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चोरी चोरी तेरी मेरी (हंटर)
chorii chorii terii merii (Hunterrr)

खामोश शाह खामोश शाह अरिजित सिंह, सोना महापात्र  
1.92  1.86  1.95   
Khamosh Shah Khamosh Shah Arijit Singh, Sona Mohapatra  
Jury comments

Sona Mohapatra lends some sunshine to the song, Arijit Singh is his jaded self. Yet, a nice breezy ditty. -Vibhendu

One of the underrated tracks this year. The song begins like it is playing on a Vinyl LP record. Arijit and Sona start whispering gently about their blossoming love. Both render it in a very uncharacteristic manner, which is a good change. Usually high-pitched Sona sings in a low-pitched tone here.
Some चटपटे phrases add to the flavor of the song. Be it तोड़ दे बंदिशों का गुब्बारा, धड़कनों की Ping-pong खेले हम दोबारा, or this one which goes well with the movie's theme-
दूसरों के दूध की कटोरी से, आँखें मूँद कर हम पी गये । -Mihir M

If you must have a lazy singing voice, do it this way, don't try too hard to show it. -Ketan

When will the new lyricists stop their disastrous efforts at imitating Gulzar!. -Aditya

Pleasingly simple... simply pleasing!. -Armeen

Arijit sounds good, Sona is a let down. -Shivani

Catchy enough, but perhaps the MD is better off being true to his name (couldn't resist)!. -Ashok

If there's one theme that's worked this year, it's retro. This is slow paced song (with a cuckoo cooing in between) and for a change Arijit is singing a different song (differently). Don't mind it at all. -Subrat

Another discovery for me!. -Neha

A big five for the best duet of the year. It’s cute, simple, and what a wonderful choice of vocalists (Sona is amazing). The music is not spectacular but techniques aside, it hits a chord with the lyrics, singing, and rhythm. -Sowmya

Cute song. -Vinayakam

It would be hard not to like this song, especially after one has seen the film and realizes the underlying playfulness and naughtiness that the lyricist is attempting to bring out, through the words. "Doosron ke doodh ki katori se, Aankhein moond ke hum pee aaye..". -Vikas

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