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उल्लू का पट्ठा (जग्गा जासूस)
ulluu kaa paTThaa (Jagga Jaasoos)

प्रीतम अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य अरिजित सिंह, निकिता गाँधी  
2.78  2.61  2.70   
Pritam Amitabh Bhattacharya Arijit Singh, Nikhita Gandhi  
Jury comments

Enjoyable, but music is too synthetic. -Meera

Words like 'Dil Ullu Ka Pattha Hai’ goes well with this comic-book like film. Pritam embellishes with exotic elements. Lovely singing by Nikhita Gandhi. -Anup

Wacky lyrics and a catchy tune with some added chutney of the spanish guitaring. Mast hai bhel puri. -Nishant

क्‍या कहूं। जो है सो है। -Yunus

There’s so much to like in Ullu ka pattha – Vivienne Pocha’s ‘Ulule’ hook—with a clever yodel effect, Daniel García Diego’s scintillating Flamenco guitar, and the way multiple streams converge when Nikitha Gandhi starts, ‘Be sar pair ki…”. -Karthik

Catchy number. -Shalini Razdan

For me the catchiest song from the movie among those presented here... -Sanjeev

Amitabh B suffers in comparison with likes of Gulzar saab and Irshad Kamil. But this one had a cute stanza:
jaise aataa hai chuTakii me.n jaataa hai / dil 100-100 kaa chhuTTaa hai. -Arun Verma

The song won a lot of fan following, but I fail to see what’s so great about it. Just the presence of envelop-pushing lyrics? -UVR

Listless copy of "dil to bachcha hai". -Zafar

Lovely orchestration. -Vaishali

Quite unique and innovative words and thoughts that go well with the mood of the song. -Harshit

A nice, happy song. I didn't care much for the "ulule" refrain but the overall arrangement is solid. -Param

My favourite song from the album, Ullu Ka Pattha charms with its dominant European flavour, lent by some beautiful guitars (Daniel Garcia Diego and Rolan Fernandes) in the backdrop. -Vipin

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