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दर्द करारा (दम लगा के हइशा)
dard karaaraa (Dum Laga Ke Haisha)

अनु मलिक वरुण ग्रोवर कुमार सानु, साधना सरगम  
1.68  1.99  1.79   
Anu Malik Varun Grover Kumar Sanu, Sadhana Sargam  
Jury comments

Very good re-creation of the 90s mood, without dumbing down the lyrics. -Aditya

1991 represented the peak of my Hindi film viewing as a 14 year old. I watched, possibly, every single film released that year. Listening to songs of 1988-1995 time frame is my guilty pleausre. So, an extra point for reminding me of those times where the compositions were bad but I listened to them nonetheless. -Subrat

गीत की बीट्स व कुमार शानू नब्बे के दशक की याद ले आते हैं। -मनीष

Gosh! this one got in the final list! i dread a return to the 90s of this song type!. -Neha

Never thought would say this but loved Kumar Sanu in this song. Took me to the 90’s instantly :). -Vinayakam

4 to Varun Grover for writing so Sameer!. -Shivani

A nice reminder of the 90s. It ends there though!. -Sowmya

Sounds like a recycled tune from 90s Govinda movies. -Abhay

Sanu sounds better than the current crop (yes I know how hard it is to say that) but even then the song "dard kara ra "ha hai. -Ketan

Is it 2015?!. -Ashok

Catchy and totally apt for the situation (good old 90s!). Sanudaa sounds good, Sadhna Sargam is tired. I'm kicking myself for not nominating "Tu..." and "Sundar Susheel" (way better than most songs nominated this year). -Armeen

Now THIS is the Anu Malik we all know and love (to hate? :-P) -- complete with Kumar Nasu and Sadhana Sargam! aur kuchh kahanaa baaqii hai kyaa? -UVR

This one takes you back to good ol’ 90s. The songs begins with 90s ठेका reminiscent of Anu’s own ‘Tumsa koi pyara koi masoom nahi hai’. Sanu da and Sadhana Sargam join the fun soon. There is a quintessential female chorus, rhyming words capturing 90s music scene, and dollops of nostalgia. -Mihir M

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