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सूने साये (डियर माया)
soone saaye (Dear Maya)

अनुपम रॉय इरशाद कामिल हर्षदीप कौर  
2.43  2.24  2.51   
Anupam Roy Irshad Kamil Harshdeep Kaur  
Jury comments

Boring melody. -Zafar

One of the few I found easy to listen to. -UVR

Irshad Kamil’s poignant lines get the perfect vehicle in Harshdeep Kaur’s evocative vocals in Sune saaye. -Karthik

Harshdeep Kaur has a marvelous, mesmerizing voice. -Vaishali

Such an uplifting song! Anupam Roy uses his standard guitar/drum arrangement but trades the sarod he used so wonderfully in Piku for sitar. Harshdeep Kaur delivers yet again and one wonders what more she can do for Bollywood to make better use of her talent. -Param

Traces of 'kabira' from YJHD. More and more songs are starting to sound like more and more other songs, lately :-). -Megha

Anupam Roy has always excelled in breezy melodic pieces with rock-flavoured arrangements - Soone Saaye is another such piece. He also receives great help from singer Harshdeep Kaur here. -Vipin

She has a terrific voice, and she was very good in patches.The combination of acoustic guitar and sitar was unusual, in a good way. Full marks for the effort. -Arun Simha

Harshdeep is a great talent - a bit wasted here. -Arun Verma

केवल गायकी हर्षदीप की। -Yunus

High on melody. I like the calmness and warmth Harshdeep brings to every song with her vocals. -Meera

Nice sitar work in M2. -Sanjeev

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