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रफ़ू (तुम्हारी सुलु)
rafuu (Tumhari Sulu)

शांतनु घटक शांतनु घटक रोंकिनी गुप्ता  
2.96  2.70  3.21   
Santanu Ghatak Santanu Ghatak Ronkini Gupta  
Jury comments

Fine example of ‘Beauty lies in simplicity’. -Anup

The simplicity of "rafu" is it's biggest strength. The lack of pretension in the lyrics, the composition, and the orchestration had my ears sighing in relief. -Shalini Razdan

Ronkini Gupta's classy voice shines through in this lovely song minimially arranged with just an acoustic guitar. -Param

Very nice light touch without sounding weightless...conspicuously classically based tune (glimpses of Gaud Malhar, Chhayanat. etc.) without being overbearing. -Sanjeev

Song of the year for me. -Nishant

Uncommon lyrics, lovely melody, good singing and this is why keeping it simple works. This can be performed on a large stage as well as sung in a private setting. Perfect. -Arun Simha

Not too many harkats and murkis keep the song light and easy. Gaud Malhar is beautiful. Using only the guitar and not any other instrument, biig win!. -Meera

One of the year's most remarkable debuts was that of Santanu Ghatak, with the one song in Tumhari Sulu that he wrote and composed, doing well on both counts. And yet the song's top performer is Ronkini Gupta who simply owns the classically nuanced rendition. -Vipin

Beautiful use of words. And the music and singing make sure your attention is not diverted from the lyrics. -Harshit

अजीब ज़माना आ गया है! अब तक तो कपड़ा या कोई उसका हिस्सा रफ़ू होता था. ग़ालिब कह गए हैं ”हमारी जेब को अब हाजत-ए-रफ़ू क्या है” लेकिन अब तो ख़ुद डोरी रफ़ू होने लगी (कुछ तूने सी हैं मैंने की हैं रफ़ू ये डोरियाँ)? इसके बावजूद गाने के बोल अच्छे हैं ... pleasant surprise to hear Ronkini after her SRGMP appearance (where I personally liked her quite a bit). -UVR

One of my favorite songs for the year with charming, well trained voice of Ronkini Gupta, and lovely lyrics and music by Shantanu Ghatak. -Vaishali

Cute and Poignant at the same time! -Arun Verma

Santanu Ghatak produces Tumhari Sulu’s best, the delightfully mellow Rafu, featuring beautifully involved vocals by Ronkini Gupta. -Karthik

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