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खोया खोया रास्ता (शेफ़)
khoyaa khoyaa raastaa (Chef)

रघु दीक्षित अंकुर तिवारी शाहिद माल्या  
2.89  2.38  2.79   
Raghu Dixit Ankur Tewari Shahid Mallya  
Jury comments

We should really more from Shahid Mallya. He has a honey like voice with a folk touch!. -Arun Verma

An old-fashioned melody one can sing along with. The fusion of sarangi and a semi-classical singing style with a guitar/drum arrangement is done very well. This isn't Shahid Mallya's best but still very good. -Param

Sarangi and violins with drums, another nice voice in Shahid Mallya, orchestra makes the song grow on you. -Vaishali

I thought it was Shankar Mahadevan singing until I looked at the credits! I liked it. -UVR

Starts off seeming very predictable, then without warning opens up nicely in the verse (up top). Nice use of sarangi, and the way it "winds its way back" to the mukhda is nice. -Sanjeev

I like how the sarangi is being used more and more in HFM lately. -Megha

Nostalgic tune. -Zafar

Reminiscent of Raghu's 'Amber'. He might as well have sung it himself. Not sure how Shahid's voice adds to the song's character. -Meera

Despite everything going well in it – good singing, nice arrangement – can’t feel for it. -Anup

Did I miss-hear it or were the lyrics off-meter? -Arun Simha

शाहिद मलया को इस नरमी वाले गाने में सुनकर अच्‍छा लगा. -Yunus

Bhoopali feel here and there. Did not cause earpain on a second listen. -Nishant

Liked this perhaps because it's the shortest song on the list. :-0 To be fair, Shahid Mallya has a pleasant if ordinary voice. -Shalini Razdan

A song that mainly serves the purpose of making the statement that Shahid Mallya deserves to be heard more often in Hindi films. -Vipin

Khoya khoya has an affable pathos that sometimes gets bogged down by Shahid Mallya’s whiny vocals. -Karthik

Lovely arrangement, and a good fusion between the Indian sarangi and the western strings. -Omkar

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