
लाइफ़ इन ए मेट्रो प्रीतम सईद क़ादरी, अमिताभ वर्मा

अन्य उल्लेखनीय फ़िल्में: जब वी मेट, द ब्ल्यू अम्ब्रेला, चक दे इंडिया, झूम बराबर झूम, अनवर 

2007 पुरस्कार मुखपृष्ठ पर वापस

शीर्ष गीत

एल्बम गीत गायक संगीतकार गीतकार ज्यूरी की टिप्पणियाँ
तारे ज़मीन पर माँ शंकर महादेवन शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी

This song really brings tears to the eye. The lyrics are simple yet touching! Everyone can relate to them. -Aditya

A wonderful example of intimate micing (popularized in recent times by शांतनु मोइत्रा!). Very touching words. -Chetan

'par a.Ndhere se Darataa huu.N mai.n maa.N' - How can anybody not be moved by these words? -Karthik

A child's emotional insecurities superbly depicted by Prasoon. -Manish

तारे ज़मीन पर तारे ज़मीं पर शंकर महादेवन, डोमिनिक, सेरेजो, विविएन पोचा शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी

The lyrics are extremely evocative. They have गुलज़ार like abstractions, but still strikingly original. The chorus sections are heart warming. -Aditya

One of the most apt title songs in a film last year. -Karthik

Simple flowing, meaningful lyrics. -Manish

वाटर आयो रे सखी सुखविंदर सिंह, साधना सरगम ए आर रहमान सुखविंदर सिंह I feel strongly that it is one of the best album of the year. This particular song has more 'music' than some of the other songs in the album, but vocals are always at the forefront. It might seem monotonous in terms of the same line repeating endlessly, but the subtle variations get revealed everytime i listen to this song. Awesome! -Aditya
खोया खोया चाँद क्यूँ खोये खोये चाँद स्वानंद किरकरे, अजय झिंगरन शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे

Amazing lyrics - a clever tribute to Majaaz - the poet. -Aditya

The mukha.Daa for the track is one of the most refreshing things to come out of 2007. -George

झूम बराबर झूम धागे तोड़ ... बोल न हल्के हल्के राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान, महालक्ष्मी अय्यर शंकर-एहसान-लॉय गुलज़ार

Good packaging. Decent tune and singing. Nice progression and finishing. -Chetan

राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान gets a wonderful song to exercise his vocal chords. -George

As good as मिथुन's Tose naina laage. SEL dig amazingly into a raag that I could identify in Carnatic as 'Reetigowlai' - lovely work! -Karthik

I think I like Mahalaxmi's voice as much as SEL themselves do. -UVR

लाइफ़ इन ए मेट्रो इन दिनों सोहम प्रीतम सईद क़ादरी

Despite a small 'inspiration' from a pakistani song, प्रीतम has added a lot of his own touch to make this one of the best songs of 2007. The antaras are absolutely mindblowing. सोहम's singing is top notch, so are the lyrics. -Aditya

Great tune. Could be a case of over-arranging, but still carries through. Wonderful singing. Words are also good and fit the tune nicely. -Chetan

One of the best song of the year in all aspects. -Yunus

गुरू तेरे बिना बेस्वादी ए आर रहमान, चिन्मयी ए आर रहमान गुलज़ार

The 'dam daara' refrain is the highlight of this song. Add to that गुलज़ार's penchant for using unusual words like be-swadi. -Aditya

Love the tune. Singing could have been better. -Chetan

Rahman's second ace in गुरू - delightful music. -Karthik

'tere bina sonaa peetal, tere sang keekar peepal!' गुलज़ार at or near his best! :) -UVR

गुरू ऐ हैरत-ए-आशिक़ी हरिहरन, अलका याग्निक ए आर रहमान गुलज़ार

The best song of the album. हरिहरन sings very well, interspresing the song with interesting murkis every now and then. -Aditya

The lovely opening refrain and the break into festive guitar-backed dance make this song work; अलका याग्निक seems like a weak choice given हरिहरन's presence, but she passes muster; the accordion works wonderfully in the interludes. -George

Awesome combination of Rahman's resonant music, Harihran's vocals and गुलज़ार's words. -Karthik

A combo of Ghazal and Qawwali. Nice composition, amazing singing. -Yunus

नो स्मोकिंग जब भी सिगरेट अदनान सामी विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार

A jazzy number, the base guitar in the background and the brass pieces that punctuate the vocals are out of this world. Lyrics are top class - typically गुलज़ार and go well with the surreal nature of the film. -Aditya

Appropriate singing, though a bit overdone. Adnan is a lot better than his usual low-complexity stuff! -Chetan

तारे ज़मीन पर खोलो खोलो दरवाज़े रमन महादेवन शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी Another song with a Pink Floyd feel. The lyrics are top class, especially "baarish kaa ghar bhii paas hai" or "zindagii to hai bataashaa"?what ineterstingly abstract metaphors. -Aditya
नो स्मोकिंग कश लगा सुखविंदर सिंह, दलेर मेंहदी, विशाल भारद्वाज विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार

Composed almost like a qawaali, but the orchestration (especially the violin pieces in the interludes) is very different. The songs takes time to get used to but after a few listenings hooks you on hopelessly. What lovely lines - 'ye jahaan faanii hai, bulabulaa hai paanii hai' -Aditya

Good elements in the song. Starts a little weak but the "qawwali" type - yet original - setting picks up and gets quite groovy. Vishal's singing is blah. The other 2 rock. -Chetan

Vishal and गुलज़ार manage a coup yet again as they explore the dark, hypnotic world of the smoker where shards of light are drawn through curtains of smoke. -George

Lyrics that only गुलज़ार can conceive, handled incredibly by Vishal's music and the vocal trio carry it brilliantly. -Karthik

वाटर पिया हो साधना सरगम ए आर रहमान सुखविंदर सिंह

Beautiful composition that captures the longing for love. Minimal orchestration. -Aditya

Haunting melody. Good re-interpretation of classical. Liked the chorus refrain. -Chetan

वाटर नैना नीर बहाए साधना सरगम ए आर रहमान सुखविंदर सिंह A lament beautifully captured by साधना सरगम. Sounds like a simple melody, but the subtle variations are great. -Aditya
द ब्ल्यू अम्ब्रेला नीली आसमानी छतरी उपाज्ञा पांड्या विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार

Minimalist composition in terms of orchestration, the violin pieces have an operatic touch. -Aditya

Great singing considering they are kids! Good composing and arrangement. Liked the imagery. -Chetan

जब वी मेट आओगे जब तुम उस्ताद राशिद ख़ान संदेश शांडिल्य इरशाद कामिल

Although relegated to just one song on the soundtrack, संदेश शांडिल्य employed उस्ताद राशिद ख़ान's trained voice in a soft ballad that bathes in a fusion of styles and sounds, but unfortunately doesn't seem to exploit the classical stalwart as much as it should have (it seems reminiscent of a similar exercise in 'Kisna', the film that marked the first appearance of उस्ताद राशिद ख़ान on a Bollywood soundtrack) -George

Rashid Khan is a better singer than this, but it's still the best song from the film. -UVR

अनवर मौला मेरे मौला रूपकुमार राठौड़ मिथुन सईद क़ादरी

My favourite song in 2007. The sufiana feeling is so well captured by the tune and the azaan-like call of "ishq hai" in the backdrop, and the chant of "maula mere maula" in the foreground. I absolutely love the sarangi in the second interlude, which seamlessly blends into flute. -Aditya

मिथुन snags a coup with these meditative songs aided by some fine singing. -George

One of Roop Kumar Rathod's best in 2007. Incredibly beautiful imagination by मिथुन. -Karthik

सलाम-ए-इश्क़या रब्बा कैलाश खेर शंकर-एहसान-लॉय समीर Best song of the album. Great lyrics, and sung very well. -Aditya
द ब्ल्यू अम्ब्रेला मेरा टेसू यहीं खड़ा उपाज्ञा पांड्या, सहिति, अपर्णा, स्नेहा विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार

When it comes to "nonsense" children songs, there is no one who can match गुलज़ार. -Aditya

It would seem that the Vishal/गुलज़ार combination can do no wrong when it comes to songs for films for children. -George

हनीमून ट्रैवल्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड हल्के हल्के रंग छलके नीरज श्रीधर विशाल-शेखर जावेद अख़्तर Nice tune. Little over-arranged, but a good effort from the MDs. Good singing. -Chetan
झूम बराबर झूम झूम बराबर शंकर महादेवन शंकर-एहसान-लॉय गुलज़ार Very catchy (and hence popular). High energy track. Great packaging and singing. -Chetan
हनीमून ट्रैवल्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड सजना जी वारी वारी सुनिधि चौहान, शेखर रवजियानी विशाल-शेखर जावेद अख़्तर

Spunky singing from Sunidhi. Tune is decent and has come together well with the arrangement etc. Quite a rage. -Chetan

AWESOME singing by Sunidhi! -UVR

चक दे इंडिया मौला मेरे ले ले मेरी जान कृष्णा, सलीम मर्चेंट सलीम-सुलेमान जयदीप साहनी

Sounds dangerously close in tune and feel to 'laaka.D' from Omkaara. Otherwise an evocative song. -Aditya

All departments deliver. कृष्णा is a revealation although the "sufish" genre has become quite a fad these days. -Chetan

The lyrics get splendid treatment from सलीम-सुलेमान's arrangement and कृष्णा's impassioned vocals. -George

लाइफ़ इन ए मेट्रो अलविदा के के प्रीतम अमिताभ वर्मा

Great song, very rockish in composition, sung expertly by KK. The guitar work is amazing. -Aditya

प्रीतम at his best. -Karthik

ओम शांति ओम अजब सी के के विशाल-शेखर विशाल दादलानी Vishal and Shekar return to ballads with this gentle dulcet song that doesn't sound mawkish or drenched in romantic arrangements thanks to interludes that employ Naveen's flute, African-inspired chorus melodies and a lovingly mastered guitar. -George
एकलव्य: द रॉयल गार्ड चंदा रे हंसिका अय्यर शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे

Nice texture. Interesting new voice - slight tendency to overemote. Overall effect is good. -Chetan

The vocal channels S. D. Burman in the lyricless refrain and the percussion strongly echoes 'meghaa chhaaye' from Sharmilee. -George

For some reason, I LOVED this song! -UVR

अनवर तोसे नैन लागे क्षितिज, शिल्पा राव मिथुन सईद क़ादरी

Another brilliant song that takes one to the spiritual level. Borrows a line of tune from the maula mere maula but to great effect. -Aditya

Very atmospheric song. Kshitij alone might have earned a better score from me. -Chetan

मिथुन's best in 2007 - and just about beats any composer last year. -Karthik

तारे ज़मीन पर जमे रहो विशाल दादलानी शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी Very Pink Floydian in composition, the starting almost reminds me of 'Time' by Pink Floyd. The point where the songs changes its mood (yahaa.N alag andaaz hai.n) gives me goosebumps. -Aditya
तारे ज़मीन पर मेरा जहाँ अदनान सामी, ऑरिएल कार्डो, अनन्या वाडकर (सहायक आवाज़ें: सूरज, शैलेन्द्र बर्वे) (कोरस: ग्लीहाइव) शैलेन्द्र बर्वे अमोल गुप्ते Cute singing from the little girl (Suresh Wadkar's daughter). -Chetan
द ब्ल्यू अम्ब्रेला पर्बतों पे बर्फ़ाँ बर्फ़ाँ सुखविंदर सिंह विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार A good song, falls short of being a classic. The complex tune is rendered well by Sukhwinder, but गुलज़ार's poetry is the highpoint. -Aditya
गुरू बरसो रे श्रेया घोषाल, उदय मजुमदार ए आर रहमान गुलज़ार A complex tune negotiated well by श्रेया घोषाल. -Aditya
वाटर बंगरी मरोरी सुखविंदर सिंह ए आर रहमान सुखविंदर सिंह This is how a thumri should appear in films. Virtually no orchestration, only sukhwinder's voice shines through all the inctricacies of the composition. I personally feel zora-zori should have been replaced by jora-jori given the language of the song. -Aditya
गुरू मय्या मरयम टॉलर, चिन्मयी, कीर्ति ए आर रहमान गुलज़ार

The Arabic feel is well captured by the music. The singer is good, but her pronunciation makes गुलज़ार's lyrics difficult to follow. -Aditya

Quite the rage. Interesting middle-eastern touch blending into Indian folk. Singing could have been better. -Chetan

An interesting mix of Turkish music and Gujarati folk. -George

Outstanding song! The odd diction makes it that much more interesting :). -UVR

This is an underrated song. It's not just an item number. Beautiful lyrics and brilliant singing. -Yunus

सावरिया जब से तेरे नैना शान मोंटी समीर Pleasant composition. -Chetan
मनोरमा सिक्स फ़ीट अंडर तेरे सवालों के वो जवाब रूपकुमार राठौड़, महालक्ष्मी अय्यर जयेश गाँधी मनोज तापड़िया

Interesting composition, stretched the (male) singer a tad too much. -Chetan

Jayesh Gandhi dresses Manoj Tapadia's lyrics in an aurally soothing pop ballad mix complete with the passing dominant seventh, a major seventh and a diminished seventh; रूपकुमार राठौड़ and महालक्ष्मी अय्यर trade vocal finesse; the interludes are delicious. -George

Small film, big song. Impressive. -Yunus

ब्लैक फ़्राइडे बंदे इंडियन ओशन इंडियन ओशन पीयूष मिश्रा

Song fits perfectly with the theme of the film. Structured like a rock song with elements of Indian classical music well integrated. -Aditya

It's a pity that so much time (more than two years) passed since the soundtrack's release before the film hit the marquee; Indian Ocean's uniquely eclectic music blends jazz and Indian classical idioms (among other elements) to lend पीयूष मिश्रा's dark lyrics an ineluctable pitch black texture of sombre mood. -George

नो स्मोकिंग फूँक दे सुखविंदर सिंह विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार

The opening lines 'peele peele se jungle me.n?' are wonderful. Very surreal but so vividly visual. -Aditya

A slightly weak beginning. Picks up well later. -Chetan

जब वी मेट तुम से ही मोहित चौहान प्रीतम इरशाद कामिल

Liked the singing, decently composed song. -Chetan

This is one of the most beautifully written songs this year. Mohit's singing is great. -Yunus

सावरिया साँवरिया शैल हाडा मोंटी समीर

Nice composition, sung very well by शैल हाडा. -Aditya

Impressed with the new entrant singer. Should rate him higher but for some rough edges! -Chetan

The arrangements are pleasant for this catchy melody, शैल हाडा threatens to be a Kunal Ganjawala clone and the appearance of Bb as an accidental chord for colour in the a.ntaraas jars a bit. -George

नो स्मोकिंग ये ऐश ट्रे देव सेन गुप्ता विशाल भारद्वाज गुलज़ार

Starts of with operatic vocals, before the rich baritone of the singer takes over. The faint echoes in the song gives it an ominous feel. Lyrics are flat-out classic. -Aditya

Deva Sen Gupta's 'ash tray' is the quiet winner with a chorus (dhuaa.N dhuaa.N) that rises from the dark recesses of the song's ambience in what is probably the most compelling metaphor for smoke ever arranged in 2007. -George

खोया खोया चाँद ओ रे पाखी सोनू निगम शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे Starts with a beautiful piano piece before Sonu's soulful vocals take over. The rabindra sangeet influences work well for this song. But the highlight are Sonu's soulful vocals, probably his best ever. -Aditya
वाटर श्याम रंग भर दो ऋचा शर्मा, नक़ीब आलम, सुरजो भट्टाचार्य ए आर रहमान सुखविंदर सिंह

A Holi song that is adequate but pales in comparison with other songs in this album. Somehow, it feels very contemporary and lacks the period feel. -Aditya

Didn't quite capture the festive mood of Holi! Decent song nevertheless. -Chetan

खोया खोया चाँद चले आओ सैयाँ श्रेया घोषाल शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे Very well composed Thumri. Shreya really shines through, however she should have been a little careful about how she pronounces the word "paruu.N"?.she starts with "paruu.N" and later switches to "Pa.Duu.N". While the correct Hindi word is "Pa.Duu.N", in a thumri like this 'paruu.N" is more appropriate. -Aditya
खोया खोया चाँद ये निगाहें सोनू निगम, अंतरा चौधरी शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे

Nice retro song. Singing is good in spite of some rough edges. -Chetan

Like it, despite the 'jingle bell rock' inspiration. -UVR

खोया खोया चाँद सखी पिया प्रणव बिस्वास, श्रेया घोषाल शांतनु मोइत्रा स्वानंद किरकिरे

There's not much by way of lyrics, but this song is meant to be a classical bandish, rendered well by the singers, esp. Shreya. -Aditya

The composition does not come together as well as it should have. Singing is decent. -Chetan

चीनी कम चीनी कम है श्रेया घोषाल इलैयाराजा समीर

Illaiyaraja's music comes as a breath of fresh air. Though this version of his original song from Mouna Ragam is very 'electronic' it has the same charm. In typical Illaiyaraja fashion, while the mukhra is designed to be catchy, the antaras are extremely involved in their composition. Shreya as always adds that extra sweetness to this song that is ironically called "cheenii kam". The lyrics, however, are disappointing. -Aditya

The maestro reuses his old tunes, but casts them into a new electronic offering; the saxophone and the percussion add to the appeal of the melody of chiinii kam. -George

जब वी मेट मौजाँ ही मौजाँ मिका सिंह प्रीतम इरशाद कामिल High energy song. Delivers. -Chetan
गुरू जागे हैं चित्रा, ए आर रहमान ए आर रहमान गुलज़ार Very evocative lyrics. When Rahman starts singing, first in a whisper then at a very high pitch, the song gets lifted to a highly emotional level. -Aditya
तारे ज़मीन पर बम बम बोले शान, आमिर ख़ान शंकर-एहसान-लॉय प्रसून जोशी  
गुरू शौक़ है सौम्या राव ए आर रहमान गुलज़ार

A very 'western' song in structure, but the music never overshadows the singer or lyrics. -Aditya

Sounds like something else (?). Very soothing sound. Good composition. -Chetan

It's a pity this song got left out of the official soundtrack release. -George

लाइफ़ इन ए मेट्रो रिश्ते जेम्स प्रीतम सईद क़ादरी James serving a classic in his inimitable vocals again with प्रीतम. -Karthik
नि:शब्द रोज़ाना अमिताभ बच्चन विशाल भारद्वाज मुन्ना धीमान

Sung with great feeling by Amitabh, the rawness in his voice works well in the song. Well-composed by Vishal. -Aditya

With a blend of U2 and Dire Straits, Vishal exploits the most famous baritone in Bollywood to trace an ambitious melody of highs and lows along with the dangling whispery strands of dissonance that are on their way to becoming a trademark of this talented composer; Munna Dhiman's lyrics manage to make the most of simplicity. -George

ओम शांति ओम मैं अगर कहूँ सोनू निगम, श्रेया घोषाल विशाल-शेखर जावेद अख़्तर

Good words. Good singing. Decent tune. -Chetan

It's been a while since the 3/4 song, a staple of a lot of romantic movies in the 80s and 90s and विशाल-शेखर usher it in with faithful flourishes reminiscent of Shankar-Jaikishen while mixing in the sa.ntuur, the guitar and lush strings. -George

सावरिया थोड़े बदमाश श्रेया घोषाल संजय लीला भंसाली नुसरत बद्र Sung very well by Shreya, but the tune has a heard-before ring to it. Seems like the basic notes of a raga with no variation. -Aditya
चक दे इंडिया चक दे चक दे सुखविंदर सिंह, सलीम मर्चेंट, मैरिएन डी'क्रूज़ सलीम-सुलेमान जयदीप साहनी

What can one say about the song that became the Anthem for the country! It's not a great song, but it does succeed in drawing emotions of the people. Lyrics are very good. I also like the faint sounds of the sarangi at the start. -Aditya

सुखविंदर सिंह's enthusiastic rendition and the foot-stomping arrangement lend colour to जयदीप साहनी's motivation song-cum-paen to the land. -George

जस्ट मैरिड गुदगुदी कर गई सुनिधि चौहान प्रीतम गुलज़ार

Simple tune embellished with nice guitar and sax pieces. गुलज़ार's lyrics are the highpoint. Sunidhi does well in a soft number. -Aditya

Low-entropy song! Wish Sunidhi had been allowed more body in her voice. There are other ways of giving an intimate feel to the song! This is a clear blemish. -Chetan

ओम शांति ओम जग सूना सूना लागे राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान, ऋचा शर्मा विशाल-शेखर जावेद अख़्तर

ऋचा शर्मा sets the ideal mood for this song. Once राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान starts, you know what to expect. The tune has a lot of ups and downs which राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान negotiates well. I like the variations he brings to "jag soona soona laage". Honestly, I found the inclusion of the OSO theme in the interlude a bit of an overkill, because ऋचा शर्मा started with the same tune. -Aditya

RFAK delivers. -Chetan

ऋचा शर्मा's throaty opening leads to राहत फ़तेह अली ख़ान's anguished voice in a track backed by an electronic Dafalii, gentle touches of the electric guitar and the ghu.Ngharuu. -George

सावरिया यूँ शबनमी पार्थिव गोहिल मोंटी संदीप नाथ

Another intricate composition that sounds very easy, but the subtle murkis and other elements (like the extra softness while pronouncing the word shabnami) are nicely rendered by Parthiv Gohil. The change in pace from the qawwali like form to the antara sounds abrupt at first, but is perfectly in sync with the picturization. -Aditya

The build-up and the ending are good. The singing is also good from another "newcomer". -Chetan

ओम शांति ओम दर्द-ए-डिस्को सुखविंदर सिंह, मैरिएन, निशा, कारालिसा विशाल-शेखर जावेद अख़्तर

Between the composition and the singing, the song comes out well. Lyrics are (deliberately?) corny. -Chetan

An enthusiastic unyielding beat with Middle-Eastern arrangements and सुखविंदर सिंह's energetic vocals lend जावेद अख़्तर's nonsense lyrics the right fillip. -George

आजा नचले आजा नचले सुनिधि चौहान सलीम-सुलेमान पीयूष मिश्रा Has a rustic feel, especialy with the iktara sound. Lyrics are good. Sunidhi's rendition surprisingly lacks energy. -Aditya
सावरिया माशा अल्लाह कुणाल गाँजावाला, श्रेया घोषाल मोंटी समीर Good singing from Kunal. -Chetan

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