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बुल्लेया ... तू बात करे (सुल्तान)
bulleyaa ... tuu baat kare (Sultan)

विशाल-शेखर इरशाद कामिल पापोन  
1.88  1.84  1.93   
Vishal-Shekhar Irshad Kamil Papon  
Jury comments

Papon's voice elevates the song. -Vaishali

Despite the lyrics being a little inconsistent in their quality, the music, arrangement, and the overall song have come out really good. -Harshit

Papon is good (or maybe I like him despite such songs). There's nothing more to recommend here. Another Bulleya song to be forgotten the moment you finished hearing it. -Subrat

Decent attempt at a qawwali but never really takes off. -Shalini

Papon does a perfect job to this polished composition. -Naresh

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