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खो गये हम कहाँ (बार बार देखो)
kho gaye ham kahaa.N (Baar Baar Dekho)

जसलीन रोयल प्रतीक कुहड़ जसलीन रोयल, प्रतीक कुहड़  
1.83  1.77  1.48   
Jasleen Royal Prateek Kuhad Jasleen Royal, Prateek Kuhad  
Jury comments

Not noisy is the only merit. -Ashok

nothing jarring, nothing exceptional…. -Archana

Boring song, atrocious singing. -Aditya

A very light, different sound, where the dreamy lyrics have been given all the importance. The novelty of the song is its USP. -Harshit

One of the better songs of the year for me. The way the lyrics are scanned are nice and the music is quite effective in an understated way. The singer (Jasleen Royal) is quite competent in carrying this song on the back of her voice with limited orchestration. -Subrat

A fine ballad but its similarity with The Moon Song by Karen O is too overwhelming to earn it any points. -Raja

Couldn't care for this song. -Neha

Largely nonedescript. -Naresh

Nice little ditty. The composition is spare but with nice progressions. The singing is at just the right volume for this, and very capably sung. -Ramanand

The singers sounds like really sleepy children. The quietness of the song is quite appealing. -Shalini

Lovely voices with minimalistic music. Very well done. -Vaishali

This song will mark as mainstream-ing of indie sound/singer. -Anup

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