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होने दो बतियाँ (फ़ितूर)
hone do batiyaa.N (Fitoor)

अमित त्रिवेदी स्वानंद किरकिरे नंदिनी श्रीकर, ज़ेब बंगाश  
3.25  3.28  3.14   
Amit Trivedi Swanand Kirkire Nandini Srikar, Zeb Bangash  
Jury comments

Wonderful song. Female duets are rare these days, and this has a great combination of voices. Very engaging use of the Rabab. -Ramanand

Enchanting, lovely to lisen to a female-female duet so well synchronised. Amit Trivedi's genius shows. -Naresh

Beautiful folksy composition and the female singers bring the sleepy quality of the song to the fore. -Subrat

Mellow, so listenable, but that's about it. Is there a difference between "batiyaa.N" and "baate.n"? -Ashok

Lovely two female duet. I miss having same gender duets in films! This one is very welcome duet in that sense. -Neha

Interesting to have a romantic song as a female duet. The two voices complemented each other nicely. -Shalini

Folk influenced music, top notch arrangement. Song that talks about 'let the talk happen' is treated similarly by the terrific singers -- singing like a conversation. -Anup

Zeb and Nandini's wonderful rendition along with beautiful use of rabaab in the prelude and interludes brings an intrigue to this lovely song. Overall great song. -Vaishali

Excellent use of strings, the contrast between the two singers is quite obvious. -Aditya

Lovely singing, rare to hear female-female duets executed well these days, this one works. -Archana

Zeb and Nandini Srikar play off each other’s parts, handling and handing back the lines beautifully, amidst the lilting melody. -Karthik

The music could have been better in terms of extending the melody/depth. Singing is the best part of the song. -Harshit

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