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सूहा साहा (हाइवे)
soohaa saahaa (Highway)

ए आर रहमान इरशाद कामिल ज़ेब, आलिया भट्ट  
3.51  3.50  3.65   
A R Rahman Irshad Kamil Zeb, Alia Bhatt  
Jury comments

Although lori like the song is not one to put you to sleep. The singing complements the music well -Ketan

Best song of the album for me! -Hemendra

Tune/feel reminiscent of some of Kumar Gandharva Nirguni bhajans - they've left some of the "rawness" in the voice, liking it here - someone will have to explain "Sooha Saaha" to me sometime -Sanjeev

Alia Bhatt's "rustic" voice is delightful. -Zafar

A very unusual tune. Something so warm about it. This is like comfort food of music. -Meera

Sounded similar to Ahista Ahista from Swades -Sunil

स्मृतियों का गीत। उदास भी करता है अौर निश्चिन्त भी। माँ की गोद की तरह। घर के प्रति गहरे अनुराग अौर नॉस्टेल्जिया से भरा। -मिहिर पं.

Nice song and easy to listen to, but again, nothing special for it to be heard second or third time. -Pranav

Soothing, and I loved the lyrics. Some beautiful orchestration with lovely flute and guitar pieces. -Sowmya

What a beauty! A song you would want to sleep to after a hard day of work. A song you would like to happily surrender to. The contrast between Zeb's (motherly) compassionate vocals and Alia's delicate voice gives the song an interesting texture. Rahman keeps the arrangement minimal and lets Zeb's voice take over the song for the most part. Soft flute interludes which also become the theme of the film are simple yet moving. Even as the song marches towards its climax, Rahman ends up adding gradually-increasing strings effect which is nothing but spectacular. -Mihir M

बेहतरीन गीत, गायकी -Parul

Amir Khurau'ish touch. The only redeeming song of Highway. -Zafar

अदभुत गीत। अपनी गीतकारी गायकी और संगीत तीनों में। मुमकिन है बहुत कम लोगों का इस पर ध्‍यान गया हो। जेबुन्निसा बंगश को पहले मद्रास कैफे में सुना था। उनकी आवाज़ पूरी तरह बहा ले जाती है अपने साथ। -यूनुस

Awesome lyrics and music, singing. Unforgettable -Bharathi

Alia and Zeb combination works wonders. And how often do we see lyrics in this dialect. Mesmerizing! -Arun

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