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ये कैसी जगह (हमारी अधूरी कहानी)
ye kaisii jagah (Hamari Adhuri Kahani)

जीत गांगुली रश्मि सिंह, विराग मिश्रा दीपाली साठे, ज़ुबिन गर्ग  
1.57  1.48  1.64   
Jeet Ganguli Rashmi Singh, Virag Mishra Deepali Sathe, Zubeen Garg  
Jury comments

Forgettable. -Neha

Beautiful vocal support by the male voice. -Sunil

The composition is not engaging enough. Below average song. -Mihir M

Not a great song, but sung very well. Very melodious voice. -Abhay

Good tune, lyrics. The song stays with you and you find yourself humming it often. I have no idea why there is a need for a male singer to make noises in the song. -Ketan

Another Ashiqui kind of song. Boring and unoriginal. -Sowmya

There's something in Deepali Sathe's singing, that I cannot quite describe, but it really bothers me in this song: she sounds too "chulbuli" for the words in the lyric. -UVR

Beautiful composition by Jeet Ganguly. -Shivani

Again, there's such sense of fatigue listening to these songs that I can't hear them more than once. No idea why this is on this list. -Subrat

The song expectedly has a very Bhatt-esque feel. -Aditya

नोट: गानों को अंक केवल श्रेष्ठता के लिए दिए गए हैं. यानी एक आम गाने को कोई अंक नहीं दिया गया. केवल औसत से बेहतर प्रदर्शन के लिए अंक दिए गए हैं. हर श्रेणी में अधिकतम अंक 5 हैं.
Note: The ratings/scores are on a positive-only scale. This means that an average performance gets a zero and the ratings go up from there. Maximum 5 marks per category.

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