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सफ़र (जब हैरी मॆट सेजल)
safar (Jab Harry Met Sejal)

प्रीतम इरशाद कामिल अरिजित सिंह  
3.05  3.08  2.69   
Pritam Irshad Kamil Arijit Singh  
Jury comments

The refrain is catchy, no two ways about it — सफ़र का ही था मैं, सफ़र का रहा. (The motif of Life being an endless journey is a personal favorite, so I’m likely biased in favor of this song.). -UVR

Beautifully set words, well-arranged easy-paced music, and quite good singing, making an oft-repeatable song. -Harshit

Safar has a highly engaging Clapton’esque guitar base that accentuates Arijit’s singing significantly as he sings about Imtiaz’s favorite subject – journey!. -Karthik

It's different from the rest but not the best. I like the bass. -Meera

Some of the best songs from Imtiaz Ali movies have been travel-themed. In Jab Harry Met Sejal too the same has been the case with Safar - to me the year's best song. Amazing lines, amazing singing and absolutely addictive music. -Vipin

Dr Kamil at it again -- talks about internal fears here:
wo bhaTakaa saa rahii mere gaa.Nv kaa hii
wo rastaa puraanaa jise yaad aanaa
zaroorii thaa lekin jo royaa mere bin
wo ik meraa ghar thaa
puraanaa saa Dar thaa. -Arun Verma

Insipid singing takes the song down. -Zafar

Fun listen, Arijit showing some controlled rawness - nothing particularly Indian about it. -Sanjeev

Loved the opening guitar strumming and the percussion joining in.The opening line had me hooked. I really liked this 'conversational' song. Great writing. -Arun Simha

Best song from the movie!. -Shalini Ramachandran

बेहतरीन गीत। जब से मैं गांव से शहर हुआ, इतना कड़वा हुआ कि जहर हुआ….. गानों की कुछ पंक्तियां मुहावरा बन जाती हैं। इस गाने ने वो मुकाम पाया है। -Yunus

The guitar and the lyrics come together gorgeously to guide us along on the song's metaphorical journey. But above all, Arijit absolutely owns this song! His voice was made for numbers like this. -Megha

Irshad Saab’s literature again. A journey song but full of self-contemplation, introspection and yet tells more than that. Sample: “Jab se gaaon se shehar hua, itna kadwa ho gaya ki zehar hua”. A line not only about self-deprecation but also gentrification of a town (No wonder, in the music video, they tried to comment about the Kashmir politics). A relevant song runs long. This will be hailed as a masterpiece down the decades. And Pritam has given Arijit yet another concert song, though it took me time to warm up to his singing in this one. -Anup

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