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सुन भँवरा (ओके जानू)
sun bha.Nwaraa (OK Jaanu)

ए आर रहमान ग़ुलज़ार शाशा तिरुपति  
3.19  2.61  3.20   
A R Rahman Gulzar Shashaa Tirupati  
Jury comments

This song is a showcase for Shasha Tirupati's incredible talent. Rahman's tune is solid but he chooses to keep the arrangement minimal (keys, some superb kora played by Keba and tabla) and gives the floor to Shasha. -Param

The true genius of Rahman lies in how he manages to create such beautiful music with a seemingly minimalist track, but when you gaze deeper you find all these layers of complexity. -Omkar

Bhimsen Joshi used to state that the grammar of the lyrics should not be made secondary to the tune. I found the U in 'sun' to be elongated, making the word sound like 'soon soon bhavara' instead of 'sun' which might confound a lot of people, not just purists. Therefore, I dinged points for bad composition as well as for the singer for going along witn it. -Arun Simha

Incredible composition by Rahman. Gulzar saab lyrics shine too:
choome ka.Nval aur sau sau qasame.n, sau sau qasame.n khaaye. -Arun Verma

शानदार गाना। बोल कमाल। गायकी और संगीत कमाल. -Yunus

Similar reaction to previous song - pretty pieces, but hard to say they come together well...song meanders. -Sanjeev

If only it was a bha.Nwaraa. It remains a bhawaraa throughout, except last couple of instances. :(. -Harshit

Shashaa Tirupathi is currently the finest young female singer, and this song is a testament. -Anup

When was the last time you got to hear the tanpura in a film song? -Nishant

The soundtrack’s best is Malargal kaettaen-equivalent, Sunn bhavara! Set to raag Bihag, Shashaa Tirupati aces the lush semi-classical melody, beautifully supported by the tabla. -Karthik

I loved the tune and the singing immensely! One of ARR’s best in these recent times! -UVR

Shashaa Tirupati had a fine 2017 across multiple industries, and Sun Bhanwra was one of her best renditions of the year - especially since the song had bare minimum arrangement and largely relied on her singing prowess. -Vipin

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