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जुगनी (जुगनी)
juganii (Jugni)

क्लिंटन सेरेजो शेल्ली जावेद बशीर, क्लिंटन सेरेजो  
2.53  2.26  2.45   
Clinton Cerejo Shellee Javed Bashir, Clinton Cerejo  
Jury comments

Javed Bashir is energetic and the song has a foot tapping tempo that keeps you interested till the end. I hadn't heard this before and it was a pleasant surprise. -Subrat

Excellent mix of folk and strings, with a hint of Spanish orchestrations. Makes for an eclectic yet cohesive sound. Robust singing ties the song together. -Ramanand

Average. -Abhay

What an energy. Neat arrangement (infused with Spanish styled guitars) that never overpowers Javed Bashir's powerful singing. -Anup

Again, interesting, but can't really listen for pleasure; lyrics too folksy for me to judge. Not clear whether the solo or the duet version (called Unplugged) is nominated. I prefer the latter, among other reasons, because it's shorter. -Ashok

Falls short despite the distinct coke studio feel. -Naresh

Have a feeling this would be amazing as a live performance. As a recording, there is a loss in energy transmission between performers and listener. -Shalini

Didn't understand the words well. It was an enjoyable song though. -Vaishali

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