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पंछी उड़ गया (न्यूटन)
pa.nchhii u.D gayaa (Newton)

नरेन चंदावरकर, बेनेडिक्ट टेलर वरुण ग्रोवर मोहन कानन  
2.20  2.57  2.27   
Naren Chandavarkar, Benedict Taylor Varun Grover Mohan Kannan  
Jury comments

Easy listening. Simple yet effective. -Nishant

So anyone with a guitar can sing...simplicity is a virtue - to a point. -Sanjeev

Wait, was that an ukelele in the background? The MD must have fought the producer to include this song in the CD, but theere is a bit of magic in a non-traditional song that reminds one of a death march. Superb lyrics. For sure, this will not be sung or hummed anytime soon by listeners, but that was not the point of the song. -Arun Simha

इस बरस के सबसे अच्‍छे गीतों में से एक। इस गाने में थियेटर वाले संस्‍कार हैं। गाने की लंबाई बहुत कम है। इतने कम शब्‍दों में गाना अपनी बात कह ले जाता है। मोहन की गायकी शानदार है। इस साल का हासिल है ये गाना। -Yunus

The low-key music and the almost droning vocals is quite soothing to the point of being sleep-inducing. :-) Liked it. -Shalini Razdan

Rhyme without reason. I expected better of Varun Grover. First of all the 'chalte chalte khud rasta mud gaya' suffers from a Gulzar hangover. But lines like 'kisse mein naya panna jud gaya, tujhko dekh ke panchhi ud gaya'?! What is the connection between the lines even! Maybe I need to see the movie to get the nuances but right now it is just plain annoyingly written. -Megha

Interesting lyrics by Varun Grover - leave you asking for more from this short duration song. Tune/orchestration is blah! -Arun Verma

Some songs have soul in them. -Meera

Mohan's baritone and the Amit Trivedi'sh opening promises an Udaan like anthem but doesn't quite deliver. Varun Grover's lyrics are nice but I thought that the metre sounded a little awkard. Given its atmospheric nature my sense is that I would like the song better if I saw the film. -Param

नोट: गानों को अंक केवल श्रेष्ठता के लिए दिए गए हैं. यानी एक आम गाने को कोई अंक नहीं दिया गया. केवल औसत से बेहतर प्रदर्शन के लिए अंक हैं. हर श्रेणी में अधिकतम अंक 5 हैं.
Note: The ratings/scores are on a positive-only scale. This means that an average performance gets a zero and the ratings go up from there. Maximum 5 marks per category.

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