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अपना टाइम आएगा  (गली बॉय)

apanaa time aaegaa (Gully Boy)

Tags: anthemic, aspiration, calling card, experimental, hip-hop, hope, hype, inspirational, motivational, rap, slang, street, upbeat, uplifting

डिवाइन, डब शर्मा
Divine, Dub Sharma

डिवाइन, अंकुर तिवारी
Divine, Ankur Tewari

रणवीर सिंह, डिवाइन
Ranveer Singh, Divine

Probably one of the best ‘anthems’ of this decade. Powerful stuff. -Sankhayan

The Gully Boy anthem ‘Apna time aayega’ went onto become a pop culture phrase. This climactic song is a culmination of Murad’s struggles, and joyous celebration of his hard-earned success. Ranveer has sung it with such energy! Boht hard, boht hard. -Mihir

Intense lyrics confidentally rapped by ranveer. -Krithikaa

Again, I like the singing, the lyrics are more fun and in their own way, more meaningful. And, a welcome break from all the assembly line soulful garbage I have been hearing so far. -Subrat

I find the lyrics to be very evocative. Music too is powerful! -Hemendra

Works wonderfully in the context of the film. -Aditya

रणवीर ने इसे गाते हुए हर किसी के संघर्ष की ज़िद को आवाज़ दे दी है।. -अंकित

This is arugably the best song from Gully Boy.. Infact the best of this year! Apna time aayega is the new 'Arey o sambha'.. you can not say it without that smile of confidence, mischief and assertion! It has given a new voice to this generation, while keeping them grounded to the realities - 'tu nanga hi to aaya tha kya ghanta lekar jayega' is geeta-saar essentially! Love love love everything about this song! -Akanksha

I still think about how the movie is so bang-on in the way it uses this song in the screenplay. Just aroud the 1-minute mark is goosebumps. Ranveer Singh is a surprise here. -Nagarajan

A motivational anthem that really created a wave and for good reason, impressive rap lyrics. -Rujul

Fantastic beat which accentuates the flow of words. -DM

Inspirational. Anthem for whole lot of aspirational artists. -Naresh

If not for Ranveer this song would be my fav of the year. -Neha

Giving it a 2 for lyrics. Ranveer has trouble enunciating simple words which tells you that the song needed a professional singer. -Ketan

रुआँ रुआँ  (सोनचिड़िया)

ruaa.N ruaa.N (Sonchiriya)

Tags: addictive, contemplative, haunting, life, light, mukti, philosophical, poetic, redepmtion, reflective, sentimental, soft romantic, soulful, surreal, theme, bird, in search of freedom, lightness of heart, pensive

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

A hauntingly beautiful song composed by Vishal Bhardwaj set to Varun Grover’s poignant words. Arijit is ace here. हाँ नूर को ऐसे चखा, मीठा कुआं ये मन हुआ |. -Mihir

Love this song - lyrics/music/singing everythingg is great! One of the top songs of the year for me. Although it seems like Arijit is doing a Vishal! -Hemendra

Arijit sings all sound same to me. -Abhay

Lyrics are the high point of this song. -Aditya

When I first heard this song, I had a strong call back to Yeh Ishq Hai from Rangoon and I put this song aside without giving its due. On repeat listens that happened many months after the film released I came to love this song. Varun's lyrics are top notch and is so is Arijit's singing but the main stays are the whistles and the guitars. -Krithikaa

Lyrics better. Lazy effort by Vishal Bharadwaj in vocals. -Ashok

Nice melody, inventive lyrics and Arijit's familiar singing style (though he's not in his plaintive mood, thankfully). -Subrat

Lovely thoughtful words penned By Varun, the song and the whistling in the arrangement brought me memories of Ennio Morricone scoring for Sergio Leone Western films. -Sunil

Like the playfulness of the composition, the whistles, the female chorus in the interlude. -Sankhayan

Arijit's problem is that he tends to sing most of his songs in a lazy voice even if it does not suit the tune or lyrics. Here however he does a stellar job as does Vishal Bharadwaj, keeping him on a tight leash and keeping the orchestration minimal plus throwing in a nice whistling piece throughout the song, that makes the tune very hummable. -Ketan

Another song with minimalist backgrounds, but good chord work and great vocals. -DM

The typical Bhardwaj melody, which gives a bittersweet feel after listening. Arijit is well-suited to the Bhardwaj universe by now. -Rujul

Vishal & Varun - a promising jodi for the coming times.. Vishal goes back to that whistling mode while Varun writes about the theme of the film - Redemption - माटी का ये मैला घड़ा/ फूटा तो फिर कंचन हुआ. -Pavan

राजा जी  (मणिकर्णिका)

raajaa jii (Manikarnika)

Tags: classical based, devotional, flute, love ballad, pleasant, popular, romantic, semi-classical, smitten, togetherness, traditional, serenade


प्रसून जोशी
Prasoon Joshi

प्रतिभा सिंह बाघेल, रवि मिश्रा
Pratibha Singh Baghel, Ravi Mishra

The high point of the song is the tone shift in the interlude, when it becomes haunting. The music showcases splendid range without being too in-your-ears. -Rujul

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy put together all lovely touches up their sleeves in this lovely song. The beginning invokes Raazi's 'Dilbaro', and there are semblances of their earlier work in various parts, but they all only add to the beauty of the composition. I love how the male vocals enter the song. Pratibha Singh Bagel as usual aces. -Nagarajan

The song becomes better with the entrance of the male singer. Till then it's just a peppy tune but nothing great. -Ketan

Pratibha Singh baghel has been a find in the last couple of years - this year was obviously her best so far! The 'khanak' in her voice is used very well in rajaji - naina chugalkhor is just so naughty! Someone needs to use her more in flim ghazals. -Akanksha

Ordinary song, but the voice of Pratibha, a SaReGaMa contestant is really good. -Abhay

एक ताज़गी और चुहुल लिए हुए ये गाना कानों को सुहाता है।. -अंकित

Pratibha and Naveen's flute are the stand outs in this song. -Krithikaa

More delusions of grandeur! -Armeen

Pratibha Baghel’s expressive and nuanced singing is the star of this song. S-E-L have given the composition some Rahman-ish touches. Strings, percussion section, and Naveen’s flute blend together nicely. -Mihir

Pratibha has a wonderful voice, crisp and clear. Ravi Mishra compliments her very well here. Superb musical and aural metaphors by Prasoon Joshi who exhibits great word-play in this song. Such a diverse and unusual palette of words. -Sunil

The whole durbar of music instruments have been brought to bear but there's a lightness to the composition despite this. The female singer does justice to the teasing/playful nature of the song. -Subrat

Pratibha Singh Baghel gives the song a decent color & mood.. 'Kunkuni Dhoop' is the only good thing about lyrics. -Pavan

I love this song. Pratibha sounds so sweet. Lyrics are okay but overall the song works for me. -Hemendra

Very pleasant but not outstanding. -Neha

Despite all the elements, the song falls short of a great. -Naresh

Melodious. -Ashok

The more we move towards party and dance numbers, the more these kinds of songs - which have a certain purity - become important. -Sankhayan

आज़ादी  (गली बॉय)

aazaadii (Gully Boy)

Tags: anthemic, commentary, dubstep, experimental, freedom, growls, hard-hitting, hip-hop, protest, provoking, rap, strong

डिवाइन, डब शर्मा
Divine, Dub Sharma

डिवाइन, डब शर्मा
Divine, Dub Sharma

डिवाइन, डब शर्मा
Divine, Dub Sharma

Slogan song as a song of Protest and Dub-Divine does well in bringing many issues right from Class Conflict, Filthy lanes of Politics, Environment, Oppression and blends it quite well with the Aazaadi slogan… Highly Effective. -Pavan

I'm not the intended audience for any kind of hip hop song from anywhere in the world. But I kept an open mind and an open ear to the whole Gully Boy album. I don't mind the genre at all. The lyrics are subversive in an everyday way and without trying too hard. The singing (if it could be called that) is quite in sync with the rhythm and doesn't jar. -Subrat

Song that talks about freedom from prevailing issues and social injustice in the society. Dub Sharma has produced a stellar track which is also one of the theme songs of the film. Powerful. -Mihir

Musically this is generic rap, the dubstep growls are a cool touch. -DM

Comes incredibly close to Apna time aayega in my ratings! The way that Aazadi slogans have been included is ace! Pustak mein ye likh te galat,Seekhte galat,Chinkte halak,Par kisi ko parwah nahi- Sums up this generation. Respect for these rappers - Bahut hard bhai bahut hard! -Akanksha

कॉलेज की गलियों से निकला नारा अपनी पहुँच को विस्तार दे रहा है। ये गाना मौजूदा हालात की आवाज़ है।. -अंकित

As a call to Azadi, the lyrics really don't make me wanna get off my sofa and join morchas. Could do better. -Ketan

A hard-hitting rap on the current sociopolitical situation. Impresssive rap by Dub Sharma and DIVINE. -Rujul

I am positive to the "music experiment" of the soundtrack -- the nominated songs and many others, but have difficulty rating the songs in the frame I use for all the other songs. -Ashok

Major brownie points for sampling from kanhaiya's chants to lead into an accurate picture of social and economic inequaliity . At the same time, there is a bitter after taste from how this song was used in the movie. -Krithikaa

Seemed like a forced addition to the film. -Aditya

Really tight. Top notch production. -Sankhayan

I am going to rank the entire album based on how fitting the score was to the movie's plot and how it was an integral part of the narrative. -Hemendra

आसमाँ  (साँड की आँख)

aasamaa.N (Saand Ki Aankh)

Tags: contemplative, devotional, hope, inspirational, long, lori, minimalist, motivational, philosophical, sky, slow, soulful, spiritual, ummeed

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

राज शेखर
Raj Shekhar

आशा भोसले
Asha Bhosle

Hats off to 85years old diva for raising the song to a notch or half by her immaculate singing. -Naresh

Nice to hear her! -Armeen

It is a nice melody with the lyrics bringing about the right touch of abstract without going overboard. Asha sings after a long time and I'd rather retain my memory of she singing Saba Se Yeh kah Do if I have to remember her soft numbers than this. -Subrat

Asha, what more… and she does reasonably well to give the song a soul. -Pavan

कुछ एक जगहों पर लगा कि सही जगह पर सांस न लेने पर गाना के शब्द बीच से टूटे सुनाई दे रहा था. -विकास

86!!! -Aditya

Yes, it's Asha, but she sounds so tired. -Abhay

It is incredible that Asha can sing like this in her mid-eighties. Soothing song. -Sunil

Asha Bhosle sounds great as ever, but the melody is quite boring and the arrangements generic. -Rujul

Seriously! Asha Bhonsle had a release in 2019! -Neha

Egad! The lady's still got it. She knows her limitations, stays within her range and doesn't overreach. Extra points given for singing taking into account her age. Hats off to the composer for keeping the music slow and mellow. -Ketan

Diva is singing and even though you can hear the age coming through, but the nostalgia of that voice still gives goosebumps. Lyrics are very uplifting! Flute and tabla in interludes stands out! -Hemendra

Perhaps worth it for some flashes where Asha delivers. She's weaker in the beginning and better in the last stanza. -Ashok

Asha Bhonsle sounds majestic even as the ravages of age are quite evident in her voice. Accompanied by mellow guitars, a ghatamish instrument to keep beat and that lovely lovely flute, Ashaji gives hope to the generations to come to go chase their dreams, even if she wasn't able to chase hers.Loved that tabla cameo towards the second interlude. -Krithikaa

Asha ji :) Nothing else to say! -Akanksha

Like the light classical arrangement. And of course, good to hear Asha Bhonsle singing after a long time. -Sankhayan

Song from a mother to daughter about gifting better tomorrow and wings to fly. Listen to how beautifully Asha tai has sung it. Hats off to Vishal Mishra for getting the legend to sing this soulful number. Such a perfect choice. -Mihir

दूरी  (गली बॉय)

doorii (Gully Boy)

Tags: contemplative, experimental, hard-hitting, have and have nots, hip-hop, introspective, melancholic, philosophical, poetry, provoking, rap, realistic, social divide, sonorous, strong

रिषि रिच
Rishi Rich

जावेद अख़्तर, डिवाइन
Javed Akhtar, Divine

रणवीर सिंह
Ranveer Singh

Establishes the recurring theme of class-gap. -Aditya

Really nice music that shows rap can be interesting, though I wish they had someone professional sing it instead of Ranveer. -Ketan

The simple instrumention by Rishi Rich does not take away from the power or effectiveness of the song. Javed's versatility is evident here and it is amazing. Ranveer shines at his attempt of being a hip hop singer. Highly captivating song. -Sunil

My favourite from the Gully Boy album. Strong lyrics make this one a winner for me. -Rujul

What lyrics!!! And full credits to Ranveer for emoting them so well. Watch how he says 'Ab honi hai anhoni ‘ma’! -Akanksha

It’s a bit cheesy, but I can’t deny how effective it is. -Sankhayan

I like this song. There's a soft, conspiratorial style of singing and the music portends a kind of impending doom; the lyrics have a logical structure and not just stringing together of subversive lines. -Subrat

Beat sounds like free beats one comes across on youtube. -DM

Searing account of the huge chasm between the haves and have nots, socially and economically. -Krithikaa

Doori scene has to be one of the best scenes of the film. Javed Akhtar’s poem talks about class divide in a poignant manner. -Mihir

नाद खुळा  (मलाल)

naad khuLaa (Malaal)

Tags: atmospheric, bird, flying, folk, haunting, melodious, muted, popular, raaga, romantic, soft, sufi, traditional, upbeat

श्रेयस पुराणिक
Shreyas Puranik

प्रशांत इंगोले
Prashant Ingole

श्रेयस पुराणिक
Shreyas Puranik

Beautiful track which smoothly guides the listener. -DM

Sweet tune, could do with a little less of the percussions and just let the voice do the work. -Ketan

Shreyas Puranik sounds promising. -Sankhayan

The song is average at best. Verses aren’t meaningful enough and the song doesn't seem to go anywhere. I liked the bits in marathi though! -Akanksha

Fabulous melody but wish it was longer. Love that marathi chorus lines at the end. -Krithikaa

नाद खुळा में मराठी टच साफ़ सुनाई देता है. ख़ासकर अजय अतुल के स्टाइल की हल्की छाप. -विकास

Not bad. The melody is quite good and the singing does justice to it. The orchestration doesn't go overboard and it is a relief to hear an inventive, soulful song (with Marathi words instead of the usual Punjabi). -Subrat

The lyics mixing is weird but creates a nice effect. -Abhay

The traditional Indian arrangements make this song one of my favourites of the year. Loved the use of marathi phrases throughout the song, espcially towards the end. -Rujul

It’s a simple, charming melody. The Marathi word Naad-khula blends perfectly with the tune and also gives it a distinct sound. The progression from antara back to the mukhda is lovely. Composer & singer Shreyas Puranik has a winner here! -Mihir

Beautiful melody that starts of with the piano and strings. Crisp and lilting use of percussion. It is refreshing to hear other languages fused and used with hindi songs besides punjabi (especially if the main characters or story have nothing to do Punjab). -Sunil

Marathi words are refreshing for not being "Punjabi"! -Ashok

बह चला  (उरी)

bah chalaa (Uri)

Tags: atmospheric, celtic pahadi, confident, contemplative, existential, haunting, journey, life, musafir, philosophical, reflective, sentimental, shaayari, slow, travel, upbeat

शाश्वत सचदेव
Shashwat Sachdev

राज शेखर
Raj Shekhar

यासर देसाई
Yasser Desai

Beautiful song. Slow like a breeze. The sound of horse taps is very naushaadesque. But the super slow treatment makes it especially endearing. Love the voice, the music. -Akanksha

This one is addictively slow, especially the "Tere ishaare.." part. -Rujul

A bore. Serious work only by lyricist. -Ashok

Very irritating singing voice. -Aditya

Yasser Desai notches another feather in his cap singing this effortlessly. Shashwat Sachdev's composition is spot on, keeping the orchestration down to mainly using the bass and letting the tune do all the work. -Ketan

Soft, tuneful melody with minimal orchestration and the male singer sings it well. -Subrat

Nothing exception though works well in parts and also in the film…. -Pavan

This is a stunning song about life and the various journeys and deviations that it takes us. Rajshekar's lyrics enhanced by Shashwat's celtic treatment elevates the song to a whole new level."Hai manzilen sab ka hi yahaan phir bhi raaston pe raaste ulajh rahi hai yai haan" is an example of the splendid word play at work. Yasser Desai almost sounds like Mohit Chauhan at places and is very competent. -Krithikaa

A duet with life (zindagi). I quite like the unhurried pace of the song. Lyrics are noteworthy. -Mihir

Lovely instrumentation with acoustic strings, percussion and keyboards. -Sunil

जुगराफ़िया  (सुपर 30)

jugaraafiyaa (Super 30)

Tags: 90s-ish, exotic, fun, jumla, light, lively, melody, mischievous, pleasant, retro, romantic, symphony, vocal acrobatics, waltz


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

उदित नारायण, श्रेया घोषाल
Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal

Amitabh wanted to become a singer and it is our good fortune that he became a lyricist instead. His choice of words and the way he strings them together in brevity to create beautiful songs is something that has always fascinated me . Shreya Ghoshal is her wonderful self but it is Udit Narayan making a come back to mainstream hindi music that takes this song to greater heights. The joy in his voice and the way he enunciates and pronounces certain words like Jugraafia, ah ha ha mazaa aa gaya. Ajay Atul are almost Ilayarajaesque in the way they handle the strings and this song reminds me of pootukkal pottalum in the best damn possible way. -Krithikaa

Love the song. Ajay-Atul’s lush orchestration, Udit Narayan, Amitabh’s inventive lyrics, everything comes together beautifully. Such a joy. -Sankhayan

It's such a pleasure to listen to Udit again. He is the comfort food in a world going berserk with these new fangled "singers". Add to that a catchy tune and interesting lyrics. -Ketan

Cute enough rhyming. -Ashok

A nice Rom-Com song, with a bit of cute Jumlas put in.. Nothing more than that. -Pavan

I am always delighted to see a symphonic style of arrangements, which is usual for Ajay-Atul . They have created their own recognizable stamp by doing that. They stand out today in that regard. Udit is still able to convey his earnestness as he was in the early nineties through his voice. Shreya is crisp as usual. Amitabh Bhattacharya really grasps situations very well, and is able to apt describe situations well through his lyrics. One of my favorite songs of the year. -Sunil

Udit ji's voice was refreshing to hear, but otherwise average. -Akanksha

The acoustic arrangement is inventive and there's ambition here. The singing is good and it is wonderful to hear Udit Narayan though the age shows in his voice (I will take that anyday over the tripe dished out by the regular male singers this year). -Subrat

Udit after so long! -Neha

Generic Ajay-Atul, but pleasant. Udit Narayan sounds young as ever. -Rujul

Ajay-Atul bring back ‘90s flavor in this lovely song from Super 30. You are convinced that it is Ajay-Atul melody when you hear the way the tune changes for ‘तेरी चाहत ने बदला मेरे..’ portion. Great choice of singers here. Udit’s voice still sounds very fresh. The sweeping orchestral arrangements make the song closer to the era the movie is set in. -Mihir

U did it! -Armeen

Very fun track. -DM

Just the novelty of hearing Udit Narayan after such a long time makes this song worth a listen at least. -Aditya

Interesting lyrics and music, but I won't really listen it to again. -Abhay

Another surprise with Udit making an appearance. Interesting melody and arrangement. -Hemendra

Udit Narayan has sung this so well that even a Shreya Ghosal looks pale in comparison. A fun song, beautifully penned by Amitabh. A catchy tune by Atul Ajay, and great to see they have not overdone on arrangement. -Naresh

हाय रे फ़रेबी  (706)

haay re farebii (706)

Tags: betrayal, classical, electronic, fusion, hindustani chill, innocent, romantic, semi-classical, फ़्यूजन, सारंगी, सुकून

अनिकेत खांडेकर
Aniket Khandekar

मिलिंद गधवी
Milind Gadhavi

प्रथा खांडेकर
Prathaa Khandekar

The sarangi in the beginning was nice.The music is similar to Barfaani from Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, but doesn’t deliver. Neither the voice nor lyrics appealed to me. -Akanksha

Did not know of this song before. Loved the fusion in the music arrangements, it creates a beautiful ambience. Would've preferred a better-tuned singer though. Nothing extraordinary in terms of lyrics. -Rujul

Discovered this lovely song quite late - the singing and the arrangements work beautifully. -Nagarajan

The folksy touch and the Sarangi adds some value to the song..Also the no-rush slow-pace treatment was a pleasant surprise. -Pavan

The music has a very electronic feel and the singer has a very rekha-bharadwaj vibe(which works for in her favor). -Neha

Contrast between the atmosphere, the electric elements, and the classical feel makes this an engaging listen. -DM

Makes for a pleasant hearing with some interesting orchestration. -Aditya

Underrated gem of a song . Beautiful lyrics that outline a woman's angst at being cheated in love "Mantar fooke savaro sikari, baawri karke loot li saari" "Beh gaya paani, reh gayi nadiya" create a visual imagery that’s beautiful. The excessive processing is a put off though and the song sounds tinny at places. -Krithikaa

Good tune and singing. Good usage of sarangi, though the juxtaposition of tabla alongside electronic percussions is jarring, and makes a mess of the final product. -Ketan

यह गाना अपना सफ़र तय करते हुए इस लिस्ट तक आ पाया इसी बात से काफ़ी तसल्ली की जा सकती है कि जब-जब अच्छी कम्पोज़िशन सुनाई दे, तो वो अपनी जगह बना ही लेती है. गाना शहनाई से शुरू होता है (RMIM के हमारे साथी निशांत एक दम याद आ गए) पर ऐसा नहीं है कि यह पूरी तरह से शास्त्रीय हो, इसमें जहाँ शहनाई,तबले और हारमोनियम कीजुगलबंदी है, तो साथ में ड्रम और सिंबल (Cymbal) को भी इस्तेमाल किया गया है. अनिकेत खांडेकर और प्रथा ने बढ़िया काम किया. प्रथा का उच्चारण भी साफ़ रहा ('चल दिए हम भी ख़ुद'...इसमें उनका ''ख़ुद'' का उच्चारण एक साफ़ मालूम चलता है. हालांकि, निजी तौर पर मुझे उनके 'कुतवाली' बोलने के अंदाज़ में वो एक दम साफ़ सुनाई नहीं दिया और 'कुटवाली' के इर्द-गिर्द सा लगा. -विकास

Lovely classical based melody by father-daughter duo, that grows on you. -Naresh

I had not heard heard about the film, the composer or the singer. I loved the sound of the sarangi and harmoniom in the song. The crisp tabla juxtaposed with the drums sounded good. Some of the sounds by the keyboard and the drum machine in the interlude sounded too amateurish.Curious to check out the other songs by this composer. -Sunil

All fine. Pratha has a tender voice; works ok in this song; may not be versatile. -Ashok

Good attempt at producing semi classical fusion track. -Mihir

A good rendition of thumri; slightly over-orchestrated but I'm assuming that's to fit something that’s happening on screen. -Subrat

सोनचिरैया  (सोनचिड़िया)

sonachiraiyaa (Sonchiriya)

Tags: bird, contemplative, haunting, lullaby, reflective, sentimental, theme, title, udaasi

विशाल भारद्वाज
Vishal Bhardwaj

वरुण ग्रोवर
Varun Grover

रेखा भारद्वाज
Rekha Bhardwaj

एक दर्द और उदासी लपेटे हुये ये गाना अंदर तक कुछ कुरेदता चला जाता है।. -अंकित

Rekha at her vintage best with Vishal and Varun adding to the haunting effect her voice creates. -Hemendra

Such calmness is in no other song of 2019. -Rujul

This song would be so much better without Rekha Bharadwaj singing it. Her singing takes away 80% of the joy of the music. -Ketan

Rekha Bharadwaj is surprisingly out of form and ruins what could have been an amazing song. How I wish there was a Sunidhi version of this. -Krithikaa

Too good. The pathos... the eternal truth in Varun’s lyrics! And rekha ji’s voice. -Akanksha

The minimalistic arrangement setus up the ambiance which works wonder for the impact created by Rekha Bhardwaj's rendition.. Haunting to the core, carries the spirit of thew film so well. -Pavan

I was bored. -Abhay

Always happy to hear Rekha Bharadwaj's voice. Again, this is a quiet melody with lyrics that don't hew trodden paths. But the song doesn't push the boundary beyond a point. A solid 2. -Subrat

As expected of a R/V Bhardwaj collaboration, SLEEPY = cerebral. -Armeen

Would call it a little underwhelming. -Sankhayan

सपना है सच है  (पानीपत)

sapanaa hai sach hai (Panipat)

Tags: call back, devotional, foreshadowing of grief, grand, haunting, marriage, milan, minimalist, romantic, slow, soulful, spiritual


जावेद अख़्तर
Javed Akhtar

अभय जोधपुरकर, श्रेया घोषाल
Abhay Jodhpurkar, Shreya Ghoshal

The chants in the interlude have a magical effect. I can imagine the impact in the movie theater. Ajay-Atal are the perfect choice to score for larger than life films. On the one hand they can be loud, bombastic and convery grandeur in their scores, they also do well on the softer end of the musical spectrum. Abhay scores once again after his superlative performance in the song from 'Zero'. -Sunil

One of my favourite songs of the year. -Aditya

Beautiful and underrated Ajay-Atul melody which should have been heard more. It’s ‘Inn lamhon ke daman mein’ of Panipat (Ashutosh’s movie). It’s a culmination of love into marriage, and the Sanskrit shlokas are woven seamlessly into the composition. Coincidently, Ajay-Atul started their career almost 20 years back by giving music to Sanskrit shloka/strotra-s. Abhay Jodhpurkar gives yet another outstanding rendition for Ajay-Atul after last year’s ‘Mere Naam Tu’. Shreya sounds heavenly. A fantastic composition. -Mihir

Great opening tune. The best thing about the song is Ajay-Atul using cascading violins and NOT over-using their signature heavy dhol/percussions. Shreya and Abhay do a very good job of sticking to the emotions and not overplaying their hand. -Ketan

Strong call backs to O Saiyaan. Abhay is competent but nasal and somehow his singing puts me off.Shreya on OTOH is fabulous. -Krithikaa

Singing is good, western orchestra feels forced. -Abhay

The generic Ajay-Atul melody, propped by the symphonic arrangements and the vocals. -Rujul

The orchestration is grand yet there's stillness in this track. The arrangement is quite intricate and the signing is quite good. Not bad. -Subrat

Can listen to it just for the orchestration. -Sankhayan

Song is melodious with great singing by both Abhay and Shreya, but Ajay-Atul need to chill with their heavy percussion based arrangement. Needlessly makes a romantic song dramatic. -Hemendra

Abhay and Shreya both sing it really well. Ajay Atul are becoming very repetitive now - it was fresh with Agneepath, good with Dhadak and still beautiful in Mere Naam tu, but we need some fresh stuff from them now. -Akanksha

Melodious enough in parts, but drowned in mannered effects. -Ashok

Even more delusions of grandeur! -Armeen

तेरी मिट्टी  (केसरी)

terii miTTii (Kesari)

Tags: anthemic, deshbhakti, fauj, folk, loud, patriotic, powerful, punjabi, reflective, sad, sentimental, soulful, theme, title


मनोज मुंतशिर
Manoj Muntashir

बी प्राक
B Praak

Exceptional song! Minimal music, deeply patriotic lyrics. The star however is B Prak- what voice!! The alternation of pitches in consecutive lines is amazing. Goosebumps all along everytime I hear this. -Akanksha

Manoj Muntashir's great lyrics aside, always found this track repetitive and loud thanks to B Praak's vocals. -Rujul

B Praak has a wonderful powrerful voice and he seems comfortable in low and high registers. He has sung this song well. -Sunil

Could have used a better singer. -Krithikaa

कुछ गाने ऐसे होते हैं, जो बस हो जाते हैं। 'तेरी मिट्टी' उन चुनिंदा में से एक है, चाहे वो सब कुछ न्यौछावर करते बोल हों, आवाज़ में भरी क़शिश हो या मद्धम संगीत संयोजन हो।. -अंकित

Might be a very good movie song. -Abhay

Neither the male or female version made me feel more patriotic. Understated music (good), wailing sounds passed off as singing by male singer (not good). -Ketan

Backgrounds too generic, B Praak singing is impeccable. -DM

Soul-stirring. -Mihir

I like the sparseness of the arrangement, and the singing is passionate. -Sankhayan

Heart-felt. I'd have preferred a few elements done differently, but that doesn't stop me from admiring the song. Questions: Is B. Prak's voice the only male voice in the song? Heard a version by ParineetiChopra on YT, also availablre on Apple; quite good. Is that from the soundtrack? -Ashok

Reminds me of Bhaag Milkha, however, loved the singing, especially the contrast between high pitched and normal. Lyrics are okay. -Hemendra

Simple, evocative lyrics. -Aditya

The lyrics are the standard for the course but the music surprises. It's rousing yet somewhat contemplative/plaintive. The singing is also quite competent. -Subrat

कलंक  (कलंक)

kala.nk (Kalank)

Tags: arijit, ballad, contemplative, haunting, heartfelt, pain, penance, romantic, romantic ballad, roohani, sentimental, slow, soft, spiritual, title


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Beautiful track which ties at powerful emotional chords. -DM

Best song (or songs!) of this album.The best bits of this style of songs by Pritam - high notes, repetitive sufiyana phrases ' main tera' in this instance, the point at which tabla comes in! Tu jugnu chamakta main jungle ghanera!. Special mention to Shilpa Rao in the duet version and the bonus track, her voice is pinot noir! -Akanksha

Arijit template, however, melodious and definitely the nest song of the album. -Hemendra

अरिजीत की आवाज़ और अमिताभ के बोलों ने एक ख़ूबसूरत गाना रचा है।. -अंकित

A love ballad with sufi/spiritual connect. The slow build up to eventual crescendo-- ‘Main tera, main tera’ chant and Arijit’s penultimate verses take us back to Pritam’s own Channa Mereya. -Mihir

The composition and singing sounds too 'westernized' to work well in this film. As a stand alone song it is good though. -Aditya

Arijit Pritam and Amitabh Bhattacharya is probably THE most potent singer, composer, lyricist combination in Hindi film music right now. What a force. -Sankhayan

Part Prayer part dirge kalank tugs at your heart strings because Arijit emotes Amitabh's lyrics beautifully. That bridge to the first charanam with strings is lovely. The climax is stunning like a serene river that cascades to thunderous waterfall. The main tera chorus refrain over which Arijit emotes those last lines, joining the chorus later is like a waterfall. -Krithikaa

Arijit all over the song, brings in the intensity and makes it somewhat listenable. -Pavan

Arijit does a disservice to this lovely tune. Is there such a shortage of talent that all songs seem to go to him? -Ketan

Forgettable. -Abhay

The starting guitar portion repeats throughout the song, and is the main attraction of the song. Arijit sounds uncomfortable in the high notes, which is why I find the duet version better where Shilpa Rao takes control. -Rujul

There must be a market for this tripe. Nothing else can explain the extraordinary rate at which such songs are being churned out. I guess Kumar Sanu's 90s numbers have finally been buried. -Subrat

The quintessential Bollywood "period piece" a.k.a. "delusions of grandeur". -Armeen

बेख़याली  (कबीर सिंह)

beKhayaalii (Kabir Singh)

Tags: angsty, break-up, dark, devdas, hard-hitting, heartbreak, hijr, longing, raw, rock, sad, sentimental, soft, soulful


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

सचेत टंडन
Sachet Tandon

The song starts in the familiar 2019 soul assembly model but doesn't stick to the template as it lapses into a kind of a rebellious love rock anthem territory. Nothing great but one must be grateful for small mercies this year. -Subrat

Not often that you get to listen a good rock song in HFM. Arijit has sung this good, but Sachet Tandon has got the mood of the genre just right. -Naresh

College function level song. -Ashok

This is the kind of mediocrity we need to stop celebrating. There is almost nothing ‘original’ about this song. It’s the same Aashiqui 2 sonic template recycled, and with some decent sounding guitar riffs and angsty sounding, tortured artist male vocals. Repulses me (sorry if I went overboard). -Sankhayan

The use of guitar througout this album is amazing! Bekhayali is superbly composed.. Well sung with the rage needed for the song! A good song. I'm torn between arijit and sachet's versions, which is a feat for sachet to be honest - but he deserves it for also composing a brilliant song! -Akanksha

Sachet-Parampara finally get their big ticket to fame. Sachet's voice is strong, Kamil saab writes beautifully as expected, and the musical interludes and haunting. -Rujul

Kabir Singh soundtrack is last year’s Aashiqui 2 and Sachet-Parampara are brightest stars of the album. Bekhayali is a humongous hit and among best songs of the year. Free-flowing structure of the song yet adhering to mainstream format gives it an edge. Sachet-Parampara and Irshad Kamil have scored gold here. Very well deserved success. -Mihir

Ignored the song for long, but seen the impact of the song, specially in very young (3-4 yrs) to young kids (10-12 yrs) to youth (18-25), gripped with the song.. Probably easy on lips, with street smart shaayri has an appeal across younger generations.. Also the dual character of the song gells well with the character & theme, and gives another facelift to it. -Pavan

Nice opening musical start. Then the singing starts and….. I did not know the 'h' is silent in 'bekhayali'. -Ketan

A powerful and raw emotional track, one of my favorites from the year. -DM

Good guitar work in the prelude and interludes. -Aditya

This one may be a personal bias. As a soundtrack Radhan's Arjun Reddy is superior. -Krithikaa

Popular song but sounds like a lot of other songs we have heard. Extra points for intense singing. -Hemendra

I hear this is one of the most popular songs this year and I can’t get why. -Neha

कब से कब तक  (गली बॉय)

kab se kab tak (Gully Boy)

Tags: actualisation, bollywood, chill hip-hop, contrast, discovery, experimental, fusion, haunting, hip-hop, jazzy, rap, rnb, sensuous

अंकुर तिवारी, कर्ष काले
Ankur Tewari, Karsh Kale

काम भारी, अंकुर तिवारी
Kaam Bhaari, Ankur Tewari

रणवीर सिंह, विभा सराफ़
Ranveer Singh, Vibha Saraf

Kaam bhari's rap rendered by Ranveer cuts through Vibha's whiskey smooth rendition of melody like a knife cutting through warm butter. Minimalistic and Magical. -Krithikaa

A cracker of a song from Gully Boy’s phenomenal soundtrack. Despite the contrast between male and female vocals (fast rap v/s mellow rendition), they have been blended together so well. -Mihir

Song of the year for me. Vibha Saraf has been so consistent over the last few years, getting at least one top-notch song every year. This very unconventional duet is surreal in how it juxtaposes and interleaves Ranveer Singh's rap and the dreamy vocals of Saraf. -Nagarajan

Ranveer sings well and the female voice that intersperses the rap provides a nice counterpoint. -Subrat

What Vibha Saraf raises, Ranveer lowers. Why is he singing when he merely recites and that too struggles with the language and pronunciations. -Ketan

The fusion of Rap with Folk rock is very endearing. -Hemendra

A tad bit too long, but enjoyed Vibha Saraf's portions. -Rujul

This is a very chill beat, great vibe. -DM

Unusual rhythms, nicely rapped by Ranveer. -Sankhayan

ये आईना  (कबीर सिंह)

ye aaiinaa (Kabir Singh)

Tags: moving on, reflective, romantic, serene, slow, soft, waltz

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

श्रेया घोषाल
Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya's voice these days suddenly gives a feeling of belongingness. With the lyrics of this song, I've found it very hard to dissociate my views against the movie from the music review to be honest. -Akanksha

Effortless singing elevates the song. -Abhay

Shreya is lovely and this is the only song that goes toe to toe against Mari mari and wins. Amaal Malik's tune is lovely. -Krithikaa

A waltzy, saccharine melody, but the star of the song is Shreya Ghoshal. -Rujul

I'm just realizing how nasal Shreya can be at times. Just above average. -Hemendra

Shreya Ghosal is at a familiar ground here. Irshad Kamil is entrancing in pieces. -Naresh

Soft and soothing. -Aditya

It’s a superb waltzy tune and is something you could listen to on loop. There is an unhurried pace and a sense of calmness in this Amaal Mallik composition. When female solo numbers have become a rarity, Shreya Ghoshal owns this track with her exceptional singing. A gorgeous song! -Mihir

I won’t give it too many points, because it plays it too safe in terms of a ‘new sound’, but there are some nice-ish turn of melody here and there. -Sankhayan

Same tune as 'kaise hua'. Not very creative. Shreya is trying to sound wistful and whispery but instead comes across as if she is singing a lori. -Ketan

Adequate. -Ashok

A serene song. -DM

Shreya Ghoshal's singing elevates this otherwise run-of-the-mill melody. -Subrat

ट्रेन सौंग  (गली बॉय)

Train song (Gully Boy)

Tags: bombay, celebratory, cheerful, experimental, folksy, fusion, groovy, happy, hindie, inspiring, journey, life, motivational, philosophical, raghu dixit, rap, train, uplifting

मिडिएवल पंडित्ज़, कर्ष काले, रघु दीक्षित
Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale, Raghu Dixit

जावेद अख़्तर, कर्ष काले, गौरव रैना, तपन राज
Javed Akhtar, Karsh Kale, Gaurav Raina, Tapan Raj

रघु दीक्षित, कर्श काले
Raghu Dixit, Karsh Kale

Similar feel to 'tu kisi rail si' in the hindi bits but I feel this is the weaker one in the lot. -Akanksha

So much Simon and Garfunkel here. I love the way this song has come together. -Hemendra

Among favorite tracks of Gully Boy. Anthemic song played during the film's climax in order to celebrate Murad’s victory. A song about hope and dreaming big. It’s an instant mood booster. वक़्त मुश्किल था मगर जैसे भी हो बीत गया brings big smile on face :-) Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are outstanding. ‘Tu jeete aur gham haare..’ waah! -Mihir

Least favorite from the OST. Doesn’t tie in with the OST musically or otherwise. -Krithikaa

The English lyrics sound similar to something from Paul Simon's Graceland album--'You can call me Al'. Still enjoyable. -Ketan

This is a beautiful song; there's a lot going here with Indian folk rhythm, rock, a mix of Hindi and English lyrics with each making sense of their own etc. It is quite inventive and easy on ear. -Subrat

I’m not a big fan of the song, as some others are. I like the celebratory, almost carnival like vibe of it. -Sankhayan

A feel-good song, enjoyed the fusion and especially Raghu Dixit's portions and the percussion. -Rujul

Second best song from Gully Boy (after Apna time aayega). -Naresh

Intersting mix of English and Hindi lyrics. -Abhay

Enjoyable song. The English bit reminded me of Simon and Garfunkel songs. The juxtaposition of the Hindi and English sections works very well. -Sunil

कल की ही बात है  (छिछोरे)

kal kii hii baat hai (Chhichhore)

Tags: contemplative, emotional, feel-good, lori, lullaby, memories, nostalgic, roamantic, sad, sentimental, simplistic, soft, song for a son, soulful, woodwinds, wistful


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya


Heard KK after a long time. Missed that silky voice. Love everything about this song! -Hemendra

Glad it's KK and not Arijit. -Ashok

This song takes me back to vintage Pritam-KK combo songs. KK is such an underrated talent. His soulful rendition elevates the song to the next level. -Mihir

KK after a long time :) ordinary lyrics and abrupt ending. It didn't have the impact I hoped for! -Akanksha

KK has not aged a bit. Renders a song about fatherhood and its related emotions beautifully. -Krithikaa

Quite a pleasing song with the smooth voice of KK and sweet lyrics of Amitabh. -Sunil

The clarinet riffs add a great flair to the track. -DM

KK lifts this song by notch or half by his singing. Best song of the album in my opinion. -Naresh

Pritam plays out a regular 'sad' melody wih some adequate lyrics but it is KK (after a long while) who provides a spark to raise the song a bit above pedestrian. -Subrat

KK deserves better! -Neha

केके को लम्बे समय बाद सुनना 'वीराने में बहार आने सा' ही तो एहसास था. जब लोरी में पिरोए हुए गीत को सिर्फ़ ऑडियो के तौर पर सुना तो अंदाज़ा लगाया कि यह किसी बच्चे के लिए गाया होगा, लेकिन थोड़ा सोचने पर लगा कि इसके बोल किसी चाहने वाले के लिए भी गाए जा सकते हैं. पर अंदाज़ा दुरुस्त था. यह गीत लोरी ही निकली, अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य और प्रीतम ने भी गीत के साथ न्याय किया. -विकास

Every song from this film sounds the same!!! -Aditya

Ranks high in my favorite songs of 2019. Absolutely love the serene mood that Pritam and KK set here. -Nagarajan

Good to have KK sing a Pritam song after a long time. Feels like Kal ki hi baat hai. -Sankhayan

A KK-Pritam combo is always welcome. A dulcet melody with wonderfully simplistic use of guitars, piano and woodwinds. Lyrics are a nice piece sung from father to son. The composition traverses notes that touch the heart. -Rujul

K.K is a breath of fresh air, as is Pritam's music. -Ketan

रप्पन रप्पी रैप  (मर्द को दर्द नहीं होता)

rappan rappii raip (Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota)

Tags: addictive, bachpan, childhood, comic, cringe, dance, disco, experimental, fun, funk, funky, groovy, hip-hop, listicle, rap, rock-fusion, shormix, spoof, trash, tribute, pop, remix, retro, upbeat

करन कुलकर्णी
Karan Kulkarni

गरिमा ओबरा
Garima Obrah

बेनी दयाल
Benny Dayal

Maybe this crosses the thin line of being inventive and goes over to the territory of being quirky for its own sake. But if you do have to go completely crazy, this is a good way to go with all kinds of 80s and 90s pop culture references thrown in. -Subrat

Really good try at a disco song. Tune actually stays with you. -Ketan

The most played song in my year's playlist! Every line is memory (wow Garima!) brilliant singing. Brave effort to come up with this song. This year belongs to 'experimental hindi music'! You have a long way to go guys.. Ude ude chale chale Mowgli (Bollywood music) ko sher khan (shit remixes) se bachaane! :D. -Akanksha

What an uplifting, spirited, riotous montage this song is. The entire soundtrack is a greatly executed exercise in novelty, nostalgia, pop culture and thoughtfulness. -Nagarajan

Quirky song, and Benny Dayal has sung it with a lot of energy. -Sunil

This song is a nostalgia trip for folks who grew up in the 90s. You can spot so many Indian pop culture references - from Karan Arjun - to the jungle book - to Super Mario level 4. Benny Dayal is a brilliant performer in this genre of songs. A fantastic track. -Mihir

This one got points for lyrics only because it was innovative but music was quite interesting. -Neha

A lot of fun, the mix of genres is pretty impressive. The highlight for me is the gibberish rap in between. -Sankhayan

Garima Obrah and Karan Kulkarni listicle ode to childhood and the 90s film and TV obsessed kid is outstanding. Excellent Bass Line, Excellent usage of trumpets and Benny Dayal channeling Michael jackson at places. Garima is the heroine of this song because there are lines like "Chakli kaakhe Bruce li Bane" that makes one smile even during the darkest of days. -Krithikaa

Reminds me of Rahman and a bunch of 80s pop. Hat tip to Nirma lyrics is exhilarating! -Hemendra

Great Fun ride for me.. For the mood & the spoof. -Pavan

It's no "rap", but interesting enough -- for one listen. -Ashok

This rap is cringe-y, one would have thought Gully Boy would have ended songs like this. -DM

Benny shines in Karan's wonderfully addictive and foot-tapping number. -Rujul

चाशणी  (भारत)

chaashaNii (Bharat)

Tags: ballad, easy listen, evening, feelgood, folk, happy, jumla, love, matka, melodious, old-world-charm, popular, punjabi melody, rajasthani style, romantic, sweet


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

अभिजीत श्रीवास्तव
Abhijeet Srivastava

Loving how Abhijeet Srivastava sounds in this and of late - hope he gets to sing a lot more. -Nagarajan

Why is there wailing in the opening and the background of the song? Ruins a decent tune. -Ketan

Chashni is that sweet mellow love song that one can expect from Ali Abbas Zafar. The spriritual successor to Dil Diyaan Gallan holds up very well thanks to some lovely orchestral work and that folkish base. -Krithikaa

This melody is a bit too generic "Punjabi melody". -DM

"Feeki"!!! -Aditya

meh. -Neha

Good, but not exceptional. -Naresh

Very breezy. -Sankhayan

सारंगी और मटके का अच्छा प्रयोग. गीत में राजस्थान का रंग हल्का-हल्का सुनाई देता है. बस एक बात खटक गई, बेवजह को बेवजह ही गाया गया होता तो परेशानी न थी, पर उसे बेवज़ह गाकर मुंह का स्वाद ' फीका सा ' हो गया. -विकास

Cute enoough. I had to look up the word! Dictionaries give the word as "chaaashanii" to rhyme with "chaa.ndanii". -Ashok

A fresh choice of singer makes this one sound pleasant. The music especially lifts the sweet composition notches higher. -Rujul

I'm sure there's some creativity involved here but my ability to discern it is diminishing rapidly with age. The whole song is just tiresome repeat of tropes that pass for a good song these days. -Subrat

Again, careless (singing) is not the same as carefree. -Armeen

This works for Irshad's pen and the simplistic treatment. And that बण जा adds a lot to the cuteness factor of the song. -Pavan

Hummable but ordinary! -Akanksha

Vishal-Shekhar’s romantic songs are always high on melody quotient. Chashni is a sweet, saccharine track. There is some earnestness in Abhijeet’s singing which reaches out. -Mihir

Good singing accompanied by some lovely and lilting percussion and keyboard used in the arrangement. -Sunil

ज़िंदगी  (बाला)

zi.ndagii (Bala)

Tags: acoustic guitar, breezy, childhood, college farewell, feel-good, friendship, growing up, guitar, gym, happy, life, lighthearted, memories, morning, motivational, nostalgic, philosophical, sentimental, upbeat


भार्गव पुरोहित
Bhargav Purohit


Papon is exceptional in singing. A soulful melody penned in wistful mood by Bhargav Purohit. Would wait eagerly for more songs by this writer. -Naresh

Nice, minimalistic composition. -Aditya

Mercifully short; could be shorter. -Ashok

पापोन की आवाज़ और गीत के बोल ' एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालों यारो' की फ़ीलिंग देता है. गिटार के साथ क़दम ताल करते इस गीत में कोरस भी अच्छा बन पड़ा है. गीत कब ख़त्म हुआ मालूम ही नहीं चला. -विकास

Zindagi--whether life or a song should never be this bland. -Ketan

There are genre conventions involved when it comes to such songs (tribute to your school/college/days of youth). This song ticks all those boxes - guitar heavy, breezy with some amount of wistfulness thrown in and easy, effortless singing (Papon is always good to hear). -Subrat

Got a lightness to it, which is nice. -Sankhayan

A feel good song! -Akanksha

I have always found Sachin-Jigar to be a very talented duo and here they deliver a very pleasing melody, sung quite well by Papon. I found the lyrics to be the strongest aspect of this song. -Sunil

Very cute and lighthearted track, Papon's deep voice contrasts with the light strumming. -DM

Sweet song about growing up, looking back etc. Major minus points for using Papon. -Krithikaa

Papon's dreamy vocals help propel the quite template rhythm and music, but the lyrics make it a memorable one. -Rujul

It’s a song that can lift your mood. A soothing, melodious track by Sachin-Jigar. -Mihir

Beautiful song! Hadnt heard it and this is what I love about this exercise! I always come know to know of a song I have probably missed. -Neha

कत्थई कत्थई  (मलाल)

kattha_ii kattha_ii (Malaal)

Tags: contemplative, deewangi, feel-good, mandolin, popular, romantic, semi-classical, soft, sweet, traditional

संजय लीला भंसाली
Sanjay Leela Bhansali

ए एम तूराज़, प्रशांत इंगोले
A M Turaz, Prashant Ingole

श्रेया घोषाल
Shreya Ghoshal

The music is soothing and Shreya takes a slightly complicated tune easily into her stride, traipsing through the twists and turns effortlessly. -Subrat

Has a certain endearing quality to it. -Aditya

An easy melody from SLB, beautifully sung by Shreya to perfection, with a delightful result. -Naresh

Lovely use of Mandolin and flutes start this song. Shreya is effortless. There is definitely a similarity to previous songs created by SLB and Shreya. -Sunil

Starts with a nice melody but then deviates. Singing is just fantastic. -Abhay

How Shreya's singing cuts through the lyrics! her rendition is so on point. -Nagarajan

Light song but well-sung and with a great melody. -DM

Quintessential Bhansali-Shreya combo. Pure heaven. -Rujul

Winning Combination of Mandolin and Flute that kick off the song and a tune that goes off on a completely different and magical tanget. Shreya Goshal is in total control of the song and accompanied by that lovely flute/oboe and mandolin serenades a lovely a brown eyed boy. -Krithikaa

Lyrics reminded of 'Katthai aankhon waali ek ladki'. Song is average. Shreya is sharp in higher notes. -Hemendra

Shreya tries to do a Kishore (chala jaata hoon) with her end of verse attempted yodel and fails big time. She is a bit of a black mark on an otherwise refreshing song. -Ketan

घर मोरे परदेसिया  (कलंक)

ghar more paradesiyaa (Kalank)

Tags: classical, dance, devotional, divine, energetic, festive, gharwapsi, gimmick, hindustani, romantic, semi-classical, traditional


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

श्रेया घोषाल
Shreya Ghoshal

An energetic and engaging listen throughout powered by Shreya's impeccable singing. -DM

Pleasant melody by Pritam in the zone of Aami je tomar. But the track is highly underwhelming. I'd have liked Vaishali Mhade being given more lines than just a sargam. Could have been a proper duet song with two singers to match Madhuri & Alia enacting on-screen. The lyrics sound more ‘designed’ rather than authentic. -Mihir

Without Shreya, this song is forgettable - even with a nice saragam. -Abhay

Strong Call backs to Mere Dholna. Mere Dholna works better as a song though. -Krithikaa

Ambition Sholay waale; execution Ramgarh ke Sholay waale. -Subrat

Aavaaz achchhI hai par Namak kam hai.. Forcing too much of sweetness down the throat in this Gimmick of a song. -Pavan

I am still preplexed by the loud percussions. Average song. -Hemendra

Banal lyrics and Shreya sounds off. The melody is about the only decent thing. -Ketan

The best song of the film. Well conceived and put together. -Aditya

Singing ok. Some passages noisier than such a song should be. -Ashok

Effortrless singing in a beautifully arranged track. Lovely arrangement with great use of strings and backing vocals. -Sunil

Delicious singing by Shreya, and the percussions are infectious. Tight. -Sankhayan

Catchy? -Armeen

Lovely composition and use of traditonal instruments. I would've appreciated if Pritam used different voices for Madhuri and Alia's parts. The lyrics are a bit muddled - 'na hi phagun ki hori' in a ram song is odd! -Akanksha

Shreya is excellent, and shows her range in classical portions of the song. -Naresh

Shreya returns to Pritam's studio after a long 7 years, and the results are stunning! There is an amazing tarana in the interlude which is the peak point of the song. -Rujul

ओ रे चन्दा  (72 आवर्स)

o re chandaa (72 Hours)

Tags: classical, dainty, dulcet, longing, melodious, night-time melody, romantic, semi-classical, sentimental, separation, serenading the moon, seven-beat rhythm, soft, कहरवा, फ़्यूजन, lullaby, melancholic

संजय बोस
Sunjoy Bose

सीमा सैनी
Seema Saini

श्रेया घोषाल, संजय बोस
Shreya Ghoshal, Sunjoy Bose

Ten years ago, this would have been an average song.. But the song is a good showcase of how we are missing melody today.. And even Shreya, though the male singer introduced later is succesful in reducing the impact.. -Pavan

Shreya Ghosal excels in this wonderful melody. -Naresh

A new find for me, Shreya steals the show with the vocals, and Sunjoy's soundscape sets for a very ambient listen, but the song went downhill for me after the male vocals by him pitch in. Seema Saini's lyrics are imaginative, enjoyed them. -Rujul

ऐसा जान पड़ता है कि इसे धुन पर बोल बिठाकर बनाया गया है. इसी वजह से गाने के आख़िर में आते-आते बोल कमज़ोर होते महसूस हुए. इस तरह के गाने श्रेया पहले भी गाती आई हैं. गीत की शुरुआत अच्छी थी, लेकिन गहराई या बांधे रखने का तिलिस्म कम. गीत दो हिस्सों में बाँटा गया है, शुरूआती हिस्सा जो श्रेया के हिस्से आया उसमें तबला और दूसरे इंस्ट्रूमेंट सुनाई दिए, लेकिन जैसे ही मेल वॉइस आती है गीत का अरेंजमेंट काफ़ी वेस्टर्न बन जाता है. जो ताल (कहरवा ?) इस्तेमाल की गई वो भी सुनने वालों के लिए कोई सरप्राइज़ ऐलीमेंट नहीं रोक सकी. -विकास

Shreya is definitely become more nasal,. -Hemendra

Reminiscent, in a good way, of some of the semi-classical numbers that Shantanu Moitra used to compose. -Sankhayan

Beautiful melody with the Queen on vocals, what more do you want? -DM

Disjointed lyrics which don’t flow from one line to another. I can see why the music composer has struggled in the song. Even Shreya couldn’t lift it up. -Akanksha

The flute and the strings remind you of a calm night where the lovers serenade each other, using the moon as the placeholder as their beloved. As the sublime Shreya Goshal starts singing, subtle tablas and guitars kick in, making the listener sway in time to the beat. The lyrics are so visceral and visual that I can imagine two lovers on the opposite side of the river, eagerly anticipating the crossing to happen as gentle snows fall "Phir mile wo waadiyan
Aur tu saath hai
Phir milenge hum
Phir giregi barf". The only weakness is Sunjoy Bose's singing. -Krithikaa

Lyrics often awkward; male singer could be better. -Ashok

Deducted 1 point on singing for the male voice. Shreya is good but there's nothing here to recommend repeat listening. -Subrat

Nice tune and even Shreya doesn't tinny. Sujnoy Bose complements her well. -Ketan

if you listen to this one right after haay re farebi, it seems like a continuation of the previous song :) musically. -Neha

Pretty good for most part, but takes a drastic dive once the male singer kicks in. Shreya, however, sounds very good. The lyrics appear to be all over the place. -Aditya

Lovely use of acoustic guitar and the flute. I had never heard of this composer before. -Sunil

What a refreshing song in rest of the pack (singing points only for Shreya, not for the male singer). -Abhay

आया न तू  (भारत)

aayaa na tuu (Bharat)

Tags: armystyle, grief, hinjabi, longing, punjabi, qawwali, sad, sentimental, soulful, spiritual, sufi, traditional


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

ज्योति नूराँ
Jyoti Nooran

Always a sucker for qawwalis :-). -Armeen

Love Jyoti's Nooran voice. Look forward to how she handles different kinds of songs so confidently and boldly. -Sunil

Doesn't leave with me anything, except wish for it to be over for some reason and i had hopes given the singer. -Neha

There ain't a lot to complain about this song but there ain't a lot to recommend too. The usual Sufi Punjabi qawwali template is rehashed with everyone involved giving a knowing wink to the listeners. -Subrat

I thought it was going to be a Jyoti Nooran solo! Loks like it only "features" her. Quite some stuff in the song. -Ashok

Lyrics are the strength of this song. -Aditya

That Vishal Shekhar has an understanding of Sufi music is evident. This one gives a nice modern twist in the traditional genre song, making it more palatable for the contemporary audience. -Sankhayan

Interesting qawwali mix, doesm't always work but like the novel presentation. -Abhay

Simplistic yet Ineffective. -Pavan

Love the melange of the trumpets and the Indian percussions, the slow tempo makes the song linger for long, while Jyoti Nooran's lower register is fantastic! Irshad Kamil's lyrics paint a great picture of longing and hope. One of my favourite songs of the year. -Rujul

Good use of the harmonium. The song takes more than one hearing to sink in. Jyoti Nooran has a limited range and it shows. -Ketan

Jyoti Nooran’s singing is fantastic. -Mihir

Refreshing to hear Tabla, Harmonium (etc) in this tradional style melody. Irshad Kamil's 'Dukh na kisi ko dassa, Sachha rowaan jhootha hassan, Aaya na, aaya na, aaya na tu' rings in ears long after. -Naresh

Generic sufi track, good drums though. -DM

Nooran's voice in the register sounds amazing,. -Krithikaa

शेर आया शेर  (गली बॉय)

sher aayaa sher (Gully Boy)

Tags: breakdance, confrontation, dance, energetic, experimental, hip-hop, quick, rap, rap battle, street, take down

चंद्रशेखर कुंदर
Chandrashekar Kunder



Song of the album. This song is an embodiment of MC Sher’s character in the film. What a heroic entry scene in the film. This one is- Asli hip-hop, rap, and high-spirited number. Kudos to DIVINE & team. Yeh toh hai jwala hai jwala! -Mihir

I am yet to come across such a stylish, brutal and effective take down on male ego. -Krithikaa

This song is a very powerful vehicle for the character in the film. But I think that is more due to the acting, picturization and choreography of the song. -Sunil

Nothing here except for the lyrics and DIVINE's performance. -Rujul

A lot lot better in Film as it gels well with the theme. -Pavan

Just another nonsensical song at this point. -Ketan

To my ears, the hip hop beats tend to get repititive in the album. The lyrics are inventive and pack a lot of words without the message getting overwrought. -Subrat

Gully boy is a different genre - introducing Indian (mumbai) rap to so many Indians, including myself. About this song - Fab work on the composition! The filler emotions - screeches, snarls are peppery! -Akanksha

This is a lot fun. Got a great energy. Very ‘macho’ in terms of sound, but talking about exactly the opposite. -Sankhayan

Love the catchy hook lines! -Hemendra

क्यूँ दिल मेरा  (पहाड़गंज)

kyuu.N dil meraa (Paharganj)

Tags: desire, guitar, happy, love, melancholic, melodic, rain, relaxing, romantic, semi-classical, soft, soft romantic, soothing

अजय सिंघा
Ajay Singha

मोहित पाठक
Mohit Pathak

मोहित चौहान
Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan of the 2010s hums and croons about failling in love to the accompaniment of lovely strings, guitars and tabla with a whiff of mouth organ and piano in the background . How can one not fall in love with such a heady mix? The first interlude with nothing but the guitar and tabla is so so beautiful . The usage of tabla in a melody of western bent can often turn tacky but Ajay Singha restrains the tabla, keeping it muted and lovely. -Krithikaa

Somewhat minimalistic backgrounds yet a great vibe when combined with Mohit vocals. -DM

A saccharine Pritamish melody, hidden somewhere in one of the least-noticed albums of the year. -Rujul

Has a nice overall feel. Hearing Mohit Chauhan after a long time feels 'different' in this Arijit Age. -Aditya

Still cannot stand Mohit Chauhan. However, like the music. -Hemendra

A Mohit Chauhan double bill. The melody is good and Mohit Chauhan does his soulful bit which I can live with. -Subrat

Mohit again and not bad. -Pavan

Oh dear Mohit Chauhan has fallen into imitating Arijit. Weakens a nice tune when you do that. Loved the soft and subtle tabla instead of the usage of electronic percussions. -Ketan

Usual boring essay-song; the reprise version by another Mohit (the lyricist) is no better. -Ashok

Sound of vintage Mohit Chauhan, gorgeous melody & tabla -- winsome combo. -Mihir

दिल ही तो है  (द स्काइ इज़ पिंक)

dil hii to hai (The Sky Is Pink)

Tags: chorus, contemplative, cute, easy listen, feel-good, joyous, laid-back, nostalgic, pleasant, romantic, romantic gospel, sentimental, soft, upbeat



अरिजित सिंह, अंतरा मित्रा, निखिल डिसूज़ा
Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra, Nikhil D'souza

Gulzar's words brings an amazing freshness to the song. It is amazing that one can take a topic like 'Dil Hi to Hai' and write such lovely metaphors after almost 6 decades of writing lyrics. -Sunil

This is the kind of song you can vibe to on a road trip. -DM

Gulzar saab, Arijit & Pritam - What a terrific combo. Dil hi toh hai is a delightful, happy, joie de vivre track. Gulzar saab talks about heart in such a joyous manner. You sway and sing along to this beautiful, feel-good song. शर्तें लगाता है हर बार क्यूँ? दिल. जज़्बे जगाता है और रुलाता है क्यूँ यार तू? दिल! Excellent! -Mihir

I'd have taken this as a Javed sb's song excepting for some telltale catchphrases. So wonderful to hear a 'regular' love song from Gulzar Sb. I however wish Pritam sb had broken his mould and made this differntly. -Naresh

गुलज़ार अपने चिर-परिचित अंदाज़ में हैं. -अंकित

No melody at all. -Abhay

Lyrics kind of interesting; that's it. -Ashok

The most striking thing for me is how the singers fit in complex words magistrate etc in a set music by going offbeat in places. For me it could’ve been hummable if the lyrics were better. The English bit is useless. Dont know! -Akanksha

Man, how many ways do I hate this song, let me count the ways. Arijit Singh has got his whole pitaara of wailing and dumped it all over this. -Subrat

Some interesting Metaphoric lines to a feel good romantic song. -Pavan

Gulzar Pritam Arijit for the first time together? Lovely piano/synth hook, perfect singing, very earwormy. -Sankhayan

Good catchy song. Lyrics stand out - ye sidhiyaan purani aur akeli main! -Hemendra

Traditional Pritam song, beautifully sung by Arijit and Antara, wonderfully cute lyrics by Gulzar saab, and the amazing choir makes it all the more delightful. -Rujul

Enjoyable song for the most part, but 'kurpench' just throws me off. -Aditya

Can't take any more of these dime a dozen tunes! -Armeen

Decent music. Has the feel of a song from Star by Zoheb Hassan/Biddu. Nonsensical repetitive lyrics. Strained singing by Arijit--as if his dil is undergoing some cardiac seizures. -Ketan

Love the Gospelish Chorus, Love the organs used and love the easy breezy tune but love the lyrics most of all. -Krithikaa

उड़ता तीतर  (साँड की आँख)

u.Dataa teetar (Saand Ki Aankh)

Tags: ailaan, anthem, catchy, dance, duet, energetic, flying bird, folk, fusion, hard-hitting, harmonium, motivational, power ballad, punjabi, rajasthani, rock, rustic, upbeat

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

राज शेखर
Raj Shekhar

सुनिधि चौहान, ज्योति नूराँ
Sunidhi Chauhan, Jyoti Nooran

Heavy Western Guitars and harmoniums marry each other and meld seamlessly as Sunidhi and Jyoti Nooran joyfully sing about escaping the confines of age and society and embarking on a mann ki udaan. Special credit to Jyoti Nooran who navigates the highest reaches of this song like a sports car that drives like makhan. -Krithikaa

A little too much in the Patakha Guddi mould. -Sankhayan

This is quite inventive arrangement of guitars and folk elements. Singing is robust and top notch with Sunidhi and Jyoti Nooran in their familiar stomping grounds. -Subrat

Sunidhi shows once again why she rules with Jyoti Nooran struggling to catch up. Catchy foot tapping tune, arrangement is a bit busy but excusable. -Ketan

Good to hear a song in Sunidhi's voice but that's it :). -Hemendra

Cute enough, but no repeated listenings for me. -Ashok

Runs on High Energy and Spirits. Somehow the language sdoesnt gel well with what characters speak. -Pavan

The energy is infectious. Well sung as well. -Aditya

Happy to hear the singers, they deserve so much better. -Neha

Sunidhi Chauhan and Jyoti Nooran’s spirited rendition gives complete justice to the title track. Wish Bollywood produces more female duets. -Mihir

Loved the fusion between harmonium and rock elements, and the jugalbandi between Sunidhi and Nooran is a treat to the ears! -Rujul

Must be a good song in a movie, not that good for listening. -Abhay

मंज़र है ये नया  (उरी)

ma.nzar hai ye nayaa (Uri)

Tags: anthemic, fauj, inspirational, inspiring, journey, junoon, life, motivational, philosophical, reflective, rousing, uplifting

शाश्वत सचदेव
Shashwat Sachdev

अभिरुचि चंद
Abhiruchi Chand

शांतनु सुदामे
Shantanu Sudame

Something new in the sound. Fresh arrangement. -Sankhayan

Fauji songs are typically percussion heavy and aggressive with the exception of a select few . Manzar hai yeh naya almost sounds like a waltz and a joyful ode to the future at places. Love that waltzy structure and the guitars. -Krithikaa

Wonderful arrangements and a mood-lifting composition. The singer reminds me of Mohan Kannan. -Rujul

Interesting new voices for me. -Neha

This is one of those josh kind of songs that reminds you of umpteen Sukhwinder numbers. The male singer follows the script. -Subrat

A rousing song well done. -Mihir

Shantanu has a lovely voice and his vocals were mixed beautifully with the beats of the drums. The chorus was used beautifully. The song has a very energetic and rousing feeling, It charges you up. I remember saying to myself while listening to the album 'Phillauri' that Sashwat would be a promising composer. I was encouraged looking at the breadth and quality of this album (there are 26 pieces including the background music. Wish every Hindi album followed this format). -Sunil

The singing lifts the song to some extent.. Also the hymns are subdued yet aeffective.. Still missing more than what it gains wali feel.. -Pavan

Tune is decent but lacks a bang, while the irrutating percussion makes up for it. The singing isn't bad but still the song doesn't have the precision of a surgical strike. -Ketan

ऐरा गैरा  (कलंक)

airaa gairaa (Kalank)

Tags: celebratory, dance, desi, dhabha, energetic, fun, gathering, item, masti, qawwali, upbeat


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अंतरा मित्रा, तुषार जोशी, जावेद अली
Antara Mitra, Tushar Joshi, Javed Ali

Total 'seeti' song but it works. Singers sound like they are having fun instead of going thru a trial. -Ketan

Delightful, excepting that the song doesn't sound new. This motif is overused in Hindi films. -Naresh

Reprises the spirit of a whole host of similar qawwali dance numbers (kajrare, ghagra etc). Javed Ali (who is always good) comes in at the end and raises the song a notch higher. -Subrat

One of the most intricate arrangements of the year, with multiple live instruments; Pritam has gone all out with the arrangements for this one, vocals are top-class too, and Javed Ali's concluding couplet is the cherry on top! Antara Mitra has never sounded so mature, reminds me of Rekha Bhardwaj. -Rujul

Decent desi dance track. You’ve heard much better songs in this genre before. -Mihir

Bollywood at it's best! -Armeen

The song could have been so much better without that loud arangement. Like the catchiness of it. Amitabh's lyrics are on point as usual. Props for using 'naaspeeta' in a song! -Hemendra

गीत के आख़िर में कुछ-कुछ थोड़ा राग देस सुनाई देता है. -विकास

Energtic track in the Qawaali template. -Sunil

The highlight of this song is those winning strings and horns and Javed Ali's solo segment where he sounds super lovely. Amitabh writes wonderful lines like noor sa chehra irani, lehenga hindustani et al that brings a smile to my face. I need to talk about the strings again . They are a riot and are so so joyful. -Krithikaa

What a fun foot-tapping number this is! I always feel that Pritam gives a nod to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's 'Kajra Re' in this song. -Nagarajan

Cookie cutter. -Abhay

I like Pritam's music and Javed's voice, but that's about it! -Akanksha

Forgettable Bollywood gathering song. -DM

Lyrics, though unusual and quirky, are completely at odds with the characters in the film. Works better when heard outside the context of the film. -Aditya

नखरेवाली  (मर्द को दर्द नहीं होता)

nakharewaalii (Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota)

Tags: addictive, club, dance, experimental, funky, fusion, groovy, haunting, light, pop-rock, remake, remix, retro, romantic, rock, sensuous, stylish, world music, upbeat

करन कुलकर्णी
Karan Kulkarni

गरिमा ओबरा, हुसैन हैदरी
Garima Obrah, Hussain Haidry

करन कुलकर्णी, सबा आज़ाद
Karan Kulkarni, Saba Azad

Surprise of the year.. Despite a common premise, there is an X-Factor in the arrangements, that gives it a haunting flavor and makes you listen again. -Pavan

Experimental track. -Mihir

And the point is? -Armeen

It is always exciting to see a new batch of musicians break into the scene and see what approach they take and what fresh approach and talents they bring to a very crowded and competetive space. Great new arrangement with some superb percussion. -Sunil

Very interesting catchy song. Pleasantly unconventional like the movie. -Hemendra

The best song of the year for so many reasons. Karan could have remixed or recreated Shankar-Jaikishan's iconic and brilliant Nakhrewali . Instead they chose to use the iconic yesteryear song to segue into this brilliant beauty of the song. Ambient and Oriental sounding guitars, kick off the proceedings that introduce our leading lady to us. The guitar rhythms and drums remind us of the nimble footwork of kungfu fighters . The kanjira and edakka join in emphasizing the south indianess of the proceedins and immersing us in the world of Surya and Supri even before the movie could begin. This song was something I was addicted to and attached to before I saw the movie but once I saw the movie, I came to love it even more because I became aware of intelligently immersive the song is . Also Saba Azad's rap <3. -Krithikaa

Pop mess. -Ashok

The lyrics catch attention - the idiom is fresh at places. -Naresh

I can live with this kind of stuff. There's an attempt to try something new with the mixing of influences - rock, Indian, rap and some good quality percussion work. -Subrat

This is just fantastic and a welcome departure from the way remixes are done of late, especially last year. -Nagarajan

The song title raises hopes that it might at least be 1% of a similar titled song from decades earlier. Doesn't come close. -Ketan

Good percussion. -Aditya

Very sexy sound and still so Bollywood. -Sankhayan

I do want to hear more from Karan Kulkarni very interesting music. -Neha

This one grows on you slowly but gets addicitve real fast. -Rujul

Nothing interesting. -Abhay

जहाँ तू चला  (गली बॉय)

jahaa.N tuu chalaa (Gully Boy)

Tags: acoustic guitar based number, chill, dreamy, easy listen, folk, heard-before, journey, live-music, minimilastic, motivation, sad, sentimental, soft, soothing, unplugged

जसलीन रॉयल
Jasleen Royal

आदित्य शर्मा
Aditya Sharma

जसलीन रॉयल
Jasleen Royal

All of Jasleen's songs sound the same. -Krithikaa

Interesting experiment in minimalism---using only one voice and one instrument (guitar). Jasleen sounds pleasant but too whispery and the tune could be catchier. -Ketan

I like the unplugged feel of this song. Jasleen's voice suits the song a lot. Music has shades of DCH and reminds me of some early paul Simon too. -Hemendra

Very much in Jasleen’s mould, but I am not complaining. -Sankhayan

Jasleen Royal (singer) delivers this with a kind of stillness that reminds you of similar songs from earlier Zoya/Farhan Akhtar films (khwabon ke parindey, phir dekhiye). The song tends to go over familiar territory but it still retains a distinctiveness. -Subrat

Jasleen's usual offering. -Rujul

Stands out from other songs in the movie. -Abhay

Has the vibe of background music at a chill outdoor bar. -DM

Since she entered Bollywood in 2014, Jasleen Royal has chosen a distinct path which is vastly different from mainstream Hindi music and she continues to shine even in this rap heavy soundtrack. -Mihir

Oversmart. -Armeen

तेरे लिये  (मर्द को दर्द नहीं होता)

tere liye (Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota)

Tags: ambient, ballad, bichhde hue yaar, childhood memories, chill, haunting, hesitation to meet, lazy, muted grief, philosophical, romantic, sensuous, slow, soft, unhappy in love, within reach of happiness

करन कुलकर्णी
Karan Kulkarni

शांतनु घटक
Santanu Ghatak

कामाक्षी राय, विशाल मिश्रा, करन कुलकर्णी
Kamakshi Rai, Vishal Mishra, Karan Kulkarni

Another addictive romantic song from this album. The singers have done a great job making it sound haunting. -Rujul

Reminds of music from the movie My Brother Nikhil. Soothing. Chorus is outstanding! -Hemendra

Amateurish. -Ashok

Like Kamakshi Rai's voice not so much the voice of the other two male singers --Vishal and Karan. All 3 singers can't pronounce words which is jarring. -Ketan

Kind of confused being being a light rap song and a lo-fi hip hop song. -DM

Slighly better than bad. -Abhay

Everything about this song is a standout. That excellent guitar solo that settles down to steady strumming, the chutkis that keep rhythm, stunning and smouldering Kamakshi and Vishal and shantanu Ghatak's splendid lyrics . I also love how the song ends, with lovely and drawn out strings and Vishal emphasizing with his words that Surya would keep waiting for Supri. -Krithikaa

An offbeat Bollywood love song. Stylish music and singing actually works here. -Mihir

Karan Kulkarni’s got a great touch when it comes to the song arrangement. There’s something AR Rahman in it. -Sankhayan

Pretty average. -Naresh

Kamakshi and Vishal's voices suit the song perfectly. I admire how Shantanu Ghatak has woven the lyrics such that the duet is conversational and yet feels like one song. -Akanksha

There's an element of freshness to the melody and the female singer is quite good. -Subrat

इक मोड़ (महिला)  (म्यूज़िक टीचर)

ik mo.D (female) (Music Teacher)

Tags: calm, contemplative, feel-good, journey, life, motivational, reflective, sentimental, soft, soothing, swaying, zindagisong

रोचक कोहली
Rochak Kohli

अधीश वर्मा
Adheesh Verma

नीति मोहन
Neeti Mohan

Beautifully composed, sung and arranged. Rochak, Neeti in good form. -Mihir

A pretty listen, and when the first tabla roll hit I thought it was gonna be a generic sufi track, but the song surprises. -DM

Fairly familiar melody, Papon is always a pleasure to hear but he also seems to be channeling his innner Arijit Singh here. -Subrat

Neeti Mohan seems to be holding herself back instead of letting go. Pity since this could have been a stellar song. -Ketan

I listened to the male version after listening to the female version which left me a little dissatisfied and it is so far ahead in the singing. I am so bummed that the male version isn’t on the list. -Neha

Does a few surprising things within the song. Papon in fine form. -Sankhayan

Strong original composition, Neeti's amazing rendition, and beautiful lyrics make this one a winner. Went quite under the radar. A wonderful use of tabla throughout. -Rujul

Nice singing. -Abhay

The song seems to be a bunch of reflections; toward what I couldn't figure out. -Ashok

Neeti's voice in the song is actually similar to the female actress (Amrita Bagchi), which makes it feel authentic. Also, the way it has been sung, reflects the character in the movie whose singing is quite raw and unpolished. Though the instruments (particularly tabla) are better in this version, I like the overall composition of Papon's version more. -Akanksha

Soulful melody and good singing but sounds like a template that has become overused. -Hemendra

Another of those tempaltized compositions that abound today's music scene. -Aditya

कैसे हुआ  (कबीर सिंह)

kaise huaa (Kabir Singh)

Tags: ballad, cheerful, dark, falling in love, first love, heartbreak, love, passion, rock, romantic, sentimental, soaring melody, soft, soft rock

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

मनोज मुंतशिर
Manoj Muntashir

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

The Mukhda "Kaise hua, tu itna zaroori kaise hua' is charming, and makes the song a delightful listen. Sadly though the rest of the song doesn't matchup. -Naresh

What a waste! -Armeen

The splendid music piece from Arjun Reddy’s bgm score went onto become Kabir Singh’s Kaise Hua. Vishal Mishra has done a great job with this song. An extremely fresh and pleasant melody. The composer keeps it simple. He clearly knows not to overdo it. The slow build up to Kaise Hua, the crescendo, guitars, and his passionate singing come together nicely! -Mihir

The singing is quite adequate, the rest is bang average. -Subrat

An amazingly uplifting melody by Vishal Mishra, he sings it perfectly too, voice modulation on point! -Rujul

Strained singing and too much electronic orchestration, not enough acoustic. Also why do so many singers have a problem saying the word "dhoondhe"? Why does it always come out as "DoonDAY". -Ketan

Too much Aatif hangover in the singing. -Sankhayan

OK, but unimaginative composition. -Ashok

Liked the song, but the vocals felt stressed. -Abhay

Not a patch on Emitemito. -Krithikaa

Another one of those template songs. So much music sounds similar these days due to it. -Hemendra

रेज़गारियाँ  (मेरे प्यारे प्राइम मिनिस्टर)

rezagaariyaa.N (Mere Pyare Prime Minister)

Tags: folk, folksy, fun, gulzariyat, light, philosophical, political, qawwali, real-life, situational, socially relevant, witty



शिवम महादेवन, शंकर महादेवन
Shivam Mahadevan, Shankar Mahadevan

This is a delightful song. Phenomenal lyrics, matched equally well with great singing and music. 'Rezgaariyan' which means loose change is such a poignant and impactful metaphor for kids who work as child labourers. Great lyricists like Gulzar , really shine and display their depth as they come up with such evocative lyrics for such unusual situations. -Sunil

Makes a point, but not much of a song. -Ashok

रेज़गारी' शब्द दो गानों में आ जाए, इससे बड़ा इत्तेफ़ाक़ और क्या होगा. गुलज़ार के साथ जब शकंर, एहसान, लॉय का कॉकटेल आजाए तो कई मौक़ों पर सुरूर छाने का चांस ज़्यादा है. ऐसा ही इस गीत के साथ है. -विकास

How I wish the other song from the film should have been shortlisted.. This one is a decent just a few times listen.. Gulzar sb is here with strike like फटी जेब से गिरे खोये हुए सिक्के हैं. -Pavan

Fun, groovy, with a distinctly Indian flavour. -Sankhayan

The singing point is for the father not the son :). -Neha

Foot tapping and interesting percussions. Has the feel of "khana khaake daaru peeke chale gaye". -Ketan

Top-notch music, singing and brilliant lyrics from Gulzar saab! An unnoticed gem of 2019. -Rujul

Has a certain character, but tends to get a bit monotonous. -Aditya

Good singing but nothing more. -Subrat

इंतज़ारी  (आर्टिकल 15)

i.ntazaarii (Article 15)

Tags: driving, emotional, fairytale, haunting, longing, love, melancholic, memories, morning, romantic, sentimental, separation, shaayari, slow, soft, sufi

अनुराग सैकिया
Anurag Saikiya

शकील आज़मी
Shakeel Azmi

अरमान मलिक
Armaan Malik

I’m not even sure what the song is doing in the list. -Sankhayan

Melody with substance, but still don't care for this continuing trend of "shuddering" male vocals. -Armeen

चाँद देखा था जो हमने चार आँखों से कभी, कैसे देखूं उसे तन्हा साथिया', शब्दों का गहरा मतलब आसानी से ब्याँ करना अपने में हुनर है. वो भी तब, जब उसे गीत या धुन की शक्ल में लोगों से सामने पेश करना हो. शकील आज़मी के लिखे गीत में शायरी है और कुछ नए उर्दू शब्दों का इस्तेमाल भी. वो लिखते हैं- दाँत काटे, संग बाँटे, खट्टे मीठे का मज़ा, है ज़बां पे अब भी ताज़ा साथिया.
शब्द इस गीत की जान हैं. इस गीत ने निजी तौर पर मुझे एक नया शब्द दिया रेज़गारी (रुपए के मूल्य के छोटे सिक्के). अनुराग सैकिया ने भी गीत की नब्ज़ अच्छे से पकड़ी, असम के इस संगीतकार से उम्मीदें काफ़ी हैं. -विकास

Armaan Malik sounds similar in every song of this genre. I'm guessing he's the new Arijit Singh. The lyrics are channeling Gulzar on a bad day - what's intezari hai teri unless the idea was to get teri to get the rhyme going? -Subrat

Three versions in the album. Found the Ayushmann version most appealing. -Sunil

Is everyone required to sing like Arijit? -Abhay

This song proves how underused Armaan is in Bollywood. Anurag Saikia's melody is serene. -Rujul

"Daant Kaate Sang Baante Khatte Meethe ki Mazaa Hai Zubaan Pe Ab Bhi Tazaa Saathiya" . Full marks for Shakeel Azmi for coming up with these lyrics. The tune sounds a tad bit jaded and dated compared with Saikia's work in Mulk but Armaan's singing and the excellent lyrics make up for the slack. -Krithikaa

Arman-Arijit, kya farq hai :) all sound same with their lazy singing. -Neha

Grows on you after a while. -Aditya

Song as monolgue. -Ashok

Nice start with a rabab like instrument. Then it falls apart. -Ketan

As lyrics unfold gradually, the song goes to grow on you. -Naresh

वे माही  (केसरी)

ve maahii (Kesari)

Tags: folk, happy, melody, morning, popular, punjabi, romantic, separation, soulmates

तनिष्क बागची
Tanishk Bagchi

तनिष्क बागची
Tanishk Bagchi

अरिजित सिंह, असीस कौर
Arijit Singh, Asees Kaur

A beautiful instrumental piece props this song, and Arijit and Asees' voices make Tanishk's composition sound better. -Rujul

1993 के आस-पास एक फ़िल्म आई थी 'दिल तेरा आशिक़' जिसमें एक गीत के बोल थे "मेरा दिल तेरा आशिक़". केसरी फ़िल्म का यह गीत मुझे उस गीत की भी याद दिला जाता है. -विकास

Asees Kaur is good, Arijit is decent. Tune is pleasant but nothing more. -Ketan

Nothing remarkable, but shows that Tanishk Bagchi can do better than the remixes. -Sankhayan

Sounds derivative. It takes me back to Amit Trivedi’s dhol yara dhol from DevD. Sung well by both singers. -Mihir

Songs gives a feeling of déjà vu. -Naresh

One of the few Arijit songs I'd play willingly. Asees Kaur is fine, too. -Ashok

Hummable and innocent. Arijit and Asees have both done a decent job here! -Akanksha

Not good for singing, but might fit the situations in the movie. -Abhay

The male singer was endearing if the female had sounded as good it would be my fav song of the year. -Neha

Treads the familiar path of similar sings of this genre. Arijit Singh for a change is signing of longing in a more 'cheerful' fashion. -Subrat

Catchy hook line but I am getting so tired of Arijit's singing. -Hemendra

दिल ढूँढता है  (गॉन केश)

dil Dhuu.NDhataa hai (Gone Kesh)

Tags: bollywood jazz, disenchantment, easy listen, experimental, happy, jazz, jazzy, laidback, life has become a joke, live music, nostalgia, retro, search, waltzy

कनिष शर्मा
Kanish Sharma


मोहन कन्नन
Mohan Kannan

A nice jazz song, we heard less of jazz this year, so it is a refreshing song, and Mohan's voice is always a treat to listen to. Loved the syllabus metaphor in the lyrics. -Rujul

The jazzy feel is the only thing that works in its favour, otherwise the song is quite blah! -Aditya

Another of those underheard songs of the year. The song has a charming lilt, melody and jazzy mood going for it. -Nagarajan

Mohan K sounds wonderful, as he aces this lovely song. -Krithikaa

Nice new take with the tune! -Neha

Mohan Kannan is on familiar ground. 'Kaise bhoojhe ham, syallabus mein jo nahin' in endearing. -Naresh

Jazzy vibe is cool but parts of the song sound too raw. -DM

The only interesting thing is the attempt to use the title line. -Ashok

Really refreshing twist to the current mind numbing remix trend by taking the main lyrics of a classic and changing the melody and treatment. -Sankhayan

How did I miss this song! Here again, it needs guts to take a hook phrase like 'dil dhoondhta hai' and use with Jazz- Kudos to Kanish Sharma! Full marks for experimentation!! Mohan Kannan has done a good job and lyrics are fun - arey teri to kundali mein saanp hai! A good song overall! -Akanksha

Interesting blues twist on a classic. Mohan Kannan has a voice that suits this genre. -Ketan

Another Amit Trivedi mold. I like the Jazz feel of the song, however the lisp in singing is too much to stomach and butchering Ghalib's lyrics that have given us an immortal song is just not done! -Hemendra

Ok, if you have to attempt mangling an old classic, do something like this. The singing and the music has some overhang of Pritam from Barfi but I can live with this kind of experimentation. -Subrat

Loved the Laid Back singing of K Mohan here.. Adds so much to the song and actually makes the use of "Dil Dhoodhta Hai" so much relevant in the song. -Pavan

ज़रा सुनो  (मलाल)

zaraa suno (Malaal)

Tags: ballad, breezy, chance encounters, dhadkan, dil, duet, love-life, melodious, pleasant, popular, romantic, soft, sweet

शैल हाड़ा
Shail Hada

विमल कश्यप
Vimal Kashyap

ऋत्विक तलाशिल्कर, आनंदी जोशी
Rutvik Talashilkar, Aanandi Joshi

My pick of the album. -Nagarajan

OK. Lacks tightness. -Ashok

Aanandi's voice and singing is top class. -Abhay

Male voice is annoying. -Armeen

This is better of the three songs in this shortlist. Aanandi Joshi's voice is sweet and she has sung her parts well. Rutvik's parts come in very awkwardly- his voice doesn’t seem to suit the song. -Akanksha

Soothing and pleasing melody with a beautiful arrangement. There is a lovely bounce in the melody using the percussion almost as if the girl is walking on a cloud. Rutvik needs to work on his accent coming into the rendition. -Sunil

Some interesting singing, and it’s good to hear Shail Hada outside a Bhansali song. -Sankhayan

The composition is simple yet strong; the male vocalist could've been better. -Rujul

Sweet song with a wonderful rendition by Aanandi Joshi. This song deserves female only version. -Mihir

The song isn't quite different from the assembly line tunes I have been fuming against except the singing is somewhat raw and that sets it a bit apart from the others. -Subrat

Male singer sounds quite weird and his style is too western for this song. -Aditya

Could have been longer. The choice of male singer leaves a lot to be desired. Sounds like a wannabe Ash King or Nikhil Paul George all through the song. -Krithikaa

This song should have been kept a female solo. Nice tune, spoilt by the male singer. -Ketan

Shreya gives a decent buildup to the song yet the male voice puts off. -Pavan

नैना ये  (आर्टिकल 15)

nainaa ye (Article 15)

Tags: adnansamiflavour, falling in love, generic, hindustani chill, longing, love, melancholic, night, romantic, sentimental, seven-beat rhythm, slow, soulful, tabla

पीयूष शंकर
Piyush Shankar


यासर देसाई, आकांक्षा शर्मा
Yasser Desai, Akanksha Sharma

The singing marks are for the female singer (Aakanksha). -Abhay

I keep asking myself if I'm being unduly cynical in my evaluation of these songs. Maybe I am. But what's new here? The music seems like you have heard it a hundred times earlier and all the singers sound the same. -Subrat

Easy on the ear, but difficult to differentiate from other such songs these days. Gives a strong sense of déjà vu, especially the antaras. -Aditya

Interesting use of the Strokes instrument (an Ipad app) to begin the song. The signature line "saanware se baanware se do naina yeh" sounds very similar to the Adnan Sami - Asha Bhosle song "Kabhi to nazar milao". Piyush Shankar does an excellent job with Rashmi Virag's lyrics and allowing Yasser Desai and Aakanksha Sharma free rein. -Ketan

Predictable lyrics mar this otherwise beautiful ditty. -Naresh

Piyush Shankar's debut song, loved it even though it has similarities to Adnan Sami's Tera Chehra. Aakanksha Sharma complements Yasser Desai well in the vocals. -Rujul

Rashmi Virag are a lyricist duo (Rashmi Singh and Virag Mishra). A first for lyricists? -Sunil

इसे सुनते ही अदनान सामी याद आ गए. इसमें उनके कभी तो नज़र मिलाओं और 'तेरा चेहरा जब नज़र आए' की साफ़ छाप दिखी. यासिर की आवाज़ अरिजीत सिंह के स्टाइल से मिलती सुनाई दी. इसके बावजूद गीत में गुनाने और सुनते रहने की ख़ूबी बची है. अरेंजमेंट काफ़ी सूदिंग है. -विकास

Dated Template already.. -Pavan

Sounds so much like Adnan Sami’s songs - Tera chehra, Aake bharlo (Lucky) including the arrangement. -Mihir

Rather generic. -DM

Arrangement reminds me of many past songs. Singing is good, overall okay! -Hemendra

A poor song. Yasser Desai, in my opinion, desperately needs to a carve a niche for himself to prevent ending up as Arijit2.0 or Armaan2.0. -Akanksha

It’s too generic. Even the singing is a bit too much like Arijit’s. -Sankhayan

"Peeche Peeche tere, Chale Khwab Mere, Main toh tere parchayi si hoon " and " Mein toh teri tanhai si hoon", only a woman can write lyrics as beautiful as this. This song has very strong call backs to Adnan Sami's "Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaye" and somehow that works to its advantage as well as its disadvantage. -Krithikaa

Irritating artificial husky voice of male singer. Opening line was intriguing, but nothing much followed lyrics-wise. -Ashok

Entirely forgettable. -Armeen

घुँघरू  (वार)

ghu.Ngharoo (War)

Tags: addictive, daft punkish, dance, disco, edm, foot-tapping, funky, groovy, happy, love, party, recreation, remix, techno, tribute, upbeat, videsh, visual



अरिजित सिंह, शिल्पा राव
Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao

I did not think that a recreation of sorts of a yesteryear song would grow on me so much. Arijit and Shilpa ace the brief and nail it. -Krithikaa

This is a bad remix. -Abhay

Incredibly groovy track by Vishal-Shekhar! Among the top songs of the year for me. Infectious energy, funky guitar-work, vibrant singing by Shilpa Rao & Arijit Singh make it a winner. This song gives #goodvibesonly. -Mihir

The lyricist tries to use time-tested popular phrases to try and pull the listener, but I don't think that adds value to the songs. -Sunil

Yaar, yeh kya hai aur kyun hai? -Subrat

A groovy and funky number that everyone wants to dance to. -DM

Arijit and Shilpa lead a groovy disco beat by Vishal-Shekhar, probably the catchiest song of the year. -Rujul

The song takes a huge dip in the stanzas as if the composers had no idea what to do after getting the hook right. -Aditya

Weird! -Armeen

The song wins in so many counts; the brilliant guitar riffs, the orchestration that is in such teasing restraint, the groovy rhythm, and above all Shilpa Rao. -Nagarajan

Is this movie about a War on music? -Ketan

I get it that it is was the best party song of this year, but there is nothing unique here! YouTube autoplay has Bang Bang title track right after this song, and I couldn’t spot the point of transition between the two.. It is that un-original, leave alone the 'ghunghroo toot gaye' part! -Akanksha

Groovy. The arrangement is light, and not too cluttered, which is not something you can say for majority of the dance numbers today. -Sankhayan

Thought it would be interesing adaptation of an earlier song (or lines). Turns out it's just messy. -Ashok

मेरे सोणेया  (कबीर सिंह)

mere soNeyaa (Kabir Singh)

Tags: happy, love, punjabi, romantic, soft romantic, soulmate, togetherness, wedding


इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

सचेत टंडन, परम्परा ठाकुर
Sachet Tandon, Parampara Thakur

Is Punjabi taking over Urdu as the language of love? Hope not! -Armeen

इसे गुनगुनाते हुए काफ़ी गीत ज़हन में कुलबुलाते गए (1) लंबर्गिनी चलाई जांदे हो, (2) कोटे ते आ माइयाँ. -विकास

Full Punjabi is better than the usual awful mixture. Shortness is also a plus. -Ashok

We are back in the Punjabi love ballad territory with some shaadi interludes in between. There's nothing new here. -Subrat

Sounds similar to all the mahiyaa/soniyaa songs from last 20 years. -Abhay

Pleasant song which grows with time, the takeaway is the wonderful shehnaai portion in the interlude. -Rujul

Pleasant song. -Sankhayan

Sachet-Parampara have scored gold with Kabir Singh soundtrack. Despite ‘Bollywood Punjabi’ tone of this song, it sounds fresh & addictive. Interesting use of Shehnai in this happy song. -Mihir

So many songs these days use Punjabi lyrics and voices that compliment that sufi feel. -Hemendra

Loved the voice of Parampara Thakur. Unfortunately the tune is not good enough for her talents. -Ketan

Parampara Thakur has a lovely voice. -Sunil

तुझे कितना चाहने लगे हम  (कबीर सिंह)

tujhe kitanaa chaahane lage ham (Kabir Singh)

Tags: ballad, bhatt template, happy, haunting, romantic, sad romantic ballad, sentimental, soft, soulful



अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

The hook line is good. Xtra points for that, but, overall a standard Arijit crooner. -Hemendra

I find this one too derivative of the Aashiquie 2 sub genre of whiny romantic songs, and I am a bit surprised that Tera Ban Jaunga from Kabir Singh is missing. I like that song. -Sankhayan

One of my favourites of the year. Perfect composition and vocals. -Rujul

The team of Mithoon & Arijit have given us soulful romantic ballads in the past. This one is no different. A heartfelt melody! -Mihir

Reminds of NFAK's tere bin nahin jeena. -Aditya

Forgettable. -DM

Standard Arijit song. -Abhay

This like any other arijit singh song and hence hummable, relatable and loveable! That said, there are other songs in this album that overshadow it easily. I prefer Arijit's version over Jubin's. -Akanksha

How does anyone make out one Arijit Singh song from another of this genre? -Subrat

Hackneyed. -Naresh

Ek bhi Dum? -Pavan

The words are exactly opposite to what I feel about Arijit's "singing". This is a nice tune that stays with you only to be jerked back to reality when you remember Arijit's voice. -Ketan

Yet another Arijit Singh bore. I slightly prefer the rawness of Jubin Nautiyal's so-called "film" version. -Ashok

अरिजीत इस तरह के गानों में माहिर हैं. इसे ऐसे भी कहा जा सकता है कि अरिजीत इस तरह के गानों से बंध गए हैं और पहचाने जाते हैं. जहाँ वो अब हैरान नहीं करते।. -विकास

फ़र्स्ट क्लास  (कलंक)

First Class (Kalank)

Tags: arijit, dance, desi, folk, fun, groovy, kuthu, street, tapori, toli, upbeat, wedding


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह, नीति मोहन
Arijit Singh, Neeti Mohan

Ekdam faskallaass! But what's with the gratuitous sargams? -Armeen

Another song that is a total misfit in the film. The character that boasts of his crudity and low-birth in the film otherwise, sings about his 'tehzeeb ki rangeen rangoli' in his 'tevar'. Was it meant to be ironic?? I would rate this song higher if it appeared in a different film in a contemporary setting. -Aditya

Stays away from the period of the movie. -Krithikaa

A little reminiscent of Tatad Tatad, but solid composition. Arijit having fun as always, fun lyrics too. Foot tapping. -Sankhayan

This track belongs in R…Rajkumar, and that is a compliment (I love R…Rajkumar soundtrack). -Nagarajan

Can imagine this blaring through loudspeakers in the next festival. Love the tiny strings bit at the end. Good touch. -Sunil

A run-of-the-mill song with heavy orchestration (and some Pungi overhang at the beginning). For once, Arijit isn't wailing away and that's good news. -Subrat

Another song that doesn't take itself too seriously. Interestingly Arijit sounds better than Neeti Mohan. -Ketan

You cannot ignore Afghan jalebi effect here. Arijit’s voice doesn’t suit this genre of songs. The part I like is Neeti Mohan’s small portion in the second antara. -Mihir

Arijit doing a Mika should become a thing. Average song and the arrangement is still loud! -Hemendra

gaanaa to third class hai. -Ashok

Functional song for a Wanna be Salman. -Pavan

Another DJ favorite song from the year. -Naresh

Among the best tapori songs released in recent time. -DM

Arijit is the star of this song, he delivers the vocals with spunk. The composition is catchy and dance-worthy. -Rujul

Might fit the movie situation, not good for listening. -Abhay

Meh! -Akanksha

वो दिन  (छिछोरे)

wo din (Chhichhore)

Tags: acoustic guitar based number, alumni, breezy, celebrating friendship, college, feel-good, fun, joyful, lighthearted, nostalgic, purani jeans, sentimental, wistful, joyous


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

This is lazy singing as if he has marbles in his mouth. -Ketan

Sounds like bland American pop. -DM

Lyrics somewhat overwrought. -Ashok

A breezy melody with lyrics that take you back to college days. Again, I like the alternate version by Tushar Joshi more, it is fresher in terms of singing. -Rujul

A song that celebrates friendship, nostalgia and carefree college days of one’s life. Pritam keeps the arrangement simple here. I quite liked Amitabh’s nostalgia inducing description whether it’s doston se udhaar ke din or bedhab harkate or AaaR.D. Burman ke gaane. But what was the need to include random Punjabi word-- college ki KuDi se. Overall, a very enjoyable song. -Mihir

Pritam doing an Amit Trivedi. I think the song's allure is when you see it in the context of the movie. -Hemendra

Decent one time hear, nothing in it to pull you back. -Aditya

This song would have sounded better in someone else's vocie. The Arijit style doesn't fit this song at all. -Abhay

déjà vu feeling again. R.D.Burman becomes a lyric! -Sunil

Despite the theme, and despite 'Yaad hai filmo ke puraane- R D Burman ke Gaane' kind of new devices to connect memories, Amitabh's lyrics fail to tug at heartstrings. Singing and tuning has nothing exceptional to offer either. The sum total of this song is less than all its attributes. -Naresh

Again this song ticks all the genre conventions like that Bala song (some extra props for the whistling part). I'm a bit of a sucker for this genre. But really there's nothing remotely memorable here. -Subrat

Signature Pritam-Amitabh (and Arijit), has a freshness to it. -Sankhayan

पहला प्यार  (कबीर सिंह)

pahalaa pyaar (Kabir Singh)

Tags: cheerful, chorus, first love, groovy, happy, light, love, romantic, soothing, sweet

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

इरशाद कामिल
Irshad Kamil

अरमान मलिक
Armaan Malik

Vishal Mishra comes up a sweet and breezy tune. However when Compared to Radhan's Dooram this falls short. -Krithikaa

There's an attempt to create something fresh that would do justice to the lyrics that's evoking first love. Barring some soaring vocals there isn't anything memorable here. -Subrat

Too generic, there is nothing new or or original about it. -Sankhayan

Another indistinguishable song, except for opening masaalaa. -Ashok

My favorite song of the soundtrack. Such a stunning song! Armaan Malik’s charming voice & exquisite singing, Irshad Kamil’s words, Vishal Mishra’s beautiful composition make this song memorable. The song gets lovelier in antara when Armaan sings- Woh shehar bade honge boriyat bhare / Raunkein sabhi hoti tere hone se. It’s a comforting song that makes one’s soul happy. -Mihir

The song becomes an exercise in rolling out words in the same pitch. Where is the nuance? -Ketan

A Pritam-ish melody, delivered perfectly by Armaan Malik. Loved the complex structure of the antara! -Rujul

सफ़र  (नोटबुक)

safar (Notebook)

Tags: breezy, coming-of-age, contemplative, driving, feel-good, folk, journey, philosophical, road song, self awareness, suffer, travel

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

कौशल किशोर
Kaushal Kishore

मोहित चौहान
Mohit Chauhan

A very Imtiaz-Rahman kind of track. Loved the way the rabaab is used, and Mohit Chauhan has a gem to his credit after quite long. -Rujul

Could have been better. -Neha

If you have mohit chauhan and use him in compositions strikingly similar to Rockstar songs, you've missed an opportunity. If I were not making those comparisons, I might have rated higher! -Akanksha

A journey song, where vintage Mohit Chauhan rendition is accompanied by an acoustic guitar. This song actually belongs to the Imtiaz Ali universe. Good one, Vishal Mishra. -Mihir

I'm a sucker for this genre (safar song). This ticks all the boxes - it creates a sense of motion, the lyrics have a dash of phliosophy and Mohit Chauhan has been there and done that in this genre. It's like comfort food. -Subrat

Just another boring, lecturing-kind-of song. -Ashok

Beaten Template of Singing, Lyrics, Music & Philosophy.. Reminds so much of Rockstar.. Still listening Mohit after a while was the only good bit about the song. -Pavan

I cannot stand Mohit Chauhan's voice. -Hemendra

Lovely bit towards the end where Mohit Chauhan does some free gliding improvisation. -Sankhayan

Nothing new here - it seems that some ideas are not original. -Abhay

प्रील्यूड में म्यूज़िकल इंस्ट्रूमेंट के तौर पर रबाब और गिटार से अच्छी शुरुआत बन पड़ती है, लेकिन गाना उसे बांधे नहीं रख पाता।. -विकास

Good to hear Mohit Chauhan after a long time but the accompanying music seemed similar to previous songs he has done. -Sunil

Another nice tune but the singer struggles with breathing and pronunciaton. -Ketan

Above Average song with a strong call back to Ilahi at places. -Krithikaa

नइ लगदा  (नोटबुक)

na_i lagadaa (Notebook)

Tags: angry, feel-good, folksy, grand, large-scale, love ballad, orchestral, punjabi, romantic, sarangi, soft, soft romantic, tadap

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

अक्षय त्रिपाठी
Akshay Tripathi

विशाल मिश्रा, असीस कौर
Vishal Mishra, Asees Kaur

Vishal Mishra is a promising talent. His compositions are neat with emphasis on melody. -Mihir

Vishal's has a great voice quality! Notice how he says 'qissa' and not 'kissa'. Antara feels like Adnan Sami's 'Tera Chehra'! This a good song overall. -Akanksha

Nothing unique about the tune, but the instruments, esp sarangi, add character to the song. -Aditya

Composition seems to be done on auto-pilot. -Ashok

Nothing remarkable. -Abhay

सारंगी की फ़िल्मों से रवानगी पूरी तरह नहीं हुई, इसका सुनाई देते रहना सुकून देता है. -विकास

The tune improves with Asees Kaur joining in. Till then it's just high pitched singing. -Ketan

An intense song that should have got its share of populatrity but perhaps got lost because the movie didn't work. -Naresh

This one has such a large-scale musical arrangement, it is tough not to get lost in it while listening to it. Vishal's singing is top-notch and he is well complemented by the low notes of Asees Kaur. -Rujul

Song fades away after a beautful opening. Wish it had stayed a ballad. The dholak is just too pronounced! -Hemendra

The singing raises the song beyond the fairly mediocre arrangement and melody. -Subrat

Have a soft corner for Sarangi in songs. Lovely use of strings in the song. -Sunil

मदारी  (द एक्स्ट्राऑर्डिनरी जर्नी ऑफ़ द फ़कीर)

madaarii (The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir)

Tags: burmanesque, dance, funky, jumla, pop-rock, quirky, serenading, upbeat, club, party, wooing

अमित त्रिवेदी
Amit Trivedi

अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

विशाल दादलानी, निकिता गाँधी
Vishal Dadlani, Nikhita Gandhi

RD Burman would be super proud of Amit Trivedi's tune composed in what I call the burman style. Vishal Dadlani adds insane energy through his singing and Anvita Dutt's excellent lyric adds zing to the proceedings. "Chand ki chapati ko
Chalaki se chalaki se khila dun / Aaja gud sang tujhe" is something I would love to be serenaded with. -Krithikaa

I missed more from Amit Trivedi this year. -Neha

Last year Amit Trivedi was everywhere, this year, probably this is the only song compsed by him. Good, clear arrangement but suffers from a bit of AT hangover. -Hemendra

There’s a nice ‘weirdness’ in the song. Reminds me of ‘Lets break up’ from Dear Zindagi, also composed by Trivedi and sung by Dadlani. -Sankhayan

Fun song but nothing extraordinary otherwise. -Ketan

Weird song, and doesn't feel original. -Abhay

Humorous enough, but musical? -Ashok

Quirky lyrics and wonderful rendition by Vishal Dadlani. Sounds like Padman's Sayaani in some places though. -Rujul

This song sounds like something lost from the 70s and 80s. Incredibly dated vibe. -DM

A song starts with some promise for the opening Jumlas but fizzles out soon.. Anvita tries hard to be a Gulzar on one hand and Sameer and fails at Both. -Pavan

Ok, even if you strain really hard you won't realise it is an Amit Trivedi song. He's conspicuous by his absence this year and when you hear this song, you wished he didn't make this token presence too. Though I heard the other song of this film (Angrezi Luv Shuv) and that seems to be a better track. -Subrat

Seemed like an average song. Did not feel like listening to it more than once. Had a déjà vu feel listening to it. One of the weaker songs by Amit. -Sunil

Not impressed by Amit Trivedi here. -Mihir

Paisa vasool! -Armeen

चन्ना  (गन पे डन)

channaa (Gun Pe Done)

Tags: breezy, eyes, love, punjabi, romantic, sentimental, serene, silence, soft, soft romantic, wistful

रिमि धर
Rimi Dhar

सावेरी वर्मा
Saaveri Verma

चिन्मयी श्रीपाद, जाज़िम शर्मा
Chinmayi Sripaada, Jazim Sharma

Nice to hear Chinmayi after long, but the composition could've been much stronger. -Rujul

This is really nice. I hadn’t heard this one before. Beautiful melody, I like the minimalism in the arrangement as well. Kind of old fashioned, reminds me of Kaise Kahoon Alvida from Yeh Saali Zindagi (for some reason, because there is no direct similarity). -Sankhayan

Great vocals especially by Jasim. -Sunil

What is this new generation lazy singing! a song I would have missed had it not been for this exercise! thank you! -Neha

I absolutely love this song. Jazim Sharma, who had fantastic songs last year in Manmarziyaan, and Chinmayi, as always, sound beautiful in this duet. It is unfortunate that some of the better songs of the year are buried in obscure movies. -Nagarajan

Song weaves an acoustic feel and a "Sufi" feel well. -DM

There’s serenity (sukoon) in Jazim’s and Chinmayi’s singing. Hear the song for two prolific singers. -Mihir

I love Jasim's voice, but the song is average. -Hemendra

Mellow bland. Nice enough. -Ashok

Love the little refrains of flute and chinmayi. -Krithikaa

We are back in assembly line territory. All familiar, overdone stuff - high pitched male singing, soft femal voice overlaying it, some whispering chorus and some Punjabi words strewn all over. -Subrat

Perfecting the art of stitching together several meaningful phrases into a meaningless dump. As bland as they come. -Aditya

Pleasant tune but really doesn't do anything more. -Ketan

थिरकते  (क़िस्सेबाज़)

thirakate (Kissebaaz)

Tags: classical based, dance, feel-good, fusion, seeking, soft rock, sufi, sufi rock


रोहन गोखले
Rohan Gokhale

कैलाश खेर
Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher's rendition earns an extra half point. Else, it is the same heavily orchestrated, semi classical tune sung at a high pitch to create some sense of drama. -Subrat

Appealing song. -Ashok

Weird mix and match going on here. -Abhay

Kailash Kher's singing is the highlight of the song which has some twists and turns. -Hemendra

I like the earthiness. -Sankhayan

Kailash Kher's voice sounds refreshing, and Rohan-Rohan's fusion is brilliant, esepically the concluding one minute. -Rujul

Starts very well with tabla bols. Even the jugalbandi between the tabla and piano at the end was cool. -Sunil

Kailash Kher seems like repeating himself in such songs. -Naresh

Unusual and nice tune but the singing mars the beauty. Could have been a really good song even with the discordant piano notes in the middle. -Ketan

Composition is all over the place. The last 20 seconds with tabla bols and jazzy music show some promise but it is too little, too late. -Aditya

ख़ैरियत  (छिछोरे)

Khairiyat (Chhichhore)

Tags: bhatt camp, bhattish, dated, emotional, haunting, jumla, longing, love, nostalgic, romantic, sentimental, typical arijit ballad, yearning, melancholy


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Found this song to be bland and without much of a pull. I find Arijit's song delivery to be repetitive. -Sunil

How did this make it to the list. 2019 seems like a very dry year musically. -Neha

A typical Pritam melody, quite like what he would present in his Bhatt albums. The other version is much better, though, the one tagged as 'Bonus Version', it has better arrangements. -Rujul

Pritam-Arijit combo deliver yet another romantic hit. Arijit is unbeatable in this genre. Amitabh’s words succeed in evoking the feeling of pining for someone. -Mihir

Arijit 'Monotone' Singh at it again. Orchestration is a bit too electronic and busy. Almost as if it is trying to drown out his voice. -Ketan

Here's a formula- pick up an urdu dictionary and find words similar to khairiyat - kaifiyat, haisiyat, tie them up with mausam, ishq, deewana and you have a song. Meh! -Akanksha

Dated. -Krithikaa

Run of the mill stuff from Pritam. -Naresh

Like any other Arijit song :). -Aditya

This sounds like a generic Bhatt-movie song. -DM

I'm sure there's Pritam-Arijit-Amitabh random song generator. Nothing can explain the feeling of having heard this song a hundred times before while I'm hearing it for the first time. -Subrat

Arijit on automode, but still has its pleasures. -Sankhayan

Typical Arijit song. I am getting a bit fatigued by songs made to order for Arijit. Okay, nothing amazing! -Hemendra

All the Arijit songs are just so similar. -Abhay

Lyrics fine. Tune is ordinary. Singing not bad. -Ashok

जय जय शिव शंकर  (वार)

jay jay shiv sha.nkar (War)

Tags: camaraderie, celebration, dance, danceoff, dosti, drum, edm, foot-tapping, funky, holi, jugalbandi, percussion, upbeat, visual



विशाल दादलानी, बेनी दयाल
Vishal Dadlani, Benny Dayal

A fantastic dance track booming with infectious energy. Dadlani and Benny’s vocals do great justice to the dance face-off between two leads on screen. -Mihir

The song is fine up to the first 3 words. Then I prefer "kaanta.n laage na kankar" to "mood hai bhayankar". Also the tune bears a lot of similarity to "Pappu can't dance saala". -Ketan

Yeh sab kya ho raha hai, beta Duryodhan. -Subrat

RIP originality! -Akanksha

The beats are the highlight of the song. -Krithikaa

When a song is supposed to be a vehicle to showcase the dancing talents of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, I can imagine the pressure. The music conveys energy, more so as it picks up towards the end. -Sunil

Not sure how this song was picked. forgettable. -Hemendra

The percussion plays an important role here, as does the jugalbandi between Vishal and Benny. Loved the complicated structure of the antara and wish the song had another antara. -Rujul

Got an unbeatable energy, Imaginative rhyming of ‘shankar’ and ‘bhayankar’. -Sankhayan

Bhayankar dancing! -Armeen

काश  (द ज़ोया फैक्टर)

kaash (The Zoya Factor)

Tags: bike ride, club, dance, easy listen, edm, electro, finding each other, imaginary, popular, pump-up, romantic, serenade, upbeat, techno


अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य
Amitabh Bhattacharya

अरिजित सिंह, अलीसा मेंडोसा
Arijit Singh, Alyssa Mendonsa

More elevator music. -Armeen

It is a feel good song. Quintessentially Arijit. -Akanksha

When Arijit Sing(s), every song becomes a Soya Factor. The female singer tries her best to ape him for reasons unknown. -Ketan

Amitabh's lyrics take this song to a plane higher. -Naresh

If you listen cursorily, you might be forgiven to believe there's some good wordplay at work. On closer listening, it's mostly too clever by half and derivative lacking any soul. A regular melody that Arijit Singh sings like a million other songs he's sung. -Subrat

An addictive SEL romantic EDM track, harks back to the SEL of 2010 and before. It isn't for nothing that they are the kings of the musical rom-com genre! It is a pleasure to hear Alyssa Mendonsa after long. -Rujul

"...teri haraarat se khud ko se.nkti hain" must be the most romantic line of the year. -Aditya

Too templateish to be impactful. -Sankhayan

It's just OK. -Abhay

This is typical fare from SEL. Alyssa has a good voice. Would like to hesr more of her voice. -Sunil

Interesting lyrics; music is routine. -Ashok

Sweet and Trippy song about finding love and falling in love. Arijit and Alyssa's vocal contrast is interesting. Funnily, the meherbaani line takes me to masoom hai o meri masooma from "The Sky is Pink" and the number of times, I've jumped from one song to a different song when singing along is innumerable. -Krithikaa

Average song by SEL, but Arijit & Alyssa’s varied voice textures give this song an edge. That stretched Kaaaaash sound is jarring though. -Mihir

Too many songs sounding similar, every sound feels like the other. -Hemendra

फ़कीरा  (स्टूडेंट ऑफ़ द इयर)

fakiiraa (Student of the Year 2)

Tags: addictive, dance, duet, folk, melody, plastic, punjabi, romantic, sentimental, soft rock, soft romantic, sufi, sufi-pop


अन्विता दत्त
Anvita Dutt

विशाल-शेखर, सनम पुरी, नीति मोहन
Vishal-Shekhar, Sanam Puri, Neeti Mohan

An addictive Sufi rock love song, Vishal-Shekhar show that they still have that experimental spark alive in their music. -Rujul

We are back in fakira, mahi territory with some kind of Sufi rock fusion that you have heard a million times (unsolicitied). -Subrat

This is a bit in that Ishq Bulava zone, but I like how Vishal Shekhar is able to bring out the basic sweetness of Punjabi with a certain simplicity. -Sankhayan

Plastic Sul for Plastic Generation. -Pavan

Interesting orchestration, female voice clearly superior here. Could have been better. -Ketan

Time pass. -Armeen

Tune and singing ok, but overload of "Punjabi" detracts. -Ashok

Might be a relief from the other dance numbers from this album, but there is nothing great about Fakiira either! -Akanksha

Sanam Puri salvages the song. -Krithikaa

It’s a lovely ‘Vishal-Shekhar’ style melody. Sanam Puri had sung for V-S in Ishq bulava which I like. Here also they have got a winning romantic duet. The melodious romantic numbers have become a rarity in Bollywood. -Mihir

Catchy, but emimently forgettable :). -Aditya

Won't listen to this again. -Abhay

की होंदा प्यार (पुरुष)  (जबरिया जोड़ी)

kii ho.ndaa pyaar (male) (Jabariya Jodi)

Tags: ambient, arijit, dreamy, electronic, haunting, ishq, meaning of love, punjabi, romantic, sad, sentimental, separation, soulful, sufi, sufi rock

विशाल मिश्रा
Vishal Mishra

राज शेखर
Raj Shekhar

अरिजित सिंह
Arijit Singh

Nobbad. The hook line is interesting, in terms of the rhythm. And Arijit is in full control. -Sankhayan

Meh! Yet another song with the same Punjabi lyrics which is now becoming the Indian equivalent of a country song--lyrics are all about love, truck and horse (in case of Punjab it would be tractor and bull). -Ketan

An ambient romantic melody, grows with time, and totally in Arijit's forte. Vishal Mishra is promising! -Rujul

Question- when the movie is set in Bihar, why do we have this song in Punjabi? Force fitting punjabi lyrics in dance or sad numbers has to stop. Average song at best. -Akanksha

Love the strings and love that digression towards the end. Arijit is competent but I couldn't enjoy the singing thanks to Arijit fatigue. Neha's version worked better for me. "mera mehram maare taane, mera ishq reham na jane, kaise sache preet lagake bhi tu kalla reh gaya ve" - Rajshekar has a way with words. Modeled on Tuhje Bhula Diya, Ki Honda Pyaar has everything going for it except for its palette. There has been so many of these Punjabi love/heartbreak numbers that one starts tiring of this song after a certain number of loops. -Krithikaa

Is it me or do all Arijit songs sound like it is the same song over and over? -Neha

Biharis of this film can best express their innermost emotions in Punjabi! -Aditya

Neha Kakkar's version has an edge over Arijit's. -Naresh

Listens to the song for 3 mins - Arijit Singh goes into tutta mahi dil in loop - screams into pillow for the next 5 mins in agony. -Subrat

Typical Arijit. Could be worse. -Ashok

दिल का टेलीफ़ोन  (ड्रीम गर्ल)

dil kaa Telephone (Dream Girl)

Tags: 90s bollywood, comedic, dance, foot tapping, fun, light-hearted, party, peppy, quirky, rapchik, retro, shaadi number, spoof, telephone, dramatic, quirky

मीत ब्रदर्स
Meet Bros


नकश अज़ीज़, जोनिता गाँधी, मीत ब्रदर्स
Nakash Aziz, Jonita Gandhi, Meet Bros

The most funny song of the year, and coupled with the video, it makes for a laugh fest. The nasal twang in Jonita's vocals is amazing and makes it sound retro. Nothing great about the music though. -Rujul

Has a tune, but doesn't feel new and lyrics are a trun off. -Abhay

The hook is catchy, but not enough to sustain the song. -Aditya

Something you can shake a leg with. It’s along the lines of the Kanika Kapoor songs from five years back (Baby Doll, Chittiya Kallaiyaan). -Sankhayan

There's nothing remotely redeeming in this song except it's not one of the assembly line products I have heard so far. Only for that break that my ears have got, I give an extra 0.5 points. -Subrat

From the time of "Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon" , 'telephone' songs have appeared every now and then. Jonita Gandhi seems like a talented and versatile singer. -Sunil

Dated & Lifeless - Pakaau. -Pavan

This dil ka telephone needs to lose its SIM card. -Ketan

I mean...maybe there's some appeal to this song but strictly for brass bands! -Hemendra

Highly processed vocals get annoying. -Mihir

Catchy! -Armeen

Cute enoough, but wouldn't want to listen to it again. -Ashok

A DJ favorite for the year. -Naresh

Jonita's voice has a great throw to it and pulls off this quirky song well. -Akanksha

Jonita and Nakash are wonderful in an otherwise average song. -Krithikaa

एक लड़की को देखा  (एक लड़की को देखा तो ऐसा लगा)

ek la.Dakii ko dekhaa (Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga)

Tags: ballad, breezy, burman, flirty, folksy, popular, recreation, remake, reprise, romantic, soft romantic, title, tribute, reprise, smitten

आर डी बर्मन, रोचक कोहली
R D Burman, Rochak Kohli

जावेद अख़्तर, गुरप्रीत सैनी
Javed Akhtar, Gurpreet Saini

रोचक कोहली, दर्शन रावल
Rochak Kohli, Darshan Raval

From "how dare they touch this song" to "yeah this is good!"- Rochak has done a good job of retaining the soul but experimenting skillfully. The beginning is beautiful and I loved Darshan's voice in it. The use of punjabi lyrics is great way to avoid direct comparisons with Javed sb's feat. -Akanksha

Take an excellent melody, mangle it and then pepper it with random Punjabi words and voila, you have a winner (not) on your hands. -Subrat

It’s an interesting take on R.D. Burman’s classic from 1942 a love story. Rochak Kohli uses the prelude music of the original and develops it into a song. I hope this helps the new generation to discover the original Pancham song. -Mihir

Well mixed. -Naresh

I like how Rochak uses the musical parts of the old song and turns it into a vocal part here, but also can't help but wish it had been sung by someone else. -Rujul

Starts off with promise, then slips into generic territory. Husky voiced Arijit hangover in the singing. -Sankhayan

Mercifully short; usual Punjabi sprinkling, irritating huskiness. -Ashok

It has a not-bad melody. But I am biased against remixes. If it's not original, no good for me,. -Abhay

Well done, but the refrain credit makes me give it only 1. -Neha

No effort made to spice up the tune. If anything a 25 year old tune has been made even more bland. -Ketan

Rochak cleverly vocalizes the instrumental passges from Burman's iconic song in this recreation and the singing is mellow and fluid. While the idea to vocalize instrumental passages is neat, docking major points for the fact that it is a recreation and not an original composition. -Krithikaa

Whatever good in the song is just the borrowed hook, which adds the value to a below average song otherwise.. -Pavan

An experiment that does not really work. -Aditya

Brownie points ONLY for Pancham :) Honestly though, why? -Hemendra

Nice remake, but 0 on principle because of remake. -DM

RDB's melody retains its freshness. -Sunil

मखना  (ड्राइव)

makhanaa (Drive)

Tags: beach, breezy, casual, club, dance, feel-good, foot-tapping, happy, house, love, party, plastic, priamesque, road-trip, rustic flavoured dance number, trance, upbeat, vacation

तनिष्क बागची
Tanishk Bagchi

ओज़िल दलाल, तनिष्क बागची
Ozil Dalal, Tanishk Bagchi

यासर देसाई, असीस कौर
Yasser Desai, Asees Kaur

Generic party song. -DM

Lacks the magic. -Naresh

Tanishk's composition has a strong call back to tum hi bandhu from cocktail .Short, trippy and catchy. -Krithikaa

Maybe a good party dance song. -Abhay

Curious to know how this song was even conceived!! -Aditya

Oh no.. Not another Malang.. Yet there is something to love this song for.. Some brownies for Asees Kaur. -Pavan

Asees Kaur tries hard but the tune lets her down even though it has a good opening line, the same as 'Dama dam mast qalandar'. -Ketan

It’s too derivative of Tum hi ho bandhu from Cocktail. -Sankhayan

Better of the bad ones. -Ashok

There's some malang, some makhna, some catchy beats and that Sufi Bhangra mutant kind of singing. I'm sure braver and better men and women than me would listen to this more than once. -Subrat

Nothing new, typical catchy dance song, like so many others. -Neha

The quintessential road-trip song of the year. Tanishk is impressive with original compositions, why can't producers get it? Asees sounds amazing as does Yasser. The production of this track is amazing too. -Rujul

This song goes straight into upbeat Bollywood songs playlist. Bright and cheerful melody, Asees Kaur’s trance like rendition, great music production - work for the song. There is a slight Tum-hi-ho-bandhu cocktail hangover here. -Mihir

इशक़ छलिया  (पल पल दिल के पास)

ishaq chhaliyaa (Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas)

Tags: bhangra-disco, club, contemporary, dance, generic, jazz, love song, peppy, punjabi, upbeat



परम्परा ठाकुर, सचेत टंडन
Parampara Thakur, Sachet Tandon

Some parts of the song are interesting. -Abhay

The standard Punjabi fare with a bit of innovation thrown in. An extra point for that extra effort to make it sound different. -Subrat

Sachet-Parampara always offer something interesting in Bollywood Punjabi template. Quite like the arrangement of the song. A decent track. -Mihir

The brass not heard much this year and this song fillsup the some space.. Sachet-Parampara does a breezy job here. -Pavan

There are other better songs in this underheard album. -Nagarajan

Instantly forgettable Punjabi song with overdone autotune. -DM

Is there a need for the speed singing? Why not take the time to pronounce each word and let the meaning sink in to what you are singing. -Ketan

Beats are catchy but the songs is forgettable. -Hemendra

I love how the song begins starting with that miniscule waltzy bit launching that high energy bhangra-disco. -Krithikaa

There are much better songs in the album! -Rujul

Intersting progression in the hook line. -Aditya

Just a noisy 'Punjabi' song. -Ashok

Horrible! That this song even made it to the list. -Neha

चले आना  (दे दे प्यार दे)

chale aanaa (De De Pyaar De)

Tags: 90s-ish, background, bhatt, melancholic, romantic, sad, sad romantic, sentimental, separation, soft

अमाल मलिक
Amaal Malik

कुणाल वर्मा
Kunaal Vermaa

अरमान मलिक
Armaan Malik

Usual bland one; add a point for not using Arijit Singh. -Ashok

Very generic. I don’t have much to say about it. -Sankhayan

There's no getting away from these, is there? Some kind of template of a soulful song has been made it into a law of late in HFM, I guess. Nothing else can explain such faithful assembly line garbage. -Subrat

Horrible song. why would it be in the list. -Neha

Not sure how songs like these become popular. Nothing worth remembering, maybe Amaal's singing a tad. -Hemendra

Ho Hum. -Aditya

One of the better songs from the year . Competent singing, Above average lyrics but the dated Bhatt camp template is a mood killer. -Krithikaa

Amaal Mallik's melody is strong, and Armaan's vocals are refined as usual. Those are the redeeming points that basically hold the song together, not to forget Amaal's wonderfully ambient arrangements! -Rujul

Soft, melodious, arrangement of the song is the highlight of the song. -Naresh

Overall ho-hum effort. The tune has nothing in it to make it stand out. -Ketan

Actually has a melody, but the lyrics and arrangement doesn't do it a justce. -Abhay

Generic. -DM
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