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हानिकारक बापू (दंगल)
haanikaarak baapuu (Dangal)

प्रीतम अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य सरवर ख़ान, सरताज़ ख़ान, सद्दी अहमद  
3.05  3.58  3.15   
Pritam Amitabh Bhattarcharya Sarwar Khan Barna, Sartaz Khan Barna, Saddy Ahmad  
Jury comments

Lyrics really suit the movie, but it's just a funny song, nothing more. High marks for being perfect for movie. -Abhay

Can I give this one a 6? please please? It is by far the best song of this year! Amitabh has just taken it to a different level! -Neha

My favourite song of the year. Heady blend of hilarious lyrics, rustic music and spirited singing. And a perfect fit for the situation at that. -Aditya

Music, lyrics and singing all go perfectly well in the context of the film, providing exactly the entertainment they plan. -Harshit

The take-off on Gairon pe karam had me hooked (when I watched the movie) and then the lyrics got better. I won't listen to the song 5 years from now but I'm happy to hear this given the slim pickings of 2016. -Subrat

Superb lyrics and singing drive this excellent song - stands out in the crowd in this year and also fits the situation perfectly. -Ramanand

Delightful all the way ! Phrase 'Haanikarak Bapu' takes the cake. -Naresh

Song and lyrics "cuteify" child abuse, but the kid singers are hard to resist. -Shalini

Sarwar Khan and Sartaj Khan Barna’s—the Manganiyar singers who happen to be young kids—triumph. The kids bring a fabulously playful tone to the already ebullient tune. But lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya’s whimsical lines (“Sote jagte chhoot rahi hai, Aansu ki pichkari, Phir bhi khushna hua Mogambo, Hum tere balihari!) and Pritam’s energetic rock coating to the very-Rajasthani folk sound make the song even better. -Karthik

Interesting is all, esp. the lyrics, e.g., use of "haanikaarak"! Also, Amitaabh Bhattacharya channels Sahir from 'Aankhen'!! -Ashok

Creative lyrics, raw and fabulous young voices, fun song! -Vaishali

I just love this song - aptness of lyrics, cuteness factor in words and rendition not to mention humor, sinply make it an irresistable song for me - no its no musical classic but it’s a song I will remember, instantly recall and atleast smile when I think of it even years later - rare memorable number in these times, imho. -Archana

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