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इश्क़ बुलावा (हँसी तो फँसी)
ishq bulaawaa (Hasee Toh Phasee)

विशाल-शेखर कुमार सनम पुरी, शिप्रा गोयल  
2.40  2.00  2.30   
Vishal-Shekhar Kumaar Sanam Puri, Shipra Goyal  
Jury comments

Sanam Puri brings certain amount of calmness to this romantic track which is very much in ‘Vishal-Shekhar’ zone. Punjabi lyrics get annoying after a while. But overall the song works due to its inherent melody. -Mihir M

अच्‍छा गीत। बढिया गायकी। कुमार ने बड़े नाजुक बोल लिखे हैं। शुरूआती कोरस बहुत बढिया है। -यूनुस

Didn't gel. -Zafar

A pleasant listen, old-style feel, "Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai" crossed with "Phoolon Ke Rang Se" - interesting male voice (with those omnipresent vocal effects), tune meanders a bit? -Sanjeev

New fresh voice in Sanam Puri. Now for him to sing more and different types of songs. -Meera

Beautiful arrangement and a cute romantic number with a flavorful use of the harmonium, guitar, and piano. -Sowmya

The music is nice but the singing is jarring -Ketan

Sounds nice but is a very generic romantic number - wish they had brought a more unique punjabi flavor with the lyrics. -Arun

Another winner from Vishal Shekhar. Sanam Puri is quite talented. He has a powerful voice which can also be modulated by him into a softer tone effectively. One can see this from his many self produced music videos online. Shipra Goyal also does a good job rendring this extremely hummable song. -Sunil

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