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यादों में (जब हैरी मॆट सेजल)
yaado.n me.n (Jab Harry Met Sejal)

प्रीतम इरशाद कामिल मोहम्मद इरफ़ान, जोनिता गाँधी, कूका रोज़ेटा  
3.01  2.82  3.07   
Pritam Irshad Kamil Mohammed Irfan, Jonita Gandhi, Cuca Roseta  
Jury comments

Superlative singing, especially by Jonita Gandhi, but Mohammed Irfan sounds very different from his SaReGaMa voice and immediately following it. Jonita is superb! The chord progressions through which the tune weaves are lovely, and perfectly fit the forlornness which is central to the mood of the song. -UVR

Heartbreak and longing never sounded this deathly beautiful. Top-notch singing. -Anup

That tinge of Latino in Yaadon mein, and Mohammed Irfan and Portuguese singer Cuca Roseta’s searing vocals help the otherwise maudlin song. -Karthik

गायकी ही ठीक है बस।. -Yunus

Jonita Gandhi's voice mesmerizes as she languidly caresses each note. And Mohammad Irfan (whose voice I first noticed in Baarish from Yaariyan some years ago), sings his heart out in this. The combination is simply beautiful!. -Megha

The sound of a Goan Fado being sung at an Italian restaurant after a breakup. Mario Miranda has probably caricatured it many decades ago. -Arun Simha

Can't believe eight songs from this movie made the list! To call them pedestrian would be overating them. -Shalini Razdan

A searing heartbreak of a song! Composers can innovate at times without the innovation contributing much to the quality of the song. Not so in this case. Pritam's use of the Portugese musical genre Fado is apt - the sense of angst and longing in the song is palpable. Jonita Gandhi and Mohammed Irfan sing their hearts out and Cuca Roseta makes a good impression with her solitary Portugese line. -Param

Restrained but powerful voices of Jonita Gandhi and Mohammed Irfan. Piano, violins and Flamenco guitar are great in the background. -Vaishali

Beautiful. This is new and fresh, keeps you all ears till the end. Sounds like a melancholic fado from Portugal. -Meera

Didn't like the song much earlier, but it grew on me while marking. Loving the music and singing. -Harshit

Background song, feels borrowed from several places. Muffled sound makes it tricky to catch words, in the beginning hard to make out that it was a Hindi song (maybe it isn't)...those high notes by male vocals are impressive. -Sanjeev

Too slow. -Zafar

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