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मिट्ठे पान ... पटाखा गुड्डी (महिला युगल) (हाइवे)
miTThe paan ... paTaakhaa guDDii (Female) (Highway)

ए आर रहमान इरशाद कामिल सुल्ताना नूराँ, ज्योति नूराँ  
3.60  3.43  3.50   
A R Rahman Irshad Kamil Sultana Nooran, Jyoti Nooran  
Jury comments

Every thing about the song takes you along with it. I love the pacy arrangement and how the words settle on it. It’s a very ram milayi jodi. -Meera

इस साल के सबसे अच्‍छे गीतों में से एक। इरशाद ने इस गाने में सचमुच कमाल कर दिया है। फिल्‍म की हीरोइन पर ही नहीं हर उस लड़की पर फिट गीत जो अपनी मन मरजी से जीना चाहती है। नूरां सिस्‍टर्स ने इसे गाया भी खूब है -यूनुस

Nooran Sisters are fantastic singers. Punjabi lyrics make it inaccessible to everyone. Looks good on film -Sunil

One of the finest songs in recent years. Also, the song of the year for me. An unusual composition with no fixed pattern. The composition flows like a river with each flute bit helping the transition from one musical piece to another. Irshad Kamil has outdone himself here. His writing has got spiritual elements as well as a rebellious tone to it. He provides an immaculate description of a free-willed vagabond girl who is now free from societal pressures and ends it with the line of the year- 'Maine toh tere tere... uthhe chhadiyan doriyaan..' ~ I've left the threads of my destiny in your (God's) hands. -Mihir M

Very delighted with the very energetic singing, and the use of 'sajje-khabbe'/'right-left' in the lyrics. -Vibhendu

For me, 'song of the year'. Reminds me those many 'claiming back the night, claiming back the street' protest agitations we had in last two years in Delhi, after that life changing December this sity witnessed two years back. -मिहिर पं.

Hummable, energetic song -Parul

Is this the anthem of the year? Great sound arrangement by Rahman! Irshad shines again in Rasta naap rahi marjaani,
Patthi baarish da hai paani,
Jab nazdeek jahaan de aani,
Jugni maili si ho jaani..

Yet another song where the music takes a back seat to the below par singing -Ketan

Peppy and vibrant. Another one with a blend of great orchestration. -Sowmya

Love it! -Hemendra

The song seems obsessed with loops. Nothing special and therefore forgettable. -Pranav

Voices sound "real" (i.e. not pitch-corrected) - singing is energetic but also strained in spots. Enough Sufi songs now -Sanjeev

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