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बदनाम जिया दे गारी (अनारकली ऑफ़ आरा)
badanaam jiyaa de gaarii (Anaarkali of Aarah)

रोहित शर्मा रविंदर रंधावा रेखा भारद्वाज  
2.67  2.37  2.51   
Rohit Sharma Ravinder Randhawa Rekha Bhardwaj  
Jury comments

रेखा भारद्वाज की गायकी ने इस गाने को बहुत ऊंचाई दी है। संगीत गीत के मिजा़ज के मुताबिक है। 'दो पाट किया / मोहे बाँट दिया / जे कैसी मिलन की गाँठ पिया' अदभुत है ये गीत।. -Yunus

Patdeep/Pilu base; Rekha B. singing with her typical "languorous" throw, but that said, the refrain ("Tu Ne Hi Mujhe...") is hauntingly pained and melancholy. Happened to see the movie, may not have appreciated this song as much out of context. Bit of an issue with "taal" structure of mukhda - it's clearly a 14-beat feel, why the "half-bar" at "Saajna..." (encountered this with "Jagaave Saari Raina" from "Dedh Ishqiya" some years back). -Sanjeev

Patdeep-ish. Interesting use of tempo changes. Tabla could have been recorded better. -Nishant

It started well, but not terribly impressed by the singing. Not enough emotion via gamaks etc. -Arun Simha

Competent singing, decent music and arrangements, but the lyric just elevated the song to another level for me. “तू है छूत की धूत बिमारी!” — वाह!. -UVR

Lovely voice of Rekha bhardwaj shines through. -Arun Verma

I've tried mightly over the years to appreciate Rekha Bhardwaj but I remain unimpressed. She exemplifies the main takeaway for me for this year -decent compositions brought down by poor singing. -Shalini Razdan

A wonderfully crafted thumri by Rohit Sharma that Rekha Bhardwaj delivers in style. -Vipin

Rohit creates a poignant, beautifully raaga based thumri, Badnaam jiya that Rekha Bhardwaj handles with quintessential grace. -Karthik

Great use of Sarangi, Sitar and Tabla. -Vaishali

Nothing novel. -Meera

Very good singing by Rekha Bhardwaj. -Zafar

Lovely song that rises above the Bollywood clutter of similar sounding songs. -Param

Do I hear shades of Patdeep? Beautiful sarangi too. Rekha Bharadwaj is beautiful as ever. Unfortunately, songs like this are never destined to be mainstream. Created for a niche audience, they remain exactly there. -Megha

नोट: गानों को अंक केवल श्रेष्ठता के लिए दिए गए हैं. यानी एक आम गाने को कोई अंक नहीं दिया गया. केवल औसत से बेहतर प्रदर्शन के लिए अंक हैं. हर श्रेणी में अधिकतम अंक 5 हैं.
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