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किल दिल (किल दिल)
kil dil (Kill Dil)

शंकर-एहसान-लॉय गुलज़ार सोनू निगम, शंकर महादेवन  
3.00  3.03  3.22   
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Gulzar Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan  
Jury comments

Good to see Sonu Shankar combo! -Arun

Super cool -Bharathi

ऊँची खजुरी ये है, गमले का पौधा नहीं.. This line by Gulzar sums up the song well. Sonu Nigam’s first time pairing with Shankar Mahadevan as a singer. Shankar nicely complementing Sonu by going low-pitch (unlike his style)....giving a way to Sonu for going high-pitch. Both attempting delicious yodeling Kishore-da style. There is also old school Bollywood sound of 70s' 2-hero films. Hat tip to RDB. Gulzar's prelude. Sold. -Mihir M

Cacophonic. -Zafar

Exciting title track. A sure tribute to Western films- reminiscent of the music of Ennio Morricone. -Sunil

Extra points for the western genre, which is not too common in HFM - definitely not recently. Taking off a couple of points for Sonu's overdone emotions but then adding points back for both singers' outstanding use of falsettos. -Pranav

रेट्रो रचने की कोशिश में शंकर महादेवन अौर सोनू निगम दोनों किशोर कुमार को जमकर कॉपी करने की कोशिश करते हैं। 'किल दिल' की अपीलों के मध्य अन्त में सभी सकुशल बच जाते हैं अौर किसी सुननेवाले की जान नहीं जाती यही गनीमत है। -मिहिर पं.

Extra points for Sonu :) The singing is just mind blowing! -Hemendra

The male jugalbandi and bro-mance, mazzey aagaye! -Meera

A typical SEL orchestration and a pleasant retro feel that adds to the mafia feel of the song. Nice to hear Shankar and Sonu's voices after a long time. Great yodeling and a nicely layered arrangement. -Sowmya

Opening music a mix of Pink Floyd + Western. As for the singing--I had no idea strangling cats was back in fashion, or whatever it is that Sonu is attempting to do -Ketan

बेहतरीन बोलों के बावजूद औसत गाना। -यूनुस

Cheesy spy thriller soundtrack - by design? "Don" meets 007? Is the initial voiceover meant to be slick or humorous? Too long of a lead-in before the vocals start...Sonu in form, and cool that he can use his falsetto like that, but too much "harkat-ifying" and "vistaar" - Shankar M. is more "believable"/engaging in this song. Overall, song is "overdone"... -Sanjeev

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